Personalized Sleeve pt. 1

When his boyfriend, Edward, leaves on a business trip halfway across the world, Harry gets a custom-made gift for Edward to remember him by. He just doesn’t expect how life-changing of a gift it will turn out to be.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This story was written as a paid commission. If you are interested in commissioning your own story from me, please see the [Commissions] page for more information!

“Good morning, Sir. Is there anything I can do for you?”

Harry nearly jumped at the chipper greeting. He looked up at the handsome young man behind the counter and shook his head. “I’m just browsing for now,” he said. Mostly, he was just glad to be indoors and out of the brisk morning air.

“Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you need help with anything, Sir.”

Harry nodded. “Of course.”

Looking around, the shop seemed substantially larger on the inside than it looked from the street. Despite the extra floor space, the place somehow managed to retain the small specialist boutique feel the shopfront inspired.

It was nice. Cozy, even. He could browse the assortment of goods on the shelves without feeling like the grubby hand of capitalism and rampant consumerism was nudging him along to the expensive stuff.

“Sídhe, huh? I’ll have to remember this place…” he muttered to himself as he went down the aisles.

There was a fairly wide range of merchandise on offer. The standard fare of sex shops—dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, and the like—were well represented but there were other more novel items too.

He had to stifle a laugh when a game set on the top shelf caught his eye. It was a fishing game similar to the one he used to play as a kid, where there were fish in a rotating pond with a magnet inside their mouths so they can be picked up with a toy rod. The only difference, in this case, was that the rods were attached to butt plugs included in the set.

Harry replaced the set on the top shelf. He had to admit it seemed a fair bit of fun but it wasn’t what he was looking for.

He wanted something more meaningful, though the irony of searching for the like in a sex shop wasn’t lost on him. It was just that his boyfriend, Edward, was leaving on a fairly lengthy business trip halfway across the world.

Chances were, the two of them wouldn’t get any intimate time together for a while. Furthermore, it was rather unlikely their schedules would line up in such a way they could do something sexy over the phone.

Harry figured he could get Edward a going-away present that could help get his rocks off. Even better if it reminded Edward he had a boyfriend eagerly waiting for him to get back home.

So far, though, Harry was having trouble finding anything that inspired him. There were kinkier things on offer—handcuffs, slings, saddle sex machines—but nothing that truly satisfied what he was looking for.

After half an hour of browsing the shelves and mostly vacillating between a couple of unsatisfying options, Harry figured he might as well bite the bullet and ask if the guy behind the counter had any suggestions.

He made his way over. The guy was cute, probably in his late twenties or so, with pretty eyes, dimples, and freckles across the bridge of his nose. A small enamel pin on the breast of the guy’s apron said, “Hi! My name is Gil!”

“How can I help you, Sir?” said Gil with a smile that made his whole face brighten up.

“I was hoping you could tell me…” Harry trailed off as he noticed a small poster on the wall behind the counter. It was fairly plain, black text on a bright pink background, with a picture of a male masturbator in the middle.

The poster said:

Looking for an intimate gift for your significant other?

Look no further than our award-winning personalized masturbation sleeves. With our state of the art technology and bleeding-edge materials science, we can replicate the shape and sensation of your most intimate parts in a portable, travel-sized package.

Inquire now and set up an appointment! With our personalized masturbation sleeves, you can make sure your partner will always have a small part of you wherever he goes.

Just like that, it clicked. That was the thing Harry had been looking for the whole time. It was almost uncanny. He was sure the poster hadn’t been there when he first came in but he chalked it up to not really paying too much attention.

“Actually, could you tell me more about that?” said Harry, pointing at the poster. “Do I have to set up an appointment or is there a kit I could take home?”

Gil looked over his shoulder and smiled. “We take the impression in-house, Sir. Typically we only accept appointments but we’re authorized to do walk-ins when there are slots that aren’t booked so we can do one right now if you’re interested.”

“Really?” said Harry. That was great news but there was one thing he had to know before making any decisions.

“How long does it usually take to get the finished product?” he said. Edward was leaving in two days and if he wasn’t going to get the sleeve by then, there was no real point to putting down the money for one.

