Bubble Top

I need help ASAP Iā€™m starting to feel dumber and I cnat spel thatt better wnymore all I can think about is working out and shuving my dick in a Twink ass

"On the 5th of April, 2017, M.M. presented to the E.R. with cognitive impairment, inability to focus, elevated body temperature, a compulsive need to perform strenuous exercise, intense sexual arousal, and emotional distress. A mild sedative was administered to address the patient’s agitation as he was processed for admission to the hospital," said the professor as he paced up and down the length of the front of the classroom.

"An analysis of M.M.’s personal and familial medical history revealed nothing out of place. Interviews with the patient indicated a very healthy lifestyle and diet on par with physicians’ best recommendations. Patient’s travel history also precludes exposure to exotic pathogens, in addition to a battery of tests ordered by the attending physician coming up negative," said the professor.

"So, an otherwise healthy young man comes to the hospital with incontrovertible signs of mental decline. He’s not suffering from any genetic conditions, no bacterial infection, no fungal infection, no parasites, and, as far as we can tell, no viral infection either. There is nothing wrong with M.M.," said the professor. "So, why does basic arithmetic become impossible for our patient only 24 hours after admission to hospital?"

One of the students in the back of the lecture hall raised his hand. "We missed something," he said. "If we’ve tested for everything that we know to test for, then it must be something that we don’t know about. This guy probably has a routine that he sticks to, which is why we don’t think he’s been exposed to exotic pathogens. But what if the exotic pathogen came to him?"

The professor smiled. "Good job, Mr. Clark. There might be hope for you yet. Yes. Clearly, we missed something. A new zoonotic agent, maybe. Or it could be a familiar disease with a new, ultra-effective mutation. Or it could be something engineered. What should we do next?"

Another hand shot up. "Quarantine."

"Why?" said the professor. "We have no indication that it’s infectious. The patient seems perfectly healthy in everything other than cognitive function. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just observe the patient while we try to isolate the cause of his symptoms?"

The class mostly shrugged and nodded. "That’s what the team taking care of M.M. did. But then one of the nurses started exhibiting the same symptoms. Cognitive decline. Elevated body temperature. It’s unlikely that he caught the same unknown pathogen independently, so now the only choice is to quarantine because it’s likely contagious."

"Only cognitive abilities are affected by the disease," said the professor. "The patients show no signs of physical decline. In fact, they seem like they are the epitome of healthiness. The nurse who was infected suffered from hypertension, which inexplicably vanished as the symptoms progressed."

"Alright, I think that’s enough clues by now. Can anyone tell me what M.M. is dealing with?" said the professor.

A trembling hand rose from the back of the room. "U-Um, BBV?" said the timid voice.

The professor nodded. "And what is the treatment for BBV?" he asked.

"T-There isn’t one," said the same person that had answered earlier.

"Correct," said the professor. "In fact, we only call the pathogen a virus because it is the most convenient term to use. To this day, the medical community has no idea what BBV actually is, and no one wants to touch it. Can anyone tell me why?"

The same trembling hand went up. "B-Because it broke quarantine. One of the nurses was infected through a Level-A Hazmat suit… A-and the researcher trying to isolate the pathogen was infected in the same way."

The professor nodded. "Unfortunately, BBV proved that all of our existing containment protocols were inadequate. It caused a bit of a crisis, I’ll be honest. But the patients were healthy, if incredibly dumb. As the world was falling apart around them, M.M. was busy plugging away at the nurse’s ass in their quarantine room."

"You’re probably thinking there’s no point to this lecture. But there is. I promise you. There are two points. One: we can’t save everyone, and not everyone needs saving. As medical professionals we’re supposed to do our best. But our best, sometimes, just isn’t enough. And in the case of BBV, we’re just lucky that all it does is make you stupid and horny," said the professor.

"The other point is that when you contract BBV, the best thing that you can do is just give in to it. M.M. was infected by what we call the top-strain BBV. His physical changes made him the perfect dumbass jock top, and he’s probably still out there somewhere, pounding eager little bubble boys that are always hungry for more cock," said the professor, rubbing the growing bulge in his pants.

"Mr. Atkins," said the professor.

"Y-Yes, sir?" said the timid guy that had been answering questions earlier.

"Why don’t you come down to the front of the class?" said the professor.

Atkins gulped and did as he was told. He could feel the eyes of the entire class on him as he descended the steps to the pit of the lecture hall. The professor placed a hand on his shoulder and walked him over to the desk. "How long has it been since you discovered that you contracted BBV, boy?" said the professor.

Atkins blushed a deep, scarlet color. "T-two weeks, sir," he said.

The professor smiled. "So that’s why there’s still some intelligence in those pretty eyes. You know there’s no point trying to fight it, right? It’s best to just give in and let the virus take its toll. You’re never going to live up to the ambitions you have right now, so just let go."

Atkins teared up. "It’s okay, boy. We’re all medical professionals here. We’re here to help you adjust to your new life. Pretty soon, you’ll think it was so silly that you were ever afraid of this," said the professor, slowly turning Atkins around and bending him over the desk.

Atkins sniffled as the professor grabbed the waistband of his pants and pulled them down. He winced as the professor slapped his butt, which had grown prodigiously in the last two weeks. "Alright, boys. Let’s show Mr. Atkins here what he can look forward to once the BBV in him goes to completion."

The other guys in the room grinned. Cocks were pulled out of pants as the horny men went up to the front of the lecture hall to take their turn at the fledgling Bubble Boy’s ass.

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