Brains for Gains

Hello, Pink Fairy?

I am craving size so much but muscles take time to build and I need to get huge now. I’ll do anything. I’ll give up my IQ and my sex life to feed my muscles. Drain my IQ and use it to make my muscles huge. Use the cum I’m not using anymore to speed my metabolism, making me shredded.

Oh please, Pink Fairy, I beg you!

Story Request by @sven0204
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The Cockpocalypse pt. 4

The Chief gives Jackson something to remember him by—a set of gifts that will keep him company through the long days ahead—and Jackson realizes that the Chief’s favor comes with a price tag.

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Visitor From Beyond

Gideon is a genius and a savant with big dreams. When irrefutable proof of alien life lands right in his lap, he thinks he’s about to make a revolutionary contribution to science. What he finds instead is an encounter of a lifetime that changes his life forever.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This story was written as a paid commission. If you are interested in commissioning your own story from me, please see the [Commissions] page for more information!

WARNING: The following story contains extreme elements that may be potentially disturbing to some, including but not limited to: brainplay, literal brain drain, partial vore (brain), fantastical/outlandish anatomy. Proceed at your own risk.

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Super Sucker pt. 27

Corey finds a novel use for his special new toys. Meanwhile, Bernard gives Marcus the practical demonstration of his powers that Marcus asked for, and all the fun that comes with that.

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The True Endgame pt. 4

After a marathon session with the Patriarch of Brandt City, Neil receives his first proper quest. It takes him to a valley in the frozen north of the continent of Novraya where dangers—and unexpected pleasures—await.

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As Advertised

My roommate has been talking a lot about this new drink and how it makes him stronger and more manly. At first, I thought he was full of it, but it’s getting hard to deny the results. He’s all buff and aggressive now, and I think he’s getting taller?

There’s been some weird stuff going on, though. He says his grades are going down the toilet. He keeps looking at me in this weird way… and… oh God, that smell… I think it’s doing something to me…

I feel smaller… And my head’s going fuzzy…

Alpha Patron Request by @willowonthelake
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So You Decided to Get a Human Pt. 3

In this section of the best-selling guide on how to handle, care for, and train your pet human, we discuss strategies on how to deal with uncooperative humans, why we have to train humans at all, and how we can make sure that even the worst-behaved humans eventually learn to accept their place.

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