Super Sucker pt. 19

It’s time for Corey to make it up to Marcus for making him worry. He’s ready to use his body to pleasure his master but the dastardly supervillain has other plans as he introduces Corey to a new but not-unfamiliar playmate.

After two weeks of recuperation, Corey was still largely confined to bed. That wasn’t to say his condition hadn’t dramatically improved in that time—it had—the road to recovery was just that long.

It was impossible to overstate how much havoc Hari’s poisonous magic had wreaked on his system. Even after the worst of it was removed from his body, the damage had already been done.

Not that Corey could blame them but everyone had been so preoccupied with getting Hari’s magic out of his body they neglected to search for secondary effects. He was at least glad he got eaten out by Master the night after the ritual was completed because the very next day he woke up struggling to breathe.

It was a good thing Master had the foresight to have a room in his home equipped to act as an ICU if ever it was needed. Corey was rushed there immediately, having come down with a rather serious case of pneumonia.

It was only in the subsequent work-up that the scale of the problem was understood. Armed with the information he needed, Master quickly drew up a plan of action to address everything.

If not for Master’s money, Corey might not have survived. Thanks to Master, he had access to the best modern medicine had to offer. From the brightest minds to the most cutting-edge technologies known to be safe for human use. Master even had a few supers with healing powers working for him.

Thanks to everyone’s hard work, Corey pulled through the worst of everything. He was alright now, and getting better every day.

He finally had the strength to get back to working out. He couldn’t manage nearly as much as he used to but things were improving.

What he lacked was energy. Usually he could continue on with his day after working out. Right now, even the scant few minutes of exercise he got were enough to exhaust him for a few hours, at least.

Sex was fine, for the most part. Master made sure he didn’t exert himself too much when he was getting fucked. It meant a lot of restraints and he could hardly complain about that.

At the moment though, he had other problems.

"D-don’t just stand there!" Corey croaked. "Help me!"

Pollux, damn him, didn’t even have the grace to pretend he didn’t hear. "No," he said simply.

Corey grunted as Castor’s weight shifted on top of him. "I was so worried," said Castor, nuzzling the side of Corey’s neck. "I didn’t know if you were going to pull through but I trusted Master would do everything he could to make sure you did."

"I—" Corey tried to push Castor off him but it was no use. He couldn’t do it. Not as he was right now. "I appreciate the concern but do you really have to be on top of me while you’re telling me this?"

Castor chuckled. He pressed a kiss to Corey’s collarbone and said, "Yeah! I missed you!"

Corey glanced at Pollux, exasperated, and said, "Was he always like this?"

The corner of Pollux’s mouth curled into a little smile. He nodded. "Yep," he said. "Clingy like a monkey. Always eager for affection… Cute little slut. It’s nice to see him like this again."

Corey let his head fall back onto his pillow and groaned. "Nice for you, maybe," he said. "Fuck. He was never like this, before. Since I knew him, anyway."

Castor planted his hands on either side of Corey’s head. He pushed himself up into a mermaid position and looked over at Pollux with a pout. "He happens to be right here and can hear every word you’re saying. But I’ll forgive you since you called me a cute little slut."

Before Corey could speak, Castor’s weight settling back down on top of him knocked the breath out of his lungs. "Not… so… little… from my perspective," he grunted.

"You calling me fat, jockboy?" Castor teased.

"Heavy, more like."

Castor chuckled. "Don’t pretend you don’t like it. I can feel you straining, you know."

Corey couldn’t argue with that. "And you like this more than I think you should," he said, with a quiet laugh.

"Like I said… I missed you." There was the quiet tink of metal against metal as Castor rolled his hips and bumped his cage against Corey’s.

The sensation made Corey’s cock jump. "Is this what you like to do in your spare time?" he said, moving his own hips to match the slow roll of Castor’s, grinding their straining cages against each other. "Pinning innocent locked boys to the bed and having your dastardly way with them?"

