Quid Pro Quo pt. 3

The tables are turned. The price comes due. It’s Rayne’s turn to have a life-changing experience. Luckily for him, it doesn’t take long before he’s enjoying his new role. Not that he knows better anymore.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This story was written as a paid commission. If you are interested in commissioning your own story from me, please see the [Commissions] page for more information!

Rayne looked out. The lighting was definitely getting closer. He swallowed audibly, his heart pounding in his chest as Chuck laughed and said, "Hah. You see, baby? Even the cosmos knows you’ve been a bad boy."

"No." Rayne shook his head. He couldn’t accept that. He wouldn’t accept that. "I was promised a wish!"

Karim shrugged. "You wished Chuck would become a leather daddy. He looks the part from where I’m standing. You never specified his brain was part of the package."

Rayne frowned. The wind was howling so loudly he could barely hear himself think. "No. No. I didn’t do anything. You were the one using the magic!" he said.

Karim laughed. "At your behest," he said with a smirk. "And besides, I didn’t get this far without knowing how to redirect a little bit of magical backlash."

The lightning flashed with increasing intensity and frequency. It got to the point it looked almost like a strobe light in the sky, capturing every moment of Rayne’s furious lunge toward Karim as if frame by frame.

Before Rayne could reach him, though, Karim snapped his fingers. Purplish lightning from outside shot into the apartment.

The bolt looped itself into a searing bright ring midair. Just as soon as it came, it disappeared in a shower of fizzing sparks and arcs of electricity that buzzed through the air.

Left behind was a leather collar and with another snap of the fingers, it reappeared cinched tightly around Rayne’s neck.

"W-what?" said Rayne. He reached up to try and take the collar off but his fingers never got there. His body had frozen. No matter how hard he willed his limbs to move, they refused.

To make matters worse, it seemed Chuck had finally won free of the enchantment that kept him in place. "Well I’ll be damned," he drawled. "Look who got bit in the ass with karma?"

Rayne’s heart dropped into his stomach. Chuck was probably going to get back at him for what he did. He couldn’t let that happen. He needed to get out.

He glanced at Karim, furious at the betrayal. Then, he remembered: Karim was a genie. His genie. "I wish I was free of this magic!" he said.

Chuck’s eyes widened. He followed Rayne’s gaze and looked at Karim. A knife could cut through the thick tension in the air in the moment of silence that followed.

Karim laughed. "No," he said.

Rayne frowned. "What?"

Karim repeated himself, slower and louder, making sure to enunciate the single syllable as clearly as he could: "No."

"But… But you’re a genie!" said Rayne. "And I released you! You need to obey me and grant my wishes!"

Karim chuckled. "Says who?" he said. "I only ever said I was something like a genie and that I could grant three wishes. No one said anything about needing to obey you…"

Chuck laughed as he walked around to stand in front of Rayne. He folded his arms over his chest and patted Rayne on the cheek. "That’s what you get for messing with powers you don’t understand, baby boy!" he said with a laugh.

Karim smirked at Rayne. "I’m inclined to agree," he said as he turned his attention to Chuck. "Say… You wouldn’t happen to be interested in making yourself the perfect sub, would you?"

Chuck looked Karim up and down warily. He rubbed his chin, stroking his thumb and index finger over the coarse hair of his beard. "Why?" he said. "You offering?"

Karim laughed and shook his head. "No… But the universe requires balance. Since he took advantage of magic to physically and mentally transform you, the universe won’t be satisfied unless he gets physically and mentally transformed."

Rayne’s eyes widened. "Wait, what?" he said, panic beginning to settle in. "You can’t do that! That’s… That’s not possible, is it? God. Tell me you’re joking!"

Karim ignored him and continued explaining to Chuck instead. "I mean, I could do it but where would the fun be in that?" he said. "I figured you could take your revenge if you wanted. He’s perfectly vulnerable, after all… You can make him into exactly the kind of boy you want to collar."

Chuck hummed, eyebrows knotting as he thought the proposal over. "What’s the catch?" he said.

Karim grinned. "That’s the thing," he said. "Since this is the universe hitting back against someone that abused magic, there isn’t one. You can change him to your heart’s content. You can even turn him into a rubber cock sleeve if that’s what you want."

"Is that so?" said Chuck. He grinned as he looked over at Rayne.

