A Tall Order

I’m sick of being so short! I wish I could be taller, a really tall hunk who’s nice and muscular with a nice beard, looking all masculine.

Could the Pink Fairy grant my wish? I’d love to suddenly have a growth spurt here at work, almost like a second puberty where I grow bigger and bigger at my desk.

I’ll end up outgrowing my nice work clothes, but that’s just fine. I’d love to feel my body burst out of clothes made for average-sized people. Then my coworkers can drool all over me.

Story Request by @bigman366

You wake up with a start as someone places a cup of coffee on your desk. You don’t recall passing out, but it’s not entirely unexpected at this point. You had a late night at work last night, and even so you still had to come in bright and early like always. You faintly remember a dream, a sex shop at the intersection of two roads that shouldn’t exist, but it’s rapidly fading in the back of your mind. Before long, it’s nothing more than a whisper of memory.

You sit up and stare at your computer, but for some reason you can’t make heads or tails of what’s displayed. You rub your eyes, but you can read just fine. Your brain is just not making any connections. It’s hard to think. Like someone had replaced all your blood with syrup, and your brains with cotton candy. Not to mention, you’re hard. Your cock is pressed up against the side of your leg, but even that’s to be expected, if you’re dreaming about sex shops.

Slowly, you feel start to feel uncomfortable on your chair. Which doesn’t make sense. Because this chair is the only one in the office you feel comfortable sitting in. You shift and move, trying to figure out what’s wrong, but nothing seems to help.

Your pants feel uncomfortably tight. Your shirt, too. But you dismiss it. You’re just imagining things. You need coffee. You take a sip. But the sensation becomes too much to bear. You look down at yourself and you see that your sleeves are digging into your arms, stretched taut around muscles that you’re not supposed to have.

Your feet are also flat against the ground when they shouldn’t be. Your toes feel cramped. Your feet feel compressed. It’s then that the transformation starts in earnest. You feel pain as your body swells, stretching your clothes even further. But at the same time you feel pleasure swirling in your head, making it difficult — no, impossible — to think straight.

You stumble out of your chair, but your changing feet make you feel unsteady. You have to bend over to brace yourself against your desk. When you do so, you hear a loud rip. The office is suddenly quiet. And then another rip sounds. You feel your clothes falling to pieces around you. Your feet burst through your shoes. You’re getting taller and more muscular, your ass breaking through your briefs.

You look over your shoulder and see that your coworkers are watching. You’re naked. It’s humiliating. But it’s also so arousing. You can’t help but get hard. Your dick is swinging between your legs, right there for everyone to see. And it makes you even hornier. You push out your ass, spreading your legs, moaning like a cheap whore.

It doesn’t take long for the men of the office to take advantage. Every dick that slides into your hole feels like it’s pumping your brain more and more into mush. By the end of it, you’re drooling and chuckling dumbly, grinding your hips back onto your boss’s cock as he spanks you and slaps you, telling you what a good muscle bitch you are.

You’re head and shoulders taller than anyone else in the office right now, but it seems that doesn’t matter as you spend most of your time bent over at the waist, taking cock. Not that you’re complaining. You don’t know any better now. 

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