Personalized Sleeve pt. 2

The magical cock sleeve Harry bought Edward as a going-away present continues to wreak havoc in their lives as the consequences of not heeding the product advisory make themselves known.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This story was written as a paid commission. If you are interested in commissioning your own story from me, please see the [Commissions] page for more information!

Luck and the odd weekday hour were perhaps the only things that spared Harry a horrific traffic accident on the way to the grocer’s. There was an insistent need pulsing between his legs and for all his effort, he couldn’t keep himself from indulging it.

He normally had much better self-control but he couldn’t stop thinking about what Edward had said. Maybe it was a vain thought to have but the idea that Edward couldn’t wait to get to his destination before making use of the sleeve Harry had gifted him was such a massive turn-on.

Fuck,” Harry muttered under his breath as he pulled into the grocer’s parking lot, one hand on the wheel, the other stuck between his legs. He could only barely focus on guiding the car between the lines and had to toss his head back against the headrest to groan as soon as he was parked.

Looking down, he could just about make out the obscene outline of his cock in his jeans. Maybe he shouldn’t have gone out with such a tight pair of trousers—and he normally wouldn’t have bothered for a trip to the grocer’s—but he’d liked the way his ass looked in these ones.

Harry massaged himself through his jeans, groaning as his cock twitched against his palm. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been this horny and it honestly couldn’t have come at a worse time. He could scarcely keep his hands off himself.

After a minute or so of indulging his arousal, he remembered he had an errand to run. Removing his hand from the space between his legs with no small amount of reluctance, he pulled the keys out of the ignition and stepped out of the car—only to immediately grab his bulge and adjust his cock right after.

He walked into the store and grabbed a basket, doing his best to ignore the raging erection now pressed up against his inner thigh. Being out in public would have normally put an quick end to his predicament but if anything, he was only getting hornier.

It was getting to the point that Harry had to use all his brainpower to ignore the tightness in the front of his trousers—the throbbing against his leg. And somehow, no matter how many times he read over the same item on his grocery list, it was as if the words were water through a sieve.

He couldn’t concentrate and it was only getting worse. It was a blessing that so few people were at the grocer’s because the flush in his cheeks and the lump in his trousers would have been difficult to ignore.

The last thing he wanted was to get called out as some sort of public pervert—though there was a part of him that found the idea morbidly tantalizing.

He shook his head and tried to focus. It was difficult, but he somehow managed. He wasn’t making much progress on the list but he at least knew, in general terms, what he was missing.

As he made his way through the aisles, pausing every so often to pick up one of the things on his mental list, his mind couldn’t help but drift back to his earlier wank.

Harry still couldn’t quite believe how vivid the fantasy had been. Hell, it had all felt so real that it was difficult to accept he’d imagined all of it. He could have sworn he felt a cock inside him—Edward’s cock—but he couldn’t reconcile what he’d felt with the fact that he had been alone in the flat the whole time.

The fog in his head briefly cleared as he picked up some tinned tomatoes. Glancing at his basket, he already had three in addition to the one in his hand. Indeed, he had a few duplicates, often of different brands.

His heart skipped a beat. The whole time, he’d been feeling as if he’d passed the same place a few times. It turned out he had been walking in circles, stuck in his own head and out of his mind with horniness.

Harry returned the tin of tomatoes to the shelf and hurried along. He was having trouble even remembering the list in his head, now.

It was when he was halfway through the dairy aisle that he felt them. Fingers. Rubbing his asshole. They were cold and slick, teasing his rim.

Harry’s cock throbbed at the stimulation. He had to bite his knuckles to stifle the moan that threatened to spill out of him.

The fingers were rough and inconsiderate. They rubbed back and forth over his hole a few time and pushed inside without warning. It should have hurt like a bitch but it didn’t. Instead, he felt his hole opening up to accommodate the fingers with ease.