Rayne shivered—or would have, if he had any control over his body—at the look Chuck shot him. It was eager, vengeful, and above all, hungry. "Look, man…" he said, "It was just a joke… I-I’ll find a way to turn you back, okay?"

Chuck grinned. He flexed an arm, the sleeve of his leather vest barely fitting over the swollen bicep. "What if I don’t want to turn back?" he said.

Rayne gulped audibly. Chuck was filthy hot in this form and it was almost unfair. "O-okay," he said. "T-that’s alright. You don’t need to do this. I-I can hook you up with a friend of mine. H-he’ll probably be your type!"

"Oh yeah?" said Chuck with a lopsided grin. He looked down on Rayne, his presence imposing in a way that made him look two or three times as large as he actually was. "What’s that, then, baby boy? What’s my type?"

Rayne licked his lips. "Um… You probably like them soft, yeah? Small? Slender? The kind you could throw around? A twink! Yeah. A-a twink!"

"Wrong!" said Chuck, laughing in Rayne’s face. "Let me tell you my kind of boy. You better listen well because I’m only going to say this once. I like my boys tall. Really tall. Taller than me."

Rayne thought it was an innocuous comment until he saw the surreptitious nod Chuck gave Karim. It was the only warning he got before a surge of heat washed over his body, making his eyelids flutter shut as he felt his bones and muscles stretch.

When he opened his eyes again, the altitude was all wrong. Everything looked small. And while he wasn’t substantially taller than Chuck, he had a good three or four inches on him.

"Exactly," said Chuck, his gaze raking up and down Rayne’s body. He glanced at Karim and grinned. "You know what you’re doing."

Karim laughed and bowed with a flourish. "I do my best," he said.

Chuck took a step back and rubbed his chin as he appraised Rayne like a butcher would a slab of meat. "Something’s wrong with this picture though."

"What’s wrong is that I got fucking cheated on my wishes!" Rayne interjected.

There was something undeniably hot about being rendered so powerless. It was why his cock was still rock hard. But just because he was horny didn’t mean he felt any less slighted.

"You weren’t cheated. You just assumed and didn’t bother to clarify," said Karim in a mocking sing-song tone.

"He’s got you there, baby boy," said Chuck with a smirk. "And no… That’s not the problem. The problem is, I think, that there’s too much going on here," he added, gesturing up and down at Rayne.

"Too much of what?" said Karim as he quirked an eyebrow.

Chuck flashed his teeth and Rayne felt a distinct sense of dread. "Too much fabric," he said. "I like to show off my property so this just doesn’t work. It’s all too covered up."

Karim nodded. "I see," he said.

With a snap, the clothes on Rayne’s frame were torn to shreds. The tattered remnants slipped off his body, disappearing into nothingness before they hit the floor.

The cool air made Rayne’s arms and shoulders break out in goosebumps while his cock, finally freed from the confines of his pants, swung free and bobbed up and down between his legs.

Chuck reached over and pushed down on the head of Rayne’s cock. "Much better," he said as he released his finger.

Rayne’s cock sprang back to its natural resting position. Along the way, it flung a thin clear strand of pre-cum into the air. Rayne had to bite down the urge to groan at the faint frisson of pleasure that Chuck’s touch had sent rippling through his body.

He could feel Chuck’s gaze on him, drinking in every inch of his body as he slowly walked around. Rough, calloused fingers traced lightly along his back, leaving trails of tingling heat in their wake.

"You’re too scrawny," said Chuck.

Rayne groaned. "F-fuck you," he said as a peculiar heat bubbled up in the pit of his stomach.

"Nah," said Chuck. "That will be you. But not until we get some meat on you."

"O-oh fuuuck," Rayne moaned, his cock twitching as, with a snap, Karim made his muscles bulge out and swell.

He never would have imagined how good it could feel to be changed against his will. He moaned, every muscle in his body flexing as it exploded, packing meat on his frame.

His arms and legs swelled to nearly double their size. He felt like his biceps could crack coconuts with a flex, and that he could crush watermelons and pumpkins with ease.

His stomach, which had always been flat and smooth as anything, tightened into a washboard set of abs that looked like they might well have been carved from a block of marble. His shoulders rolled forward with the bulk of the muscles on his upper back.

