Across the Aisle

Randall is straight, or at the very least, he’s pretty sure he is. He hasn’t really had occasion to question his sexuality but it’s at his girlfriend’s cousin’s wedding where he catches the eye of a handsome guest on the other side of the aisle. The man’s gaze makes his heart beat faster in a way that his girlfriend hasn’t been able to in months.

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Dumbing Doubter

Sean, a preeminent writer of gay erotic romance with a kinkier side, gets into it with a fan over whether hypnosis can really make a person dumber. Sean admits that it’s a hot fantasy, but he doesn’t think it actually works the way some people think it does. The fan is of the opinion that there’s only one way to find out: Sean trying it himself and seeing if it’s effective. Against his better judgment, Sean accepts the bet, all too eager to prove his point and confident that he’ll prevail in the end.

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Dumbing Doubter pt. 1

Sean is a writer of gay erotic romance, and when he gets into it with a fan about whether hypnosis is real, he ends up making a bet that changes his life forever.

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Team Whore

Jess’ rival on the baseball team somehow gets a hold of compromising pictures of him sucking cock and gets blackmailed into making a particular request to the Pink Fairy. Unfortunately for him, the Pink Fairy doesn’t generally make distinctions between requests made of one’s own free will, and requests made under duress.

Story Request by @thiccanimuguys

This is a rewrite of a request previously received and responded to on Tumblr.

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