A Little Adventure

I always wear suits and spend my time in the office doing boring paperwork. I wish there was some adventure in my life… and I hear that you have a way that you can help.

Story Request by @Dave
Source: Unknown

With the economy in the shitter, the best Dave was able to do, to help his situation, was save up what little money he could every month. He recently quit his job, hoping that the nest egg he saved up could tide him over until he found newer, more gainful employment.

It wasn’t exactly that his old job paid too little. The problem was that he hated it. He hated having to go in early every morning, wearing that restrictive suit. He hated being surrounded by books and figures and spreadsheets and tables all day. He just couldn’t bear the thought of sitting behind a desk for much longer.

But it definitely meant a change of lifestyle. In an effort to extend his savings as far as they could go, Dave moved a roommate into his modest studio apartment. While Dave would have preferred to live alone, and had lost the guest bedroom as a result of moving a roommate in, having someone to shoulder half of the rent and utilities had been a major weight off his shoulders.

His new roommate, William, was a dream. He couldn’t have gotten a better applicant. Not only was Will the kind of guy that Dave’s repressed sexuality practically melted in the presence of, Will was also kind, considerate, and great to be around. Dave was sure that Will knew he had the hots for him, but Will didn’t seem to mind.

There had been one sticking point, though. Will had reported a salary that was almost too good to be true. It had certainly cast some suspicion on why someone who had a lot of disposable income would move into a small studio apartment with a failed accountant. But after looking into the figure for a few days, Dave could find no inconsistencies and had to concede that Will was the real deal.

If he was being honest, Dave was a bit envious of Will’s high salary. But he learned to shove those negative feelings down as he got to know his new roommate better. Will was such a gracious and agreeable person that Dave couldn’t hold anything against him.

When, after three months, Dave’s nest egg ran out without him having found another job, Will asked him if he wanted to apply to the company that Will worked for. Will offered to put in a good word for him, and reassured him that he won’t ever have to sit behind a desk if he didn’t want to. Reluctantly, Dave took Will up on his offer.

The day after, Dave had an interview. And the day after that, Dave had a new job at Hierarch Industries. He hadn’t started yet, officially. But he had accepted the offer. Apparently he needed to do a physical, but for the money that he was going to get paid, he didn’t mind at all.

He could never have imagined the way that his life would turn around after that physical. Something had been off from the beginning, but he’d been too much of a chicken to say something about him. When the clinician started telling him about the Hierarchy, about Alphas and omegas, and that he had been classed as an omega, he was too afraid to move.

But by the end of the day, the only thing he could think of was how stupid he had been to be afraid. He felt good. Better than he had ever been. His body was different now. Tighter. Lighter. Stronger. He had been surprised when Will walked into the room with them, naked. But the moment he’d seen that cock, that body, he had known the truth. That Will was his Alpha.

The pleasure that he’d felt when Will had penetrated him on that bed, in that room, was nothing short of sublime. In that moment, he had given himself to Will, body, mind, and soul. And he was all the happier for it.

He could still feel Will’s cum inside him, sloshing around in his ass. But as much as he wanted to lay down with his Alpha and play, he actually had a job to do now.

At first he’d been apprehensive about being part of the acquisitions team. Going out to have sex with guys that he instinctively thought were un-manifested Alphas sounded like a great deal, but he wasn’t sure what his Alpha would think about it. Will had to tell Dave that he thought it would be hot to see Dave skewered by multiple men for Dave to fully agree to join the acquisitions team.

Now that his concerns had been laid to rest, Dave, or as Will liked to call him, Davey, was looking forward to the adventure that he had in store for him. He loved the skimpy little outfit that he’d been given. It would be his uniform while he trained at and performed at Club Apollo, pulling unaware men into the Hierarchy.

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