The Cockpocalypse pt. 3

Seeing a familiar face in the throng of fuck-zombies unsettles Jackson. But he knows better than to blab about it to anyone, least of all the Chief when they see each other again.

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Corrupted Co-Dependence pt. 17

Having made up for their days apart, Vayne once again leaves Edric with the promise that he won’t be gone as long this time. He sets his sights on the Knights Protector of Fort Radiance, the Order’s first line of defense against external forces, and certainly the first to be trampled by the hellborn when Vayne’s plan comes to fruition.

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Corrupted Co-Dependence pt. 16

With Brother Cathas now in Vayne’s pocket, the magical wards that protect the Fort from the influence of the hellborn are compromised. Upon his return, he runs into Edric, who is much changed since the last they saw each other, in many ways that are more than a little appealing for Vayne.

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Stress Relief

Hey, I’m not sure if this is real, but there is this guy Alex at my office. He’s wicked smart and cute but he’s always so stressed out. He gets to the office by 6:30 and doesn’t leave till 10. He’s always so busy!

He’s openly gay but not flashy about it. Do you think you could help him relax and maybe find a guy? He’s really nice (when he stops long enough to talk that is) and I think he should get to unwind a little. Thanks

Story Request by @caringcoworker
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