International Baccalaureate

I’m so excited! I just got a letter for Hierarch Industries! They let me know I’d be receiving a scholarship for study abroad! All I have to do is visit one of their partners’ offices while I’m there and stay in the dorms they’re providing.

Something about “Forging international bonds, making the men of tomorrow.” I don’t really understand it, to be honest… Point is, I’m going to be in Asia and living and learning all kinds of new things, they say!

Story Request by @dickpoweredwerewolf
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A Tall Order

I’m sick of being so short! I wish I could be taller, a really tall hunk who’s nice and muscular with a nice beard, looking all masculine.

Could the Pink Fairy grant my wish? I’d love to suddenly have a growth spurt here at work, almost like a second puberty where I grow bigger and bigger at my desk.

I’ll end up outgrowing my nice work clothes, but that’s just fine. I’d love to feel my body burst out of clothes made for average-sized people. Then my coworkers can drool all over me.

Story Request by @bigman366
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Short and Sweet

Hey Pink Fairy! I guess I should start by explaining that I have a huge muscle fetish. there is nothing that gets me going more than seeing a hot muscle boy or bodybuilder. Frankly, the thicker the muscles on the guy, the better for me.

I’ve done a fair amount of muscle worship before I met my boyfriend, but now that we are monogamous I haven’t been able to pursue my fetish other than looking at images of muscular men online.

My boyfriend gets it, but doesn’t share my fetish to the same degree. That said, he’s put a fair amount of effort into building himself up for my benefit over the past couple of years. It’s just the kind of thing about him that makes me love him so much. Well, that and the fact that he’s able to take my thick 8″ cock like a champ.

Here’s the problem: my boyfriend is a really tall guy. And at 6’5″, he’s been able to get really fit, and he’s built enough muscle to look ripped when naked and even clothed (you should see him in his Lycra workout gear!). But it isn’t the kind of bulging, muscle-bound physique that I fantasize about.

It’s not his fault. It is really hard for guys his size to bulk up without resorting to extreme measures. He’s putting in the work, but is starting to get a little demotivated. Is there anything you can do to help my boyfriend become the kind of muscleman that I drool over?

Alpha Patron Request by @masqulinity
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Putting On A Few Pounds

Sorry to bother, but I have a problem that I think the Pink Fairy can help me with.

Recently, my boyfriend has been frustrated with my lack of dominance in the relationship. It’s been putting a strain on both of us. I would give anything to become a big, strong, dominant man that can put him in his place and fill him up, even at the cost of my intelligence.

Can you please help me?

Story Request by @owmysoulhurts
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