His to Take

Hey! So, I’m a submissive bottom pup and I really want to be owned and serve my really hot best friend. Although… He doesn’t really seem all that interested in me.

Could you turn me into his caged rubber pup and make me serve him?

If he’s not interested, then you can’t very well be made to serve him. You can’t serve someone that doesn’t want to be served. That’s not some law of the cosmos, that’s just common sense. Service is about taking care of the needs and the desires of the person whom you’re serving, so by definition, you can’t serve someone that doesn’t desire your service.

Needless to say, there is a way around this, of course. Making him interested. But we have to consider why it is that he isn’t interested in using you. You say that the two of you are best friends? Well, I can see what the problem is there. You two started your relationship as equals. He views you as an equal, as a peer. You have to take care of that, first.

Now, that’s a relatively easy task. You just have to show him that you’re not equals. Not necessarily that you’re his inferior, but definitely that you’re not on the same level as him, that you don’t desire to be equal to him. Obviously, the easiest way to do that is to show him that you wish to submit. So let’s lock your cock up.

Nothing to spark the inner submissive like chastity. And nothing to inspire another man’s inner dominant than giving them your key. Show him your locked up cock. Make sure that he knows what you’re giving up, that you’re handing him control over your most intimate part, that you’re letting him dictate how you’re going to use your cock — if you’re even going to use it.

That’s the first step, of course. The next step is doing things around the house without his asking. Maybe do his laundry for him. Cook his dinner. Clean the washroom. Clean the entire house, even. Make life easier for him, get him used to the idea of someone serving him. Once he sees that, and once he sees your dedication to him, I have no doubt that he’ll want you.

I’m sure that by now you’ll be incredibly horny. If it doesn’t even occur to you, let me spell it out for you. You should kneel for him. Tell him that you want his cock. That you need it. Tell him that it makes your caged cock throb and leak, and that you want to service him, to take care of all his needs.

While I can’t necessarily turn you into a rubber pup for him, maybe that will come one day. Because by the time you accept his cock into your throat, that will be when he finally, truly takes charge.

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