So, I’m a university student in the cinema society. Every week, several of us meet to watch films. Normally they’re quite sophisticated, but recently we’ve only been watching dumb films with a bro-ish sense of humour. We just don’t understand the films we used to watch anymore. What’s happening to us?

Story Request by @Hayden

Movie Night, for the longest time, was a part of the week that Andy looked forward to. The strictures of academia took their toll, even if he did love learning. Movie Night was a chance to relax for at least an hour or two, but it was also stimulating. After every showing, the society would discuss and debate the movie that had just been watched, and it was easily the most exhilarating thing that Andy did every week.

But of late, things had been going a bit askew. Andy didn’t look forward to Movie Night nearly as much. The chair of the society explained that it was his belief that modern films, especially the ones that had wide public appeal, were unfairly represented in academia. It was true, as far as Andy was concerned. But he thought it was justified. Those kinds of films simply didn’t have as much depth as the more thought-out pieces of true artistry that the society normally viewed and discussed.

In any case, as the chair was in charge of movie selection, the last few weeks had involved rather pedestrian fare. Oh, the movies were certainly titillating, and some of the sequences were heart-pounding, but every time afterwards, Andy found himself unable to really think of anything deep or insightful about the films. It was much easier to just insult the plot since there was rarely much of a semblance of one.

It wasn’t until the director showcased one of the aforementioned artsy films that Andy realized something was off. He watched, but contrary to previous occasions, he got bored. He couldn’t bring himself to do anything but absorb the movie on a surface-level, and he wasn’t alone. The room was mostly quiet afterward, and though a few comments were made about the complex plot and excellent cinematography, the whole thing eventually devolved into the members just talking about their days.

Frankly, with casual films continuing again and the club not really paying as much attention to the deeper, more meaningful films that they used to, Andy was starting to think that Movie Night was a waste of time. But he still went, anyway. He didn’t want to be left out. Many of his friends were in the society, and they would go on and on and on vacuously about the most recent movie shown at Movie Night. If he didn’t go, he’d have nothing to contribute, which was far worse than listening to the drivel.

One of Andy’s rare friends from the sciences, Chris, asked him if he’d noticed any strange changes around the school. He had been glad to know that he wasn’t the only one. Chris posited that a recent transfer, a Hugh from an out-of-state university, was the cause of it all. Andy could only confirm that the president started wanting to show off casual films the same week Hugh transferred into the university.

Chris advised that Andy stay away from his next Movie Night lest he be caught up, but despite his own determination, the interminable pull of peer pressure lured Andy all the way back to the cinema that week. A film he’d never heard of, a shallow frat drama with a lot of homoerotic subtext, was what he had to sit through. Despite himself, he finished the movie with an uncomfortable boner in his pants.

The next time that Andy met Chris, his friend was barely recognizable. Chris had a dopey, dull look on his face, and punctuated every sentence with a vapid giggle. Andy tried to talk science with Chris, but Chris just looked blankly at him as though he was making no sense. Eventually he defaulted to the only thing he could talk about: the films he’d watched at Movie Night.

Though he tried to be at least a little bit analytical about it, Andy mostly ended up talking about how good the graphics looked, and how hot the actors were in the movie. Chris agreed enthusiastically with his every word, especially when he showed off the pictures on his phone that he’d taken of the movie while watching it. With every new face, Chris got more and more fidgety until he made a strange, high-pitched sound and excused himself, walking away somewhat bowlegged.

From there the movies shown at Movie Night became simultaneously simpler and raunchier. Every other scene was of guys either making out in the hallways or showing off their bodies in the showers. By then Andy was too absorbed in the images, rubbing his hard cock through his pants, and chuckling along to the stupid jokes to really remember his concerns.

It didn’t take long for Movie Nights to start showcasing soft-core gay porn and all the members of the society, the remaining ones at least since it appeared that all the girls had transferred out of the university, loved it. Quite often, Andy didn’t even bother showing up with pants. Everyone had their cocks out and were jerking it in the theater. It always smelled like musk and sweat and cum, which made the movies all the more realistic.

Once people started coming in completely naked, Andy followed suit. After all, he had to be one of the bros. Soft-core porn graduated to hard-core porn and the bros quickly developed a game of shooting a load every time the porn actors on screen shot a load. By then the theater was completely filthy, stinking to high heaven of cum, with the seats and floors crusted with drying jizz.

An influx of funding from the administration prompted the chair of the society to announce that the theater would be renovated. Until the work was done, the bros of the society started watching movies in their meeting room. They didn’t need that much space, or that big of a screen. As long as there were speakers they could listen to the moans and grunts, which was more than enough. Those nights usually descended into complete orgies.

When the theater was reopened, Andy was thrilled to see large dildos on every seat, as well as extendable dildos for sucking on. He was going to enjoy Movie Night so much more. And as the bros all settled in for an all-nighter marathon of the best gay porn the chair could find, Andy was glad that he finally understood the movies again. It wasn’t all that difficult. It could be summed up in a single utterance:

"The movies were fuckin’ sexy, bruh. They made me feel goooood."

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