Men of Little Cloth

So… I had a fun weekend! Hours wasted being questioned in an interrogation room. Don’t know who they work for but it’s clear the pair of pious pricks are after every shred of information about a twink in pink and giant in purple. Tracking down anyone that might have crossed their path. Most, I guess are too stupid to use their brains for answers. The others send them packing. But they’re determined.

Supporter Request by @blazefiresabre
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Speedo Serpent

I heard a rumor about a guy… The story changes every time, but it goes like this.

The guy takes something. It’s either a pill, a drink, or some sort of potion. He doesn’t notice anything wrong at first, until his clothes just… disappear. Then, a speedo appears on him. He can’t take it off. Well, he can, but whenever he tries another new speedo just shows up around his crotch.

People kind of notice the fact that there’s this guy just walking around wearing a speedo, but no one really questions it or says anything about it.

I heard that you know a lot of shit about this stuff… Do you… Do you know what happens when someone puts on one of the speedos that the guy has taken off?

Beta Patron Request by @kentboiiii
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Conversion Camp

Neil is a proud Christian man. He has always held strong to his faith, has always believed in the Bible. Sure, there was some few years that he lost his way. He was led astray by sinful men and sinful desires, but eventually he returned to the right path thanks to his beautiful fiancé Patricia.

The summer before their wedding, Neil volunteers for the local ex-gay conversion camp, believing that it is his duty, before he joins in holy matrimony with the most wonderful woman, to give back to the community that had helped him go back to his normal, heterosexual self.

Little does Neil know that there are creatures on the prowl in the woods just beyond the camp grounds, waiting for the signal to put an end to the operations.

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Straight… Up The Ass

If the Fairy is still around and active, I have a request… I hate who I am. I have no motivation to work out so I look like a slob. I have no outlet to keep me unstressed from daily life.

I am straight, but I’m willing to give that, and my smarts, up if it means I am fit and unstressed. I’ve heard of this thing called himbofication… Is there a way I can be alpha-himbofied and maybe get to spread that himbofication if I fuck another man?

Story Request by @forgotten91
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In Fair Verona

Hey, so… A couple of friends of mine have gotten that Bubble Butt Virus thingy. One dude turned into a twink, and my other bro turned into a total stud with a bulge like damn!

Like, I’m not gay, man! Totally straight! But… Like… How contagious is it? Like, superduper contagious? Like, you look at their junks and you get it? Not that I did that, of course. Or do you need to touch them?

Asking for a friend. Thank you!

Story Request by @smutcaveoflea
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