What a Boi Wants

Which Fairy would I plead to for help if I wanted to be made into the twinkiest, most perfect boi? And would said Fairy prefer payment before or after their assistance?

Story Request by @olivierlefou

You realize, with a start, that you are standing outside in the cold, driving rain of a grey city, at the intersection of two streets that shouldn’t exist. You don’t remember what you were doing last, or how you came to be here, but you feel no fear, no apprehension. Instead, you’re a little bit excited, even if you don’t understand why.

You do figure that the first thing you need to do is find shelter, so you look around. The only colour in this whole dreary place appears to be coming from the bright, neon-pink sign above a nearby sex store. Your feet take you there before you can make the conscious choice to.

You push the door open and hear the chime of a bell as you do. You step inside and miraculously, you are instantly dry. Not only that, but you are naked as the day you were born, too. “After,” says the twink that comes around from between one of the aisles. “The price will be paid after. Or during, depends on how you see it.” He winks at you and turns around, giving you an eyeful of his bubble butt framed by the straps of a bubblegum pink jockstrap. He beckons you with a come-hither gesture.

You follow him, the excitement in the pit of your stomach building. He sits you down in front of something that almost looks like a barber’s chair, only this one is facing a full-length mirror. He pats you on the head and tells you that there’s a lot of work to be done. Then, he snaps his fingers and waves his hand over your face.

You watch as your features immediately become younger. You lose years as your face takes on an almost cherubic appearance, with large, pleading eyes and plump lips. Then, he waves his hand over your body, and you can feel yourself almost shrinking, getting smaller, more slender, as the fat and muscles melt off of you.

He tells you to roll over on your side and smacks your butt when you do so. You feel that ass cheek swell. You look at the mirror and it appears almost like you have a cantaloupe grafted to one side of your ass. He tells you to turn over to the other side and does the same thing with your other cheek. When you roll over onto your back, it feels like your entire body is being lifted an inch or two off the chair by your new bubble butt.

The Pink Fairy just grins at you and smooths down your torso. He also rubs his fingers across your face, along your armpits, and around your cock and hole. Can’t have a boi growing hair there, he tells you.

It’s then that it hits you. Your fantasy is coming true. Your cock springs to full hardness. The Pink Fairy taps his finger on the tip and starts pressing down, squishing your cock and balls into little more than a nub between your legs. It makes you so horny that you cum, except there’s nothing explosive about your ejaculation. It just trickles out of you, leaving you hornier than before you had dribbled your juice out.

The Pink Fairy then tells you that it’s time for the price. He smacks you on the forehead with the palm of his hand and it’s like all of the things that made you, you go flying out of your head. You can feel your brain turning to mush, feeding the horniness of your body. Your thoughts slow to a crawl and then stop altogether. The only things that you can think about are cock, cum, and how good they would both feel up your ass and down your throat.

You squirm in your chair, feeling so horny and so desperate. The Pink Fairy chuckles and snaps his fingers, sending you back to the land of the living, where a new life is waiting for you as an immortal, eternally-youthful, empty-headed, mindless little slut.

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