The Inhibitor

There’s this new super hot guy at work, and I’ve been popping boners all week! I went online to find something to do about it and this company popped up, selling some high tech cup that’s supposed to keep things chill down there. I got one and put it on, but now it’s saying something about a passcode and ‘not wanting to take it off?’

Beta Patron Request by @fen
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To Be His Pet

Hey, so I got this chastity cage in the mail the other day. I didn’t order it or anything, but it was perfectly sized to me, and came with a business card for some company called Hierarch Industries. On the back there were written instructions telling me to put the cage on, go to a listed office building, walk into a lobby, and ask for someone called the Pup Trainer. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to see.

Story Request by @natty
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The Key to Submissiveness

Today marks my first day in self-inflicted chastity to learn how to be a better sub. I’m not seeing anyone at the moment, so I don’t have anyone to be my “key holder” for the lock on my cock cage.

I was hoping that Hierarch Industries could point me in the direction of a big strong Alpha that I could serve and obey, who would be willing to help train me to be the best omega that I can be.

Alpha Patron Request by @cam121496
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