A faint sheen of sweat shone on his forehead as he struggled to maintain his composure. It was difficult. And more so with every passing minute.

The fingers were toying with him. He could feel them massaging his insides. Rubbing his prostate. It took all his strength to fight the quiet grunts and little whimpers that nevertheless escaped him.

A third finger slipped inside. Maybe he might have managed to keep himself upright had that been it but the sensation wasn’t just in his mind. He could feel his hole gape in his trousers, the seam of his jeans rubbing against his tender rim.

He sagged against a shelf, his knees giving out from under him as his cock pulsed in his trousers. The basket slipped out of the crook of his elbow and crashed into the ground, sending tins rolling across the floor of the aisle.

Harry would have slipped a hand down the front of his trousers to grab his cock but stopped when an associate came around the corner and said, “Are you alright, sir?”

The guy was a total hottie. Especially in his uniform. The nametag on his chest said “Hi, I’m Tay!” which Harry supposed was an appropriate name for a cute twunk.

Flustered that a handsome guy was seeing him in such a state, Harry tried to stand. “Y-yeah, I’ll be fine,” he said through gritted teeth. His knees quickly gave out as the fingers jammed into his prostate yet again. This time he couldn’t help the moan that bubbled out of him.

Tay’s cheeks flushed. “L-let me help you, sir,” he said, crouching down to sling Harry’s arm over his shoulders despite the latter’s protests.

Together, they slowly shuffled their way to a small utility closet in the back. “Please try to get comfortable, sir. I’ll go call an ambulance.”

Ambulance. Harry bit back a bitter laugh. He wasn’t sick, he was just fucking horny out of his mind. What were the paramedics going to do? Give him a handy and send him on his way?

Harry squirmed in the flimsy chair Tay had lowered him onto. “W-wait,” he croaked, placing a hand on the seat—between his legs—and squeezing his thighs around it.

Tay turned away from the door and crouched down on the floor in front of Harry. “I-is there anything you need, sir?” he said.

His hazel eyes were so expressive, so filled with concern. His dark, mussed up hair and plump lips. God. He was gorgeous.

Harry licked his lips. He could scarcely believe what he was doing, but he was so goddamn horny he didn’t care.

He needed cock. So badly. And besides, he and Edward weren’t strictly monogamous anyway. They were allowed to have some fun on the side as long as they kept no secrets.

Before Tay could react, Harry grabbed him by the back of the neck and leaned down to kiss him. Tay tried to pull away at first, but it didn’t take long before he was kissing back.

“Sir. What…?” Tay said hoarsely when they pulled apart for breath.

Harry looked into Tay’s eyes. That one kiss had only stoked his lust further. His hole was practically fluttering, desperate for something more than just the three fingers stretching him out. “I need you,” he said, voice dripping with need.

It was as if a switch had flipped. Tay grabbed the nape of Harry’s neck with both hands and pulled him in for another kiss. This one was rougher than the first, hungry and possessive.

Harry normally wasn’t so passive a partner but this time around, he let Tay do as he wanted, moaning into the associate’s mouth as Tay lightly bit him on the lower lip.

He arched his back, cock twitching in his trousers when one of the hands on the back of his neck moved down. It traced the curve of his spine before settling on his side, cupping his hip.

“Please…” Harry said breathlessly when they broke apart again. He felt as if he was burning up from the inside, so horny his head was filling with fuzz.

He raised his legs in the air and grabbed the waistband of his trousers, yanking them up to expose his ass. He’d chosen to wear a jock out to the grocery even though he normally liked to keep such risqué things in the bedroom and the straps perfectly framed his bubble butt.

And in his position, ass perched on the edge of the chair and legs up like a common whore, Tay was given a close-up looking of his gaping, twitching, fluttering fuckhole.

The only thing Harry thought was missing was a trickle of lube or cum and he would have looked like a proper fuck slut. But then he felt something cold and slick dripping from his gaped ring and he realized nothing was missing at all.

