Fatherly Love

This one is a bit of a collaboration/story exchange with @chaoticdjinn! He wrote a story for me, too so check his page out for that, and give him a follow if you enjoy his work!

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It was the strangest thing. He had a comfortable life. A good home. A healthy relationship. It should have been enough for him, but for whatever reason, it wasn’t. Sure, he liked where he was, how he was doing, but he was searching for something. Something that he couldn’t have. And he couldn’t resist wishing for it, even though it was in vain.

Little did he expect that the next day he would wake up in someone else’s body, with memories of someone else’s life, remembering only someone else’s name. Enrique Bernales. That was who he was now. Who he had always been, as far as this new reality was concerned. He was a first generation immigrant to the Americas, having gotten there through blood, sweat, and tears for his sons. Or at least, that was what his new memories told him.

His old memories were in the back of his head, like a fading dream. As much as he tried to remember his old name, his old self, it slipped from his fingers like water through a sieve. He sighed, scratching his stomach as he laid there, naked on top of the sheets, his cared-for body exposed to the warm air of the room.

He had been someone else, in some other life. But when he tried to think of an old life, his thoughts just kept turning back to the Philippines, of applying for a visa, of getting the fuck out of there as soon as he could manage. Not only because he knew that there was a better life waiting for them across the sea, but also because he knew that the close bond between him and his sons would never be understood in the land of his birth.

His cock stirred to life at the thought of it. Right next door, he could hear the grunting of his son Jepoy, pounding his meat. Of his two sons, Jepoy was the brawnier one. Jepoy had only barely managed it through high school, and as much as he wanted to put Jepoy through college, he didn’t think that the poor boy would be able to cope.

Needless to say, the thought of his muscle-bound sun stroking his meat made Enrique want to stroke his own. His cock was certainly hard enough for it. He was already leaking, pre-cum dripping down the underside of his hard shaft into the thick, wiry bush of pubic hair at the base of his cock. 

He gave himself a few quick squeezes, groaning at the sensation that shot up through his spine. But somehow he knew that if he delayed any further, he would be disappointing another son. The one that would be waiting for him bashfully in the shower, the smarter of the two, the one that actually went to university at 18, Enzo.

A small smile graced his lips as he swung his legs over the side of the bed. He got up and admired his physique in the mirror. He’d gotten this body through a lot of hard work, and he was proud of it. It certainly helped that the most important boys in his life loved it, too. His cock twitched at the thought.

With a small smirk he walked out of his bedroom and to the “communal” shower. His cock swung between his legs. As he did, he couldn’t help but think that his head felt funny, that there was a pleasurable fog there that shouldn’t have been there, that his thoughts were slower than they should have been, that he didn’t feel as smart as he should have.

But he dismissed it as soon as he stepped into the bathroom and the steam from the shower hit him. “Morning, anak,” he said, walking across the tiled floor and hopping into the enclosure. Enzo looked over his shoulder, blushing, his little cock hard between his legs. “Ready for daddy, hm?” said Enrique, running his hands over Enzo’s shoulders.

Enzo shivered and nodded, a quiet moan slipping past his lips. He took a step backward, rolling his ass onto Enrique’s cock. Enrique bit back a groan as he rubbed his cock up and down Enzo’s slippery crack. Enzo shivered as Enrique stroked his little dick, moaning and whimpering as he bucked his hips, that hungry little hole desperate to have daddy’s cock inside it.

“Please, Daddy!” he begged, chewing on his lower lip. And who was Enrique to deny his son the pleasure? He slid his cock into that slippery chute, grunting from the tight warmth. At the same time, he felt Enzo’s cute little dicklet spurt a few drops of cum onto his palm.

Maybe this life wasn’t the life that he used to have, and maybe he didn’t have all the smarts that he used to, but he had at least finally found what he’d been looking for. Or at least he thought he had. He didn’t really know better, and he couldn’t care less as he pounded his son’s tight little butt into the wall.

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