“Ten or fifteen minutes, Sir,” said Gil. “We’ve got a machine from the manufacturer in the back. Once we put the impression in, it does all the work and you can walk out of here with a brand-new personalized sleeve.”

It seemed almost too good to be true. There was no way a process so quick could produce a quality item but Harry didn’t get the sense Gil was misleading him in any way.

“Alright,” said Harry after thinking it over a few minutes longer. “Let’s do it.”

Gil grinned. “Perfect, Sir! If you could follow me,” he said, lifting a section of the counter to let himself out.

Harry followed Gil to a room in the back of the shop. It was rather cozy, like a room in a massage parlor, except there was a spanking horse in the middle.

“If you could disrobe, Sir, we can get started. You can set your clothes on the chair over there,” said Gil, gesturing to the single chair in the corner.

Harry’s cheeks warmed at the thought of being naked in front of a stranger but Gil being so professional about things helped a lot. He shucked off his coat and peeled off his shirt, setting both down on the chair.

“Should I take off my shoes and socks as well?” he said as he undid the clasp on his trousers.

“Please, Sir,” said Gil. “It’s not strictly necessary for the procedure but it would make cleaning up much easier.”

Harry nodded. It made well enough sense so he stripped down the rest of the way, standing awkwardly beside the padded bench as he waited for Gil’s next instruction.

“Just lay across the bench, Sir,” said Gil.

Again, Harry couldn’t help but blush as he clambered onto the spanking horse. He placed his elbows and knees against the padded arms on either side and rested his chest and stomach along the top of the bench.

He felt open and vulnerable with his ass in the air and his legs spread. He didn’t think he’d ever been more aware of the air on his exposed asshole.

“Comfortable, Sir?” said Gil.

Harry chuckled nervously. “As much as can be expected, I suppose,” he said.

“Good. If it’s alright with you, I’ll be strapping you in now, Sir.”

Harry’s eyes widened. “W-wait, this isn’t going to hurt, is it?” he said.

Gil shook his head and smiled. “No, Sir. It may be a bit uncomfortable but there shouldn’t be any pain.”

“That’s a relief,” Harry laughed, though he still wasn’t sure how he felt about being strapped down. “Why the straps, then? If I might ask.”

“Of course, Sir,” said Gil. “Excessive movement can disturb the mold material so we strap most of our clients down to increase the quality of the impression.”

Harry nodded. “That makes sense… Alright. Do it,” he said. The things he did for love.

“Will do, Sir,” said Gil. He moved quickly and efficiently, buckling Harry down with the bench’s straps in little more than a minute.

Harry tested the restraints briefly. They were secure but just about tight enough to prevent too much movement. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

He did his best to get comfortable as Gil went off to mix the impression medium. It didn’t end up being as difficult as he thought it would be. There was just something about the atmosphere of the room that seemed to calm him down.

Gil returned with an enema bag on an IV stand, rubber gloves, and what looked like a super-thin plastic sheath. Harry didn’t know what he’d expected but he supposed he hadn’t given much thought to how the impression would be taken. Not that he was entirely put off by the equipment, just taken aback.

Harry took a deep breath as Gil rolled the IV stand over beside the bench. He hissed as Gil rubbed some lube over his hole and slowly pushed a finger inside, slipping the plastic sheath inside him.

The sheath was so thin he barely felt it but he was glad to know the impression material wasn’t just going to be poured in his ass. “There we go, Sir,” said Gil as he inserted the end of a tube into Harry’s ass, “this may feel a bit weird at first.”

Harry groaned as liquid flowed inside him. It was warmer than he expected and thicker besides. It dilated the sheath inside him and flowed into every nook and cranny.

As the pressure built, he could feel the sheath unrolling. The fluid went deeper, inflating the sheath and pressing up against his inner walls.

The sensation was uncomfortably intense, especially once the sheath reached the limits of its length and started expanding outward instead. “F-fuck…” Harry muttered under his breath as more and more fluid piled into his hole.

Heat from the curing impression material seeped into Harry’s insides while the pressure stimulated his prostate the same way a big dick tended to do. It wasn’t long before he was hard.