Castor scoffed. He nibbled on the sensitive skin at the side of Corey’s neck and said, "Since when were you innocent?"

"Point taken," Corey groaned. The feeling of Castor’s locked cock bumping against his was unreasonably hot. Their caged dicks grinding against each other only served to emphasize how little control they had over their own pleasure.

Corey’s cheeks flushed. "Still defenseless, though," he said.

Castor hummed as he showered kisses up along the side of Corey’s neck. "That’s what makes it even hotter."

Corey placed his hands on Castor’s sides. He slid them down, following the curve of Castor’s flanks before moving up and over the small of Castor’s back.

He went even lower, cupping the pair of soft, round cheeks in the palms of his hands and giving them a light squeeze. The quiet moan he managed to elicit from Castor’s lips was priceless.

The corner of Castor’s mouth pulled into a small smirk as Corey pulled his asscheeks apart. "Now, who’s playing dirty?" he said, grabbing the sides of Corey’s face and leaning in for a kiss.

It was a right mess of a kiss. Hot and sloppy in the best ways. Corey couldn’t help but moan into it, his whole body heating up as the intensity of their mutual grinding picked up.

Corey was panting when they broke apart. The smoldering look in his eyes was reflected in Castor’s. A heartbeat passed and their lips crashed back together.

They rutted futilely against one another. Their cocks swelled impotently in their filigreed restraints. The most they managed was to arouse each other even more but the pleasure of release remained firmly out of reach.

It was Pollux’s hands, placed gently on each of their shoulders, that pulled them out of their lustful trance. They broke apart, a single strand of glistening spit connecting their lower lips, as they looked at Pollux with lidded eyes.

A small smirk tugged at the corner of Pollux’s mouth. "Settle down, boys." He moved his hand up and patted Castor on the head. "You especially, pet."

Castor pouted as he sat up. It was a relief for Corey as Castor’s weight settled on his knees, instead of on top of him.

"Aww. It was just a little fun. And you know Master likes to keep his boys nice and horny."

Pollux leaned in and kissed Castor on the temple. "I know, pet. But you’re not supposed to overexert Sparky over here." He ruffled Corey’s hair.

"Please…" Corey grunted, propping himself up by the elbows. "I’m not that fragile."

"I know, Sparky," said Pollux, patting Corey on the head. "But Master’s orders."

Corey sighed. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate Master’s caring side or anything. He just didn’t like being treated as if he would fall apart at the slightest provocation.

"But," said Pollux, "if you promise to be good, and stay nice and still, I might be able to do something to scratch the itch for you."

Pollux’s form shimmered. After a moment, another Pollux, a perfect duplicate of the first, stepped out from behind him. "And maybe you two boys can keep each other good, yeah?"

Corey licked his lips. "I-I’ll be good," he promised. He tried not to sound too earnest but didn’t think he did a particularly good job at that.

He was too horny to care, though, so he wasn’t particularly disappointed.

"Good boy," said Pollux Prime.

Pollux II grinned. "Why don’t you boys bend over the side of the bed like the good little sluts you are?"

Castor giggled. He scrambled off Corey and positioned him at the side of the bed just as he’d been told. He leaned forward and spread his legs, arching his back to push his ass into the air.

Corey slid off the edge of the mattress. He tried to stand up to turn around but was a bit more unsteady on his feet than he expected. Luckily, Pollux Prime was there to help.

Leaning on Pollux Prime for support, Corey turned around to face the bed. He leaned forward, lying on his stomach while half his body dangled off the edge of the bed.

"Such good boys," said the Polluxes in unison.

Corey shivered. The words didn’t have as much impact as when Master said them but they still had an effect.

"Look at you," said Pollux II, "presenting your asses like the good little sluts you are."

"Go on," said Pollux Prime, gently tapping Corey’s ass with the tips of his fingers. "Show us how eager you are. Spread them."

Corey reached back. He walked his fingers over his ass cheeks, pulling them apart to expose his smooth hole for Pollux.