"Nice," said Chuck. He rubbed his hands all over Rayne’s body, his calloused fingers moving back and forth over the firm abs and tight muscles. "Beautiful."

He palmed Rayne’s chest from behind, squeezing and kneading the firm pecs. "How does your new body feel, huh?" he teased.

Rayne grunted. "F-fuck, man…" he whined.

Truth was, he felt light and strong—powerful in a way he’d never felt before. He felt like he could conquer the world if he put his mind to it and, above all, he felt good.

But he couldn’t admit that. He didn’t want to admit that. "Y-you’re done, right? You’ve got your revenge… I-I look like a freak now… C’mon…" he whispered.

Chuck grinned. He leaned forward and nipped at Rayne’s shoulder. "Why should I listen to you?" he said. "It’s not like you listened to me."

A smirk tugged at the corner of Chuck’s mouth. "These aren’t big enough," he said as he squeezed Rayne’s pecs. "I like my boys with huge muscle titties. The kind that bounce whenever they walk…"

Rayne moaned. His chest was expanding. The pleasure was intense. He could feel the extra mass pressing up against Chuck’s hands, squeezing out between the fingers. "Oh, God…" he moaned, leaking copious amounts of pre-cum from the tip of his cock.

"Oh yeah… Just like that… Gimme a nice fat pair of tits, baby boy," Chuck growled as he molested Rayne’s chest with abandon.

Rayne’s back arched as Chuck’s fingers moved down to accost his nipples. He tried and failed to hold back moans as the newly-made leather daddy tweaked and squeezed at the hard nubs on his pillowy pecs.

"Can’t have a nice pair of firm muscle tits without some big, chewable nipples, can we?" said Chuck.

A hoarse cry tore from Rayne’s throat as Karim made it so. Twin bolts of electricity surged through him as his nipples swelled.

Chuck laughed. He pinched and tugged even harder. It was painful but in a way that made the pleasure even more intense. "Make ’em extra sensitive too. I wanna see my baby boy writhe under me when I torture his nipples. I wanna hear him scream when I chew on his fat tits."

Rayne had all of a heartbeat to feel alarmed at Chuck’s comment before what felt like a bolt of lightning crashed through his body. "Oh, god. Daddy, please!" he moaned, his cock twitching and leaking as Chuck brutalized his nipples from behind.

The torture went on for what felt like an eternity. Rayne was left gasping and panting when Chuck finally let go of his nipples, his chest heaving, his face flushed scarlet. It left him with an odd sense of apprehension and excitement for whatever Chuck wanted to do with him next.

Rayne hissed as he felt fingernails rake down his back as Chuck knelt behind him. It felt good—better than he thought it had any right to—and he couldn’t help but moan as Chuck peeled his ass cheeks apart with the heels of his thumbs.

A tingle surged up Rayne’s spine and spilled out of him in a high-pitched and desperate moan as he felt the heat of Chuck’s breath waft over his crack, making his hole tremble.

"That doesn’t sound right," said Chuck with a laugh. "I mean, look at this body, Karim. Do you think it’s right to let him keep his girly fag-voice?" he added as he swatted Rayne’s ass.

Karim laughed. "No, I don’t think so," he said. He held up his hand, fingers poised to snap. "Lower, then?"

"W-wait—" Rayne began, only to be cut off.

"Mmm…" Chuck hummed. "Oh yeah. Nice and low."

"H-hang on a minute. Y-you can’t just—" Rayne choked on his own words as Karim snapped his fingers. "—just change a guy’s voice…" He trailed off as he heard himself.

His voice had dropped an octave. "O-Oh God," he said as he felt the words rumble and reverberate in his chest. Hearing himself speak sent a shiver down his spine, one that went straight to the tip of his engorged cock.


Rayne’s eyes went wide as he heard the command. He looked at Karim, the twinkle of mischief in that bright, contemptuous gaze.

Chuck elaborated on his command. "I want him to sound manly. I want him to sound smooth. Respectable. Dignified. The kind of voice you’d expect from some rich billionaire CEO."

Rayne moaned softly as he felt Chuck’s index finger rubbing back and forth over his hole.

"I want people to look at him and see a man’s man, not knowing it’s all just a façade and that under it all, he’s nothing more than an eager little faggot desperate for his daddy’s fat cock in his muscle cunt," said Chuck in a low, gravelly growl that made Rayne’s whole body tingle.