Like a man possessed, Tay rose to his full height while his gaze was focused solely on Harry’s hole. He swept off his apron and unbuttoned his trousers, fishing out a veritable bat of a cock that was bigger than Harry would have ever expected.

“Fucking slut,” Tay growled under his breath, smacking Harry’s ass cheek before grabbing him by the hips again. “Couldn’t get enough cock up that sweet arse, could you?”

Harry shook his head. “Please. I need it,” he whined. “So badly.”

And then, as if to answer his prayer, Henry felt the fingers withdraw from his hole. They were replaced with a blunt cock head probing his ring. Only, Tay hadn’t even lined up with him yet.

Before he could puzzle out what was happening, the cock slammed inside Harry. He arched his back, his toes curling as his cock strained in the pouch of his jock.

The size, the shape, the way his insides gripped the cock, Harry had no doubt it was the same ghost cock as before. Why this was happening again, he didn’t know. Nor could he even begin to imagine what it would be like to suddenly have Tay’s cock inside him too.

He didn’t have the time to consider the matter too much as the ghost cock didn’t even bother letting him adjust to it. Just like before, he felt that weird sensation of being used. That the cock wasn’t fucking him, but that he was being fucked onto the cock.

Harry tossed his head back and moaned, his own arousal surging. His cock had tented out the pouch of his jock, a dark spot growing at the tip.

At the same time, Tay finally lined up with him, bending a bit at the knees to get into the right angle. “Oh shit, that’s weird,” said the cute associate as his cock head pressed against the rim of Harry’s fuckhole.

It was for good reason. There was a cock in there already—even if it was a ghost cock. Two cocks couldn’t possibly occupy the same space. Tay didn’t seem to care overmuch, however, as he slowly pushed forward with his hips.

Harry couldn’t help but moan, hands gripping either side of the folding chair at the intense sensation of his hole stretching wider than it ever had before. “Fuck. Fuck! Fuck!

Tay grunted, sweat beading on his brow as he pushed inside Harry. “Oh, fuck,” he muttered. “What the fuck is this? Feels like there’s already another cock in this hole.”

Harry whined as Tay slid inside, all the way to the hilt. Two fat cocks inside him. He’d never been so full before.

It was intense. It was incredible. He could hardly think of or focus on anything else but the two thick cocks inside him.

Harry realized it should have hurt. But it didn’t. There was the faint burn of his hole being forced open but there wasn’t even the slightest hint of the agony he should have expected at being split open like this.

He didn’t get any more time to think about how that could be possible when Tay’s fingers dug into the meat of his hips and ass. A low, delirious moan spilled out of him as the associate pulled him onto his cock, driving it deep inside.

That was the only warning that Harry got. Tay hunched over him and pounded Harry’s hole with such force that the chair slid back a little bit with every thrust.

The tiny room filled the with the frantic plap, plap, plap of Tay’s hips and pendulous balls slapping Harry’s ass cheeks as he jackhammered his cock into Harry’s tight, inviting hole.

There was a faint thud as the back of the chair hit the wall of the supply closet but that didn’t stop Tay or even slow him down a bit. If anything, it only encouraged him, using the leverage of the wall to fuck even harder, even faster.

“Oh, fuck, you feel so good,” Tay grunted, sweat dripping from his forehead. At the same time, Tay’s grip on Harry’s hips tightened. He wasn’t so much fucking as forcefully pulling Harry’s hole onto his thrusts.

Again, Harry felt objectified. He felt used. The cocks DP-ing him felt amazing as they cored out his fuckhole but he didn’t feel that they particularly cared about the pleasure he got from the ordeal.

He might as well have been a rubber toy and somehow he doubted it would have made a difference. It should have been insulting but somehow it wasn’t. It felt… right.

Harry whined, spreading his legs even further apart to give both cocks better access to his hole. He stayed there passively, letting them do what they wanted as pleasure built and built in his body, casting whatever thoughts he had left into the static buzz of pleasure that suffused his head.

