Request Guidelines

As much as I would love to entertain everyone’s requests, I have limited time to write every day. As a result, I have to look at all the requests that I get in and filter out the ones that don’t really interest me all that much, or ones that I’ve written similar things to before. In order to ensure that your request catches my eye, I suggest that you follow these guidelines:

Send Me Something Meaty

That is, don’t send me a basic request like “can the pink fairy transform this jock into a slut twink?” I need you to give me something to work with because coming up with a concept from scratch can take a lot of time. A better example of a good request would be:

Pink Fairy, there’s this jock at my school, and he’s a really mean bully, but he has a big secret. I know that he secretly wears panties whenever he doesn’t have practice because he likes how it feels on his dick. I wish you could help him be more respectful of others and let him be who he really is inside!


When you send me a request, there are a couple of questions that you should ask yourself, and if you can answer them, that would make for a better request!

  • What: What kind of situation do you want to happen? What are the circumstances that surround your request. For example, in the above, the what of the request is: there’s a bully jock who’s a big hypocrite who needs to be taken down a notch.
  • Why: Why do you want this transformation to happen? Why do you want yourself to be changed, if you’re asking for a self-transformation. Why do you want someone else to be changed, if you’re asking for someone else to be transformed? In the above example, the why is: because he’s secretly a sissy under his clothes and he’s just taking it out on everyone so I wish he’d be more respectful and true to himself.
  • How: Another possible way to really set your request apart is by telling me how you want the transformation to occur. For instance, telling me who makes the transformation happen, or whether the person to be transformed is transformed by, for example, getting tapped on the ass, or him holding on to a special dildo.

Send Me Something Unique

To improve your chances of getting your request accepted, you should try and come up with a request that’s really set apart. Yeah, sure, a skater/stoner tf might be great fun, but I’ve already done it before. It’s not as fun doing something over and over and over again.

On that note, if you do want to send me a request for something that I’ve already done before, then give me something that I can use to distinguish it from my previous examples.

Don’t Send Me:

Like everyone else, I have my limits, I have my squicks, and I have the things that just don’t excite me and thus I probably won’t ever write about. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the things that I most likely will not write:

  • Bloodplay
  • Open Wounds
  • Explicit Surgery
  • Feet (I might write this sometimes, but unlikely)
  • Scat
  • Gratuitous Violence
  • Gore
  • Excessive Raunch
  • Racial TF (Exception: Asian, but even then, I’m a bit iffy about it)
  • Gainer/Feeder fantasies (not that there’s anything wrong with them, I just don’t find it appealing)