With the snap of Karim’s fingers, it was so.

"O-oh fuck…" said Rayne in a tremulous voice as he felt the tip of Chuck’s tongue trace a tight circle around his quivering pucker. The heat sent shivers up his spine, eliciting quiet noises of pleasure that spilled uncontrollably from his lips.

He would have thought that the masculinity and swagger in his new voice would have afforded him some measure of dignity as he squealed while Chuck’s coarse beard scratched his soft ass cheeks but that wasn’t the case. If anything, hearing the little moans and pleas in his otherwise suave tone made him sound even more pathetic.

"Shit…" Rayne moaned. The more he listened to himself, the more it excited him. "W-why do I sound so fucking hot?" he whispered.

Chuck just laughed as he folded his tongue into a point and jabbed it right at the middle of Rayne’s twitching entrance.

Rayne moaned again. His body moved of its own accord, his back arching as Chuck’s tongue dug deeper and deeper into his velvety heat. Not that he would have been doing anything different, were he in control.

When Chuck pulled away, he whined in disappointment before he could stop himself. It earned him an amused chuckle and a swat on the ass cheek.

"Don’t worry," Chuck assured him. "I’ll get right back to it as soon as I make one more change."

"T-that’s not… I-I wasn’t…" said Rayne in half-hearted protestation. There wasn’t really any denying what he’d done.

"Hairy boys aren’t my style," said Chuck. "I like them nice and smooth like proper boys. Can’t have them thinking they’re manly."

He spanked Rayne’s ass, eliciting a quiet whine. "There’s only one man in this house and it’s certainly not them."

Not that Rayne had been the hairiest guy, to begin with, but with the snap of Karim’s fingers, even the light dusting of hair he had in his crotch, crack, and armpits crumbled to dust. He felt smooth all over and vulnerable in a way he’d never been before. Even the air felt suddenly colder on his skin.

"Perfect," said Chuck as he rubbed his fingers on Rayne’s ass cheeks. "Smooth like velvet… And probably quite sensitive, too…"

The latter point was proved almost as soon as Chuck leaned in to stick his tongue back inside Rayne. Rayne’s eyes widened and he cried out before could help himself. The sensation of Chuck’s coarse beard on his bare ass cheeks was almost too much. It went straight to his cock, made him leak a flat gob of pre-cum that soon thereafter splattered on the floor.

Had he control over his body, Rayne might well have started bucking his hips back onto Chuck’s face. As it was, his body was doing just that, anyway, fucking his hole on Chuck’s hot tongue as it wriggled around inside him.

He couldn’t help himself. It felt so good. His body knew it just as well as his mind did and it kept grinding his ass back into the scratchy beard that kept sending tingles of pleasure through his spine.

When Chuck pulled away this time, Rayne didn’t bother resisting the urge to whine. He wanted more. Needed more.

While he hated things had come to this, Rayne had to admit there was nothing he could do. He was powerless to stop what Chuck was doing to him.

He could waste his energy resisting with all his might, fighting against the inevitable, even if he knew it wouldn’t go anywhere. Alternatively, he could just give in. He wasn’t much of a fighter, anyway, and it would be just so much easier if he surrendered to it.

Besides, even he had to admit that the changes were mostly positive. He felt strong. Hot. Attractive in a way he’d never felt before.

The train of thought was derailed when Rayne felt Chuck’s index finger rubbing his hole. "F-fuck…" he moaned. "Please…"

Chuck ignored the desperate plea and instead said, "I want him stretchy. He’s gotta be able to take my thick cock."

A tingle ran through Rayne’s body, focusing on his hole as Karim snapped his fingers. He was grateful for the change. He realized the size he’d given Chuck and had begun feeling anxious about whether he’d be able to take it.

He thought that was it but Chuck had more specifications.

"Make him self-cleaning and self-lubing, too," said Chuck. "I want to be able to yank his pants down and fuck him against a wall wherever—and whenever—I want without having to prep him every time."

A second tingle, this one significantly more intense than the first, wound its way through Rayne’s insides. He couldn’t help but moan at the heat he felt in his ass, and the lewdness of feeling something slick and wet begin to drip out of his hole.