He glanced to the side. Castor was doing the same, a litany of quiet pleas spilling from his lips as he wiggled his hips from side to side.

Corey didn’t have much of an opportunity to pay close attention. He squeezed his eyes shut as a chill ran up his spine.

Something warm and wet trickled down his crack. Spit, probably. He moaned as Pollux Prime’s thumb brushed over his hole. It rubbed slow circles around his pucker, working the spit into his trembling entrance.

"Such a good slut you are, Sparky," said Pollux Prime, pushing the tip of his thumb into Corey. There was hardly any resistance. Corey yielded easily.

"T-thank you," Corey whined when Pollux Prime wiggled his thumb inside him. It wasn’t a lot but it felt good. It scratched the itch inside him but only barely. He wanted more. He needed more.

A desperate plea escaped Corey before he could stop himself. "Pollux… Please…" he moaned. But Pollux Prime was quick to remind him he wasn’t in control.

Pollux Prime withdrew his thumb with a quiet pop.

It was almost unfair. Corey always felt empty whenever he didn’t have Master’s cock inside of him. But it was always worse whenever he was teased like this.

Luckily, it didn’t seem Pollux Prime was particularly keen on tormenting Corey today. He leaned down, grabbing Corey’s asscheeks. He spread them apart and spat on the smooth pink hole between them.

Corey moaned as Pollux Prime prodded at his entrance. He gripped the sheets as a finger slipped into him knuckle-deep. "More…" he croaked. "Please…"

"Eager little slut, aren’t you, Sparky?" Pollux Prime laughed.

Corey gasped as a second finger pushed into his hole. It went in with ease, even though spit was the only lubrication he had. Master had made sure to train his hole well.

But Master had also made sure not to break him in so much he didn’t get to enjoy the exquisite pleasure of feeling himself stretch around a cock or a few fingers. The sensation never got old. The faint burn lent a delicious edge to the pleasure.

Corey nearly cried out when Pollux Prime curled those two fingers inside him. A third finger in his hole made it impossible to hold back.

He writhed on the sheets as Pollux Prime slowly finger-fucked his hole. He moaned on the out-stroke, as Pollux Prime spread his fingers apart to stretch Corey open, and sighed as those same fingers were pushed together and twisted on the in-stroke.

His cock strained in its cage. He leaked all over the mattress. Desperate little noises spilled from his lips without reservation as Castor echoed them off to the side.

Corey cracked an eye and glanced at Castor. His legs were shaking. His fingers were clutching the sheets in white-knuckled grips. He was babbling senselessly, begging for more as Pollux II ate him out, filling the air with lewd, wet slurping.

It wasn’t going to take much for Pollux Prime to reduce Corey to a similar state. Those fingers were so talented. So masterful. They were driving Corey up the wall.

But before things could get too exciting, the door to the room opened. Corey didn’t have to look over his shoulder to recognize the cadence of Master’s gait—nor the sound of Master’s chuckle.

"It seems you boys are having quite a bit of fun without me," said Master.

Pollux Prime chuckled. "We didn’t mean to leave you out, Master," he said.

"It’s alright," said Master. He exuded such a powerful presence Corey could feel him walk around to the side of the bed.

Master clapped a hand on Corey’s ass. "And ah. Good. You have done well to prepare him. He seems nice and eager, all soft and yielding…"

Pollux Prime paused. "Oh yeah, Master?" he said. Corey wriggled his ass on Pollux Prime’s fingers, disappointed that the movement had stopped and desperate for it to continue.

"I have a new playmate for him today," Master explained. "That you have done this for me means that you have saved me the time it would have otherwise taken to prepare him. Well done."

Corey was only half-following the conversation. He was so horny the only thing he could think about was getting fucked.

But Pollux Prime wasn’t moving so he took it upon himself. He fucked himself on Pollux Prime’s fingers. It wasn’t the same but it still felt good. At least, until a hand firmly pressing down on the small of his back stopped him.

"Thank you, Master," said Pollux Prime.