The firmer the mold got, the bigger it felt inside him. He couldn’t help but groan, his cock twitching from the stimulation.

“Please squeeze around the mold as hard as you can, Sir,” said Gil.

Harry obliged. He’d come too far to falter now but it just felt so big inside him he couldn’t help but whine as he clenched around the slowly hardening impression of his guts.

“There we go, Sir, just like that,” said Gil as he slipped the tube out of Harry’s ass.

Gil tugged on the part of the sheath still peeking out of Harry’s hole, which was dilated from a plug of impression material that had cured around the enema tube. He spread the plastic around as well as he could, pressing it flat against Harry’s crack and cheeks.

A dollop of mold material was subsequently applied on top of the plastic and spread around. Harry presumed it was all to take an impression of the outside of his hole and despite his growing discomfort he had to admire the dedication to detail.

“I’ll leave you to some private time while the mold cures, Sir. I understand it can be quite an intense process and I’m sure you’ll appreciate some time to yourself,” said Gil.

“Y-yeah. T-thanks,” Harry grunted through his teeth. The mold was only getting hotter the harder he squeezed around it.

Minutes trickled by. Sweat beaded on his forehead. He clenched tight around the mold inside him, soft moans spilling from his lips as he gradually moved from uncomfortable to turned-on.

He was both glad for the restraints and annoyed he couldn’t do anything about his predicament. He could barely even rock his hips.

He was so goddamn horny. And the harder he squeezed, the hornier he got. It felt good. Much better than he thought getting a mold taken of his ass had any right to be but here he was, just about ready to explode from the constant rubbing against his prostate.

“Oh fuck,” he said, his eyes flying open as his balls drew up tight against his body. “Oh, fuck!” he moaned, his cock twitching and bobbing as he desperately clenched around the mold, feeling an orgasm coming on.

“You can relax now, Sir—” Gil started as he walked back into the room.

“Gonna come!” Harry moaned. His cock pulsed and swelled as he squeezed more and more frantically around the mold. He was close, So close.

A desperate, keening sound spilled out of him as with one final clench, he came. Spurt after spurt of thick cum splattered against the side of the spanking horse as his chest heaved and his hole fluttered around the mold firmly buried inside him.

“Sorry about that… Again,” said Harry as he and Gil walked up to the counter to finalize the transaction.

Gil chuckled and waved his hand. “No need for apologies,” he said. “It happens all the time.”

“Still,” said Harry, his cheeks burning with embarrassment. “I didn’t want to give you more work having to clean up my mess.”

“Hah. It didn’t take more than a minute,” said Gil as he rang Harry up. “And besides, it’s a good thing. We usually include something special when our clients have a happy ending from the casting process.”

Harry quirked an eyebrow. “What’s that?” he said.

“You’ll see. It’s a surprise,” said Gil with a wink. “Anyway, Sir. Here is your new personalized sleeve.”

Gil placed a beautiful wooden case on the counter in front of him. It was matte black with a pink velvet interior cradling the plastic case of the sleeve. On the top was a pink decal of what appeared to be a butterfly—or a fairy.

For a moment, Harry was convinced the butterfly was glowing but he blinked and it was suddenly normal. He must have been seeing things.

“Alright, thanks,” said Harry. “Is there anything else I need to know about it?”

Gil grabbed a flyer from under the counter. He waved it before placing it in the box with the sleeve and said, “Everything you need to know will be on this flyer, Sir. Make sure you read the warnings! They’re very important.”

“Hey, where are you going?”

Harry chuckled as he rolled out of bed. His hole ached but in a good way. Edward had given it to him hard.

He’d been half-convinced Edward was going to break the bed. Not that he had anything to complain about. He thought it was sweet, even if the things he’d begged for while he was getting railed were anything but.

“I got you something,” said Harry as he retrieved the box from the closet.

“Aww,” said Edward as he rolled over onto his back and propped himself up by the elbows. “A going-away present for me?” he said.

Harry nodded as he ambled back toward the bed. It was a bit difficult to walk straight from how hard Edward had fucked him. It was as if Edward was afraid Harry’s hole would forget the shape of his cock while he was away.

