My boss is someone that is cocky and arrogant when he was, in fact, just put in his position by his father, the owner of the entire franchise.

Not that I hate him for that, but all the girls get special treatment as long as they show some boobs or tease him and he looks down on the rest of us men at work. I would like him to be turned into a gay power top, but a very short bodybuilder.

It will be funny and hot to see the dynamic at work with him from that point of view.

Alpha Patron Request by @welan
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Ifs and Butts

Hey Mr. Pink Fairy! I’ve seen a lot of stuff on your blog about subby toys being turned into Alpha cocks, and it really interests me.

There’s only one problem… My boyfriend is a bottom. When I told him I wanted to be his cock, he laughed and said he’d never use me like I wanted. Would you make me into his butt so I can be used with him forever?

Maybe even make my mouth his hole so I can suck all of those thick cocks he’ll undoubtedly be taking…

Story Request by @kittycockslut420
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A Helping Hand

Hello? Is this the… uhh… “PF advice line?” I’m calling with regard to my long-time best friend. He’s fallen into a depression as of late…

We had always been close, but, well, he has retreated from me since I came out as gay at the start of the summer. I just don’t know what to do. He’s lost his goals and looks like he hasn’t been eating and gotten too skinny…

I’m not sure what you do, exactly, but that last fellow I hooked up with left me this card saying you’d be able to help him be happy again.

Story Request by @jel-ing
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An Image of Perfection

Hello Pink Fairy. I have a request. I remember hearing a story of a boy on a beach, a helpless statue who could only stand and feel as those around him used him for their own pleasure, completely aware as others made him feel unwanted pleasure.

I would like to experience something like that for a week, to be fully aware but helpless as others use me. I will pay the price you ask of me for such an experience. Thank you.

Story Request by @99shadowcat99
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