Holodeck Whore pt. 2

After a year of mindless slutting around, Ensign Aaron Whelk finds himself in Captain Cain Woodward’s quarters, where he regains the best parts of his old self, and keeps all the best parts of his new self.

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Where You Want To Be

I was adopted into a Chinese family when I was young. I adore them, obviously, but for a long time now, I can’t help but feel like being the only white person in the family is restraining me from where I want to be in life…

I have always been very dedicated to my education, always choosing to study over partying… or exercising, for that matter. As a result I’ve become somewhat of a nerdy bear. Could you please help me out by making me a Chinese twink? I’m more than willing to give up my well paying job, my smarts… my “size,” anything!

Omega Patron Request by @banshee-babee
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