“You shouldn’t have,” said Edward, smiling and reaching up to pull Harry in for a kiss.

If he didn’t know Edward had to be dressed and ready to leave in half an hour, Harry would have thought he wanted another round from the intensity of the kiss. Not that he was complaining. He kissed back with just as much enthusiasm before pulling away and licking his bruised lower lip.

“Keep doing that and I might just tie you to the bed so you’ll have to stay,” Harry teased as he clambered onto the bed. He was hard again and so was Edward but alas—they didn’t have time.

“Tempting,” said Edward with a small smile. “But then who’s gonna pay for that postgrad of yours, huh?”

Harry gave his boyfriend a dramatic sigh, rolled his eyes, and said, “Fine. Fine. If you want to leave so badly, you can go earn some money for me, slave.”

Edward laughed and nudged Harry with an elbow. “What is it?” he said as he took the box from Harry.

“Open it.”

Harry watched closely as Edward flipped open the lid. “Oh, babe,” said Edward as he set aside the pamphlet Gil had slipped into the box and lifted the plastic casing out of the velvet cushion that held it.

A smile tugged at the corners of Harry’s mouth. The reaction he got was pretty much exactly what he’d hoped for. “Guess who,” he said as Edward twisted the cap off and examined the sleeve inside.

“Wait, wait. Don’t tell me,” said Edward. He rubbed his thumb along the outside of rubber pucker before slipping it in. “Wait a second…” he said.

Harry jumped the moment Edward inserted his thumb into the sleeve. He could have sworn he felt it. “That’s right. It’s me,” he said with a grin, dismissing the odd sensation for the moment.

“Fuck, Harry,” said Edward. He choked up. “That’s so sweet!”

Harry grinned. “I’m glad you like it,” he said.

Edward nodded. “I do. I love it. And I’ll make sure to use it well.” He slipped his index finger inside. “Wow. It’s so realistic. It even feels warm on the inside. It’s like the real thing!”

Harry moaned softly. “Fuck,” he said. He could feel a phantom sensation in his own hole, Edward’s finger rubbing his insides. “It looks so real I can almost feel your finger inside me,” he said.

Edward chuckled as he replaced the cap on the sleeve and placed it back in the box. He set the package on the nightstand and pushed Harry over onto his back. “We’ve got time for a quick round 2, right?”

“W-won’t you be late?” said Harry, his heart racing as Edward pinned him against the bed.

“I will be if we keep debating,” said Edward, slipping a hand between Harry’s cheeks.

“F-fuck. Alright. Make it quick!”

Harry returned to the bedroom a couple of hours after seeing Edward to the airport. He already missed him and it hadn’t been all that long yet. It sucked.

Errands had occupied him for a few hours at least but now he had nothing to do. He couldn’t text Edward since the plane had already departed and while it was tempting to mope, he wasn’t exactly the kind of person that liked to sit around doing nothing.

Looking around, he figured the room could use some tidying. He and Edward had left it in quite a state after round 2—not to mention the mad dash that followed.

The pamphlet for the sleeve was lying on the floor next to the bed. Edward must have forgotten to return it to the box and neither of them had noticed in all the rush.

Once he was finished tidying up the sheets, he picked it up. He hoped there wasn’t anything important in the pamphlet though he supposed he could just send the relevant information to Edward if there was.

Fortunately, the entire thing seemed fairly bog-standard. It was just trying too hard to be zany, by his estimation.

As he was getting to the end, he remembered Gil’s insistence that he read the warnings. His heart started beating faster as he flipped over to the back, wondering what could possibly have warranted such a stern reminder.

WARNING: Limit use of personalized masturbation sleeve to no more than once in every three day period. Excessive use may lead to unintended consequences such as increased arousal, an uncontrollable desire to rut or be rutted, addiction to the sensation of the sleeve, and loss of intelligence.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief and had a bit of a chuckle. As seriously as Gil had warned him, he had started to wonder if the sleeve was somehow toxic in the right circumstances.

It turned out there wasn’t anything to worry about. The warning Gil had him so concerned about was nothing more than another marketing ploy from the team behind the sleeve, clearly.

