Strange Supplements

I purchased a penile-enlargement drug on the internet… The side-effects have been surprising. After taking it for a week, my cock really did get bigger, but weird things started happening to me and around me…

I started fantasizing about men. I bought a thong and started wearing it. Some nights I wake up to find myself lying naked on the bed and there always seems to be some people wandering outside my door.

Nowadays I spend my time playing with myself and fantasizing about my getting fucked in the ass… It’s getting hard to concentrate on work. Can you tell me what’s happening to me?

Alpha Patron Request by @suittflove
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I’m not sure what’s going on. But something’s not right… I think I used to have a wife… He—She left a couple of days ago, said that there was an emergency with his—her family… S-He came back yesterday o-only things haven’t been quite right since.

Like… I have this other set of memories… That I didn’t have a wife… That I had a husband… And he makes me want to do things. I’m scared. Do you know what’s happening?

Supporter Request by Anonymous
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Mind and Body

I was walking in a forest by my home, and I found this stone. It had an engraving on it that I couldn’t read. The only recognizable word was F_Y. As I rubbed the intricate markings, it glowed like fire. It stopped and I felt weird. That was a week ago, I’ve been changing since. I’m now suave and confident, my body’s changed, and I’m popular. Only issue is something keeps repeating in my head. Just all day “Yellow Fairy. Orange Fairy.” I heard you knew some stuff and wanted to ask for your help.

Story Request by @karkat-kanaya-mix
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