Super Sucker pt. 18

After the ordeal of extracting Hari’s poison from his body, Corey convalesces in Master’s bed. When Master notices he’s awake and aware earlier than expected, he’s given a reward for being such a strong, resilient boy.

Corey felt wrung out. Quite apt, actually, all things considered.

His head was fuzzy, and not in the pleasant way it felt whenever Master played with his mind. He was just worn out. To the point it was hard to think.

He’d spent… Damn. He didn’t even remember. An hour, at least. A couple, most likely. It had been painful.

Not that he should have expected anything less. Now he had a moment of clarity, it occurred to him he should have been more alarmed. Then again, he had no way of knowing the situation was so critical.

Or perhaps he had.

His memory of the evening was hazy, at best, but one moment stood out to him: a peculiar unsteadiness in Master’s voice. He’d merely thought it curious, at the time. A touch uncharacteristic for someone who was usually so self-sure and confident.

Had he had his wits about him, he may have been terrified, instead. It didn’t hit him, until now, that Master had been worried.

Master was never worried.

And even though he knew everything was supposedly resolved, he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of fear. The true gravity of the situation settled like a lead weight on his shoulders. He’d probably come within a hairsbreadth of death.

Now, he was convalescing. In Master’s bed, no less. Naked under the covers but swaddled in warm blankets that smelled of home—of Master.

It was nice. It was nice to be back in Master’s home. Nice to be back in Master’s bed. Nice to be near Master again. He hadn’t realize how much he’d needed it.

As if on cue, the door to the room swung open as Master stepped inside. He looked tired. Or he did until he turned his gaze up and saw Corey looking at him.

When he saw Corey was awake, he smiled. "I am glad to see you up, little thundercloud," he murmured, quietly.

Corey leaned up, propping himself up by bracing his elbows against the mattress. He smiled at Master and said, "Thank you, Master. I’m glad to see you, as well…"

Master frowned. He motioned toward Corey. "Let yourself down," he said. "It is of utmost importance you get whatever rest you can."

"Y-yes, Master," Corey muttered, apologetically. He was glad, though. It had taken more effort than he anticipated to prop himself up like that. His arms had been trembling from the exertion of supporting his weight.

He allowed himself to fall back. He sighed as the soft mattress caught him without so much as a quiet thud.

"Just so," said Master, laughing under his breath.

Master straightened his clothes and smiled warmly at Corey. "Now, stay as you are. I will change out of these dirty clothes and I shall be with you, shortly."

Without waiting for a response, Master made his way to the walk-in closet. When he re-emerged, a few minutes later, a loose silk robe in a rich royal blue with bright gold edging was draped over his shoulders.

Master made his way across the room. For as tired as he appeared, he maintained his regal bearing.

He looked like a king as he walked across the carpet, the bottom hem of his robe swaying with every step.



"King" was insufficient. And perhaps Corey was biased but, to his eyes, at least, Master had the air of an emperor about him.

Master stopped a foot or so short of the bed. He stood to the side, just watching Corey with an odd sort of wariness in his eyes.

Corey looked up. "Master?" he said. "Is everything alright?"

Master took a breath. "Of course." He cracked a small smile. "I am just glad you seem to be doing well."

Corey frowned. He rolled over onto his side to face Master as the other lifted the blankets and climbed into bed next to him. "Am I still in danger?" he said, softly.

Master seemed surprised at the question. He reached up and stroked the side of Corey’s face with the backs of his fingers. "No, my little thundercloud. You’re not."


A smile tugged at the corners of Master’s mouth. He reached up and threaded his fingers through Corey’s hair. "I sincerely thought you might be out for much longer. That you are awake already, and cogent… It makes me happy."

Corey bit back a moan. He felt it might spoil the moment. But nothing he did could stop the warmth blossoming across his cheeks and the profound sense of satisfaction that was spreading through his body.

"It speaks to your resilience, my little thundercloud. And the strength of your spirit." Master chuckled. "But it seemed almost too good to be true, which is why I had to take a moment to ensure I was not simply dreaming."

Master shuffled closer to Corey, the bed shifting under his weight. He cupped the side of Corey’s face, leaned in, and pressed a tender kiss to his forehead. "I am glad to report that I was not," he said.

Corey flushed. Rare was the day that Master was affectionate like this. It was nice. He rather enjoyed it.

Perhaps he was enjoying it a bit much. Because he was starting to get aroused.

As bone-weary as he felt, Master’s proximity had the predictable effect of rousing his libido. The flush on his cheeks spread down his neck and over his chest, his whole body feeling warm and sensitive under the blankets.

Master seemed to know exactly the effect he was having, going by the knowing smirk playing on his lips and the way his hand slipped from the side of Corey’s face to trace over his chest.

Corey’s cock strained in its tight, gilded cage. Despite his having been poisoned, Master had not seen it fit to release him from his cage. Not that he was complaining.

He loved to feel the weight of it on his cock and balls. And he loved the exquisite frustration of his cock swelling up against the filigree bars, hopelessly contained within.

This was his place.

This was his destiny.

As a good jockboy, it was only right that he had no control over his cock or his orgasms. The only cock that deserved attention was Master’s. The only orgasm that mattered was Master’s.

And that didn’t change just because he’d had a close brush with death. If anything, he was glad it didn’t. Because it was familiar. Comforting. It reminded him that he was owned and loved, as frustrating as that was, sometimes.

Master’s fingers dipped lower. On their way down they flicked at his nipples, giving them a light squeeze that made Corey’s back arch involuntarily into the touch.

Then, Master’s feather-light touch brushed over his stomach. Master’s fingers dipped into the crests and valleys of his taut abs, lingering briefly to rub circles around his navel.

Of course, Master didn’t stop there. He slid his hand further down, his fingers gliding over the top of the gilded cage.