Not that Harry was the type to ignore warnings but this one was just a bit too much. “Oh, sure. Your sleeve feels so good you can get hooked on it,” he said, shaking his head. It really was just a little bit absurd.

As he didn’t think there was any more tidying up he could do, and he didn’t quite feel like having supper at such an early hour, he figured it was as good a time as any to do some advance reading for his classes. He clambered into bed with a textbook and a highlighter, prepared to buckle down for at least an hour or so.

It wasn’t like there was anything else for him to do. Edward was probably soaring over the Atlantic at the moment and it was unlikely he’d hear anything about the flight for a couple of hours yet.

Before too long, though, Harry had to put his book down. He just couldn’t concentrate. He normally didn’t have any trouble with this kind of thing but tonight was different. It wasn’t just that he missed Edward terribly, he was horny too.

He’d been feeling it ever since Edward fucked him the second time before leaving. It was like a switch had been flipped in his head. He couldn’t stop thinking about the frantic rut.

Even the mere memory had him half-hard and feeling empty. It was as if something was missing.

He pushed his pants down and dropped them off the side of the bed. His cock flopped onto his leg but it didn’t stay there for long, quickly rising to full mast as he reached down to cup his sack.

A low groan spilled from his lips as he wrapped his fingers around his shaft. He could almost feel the ghost of Edward’s cock inside him, as if his walls remembered the shape of it.

He stroked his cock, moaning softly to himself as he gyrated his hips atop the sheets. He was so horny. He missed Edward so badly. After the thorough fucking he’d received it almost felt wrong not to have Edward’s cock inside him.

Harry stopped and gasped, his back arching off the bed as he felt a faint something on his hole. It was a finger. Rubbing around his pucker. Teasing his rim. Just the way he liked. Just the way Edward liked to get him going.

He whined, far too horny to think through what was going on and all too eager to indulge the odd sensation as he felt the finger slip inside him. He bucked his hips, trying to fuck himself on the imaginary finger, but to no avail.

The digit went at its own pace, thrusting slowly in and out of his hole. He reached between his legs, dipping his fingers between his cheeks. He touched his pucker and whined, a bolt of electric pleasure shooting up his spine as soon as he so much as grazed the twitching ring of muscle.

A second finger joined the first. He could feel himself stretch around it. His ass gaped around empty space as if there were two fingers working their way inside him. It was such a strange thing but it felt simply too good to question.

A third finger was added and Harry nearly lost his composure. He had to release his cock, biting down on the knuckle of his index finger to suppress the moan that threatened to spill from his lips.

He felt the fingers curl inside him, his whole body going rigid as they brushed over his prostate. The moan he’d been holding in rushed out in a hoarse and desperate cry as his cock throbbed and a bead of pre-cum leaked out of him.

The fingers pulled out. The sensations stopped. Harry collapsed against the mattress, chest heaving and head spinning.

He’d scarcely had a moment to catch his breath when he felt it. A cock. Against his hole. Purely on instinct, he spread his legs and arched his back.

And yet, for all that he bucked his hips, he couldn’t force the cock inside him. It remained there, at his entrance, pressing up against his hole.

Suddenly, without warning, the cock slid into him. It did so with ease, his hole yielding without even the slightest hint of resistance.

It slid hilt-deep in one go, stealing the breath from his lungs. The ghost cock settled for a moment, buried to the base inside him.

It was Edward’s cock. He didn’t know how he could tell but he could. It filled the emptiness inside him. As if his hole had been made for it, made to please it.

Harry whined softly, his fingers tangling in the sheets as the ghost cock fucked him. It felt good. So good. And so, so right besides.

Unlike Edward, who took things slow and made sure Harry was nice and ready before he pounded away, this cock wasn’t so gentle. It slammed into him, pumping in and out of his hole with great enthusiasm.

He tossed his head back, gripping the sheets tightly as his back arched off the bed. Over and over and over again the blunt head of the phantom cock slammed into his prostate, sending shocks of pleasure through his body until there were stars swimming in his eyes.