"O-oh fuck…" Rayne grunted as slick burbled out of his tightness. "T-that feels so weird."

Again, he was ignored.

"Last thing. For now, anyway. I want him super sensitive inside. I want him to feel every inch of my cock as I slide it inside. I want him to feel the way I break him open and mold his fuckhole to the shape of my pole."

Rayne moaned as Chuck squeezed his ass.

"Most importantly, I want him to feel how good it is to get fucked with daddy’s cock. I want him to get hooked on that sensation. Want him to crave it every minute of every day after I give him his first taste."

A chill ran down Rayne’s spine. What Chuck was proposing sounded intense. At the same time, though, part of him thought it was so hot he couldn’t help but whine softly.

"F-fuck!" Rayne grunted through gritted teeth as Karim fulfilled Chuck’s desires. He could feel his chute fluttering and trembling, the hot slick dripping down his walls.

He nearly screamed when Chuck’s index finger entered him, followed by a second and a third that stretched his ring with ease. There was a faint burn but all the pain did was enhance the pleasure.

"More," he muttered before he could stop himself. He gulped audibly, face burning with humiliation at how pathetic he managed to sound despite the sheer masculine gravitas of his new voice. "Please… More!"

Chuck laughed. He gave Rayne exactly what he asked for—more. He pumped his fingers in and out of the soft, pliable fuck hole with increasing force until Rayne’s eyes rolled back in his head and his begging was reduced to senseless blabbering.

"Yeah, baby boy? You love daddy finger-fucking your hungry hole?" Chuck taunted.

"Y-yes!" Rayne managed to grunt through gritted teeth. "More. Please. More!"

"All in due time," said Chuck as he pulled his fingers out of Rayne’s ass, eliciting an audible whine. He took a moment to examine his handiwork, the quivering and fluttering of Rayne’s slightly-gaped hole.

"Fuck, baby," Chuck muttered. He sounded almost in awe. "I wish you could see what I’m seeing. So fucking beautiful. Look at that greedy fuck hole."

He rubbed his index finger around the rim of Rayne’s pucker. Rayne gasped, unable to help but clench around the single digit. "So fucking hungry," Chuck growled.

"Put him in a thong," said Chuck. "Make it leather. Tiny. I want to see how that greedy cunt swallows the string up the back."

With the snap of Karim’s fingers, Rayne found himself squeezed into a tight leather thong that strained to contain his hard cock. The string up the back rode up his ass, just as Chuck seemed to want.

"Fuck yeah," Chuck groaned. "That’s perfect. Look at those pussy lips kissing that string."

Rayne’s face flushed. It was humiliating to hear his body talked about like that but he could scarcely defend himself. He could feel his hole. He could tell it was doing exactly what Chuck was describing, fluttering and quivering around the string buried between his cheeks.

"Now that I think about it though, I think that ass can be bigger," said Chuck as he swatted one of Rayne’s ass cheeks.

Rayne moaned. He felt his rump swell. It felt better than it had any right to and he couldn’t help himself.

"Bigger," Chuck demanded as he palmed Rayne’s ass. "Give him a fat whore ass. I want to see those cheeks eat that thong."

Rayne’s eyes rolled back in his head. He could feel Chuck’s fingers digging into the meat of his ass as his cheeks continued to swell. "Oh fuck… Oh fuck… Please…" he whined.

"Don’t worry, baby," said Chuck. "Fuck. I don’t think I can resist that sweet pussy any longer."

Rayne tensed as he felt Chuck stand up. One rough hand lingered on his hip, gripping tightly as the thumb rubbed gentle circles on his ass cheek.

"Oh, fuck," he said breathlessly as he felt the head of Chuck’s rigid cock tapping on his hole. "Please, daddy. Please fuck me! Please, I’ll do anything. I need your cock inside me!"

"Don’t worry, baby boy," Chuck growled. "You’ll get it. But first. I want your ass to get fatter. Oh yeah. Fuck. Just like that. Swallow daddy’s cock with those cheeks, baby."

Rayne moaned, delirious with pleasure as he felt his ass cheeks swell even further. In the back of his head, he had to wonder how on earth he’d ever find pants to fit him but the thought quickly scattered into static as he felt himself stretch around Chuck’s cock head.

