Bubble Boy Season

I haven’t seen the Bubble Boy Virus for a long time. Has the virus disappeared? Or is it about to break out again? I’m hoping I won’t be infected…

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It is possible, without looking too closely at the Bubble Boy Virus in the interest of preserving one’s intelligence, to isolate trends in the rate of reported new cases of the virus activating in boys. You would be right to assume that at the moment there is a significant lull in new Bubble Boys. But there is no reason to assume that this means that there will be fewer Bubble Boys in the future.

This is, in fact, a well-known phenomenon. Like the old influenza virus, which hasn’t reported a single case since the first Bubble Boys, the Bubble Boy Virus itself seems to be seasonal. That is to say, there are fewer Bubble Boys made over the winter than there are over the summer.

The few experts brave enough to still study the virus, even if it is only on a shallow level, think that exposure to Bubble Boys is a vital component in becoming a Bubble Boy yourself. The fact of the matter is that during the winter months, Bubble Boys spend less time out on the streets. Since they don’t like being clothed all that much, the lower temperatures of the winter months seems to create a sort of nesting instinct that makes them stay at home, waiting for men to come to them instead of going out and actively seeking sexual satisfaction.

In fact, if you come with us, we can show you one of the facilities where we house homeless Bubble Boys during the winter. Volunteering at the facility is very popular among alphas and the immune, as the Bubble Boys all tend to be pent up, hornier than normal, and more enthusiastic in pleasuring men than they usually are.

As you can see, the facility is pretty busy during the winter months. We house Bubble Boys during the summer, too, but when the weather is warm enough to be outside with the minimum amount of clothes for public decency (an amount that is decreasing with every year thanks to pro-Bubble Boy legislation, by the way), Bubble Boys much prefer to be outside looking for new cocks to play with.

We keep Bubble Boys in large common rooms with large beds since they don’t like to be in bed alone. But there are also stations where they can go to bed with fucking machines, if they want to. And they like walking around naked, lets them show off their bodies to the volunteers more. Every room is basically an orgy for most of the day during the winter, but we do enforce a pretty strict curfew. Otherwise the bubble boys would keep going through the night, which isn’t healthy.

Was that a giggle? Oh dear. You didn’t tell me you weren’t immune. Well, unfortunately, I think that exposure to all of this sex and all of these other Bubble Boys may have triggered you. We’re going to have to keep you here until you finish your transformation. But don’t worry. We’re going to take care of you. There’s no need to be afraid. In a few weeks time you won’t be able to feel afraid anymore at all.

And believe me, you’ll be happy here! You can have all the dick that you want and then some.

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