With every thrust, every bump against his prostate, Harry felt himself get closer and closer tot he edge of orgasm. The pressure built and built, his toes curling, his legs tensing, his balls drawing up against his body.

He was close, so close, teetering on that knife’s edge. And then the cocks came. Hot jets of sticky cum flooded Harry’s guts and white-hot pleasure overwhelmed his senses.

Harry’s hole body shook with the most intense orgasm he’d ever felt, his hole clenching, his walls fluttering, his entire body thrumming with incredible pleasure.

And then, after a minute or so, the sensation passed. Tay and the ghost cock pulled out of him and he realized he hadn’t cum at all. The orgasm had done nothing to relieve the horniness and arousal coiled up tightly inside him; if anything, he was worse off than when they’d started.

“Fuck yeah,” said Tay as he walked over to Harry’s side. He reached down and grabbed Harry’s shirt, using it to wipe his cock clean. “That was what you needed, right, slut?” he said.

Tay didn’t even bother to wait for Harry’s response. His earlier concern had shifted into an almost cruel indifference. “Thought so,” he said as he gave Harry a quick smack on the cheek. “Well, now that you’re done whoring around, get out of my store and don’t come back unless it’s to get a fat cock in that sloppy slut hole.”

Harry stayed in the chair for a good minute after Tay left without even a second glance. That feeling of being used was even stronger than before. Tay had dumped a load in him and then discarded him. Like a toy.

And for some reason that made him even harder.

Not anting to overstay his welcome, he got himself as presentable as he could—which wasn’t very. There was a cumstain on the front of his shirt, right where Tay had wiped off his cock, and it was impossible to hide. And there was no way he could walk out with any dignity with the massive erection tenting out the front of his trousers.

The sting of humiliation from the strange looks he got while walking out of the store hunched over the lump in his trousers felt oddly titillating. It took all his willpower to bite back the moans threatening to spill out of him with every disgusted look.

By the time he got back to his car, his hole was feeling needy and empty again.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!” Edward bellowed, hunching his hips up into the wide-stretched hole of the sleeve that Harry had gotten him.

He’d enjoyed using it so much the first time that he could hardly wait to give it a go again. It had felt so real he couldn’t stop thinking about it throughout the day.

If he hadn’t been in such a hurry after checking in to his hotel, he might have whipped it out for a quickie. Unfortunately, the way things lined up had him leaving for a work thing before he could get settled.

And once Edward had finally made it back to his hotel room, it had taken all his willpower not to just jump in bed and start wanking off with the sleeve. Even the short call with Harry to let him know he was okay had felt like a chore. More so the work stuff he had to take care of before he could call an end to the day.

But boy had the wait been worth it. The sleeve had done its job and milked his cock for all that it was worth. and the most amazing part of it wasn’t just how realistic the sleeve felt—it was the weird but incredible moment when he realized there was another cock in there with his.

He’d nearly lost his load when that ghost cock started sliding and rubbing up against his. He’d loved the feeling and more than enjoyed the little competition they had of who could fuck hardest.

Edward licked his lips and looked at the slightly-gaping hole of the rubber sleeve. His cock twitched, already hard again despite having just blown a fat wad. He couldn’t wait to use it again.

Before he could truly consider grabbing the sleeve and having another go, however, there was a knock at the door. “Room service!” called a voice—a young man, most likely.

Edward got up from the bed and walked over to the door. Whether it was the horniness or a strange sense of confidence and daring, he didn’t bother to get dressed.

“Come in,” he said, opening the door to the room.

A young man was standing in the hallway outside. He was a cute little thing, as archetypical of a twink as they could come. And he was positively adorable wearing his vest, dress shirt, and slacks.

