Addictive Ass

So, I’ve never been completely satisfied with my ass. My body in general isn’t what a lot of people would consider attractive. I can accept that, but I hate, hate, hate my flat ass…

I want a booty that could even bring in straight boys and alpha males to pound me all night long. I know that getting this will cost a heavy price, but whatever it is, I’m willing to pay it.

Story Request by @double-te

In a way, it seems like a vain wish, made out of desperation to a cosmos that is not listening. You have your doubts. Your inner skeptic is not convinced. But nevertheless, it can’t hurt to try. You never know. Your wish might be answered. Then again, it might not. And as the weeks pass with nothing to show for it, you figure that the gamble has not paid off.

There’s a part of you that hopes your wish could come true with some sort of impetus on your part. Maybe if you work your ass out, you’ll start to see gains. But that doesn’t quite go as planned. Week after week you check yourself out in the mirror and are disappointed to find that not much has improved. You can’t stop now, though. You’ve put in too much effort.

One day, after a particularly long workout at the end of a particularly hectic work week, you arrive home completely exhausted. Your entire body feels like jelly and after a quick dinner of leftovers, you pass right out in your bed.

Your dreams that night are vivid and life-like, but they begin to fade as soon as you wake up. One thing that you do remember is standing at the crossroads of two streets that shouldn’t exist, in a grey and lifeless city, with ice-cold droplets of rain pelting your skin. Pleasure washes across your body as you remember the way that a pair of warm hands cupped your ass in your dream, the sensation of your ass cheeks bubbling out and expanding into the booty that you had always dreamed of.

It is when you try to move that you realize that you cannot. You try to open your eyes, as well, but the world remains in darkness. You realize that you are not breathing. The only taste in your "mouth" is silicone, but you can’t move your tongue at all. You can’t feel your tongue at all. It’s as if you don’t have one.

The only sense that you have is touch, and even that is limited to your lower back, your ass, and the upper part of your legs. The strange thing is that it feels like your mouth is positioned right between your legs, and your ass cheeks feel like they did in your dream. Big and fat. Nice and jiggly. And, it seems, wedged in an opening in a wall.

You would moan if you could as a fog descends on your mind, and you feel a pair of hands take you by the waist. Something big, thick, and hot, presses up against your asshole, but at the same time it feels like it’s pushing up against your "mouth." You feel yourself stretch open as it slides in without resistance, and your entire body lights up with ecstasy.

If only you had a cock to feel it with. You have balls, but barely. They feel like they’re made of rubber. Impotent. Useless. And where your cock should be, you feel only an absence that heightens your arousal even more.

The cock pressing inside of you tastes heavenly. It continues, entering you inch by inch, spreading you wide, until you can feel the man’s balls rest against your own facsimiles. For a moment you are able to see out of the man’s eyes and what you find sends your ecstasy shooting through the roof. You are a rubber ass, mounted on a wall, just a sex toy, and just an ass. Nothing more.

The sight shatters your mind as pure rapture floods you. Even more so when the man begins to fuck into your "mouth." He is merciless. But he doesn’t need to be gentle. You are nothing but a fucktoy. You feel him approach the edge, and you feel and taste every shot of cum that splatters your simplified rubbery insides as the very last dregs of your humanity dissolves.

As the man pulls out of you, cum dribbling out of your rubber pucker, you instinctively know that he will be back. He has shot out some of his intelligence into you, and he is hooked. He will be back. Again and again and again. Until he’s too dumb to hold on to work and the only thing he can think of is sex. And you’ll be waiting. Not that you can do anything now.

It’s not exactly the life you wanted, but you did get the ass you always dreamed of.

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