"You are welcome, Pollux. Well done. Now, I shall be taking Corey from you. Feel free to use the other slut however you wish."

Both Polluxes chuckled and said, "It would be my pleasure, Master."

"Come along."

The tug of the leash Master had clipped on the ring of his chastity cage caught Corey’s attention. "Sorry, Master," he murmured.

They’d passed by the corridor that led to the gallery where Master kept the Godspark suit. For reasons even Corey didn’t exactly understand, he’d paused for a moment to look down the hallway.

"Imagine that. I wonder what the people of Selene City would say if they knew their beloved protector longed to once again feel the power of the terrible villain Godspark at his fingertips," Master mused, as he led Corey down the familiar passages that led to the training room.

Corey couldn’t help but blush. He didn’t long for it. He was still a hero, regardless of what he did for Master.

The only reason he’d donned the mantle of Godspark was to find and rescue Master from the clutches of that bastard Centurion. It wasn’t like he wanted to feel the exhilaration of being the heart of the storm.

Looking down at the throngs of milling people far below hadn’t made him feel like a god, or anything. No. No. Not at all.

And knowing he held the lives of all those people in the palm of his hand hadn’t filled him with a perverse sense of satisfaction at all. It hadn’t pleased him to see the people look like insignificant little specks of dust he could crush under his heel.

Corey missed none of these things. He couldn’t. Because he wasn’t a villain. He was a hero. He fought for truth and justice. Even if, at the end of the day, he came home to serve at the pleasure of one of the worst villains the Commonwealth had ever known.

"I-I wasn’t—" Corey started.

Master interrupted with a quiet chuckle. "Of course not, my little thundercloud," he said. "The good and righteous hero Tempest could never even begin to take on the mantle of such a nefarious villain unless he absolutely had to."

Corey blushed. "Y-yes, Master. E-exactly right."

"I know you very well, my little thundercloud," said Master. He tugged on the leash again, prompting Corey to start walking. "Perhaps better even than you know yourself."

Corey took one more glance down the corridor before turning his attention to Master. "I-I know you do, Master," he murmured.

He had to wonder if this was one of the ways Master turned heroes into villains. A taste of power unlike anything they’d ever experienced before.

He didn’t want to admit it but the elation he’d felt that fateful day, flying high above Selene City in the embrace of roiling storm clouds with lightning coursing through his veins, was a pleasure unlike any other. It had been intoxicating. The tantalizing promise of realized potential.

If not for Corey’s strong sense of duty, he might never have taken the Godspark suit off. He certainly hadn’t wanted to. And even now he had to struggle with a part of himself that wanted him to take it up again.

"We’re here," said Master, mercifully redirecting Corey’s attention to the soft sound of the door swinging open on well-oiled hinges.

The room beyond was familiar. It was bare, for the most part. It was kept that way on purpose. Any equipment necessary was moved into it as needed and removed when no longer of use.

The floor, walls, and ceiling were all black. Wherever the light didn’t shine looked like a sea of darkness. To most people’s eyes, anyway. If he used his powers to sense electricity around him, he could faintly make out the pattern of wires that crisscrossed behind the concrete walls.

Today, the only object in the room was a high-backed chair with lustrous black leather upholstery. It was clearly a luxury piece, a veritable throne for Master.

As Corey stepped into the room, Master tugged on the fine gold chain clipped to the base ring of his cock cage and pointed at the floor in front of the chair. "Kneel," said Master, simply.

Corey did as he was told, of course.

Master sat in his chair shortly thereafter. "Good boy," he said, smiling down at Corey before turning his attention to the side and snapping his fingers. "Bring him in."

A panel of the wall slid open to reveal a passageway beyond it. Master smiled. "Come here, boy," he called out.

Corey perked up and watched the doorway with keen interest. His curiosity was soon rewarded.

A man walked into the room. Or rather, more precisely, he crawled.

