So, I’m a university student in the cinema society. Every week, several of us meet to watch films. Normally they’re quite sophisticated, but recently we’ve only been watching dumb films with a bro-ish sense of humour. We just don’t understand the films we used to watch anymore. What’s happening to us?

Story Request by @Hayden
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Knot A Problem for Long

Isaac’s boyfriend of 4 years, Kevin, has walked out on their relationship, claiming that he has been “cured” and that he doesn’t want to be with the “faggot” anymore. He is miserable and bereft and desperate so he turns to ancient powers, willing to give up anything and everything to have Kevin back. The only problem is that this is easier said than done.

But the powers that be won’t let this insult stand. There is a balance to the cosmos, one that they have enforced in the absence of others who would do so, and an iniquity of this magnitude could not be allowed to remain unanswered.

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A Tall Order

I’m sick of being so short! I wish I could be taller, a really tall hunk who’s nice and muscular with a nice beard, looking all masculine.

Could the Pink Fairy grant my wish? I’d love to suddenly have a growth spurt here at work, almost like a second puberty where I grow bigger and bigger at my desk.

I’ll end up outgrowing my nice work clothes, but that’s just fine. I’d love to feel my body burst out of clothes made for average-sized people. Then my coworkers can drool all over me.

Story Request by @bigman366
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