The strange thing was—and Harry couldn’t explain why it felt the way it did—but he didn’t really feel like the cock was fucking his ass. Instead, it was as if his ass was being fucked onto the cock.

It was a subtle difference. He didn’t even know how he could tell but he could. It made him feel helpless. Vulnerable. Objectified. And for some reason that made his cock even harder.

Grunting in between the thrusts, Harry flipped over onto his stomach. He crawled to the head of the bed, clinging to the headboard as he pulled himself up onto his knees.

He arched his back and bucked his hips. He was desperate. He was horny. But no matter how hard he tried, he had no control over the cock that was fucking him.

It was as if he had no choice but to lean against the headboard, sweat beading on his brow, cock leaking pre-cum all over his pillow, helpless to do anything but take the ghost cock pounding in and out of his now-gaping hole.

In and out. In and out. In and out.

For a phantom appendage, the cock inside him felt oddly real. He could feel its heat soaking into his walls. He could feel it pulsing. Swelling.

Harry whined, back arching even further and cock twitching as the pace reached a fever pitch. He moaned and grunted, groaning and mewling without any restraint as the cock brought him to the edge of orgasm.

“E-Edward. Please. Fuck. Fuck me harder!” he pleaded as his fingers dug into the wood of the headboard.

“O-oh fuck. Oh, fuck. I’m coming!” he shouted, tilting his head back as the phantom cock drilled his hole and sent him spilling over the edge.

His cock throbbed, spurting rope after thick rope of hot jism all over the headboard. At the same time, his hole clenched around the phantom cock.

Harry’s insides fluttered as the first splash of molten cum hit them. The phantom cock flooded him, filling his guts and triggering a second, far more intense orgasm.

It wasn’t until he came down from the high, his chest heaving, drool dribbling down his chin, that he realized something was dripping out of him.

He reached behind him. His hole was gaping ever so slightly, as if he’d actually been fucked and cum was trickling down the insides of his thighs.

He was confused at first. He felt freshly fucked but that was impossible. Ghosts weren’t real. He was alone.

As his mind cleared, he realized there was a perfectly rational explanation. It wasn’t a fresh load at all. The stuff dripping out of him was from when Edward had fucked him before leaving.

The feeling of getting ghost-fucked had been quite weird but he figured it was probably just a fantasy that got away from him. The only other explanation was magic, after all, and he was pretty sure magic wasn’t a real thing.

Harry was pulling on his shoes when his phone rang. It was Edward. “Hey, babe,” he said, a small smile tugging at his lips.

“Hey,” said Edward. The call quality was surprisingly good. “Just got back to the flat they’re putting us up in. Sorry I didn’t message you when I landed.”

Harry smiled. He stomped his foot to push it into his shoe. “It’s alright,” he said. “I would have been asleep, anyway.”

Edward gave him a mock gasp. “I can’t believe you were able to sleep so soundly. What if I’d died?” he said.

“Well,” said Harry as he closed the apartment door behind him, “I always thought the barista at that coffee place down the street was pretty cute.”

Edward laughed. “Alright, alright. I tease. I’m glad you were able to sleep though.”

Harry smiled. “Yeah. How was the flight?” he said. “I’m just about to head out to the grocer’s.”

“Nice. The flight was good! And guess what? You can officially say that you’re technically a member of the mile-high club. Your hole is, anyway.”

Harry stopped in his tracks. “What do you mean?” he said.

Edward chuckled. “I got upgraded to first class. And I figured I’d try out that sleeve you got me.”

Harry’s cock twitched. He was getting horny again. “How was it?” he said in a low voice as he walked out into the parking lot.

“Just like the real thing,” said Edward. “I actually can’t wait to use it again. I’ve just got a few things to do here but once I’m done…”

Harry licked his lips and palmed himself through his pants as he stepped into his car. “Let me know how it goes,” he said. “I’m gonna be driving though so I’ll have to head off for now.”

“Sounds good, babe. Love you.”

Harry smiled as he put the keys in the ignition. “Love you too, babe. Stay safe.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: This story was written as a paid commission. If you are interested in commissioning your own story from me, please see the [Commissions] page for more information!

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