The man was wearing a rather animated pup hood. It was probably one of the more advanced varieties. Master could certainly afford them. They were the type that interfaced with brain wave patterns to translate human emotion into canine expression.

As it was entering the room, the puppy looked a bit apprehensive. It sniffed the air and pawed at the floor before taking its first few experimental steps inside.

The pup lowered its head to the floor and smelled around as it padded further into the room. Then, when it was safely out of harm’s way, the wall slid shut behind it.

The pup was seemingly startled. It whirled around and barked at the wall. The sounds it made were so realistic Corey had to imagine the hood had something of a voice modulator in it, too.

"Enough of that, boy," said Master, firmly. "Come here, Auggie."

At the sound of Master’s voice, the pup froze and slowly turned around. Its tail began to wag and it didn’t take long before it was scampering up to the throne and bumping up against Master’s leg.

Corey smiled. Oh, sure, he wished he was the one rubbing up against Master but, at the same time, the pup was so cute he could hardly begrudge it.

"Alright, alright," said Master. "Settle down, Auggie. Sit."

The pup, Auggie as Master had called it, followed immediately. It sat as commanded. Or rather, it knelt with its knees spread wide enough to accommodate both mitten-covered hands between them.

"Isn’t he cute, my little thundercloud?" said Master.

Corey nodded. "He is, Master," he said, as he eyed the pup.

Auggie wasn’t wearing much but that was only natural. Like jockboys, pups weren’t supposed to wear anything. Unlike jockboys who stayed naked because they were supposed to show off their bodies, pups didn’t wear clothes because, well, pets weren’t supposed to.

Apart from the collar tightly wrapped around Auggie’s neck, the chest harness, rubber mitts, kneepads, and tail, Auggie was naked. The only other thing it was wearing was a large canid sheath for its cock and balls, complete with a fat knot at the base.

A single droplet beaded at the tapered tip of the sheath. The rubber dogcock jumped, sending it rolling down the underside.

Auggie was in chastity, too, Corey realized. A different sort of chastity than his but probably one better suited to a top. He was willing to bet the rubber sheath was much too thick to allow any sensation at all.

"Curious where I found him?" said Master.

Corey nodded. There was something familiar about Auggie but he just couldn’t quite tell what.

Master laughed. "Why, you brought him to me yourself," said Master. "Surely you recognize your new friend Eugene?"

Corey gasped. Of course! How could he have missed it? He couldn’t help but grin once he got over the initial surprise. He was happy to know that Gene had been brought into Master’s service alongside him.

But there was one burning question the revelation left. "But Master—"

"Why Auggie?" Master smirked, as he cut in.

Corey nodded.

"It’s short for Augustus Shadow. You, more than most, should understand the value of a pseudonym to protect one’s identity."

"I do, Master," said Corey. "If I may… Why that name? Did you choose it for him, Master?"

Master smiled and nodded. "I did," he said, petting the top of Auggie’s head. "Shadow because I expect he will be operating in the background and Augustus because… Well…"

The corner of Master’s mouth curled into a small smirk. "Were you aware that Eugene was a super?"

Corey blinked. "No, Master," he said. "I hadn’t noticed anything to indicate that he was…"

Master chuckled. "Unsurprising," he said. "No one else did. Eugene isn’t on any database of supers. Official or otherwise."

Corey couldn’t help but shiver. Though he’d grown out of it by now, it was difficult to suppress social conditioning.

All his life Corey had been told there was nothing more dangerous than an unregistered super. And to learn he’d been fraternizing with one without knowing… It was difficult not to react in such a way.

Corey’s only consolation was it didn’t seem like Auggie was particularly offended by or even aware of his reaction. Not Master, though. Master caught Corey’s visceral reaction and chuckled.

"For what it’s worth, my little thundercloud, I don’t think he was aware, either," said Master. "A keepsake from his grandmother—a powerful protection talisman—hid the truth from everyone."

"Th-thank you, Master. That helps," said Corey. That said, he was still a little shaken.