A small smirk tugged on the corner of Edward’s mouth as he stepped aside to let the cart through. His fat cock, which was hard as a steel rod, stuck straight out of the space between his legs and probably looked even bigger from the side.

“I-I’m sorry, Sir! B-but if I’ve caught you at an inopportune moment…” said the boy.

Edward shook his head and gave the boy—his nameplate said “Nathan”—a small, lopsided grin. “By the bed is fine.”

Nathan pushed his cart into the room, his eyes drawn to Edward’s raging erection. His cheeks took on a faint tinge of pink as he walked past, obviously trying his best not to look back.

He flinched when Edward closed the door behind him. And again at the click of the deadbolt being slid into place.

Edward followed Nathan further into the room. He eyed the boy up and down, his gaze hungrily tracing the curves of that slender frame.

He didn’t really pay much attention when Nathan started explaining what was under the cloche. He didn’t even feel particularly hungry. Not for food, at least.

That bubble butt perfectly framed by tailored slacks, on the other hand…

Edward walked over to where Nathan was standing. He asserted himself into the boy’s personal space and smirked when Nathan just froze.

He grabbed Nathan by the chin and tilted the boy’s head back.

Nathan gulped audibly. He tried to avert his gaze but Edward held him firmly in place. “I-if that’s all, sir, I-I’ll leave you to your dinner.”

Edward placed a hand on the bar of the room service cart and pushed it away. He leaned forward so his mouth was right next to Nathan’s ear and practically growled, “I’ve got it right here.”

He wasn’t normally the kind to be so forward. Though he and Harry had something of an open relationship, he almost always at least paused to consider whether Harry would approve.

Not this time, though. This time, Edward felt as if Harry’s opinion didn’t particularly matter. He was his own man, after all. He had his needs. And he certainly didn’t need permission to take care of them.

“S-sir…” Nathan started.

Edward didn’t give him a chance to protest. He leaned down and kissed Nathan, forcefully taking possession by wrapping a hand around the nape of the boy’s neck.

There was a moment of shock where Nathan just stood there but once he got over it, he couldn’t help but whine softly. He kissed back, throwing his arms around Edward’s shoulders.

Edward didn’t particularly care to be gentle with his kissing. He made sure that by the time they broke apart, a minute or so later, Nathan’s lips were going to be bruised.

Nathan licked his lips. “S-sir, we can’t…”

Instead of saying anything, Edward just smirked. He grabbed Nathan by the wrist and guided the boy’s hand to his cock. The slender fingers wrapped instinctively around his cock and he got to enjoy the sight of Nathan’s pupils dilating with shock.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck!” Nathan swore under his breath, the professional façade falling to pieces as it dawned on him that his fingers could barely even close around Edward’s girth.

“S-so… So big,” he said almost breathlessly. He looked down, twisting his wrist around Edward’s shaft so he could look at the way that the fat piece of meat fit perfectly in his palm. “H-how are you so big, Sir?”

Edward shrugged. He figured it was probably more of a rhetorical question, anyway. Especially since it looked like Nathan was moments away from falling to his knees.

Nathan couldn’t tear his gaze away from Edward’s cock. He was salivating, drool dribbling out of his mouth as he instinctively started lowering himself to the level of Edward’s cock.

“I…I need it so badly, Sir…” he whined softly, already halfway down with his mouth open. When he was close enough, he rubbed his cheek against the side of Edward’s cock.

Edward smirked. He didn’t even bother to give Nathan a response. It had never been a question that Nathan was going to get his cock, after all.

He grabbed Nathan by the front of the vest and lifted him straight into the air before tossing him on top of the sheets. He jumped on with a bit of a feral grin and straddled Nathan’s waist with his knees. He reached down and grabbed fistfuls of the boy’s adorable little vest and yanked it open.

The button flew off and pinged against the lamp on the headboard. “O-oh, fuck, Sir, you’re so strong!” said Nathan, his cheeks turning a deep scarlet. His breaths were fast and shallow, his body squirming under Edward at the display of strength. “Please tear the clothes off me, Sir!”