He clamped around the crown of Chuck’s cock, gasping and panting as his hole stretched around the considerable girth. It was hot. Burning hot. He whined. "More, daddy. More, please. Please. Please!" he said, more and more desperate with every repetition.

"Fuck, you’re tight baby," said Chuck with a grunt as he pushed his hips forward and drove his cock hilt-deep into Rayne’s ass. "Your pussy’s so hot and tight. Tell daddy how badly you want him to fuck you."

"Badly, daddy," Rayne whined. "So, so badly. Please fuck me. Fuck me hard!"

"Yeah?" said Chuck. "Want me to pump you full of daddy cum?"

Rayne nodded. He didn’t even bother to deny it anymore. "Yes, daddy," he said, chewing on his lower lip. "Fuck me full. Fill me up. Bloat me with your cum. Breed my cunt with your hot daddy spunk. Please!"

Chuck laughed. He moved his hips. Slowly at first and then faster and faster with every thrust. "That’s what I like to hear," he said. "My boy, so desperate for my cock. So desperate for my cum."

Tightening his grip on Rayne’s hips with one hand, he reached up and grabbed Rayne’s chin with the other. He forced him to straighten up and arch his back, growling "You want daddy to fuck your brains out?" he said.

Rayne responded without thinking. He didn’t have to. The words spilled from his lips before he could stop them because deep down, it was what he wanted. It was what Chuck’s cock, pounding in and out of his tender hole, made him crave. "Y-yes, daddy," he moaned." Oh, God. Oh, fuck. Please fuck my brains out!"

"You want me to pound that silly little head of yours with my cock, huh? Fuck those brains into mush? Pulverize those precious smarts with every thrust?" said Chuck.

"God. Oh, God. Oh, God! Yes, Daddy. Please!"

"You want me to push out every last hint of intelligence in that skull of yours? Replace it with a desperate craving for cock? Make taking dick the only thing you can think about with that empty head?" Chuck taunted.

Rayne bit his lower lip and whined. Chuck had stopped moving but his body hadn’t. He was fucking himself on that big cock like his life depended on it. It felt so good he could barely even understand what Chuck was asking him but he knew he’d probably get fucked even harder if he said yes so he nodded. "Yes, daddy!" he moaned. "Whatever you want. Just, please… Fuck me!"

Chuck laughed. He put a hand between Rayne’s shoulders and force him to bend over the coffee table. "You heard him, Karim," he said.

Rayne’s eyes fluttered open in horror as it dawned on him what he had just agreed to—what he had just begged for. His cheeks warmed. His heart pounded in his chest.

He looked up at Karim. "Wait. Stop. I didn’t mean to—" he started, but too late. It was his last lucid thought before Karim snapped his fingers and what felt like a thick smothering fog descended over his mind, stifling his thoughts, making it impossible to think of anything but Chuck’s cock splitting him open.

"Horny," Rayne moaned, his cock bouncing as Chuck fucked him even harder. "Need. Cock. Please. Fuck. Daddy. Breed. Please!"

"Oh yeah, you dumb fucker," Chuck grunted. He moved his hand up from Rayne’s shoulder and grabbed him by the hair, pushing his face down against the coffee table. "Take daddy’s cock. Fuck yeah. Milk me with your hot muscle cunt."

Rayne moaned against the wood surface of the coffee table. His mouth hung open as drool dribbled from the corners of his lips. "Wanna cum, daddy. Please give me your cum!"

"Here it comes baby," said Chuck, angling his cock for the last few thrusts to slam the blunt head against Rayne’s prostate over and over. "Daddy’s cum is gonna fill you up. Take every drop. Swallow all of daddy’s spunk."

Rayne’s hole clenched around the base of Chuck’s rigid member as it slammed into him one last time. He cried out, his cock spurting helplessly between his legs as shot after shot after shot of thick, scalding daddy jizz flooded into his fuckhole.

"Satisfied?" said Karim as the two came down from their mutual orgasm.

Chuck laughed. "Oh yeah," he said. "More than satisfied."

Karim grinned. He floated down and patted the top of Rayne’s head. "Then my job here is done," he said. "Put him to good use, yeah?"

IMPORTANT NOTE: This story was written as a paid commission. If you are interested in commissioning your own story from me, please see the [Commissions] page for more information!

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