"I will have to look into Eugene’s family history another time. Even my Insight was insufficient to pierce the shroud the talisman cast upon Eugene. It was only when he briefly gave it to you to help in the ritual that I saw him for what he was."

Corey couldn’t help but smile. It was such a sweet gesture. He would have to thank Gene whenever he was fully aware and, well, not Auggie.

"I imagine you are likely rather curious as to the nature of his powers," said Master.

Corey nodded. "Deathly, Master," he admitted.

Master laughed. "His grandmother was right to protect him. He is one of the rarest and most valuable types of supers…"

Corey’s breath hitched in his throat as Master paused. He didn’t know why he felt such a strong sense of apprehension in the silence that lingered for little more than a heartbeat and yet somehow seemed to last an eternity.

"They’ve been called many different names in the days since Wilson’s War. Booster. Amplifier. Upgrader. Kingmaker…"

Corey gasped. "Gene was a True Augmenter?"

Master smiled. "Auggie… Why don’t you show your brother slave what you can do."

Corey was caught entirely off-guard by the ripple of energy that washed over him and even more so by the sensations that followed. His senses came alive. His powers felt like they had been increased a hundredfold.

He could see the electrical impulses that dictated the flow and rhythm of life. For miles around he could feel every last insect and creeping worm, every rodent and street critter, every bird in the air and fish in the water.

The world was cast in stark relief and if only he knew what all the signals meant he might have been able to make sense of the larger system he suddenly found himself in. Alas, his knowledge was limited.

"That’s enough, Auggie," said Master. "Good boy."

The sound of Auggie’s quiet yip brought Corey’s focus back to the present. "Wow…" he whispered.

"Wow, indeed," said Master, with a small smile. "Do you now understand why I chose Augustus?"

Corey nodded. It seemed so innocuous shortened to Auggie but he knew the weight of the name. "You said you were going to introduce me to a new playmate, Master, does that mean…"

Master smirked. "Oh, yes. For all the help he has been in expediting my plans, I have decided he is due a reward."

Corey smiled. "A-am I his reward, Master?" he said, licking his lips as he glanced at the doggy-dick sheath wrapped around Auggie’s cock.

"That would be correct," said Master with a quiet laugh. "Not that your opinion matters but I find it difficult to imagine you would have any objections."

Corey looked up into Master’s bright blue eyes. "No, Master. I have no objections," he said. He turned his attention back to the twitching sheath. "It would be my pleasure to give my brother slave the reward he deserves."

"Good boy."

Corey shivered.

Master chuckled. "Alright. I trust a good jockboy like you needs no instruction to take the position of a breeding bitch."

Corey nodded. Of course, he knew. "Yes, Master," he said.

"Well?" Master cocked an eyebrow. "Why haven’t you gotten to it yet?"

"I’m sorry, Master!" said Corey, as he leaned forward on all fours.

Master twirled his finger. "Turn around. Show Auggie and me what an eager jockpussy you have."

Corey chuckled. "Yes, Master," he said, his body flushing with heat as he slowly turned around.

"Mmm… What a pretty sight that is. Don’t you agree, Auggie?" There was a loud bark. "Such a good boy you are. I appreciate your enthusiasm. Go on. Feel free to take a closer look."

Corey flinched when he felt the cool leather snout of Auggie’s pup hood bump against his ass. He barely managed to stifle a moan when the curious nose moved down over his taint to rub against his locked nub and full balls.

Auggie continued his exploration of Corey’s body. He placed both his paws on Corey’s ass and dove in, sniffing at Corey’s hole before giving it an experimental lick.

This time, Corey couldn’t help the moan as Auggie’s tongue wriggled its way inside him. Auggie hadn’t even wasted any time teasing his hole. He just went for it, slipping that hot, wet muscle past Corey’s trembling pucker.

Realizing Auggie might get a tad overenthusiastic, Corey lowered his chest to the floor. He worked his knees apart, too, arching his back and pushing his ass into the air to give Auggie better access. In this position, even a rough pounding—which he fully expected he’d be getting—wouldn’t exhaust him too much.