While Nathan was distracted, Edward did the same with the dress shirt. The buttons popped clean out of their stitches. Edward hadn’t even realized he was that strong.

Nathan moaned, his back arching off the bed as his slender body was exposed to the cool air. He chewed on his lower lip and met Edward’s eyes with a smoldering gaze as he slid his fingers down the front of his body and reached for the buckle on his belt.

Edward wasn’t about to let the boy spoil his fun, though. He was rather enjoying getting to unwrap his feast. Edward grabbed Nathan’s wrists before the boy could even come close to the waistband of his trousers and pinned them against the mattress over his head.

At the same time, he leaned down and pressed his lips against Nathan’s chest. He looked up to meet Nathan’s gaze and smirked, licking a stripe down the middle of Nathan’s chest before releasing his hands.

Without even bothering to give so much as a heads up, Edward flipped Nathan over. “All fours,” he barked, leaving no room for objection in the tone of his voice.

A little squeak escaped Nathan as he scrambled to do what he was told. Once he was on all fours, Edward grabbed him by the hips, forced him to spread his legs wider, and made him push his ass out.

With a little smirk, Edward grabbed the waistband of the boy’s trousers and tore them off with ease. Underneath was a cute pair of light-blue briefs but they didn’t last very long. Edward wasn’t about to let a layer of flimsy cotton get between him and his meal.

He made short work of the briefs and tossed them over his shoulder. The smooth, round ass that greeted him was a sight to behold. He couldn’t help but salivate as he dug the heels of his hands into those pliable cheeks to pry them apart and reveal the twitching pink hole in the middle. As soon as he had access, Edward dove in like a man possessed.

Nathan couldn’t help but moan, his back arching and his toes curling as Edward slurped and slobbered on his twitching ring. “Oh, fuck. Yes!” Nathan mewled, bucking his hips. “Slurp on my boy pussy, Sir!”

Edward savored the clean, faintly musky taste of Nathan’s fuckhole. He was a very responsive boy—and quite sensitive at that, judging by the way that his tight little ring seemed to quiver at the tip of his tongue.

He didn’t bother to eat Nathan out for too long. He wasn’t interested in doing much more than making the boy nice and pliable for him, and if the begging was anything to go by, Nathan was more than ready to take him.

He grabbed the flesh light and squeezed the load out of it onto his fingers. He rubbed the slick cum all over Nathan’s hole before sliding two fingers inside.

Nathan took the two fingers with remarkable ease. “O-oh, fuck!” he moaned, his hands clutching the sheets as Edward worked his fingers in and out of the tight hole a few times before pulling them out.

Edward licked his lips as he straightened up and grabbed Nathan by the hips. He smeared his earlier load on his cock and lined up with the trembling entrance and didn’t feel much like wasting any more time with foreplay.

He placed the head of his cock against Nathan’s hole and pushed against whatever futile resistance it managed to put up before opening up for him. Once he had that tight little ring stretched around his glans, he gripped Nathan’s slender hips as hard as he could and slammed his cock home in one long and vicious thrust.

Nathan pitched forward, falling face-first onto the mattress. He clutched the sheets with both hands and whined, his hole pulsing and fluttering around the base of Edward’s cock. “O-oh fuck, Sir! Y-you’re so big!”

Edward was usually a more conscientious lover but this time, he had no intention of taking it easy on the boy’s hole. He was beyond horny and somehow he knew that only a proper rut was going to get him what he needed.

Bearing down on Nathan’s ass with his hips, Edward went straight into pounding the delicious twink hole. The bed shook with the force of his thrusts, the headboard banging against the wall.

A hoarse cry escaped Nathan. “A-aw, fuck! Split me open, Sir!” he moaned, his voice strained from the pain of having his asshole unceremoniously battered by such a fat hog.