Eugene was a talented rimmer. Auggie wasn’t. But boy did the pup make up for it with enthusiasm. And the lewd, messy slurping noises he made were incredible.

There was so much slobber as Auggie ate him out Corey could feel the drool dribbling down the insides of his thighs. It was hot. Intensely so.

Master laughed. "Alright," he said, breaking his silence with a sharp clap. "If you have had your fill of your brother slave’s fuck hole, feel free to mount him and do what comes to you naturally, Auggie."

"Fuck," Corey muttered under his breath as he felt Auggie’s weight shift onto his hips. The rimming alone had made his legs weak. He couldn’t imagine how much worse—or better, depending on the perspective—the mounting would be.

He didn’t have to speculate for long. He felt the tapered end of the rubber doggy dick push into the side of his crack before getting deflected.

Auggie tried again. He missed. This time, he thrust the tip of his sheathed cock right into Corey’s swollen balls, eliciting a low grunt.

Third time, as the cliché went, was the charm. The tapered rubber tip poked right into Corey’s hole. The rest followed shortly thereafter, tearing a surprised yelp out of Corey’s throat as Auggie bottomed out inside him.

The only part of the massive doggy-dick sheath that wasn’t unceremoniously crammed into Corey’s ass was the knot. And only because it was too big.

Scarcely had Corey had a chance to breathe when the rutting started in earnest. He couldn’t help but moan, scrabbling uselessly at the stone floor with his fingers as Auggie repeatedly slammed his sheathed cock inside him.

Auggie didn’t let up. Corey could only mewl like a right bitch as the pace and desperation of the fuck only picked up.

If this kept up, it wouldn’t be long before Corey broke. He was struggling to think straight, as it was, and every thrust only made it more difficult.

The texture of the doggy dick was so different inside him than anything he’d ever felt before. It was intense. Fatter in the middle than the tip or the part before the knot.

Corey whined. His toes curled. Auggie’s thrusts slammed against his hips and practically lifted him off the ground with the force of their impact.

To make matters worse, the harder Auggie fucked him, the harder the knot at the base of the doggie dick sheath pressed against his entrance. It was little more than a titillating new sensation at the beginning but with every desperate thrust the knot came closer and closer to breaking him in.

Corey grunted as the force of Auggie’s thrusting made him slide a little bit forward with every slap of the pup’s hips against his ass. He moaned and whimpered, the knot breaking him in little by little every time it knocked against him.

A glob of pre-cum dripped from Corey’s caged cock. The knot slammed into him. It pushed a little deeper. He whined as he felt the burn, his hole stretching to accommodate the fat knot before the pain subsided on the out-stroke.

But it happened again. And again. Each time, more and more of the knot was crammed against Corey’s entrance and his resistance was slowly giving in. "Fuck," he moaned, under his breath, having already lost the capacity for anything more sophisticated than that desperate utterance.

Auggie’s grip on Corey’s hips tightened. He gave a thrust that would have shoved Corey across the floor if not for his grip. He gave another. And another. He was more forceful every time and almost got half the knot inside Corey with the last one.

Corey’s breathing was shallow and rapid. Sweat dripped off his brow. His whole body was awash in an exquisite mix of pleasure and pain, the tension coiling in his belly on the brink of being released.

A final thrust was all it took. Corey’s hole stretched around the knot. He clenched instinctively at the pain but the pressure grew and grew and grew until, with a quiet gasp that spilled from his lips, his hole yielded.

The knot popped inside Corey and the sensation of having something so big inside of him sent him spilling over the edge. For the first time since Auggie started rutting into him, the rubber balls of the canine sheath came to a rest against his ass.

Corey’s hole fluttered and clenched around the base of the sheath as his legs tensed, his toes curled, and a low, desperate cry issued from his lips. His caged cock twitched and strained and pulsed as he shot a weak, pathetic load all over the stone floor.

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