Edward held the boy down and fucked that sweet, smooth boypussy as hard as he could. Not that it mattered much to him, but he trusted that the desperate little whimpers were going to quickly turn into moans.

And they did. There was a perceptible shift. One moment, Nathan was whimpering, and then he arched his back and inched his legs wider, his fuckhole opening wide to invite Edward to plunder even deeper inside him.

The pathetic little grunts and whines turned into full-throated moans as those narrow hips started bucking on their own. Edward’s thrusts were met with those smooth ass cheeks plunging onto his cock, Nathan mewling like a common whore as his insides were rearranged.

“Oh, God! You feel so good, Sir! Please destroy my tight hole with your fat cock, Sir!” Nathan moaned.

Edward was only too happy to oblige.

It didn’t take much longer after that for Nathan’s hole to cinch tightly around the girth of Edward’s cock. A low, keening moan escaped the boy as he spurted a fat load all over the sheets.

Edward himself was pretty close, and feeling those walls fluttering all around his length took him right to the edge. He moaned, practically growling as he took Nathan’s hips in a white-knuckled grip and pistoned his cock into that sweet boyhole.

With every moment that passed and every thrust that slammed against that slender frame, he fucked more and more forcefully until the bed was creaking so violently a part of him was afraid it might just shake apart.

No matter how hard he reamed out Nathan’s hole with his cock, however, he couldn’t quite get past the edge. He got closer and closer and closer, the tension building in his groin and churning in his balls, but he just couldn’t come.

He fucked Nathan to a second orgasm, and a screaming third, but even two hours later, he still had not cum.

It was at some point in the middle of the night, long after he’d lost track of how many dry orgasms he’d fucked Nathan into, did the boy manage to muster the strength to push him off.

“S-stop…” Nathan whimpered. “I-I can’t take it anymore!”

“Wait! Just one more!” said Edward, grabbing the boy’s wrist before he could fully get out of bed. “I just want to fucking come!”

Nathan snatched his hand away. “I-I can’t!” he said, slipping hastily out of bed before sprinting for the door. What remained of his clothes, that which might have spared him some dignity, was left behind.

From the bed, Edward got to watch as Nathan slipped out into the hallway—entirely naked—that cute ass pink from the abuse and dripping copious amounts of jism.

He found himself wishing that Nathan might meet another man out there. Now that he’d unlocked the boy’s inner fuck slut, he was sure Nathan wouldn’t be able to resist another cock.

Hell, Edward would have followed out the door and pinned the boy down himself but his raging hard-on compelled him to stay in bed. He grabbed the sheets and positioned his cock over the wet spots where Nathan’s loads had soaked through and he humped the mattress for a good few minutes before giving up.

“Fuck!” he said as he fell back onto the bed, utterly exhausted and so horny he felt like he was going out of his mind.

Edward looked over to the side and spotted the sleeve Harry had gotten him. It had rolled over onto the floor at some point during the night’s exercises and was just laying there, glistening with cum still dripping out of the slightly-gaping hole.

He licked his lips and grabbed it, plunging his cock inside before he’d even returned to lying on his back. It gripped him like a glove, the insides warm and slick despite having been on the floor for what must have been hours.

A pumps of his hips later and he was already riding the edge. And then, he felt it, the load that had been brewing in his balls all night, boiling up his shaft.

Edward flipped over and pinned the sleeve against the mattress. Sweat glistened in a thin sheen all over his muscular body as he frantically and forcefully fucked the sleeve open with every inch of his fat cock.

It took less than a minute.

The headboard slammed against the wall so hard it nearly chipped the paint as he gave one last thrust and unloaded the biggest wad he’d ever shot in his life. “Holy fuck,” he muttered under his breath, pulling the sleeve off his cock and kissing it. “Harry, you’re a fucking life-saver.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: This story was written as a paid commission. If you are interested in commissioning your own story from me, please see the [Commissions] page for more information!

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