Master tapped the tip, rubbing the head of Corey’s cock with his index finger through the hole at the end of the cage. Corey’s cock twitched at the touch, and he couldn’t help but gasp quietly.

Those bright blue eyes flitted up to meet Corey’s gaze. He could lose himself into their depths and happily stay there for all eternity.

But his attention was drawn elsewhere. To the knowing smirk that played on Master’s lips, in particular. That and the quiet chuff of Master’s subdued amusement.

"Such a wanton boy you are, my little thundercloud," Master murmured, leaning in to whisper the word right in Corey’s ear.

Corey flushed. "S-Sorry, Master," he murmured, skin tingling from the sensation of Master’s warm breath wafting over it.

"You ought be convalescing and yet…" Master cupped Corey’s caged package, gently tugging on his full, swollen balls. "Look how your body responds to your master’s touch."

Master stroked Corey’s hair with his other hand. "Such a good little jockboy for me," he murmured, sending faint tingles of pleasure and satisfaction through Corey’s body.

"Proper little slut, aren’t we?" said Master. He released his grip on Corey’s caged cock and balls, slipping his hand over his hip to palm his ass instead.

Corey’s eyes glazed over as his body responded to the touch as Master had programmed it to. He groaned as he arched his back, eagerly pushing his ass into Master’s hand. "I’m your good little jockslut, Master," he moaned.

Master chuckled. He pressed a kiss to the sensitive patch of skin behind Corey’s ear. "Correct."

Corey’s mind frayed at the edges. His thoughts slowed. What felt like a thick, stifling haze of pleasure filled his skull, making it difficult to think.

A small, dull smile spread across his lips. "I’m your empty, obedient fuck hole, Master," he murmured.

Master laughed. It was a pretty sound. Like music. Jockboy liked it. The smile on his lips widened into a vapid grin.

"For all the power bound up inside you, this is still where you choose to be…" Master drawled, slipping his index finger into the cleft between Jockboy’s ass cheeks.


Master rubbed his finger in slow circles around Jockboy’s tight pucker. "To think that you might possess the power to change the world at your fingertips and yet this is all you want to be…"

Jockboy gasped as Master swept his fingers back and forth over his entrance.

"Empty-headed little slut…" Master pulled his finger out of Jockboy’s crack. He pressed it against Jockboy’s lips, instead.

"Suck," Master commanded, and Jockboy obeyed. He didn’t hesitate at all. He was given his orders. He carried them out. As he was supposed to.

Jockboy didn’t think about Master’s commands. It wasn’t his place. He wasn’t supposed to. Dumb, empty-headed jockboys like him let their masters do the thinking for them, after all.

Master’s finger tasted clean on his tongue. Jockboy expected it might taste of sweat. Or musk. Or even smoke, given how long he’d spent hovering over the bed of coals. But none of those things were true.

Someone must have washed him after the ritual. He didn’t remember. It didn’t matter, anyway. Jockboys weren’t supposed to think.

The only things Jockboy needed to remember were Master’s orders, and anything else Master told him to remember. The rest of it he could just let go. Like water through a sieve. Or sand through his fingers.

He didn’t need to hold on to his thoughts. He could just let them go. Let them scatter to the aether. And that was just what he did. He let his mind empty as he wrapped his lips around Master’s finger, delicately sucking on it as he made it slick with his spit.

"Enough," said Master, pulling his finger out of Jockboy’s mouth with a wet pop. He slipped it between Jockboy’s cheeks again, gently pressing the pad against the quivering pucker.

"Look at you open up for me," Master murmured as the tip of his finger pushed into Jockboy’s entrance.

Master smirked. "Hardly a surprise, though, is it?" He chuckled. "Given the choice between being a super and being a glorified cock sleeve, you would choose the latter, would you not?"

Jockboy nodded. His fuzzy head made it impossible to understand what Master was going on about, exactly. But he knew what a cock sleeve was.

That was him!

He was a cock sleeve!

He groaned and wriggled his ass when Master’s finger slipped up to the first knuckle inside him. It felt good.

He wanted more!

He bucked his hips backward, trying to fuck himself on Master’s finger. He hoped it would invite Master to add more.

"Stop squirming," Master commanded. Not even a heartbeat later, Jockboy stopped moving entirely.

Jockboy trembled as Master slowly finger-fucked him. It was such a mean and cruel tease. Especially when Master knew he could take so much more. But it was hardly his place to complain.

Master hummed a merry tune under his breath as he worked his finger in and out of Jockboy’s hole. He went on for a few minutes, Jockboy struggling to remain still the whole time.

Jockboy whined softly. Master was such a mean tease. Master wasn’t even properly finger-fucking him. Master was just using the first two knuckles of one finger.

It was so mean.

Jockboy’s body wanted more. Needed more.

He was so worked up he couldn’t help but make a disappointed noise when Master pulled out of him.

"Ah. Ah," Master gently rebuked. "You will have what I give you and nothing more. Understood?"

"Y-yes, Master," Jockboy groaned.

Of course. He was just a dumb jockboy. Just a good jockboy. It wasn’t his place to dictate how things went. He just had to accept what Master gave him.

But he could still be disappointed. Because his purpose was to be a toy for Master. And he’d been wanting Master to play with him so badly.

Master chuckled. He snapped his fingers in front of Jockboy’s face and said, "Enough of that."

Corey groaned as lucidity slammed into him like a sack of bricks. The exhaustion and soreness Jockboy had mostly ignored leaped instead to the forefront of Corey’s consciousness as a quiet, disappointed whine spilled from him.

"I understand you are disappointed, baby, but who gave you permission to slip into Jockboy mode, hm?"

"N-no one, Master," Corey murmured. He’d barely even noticed the switch. It was just so natural to be Jockboy for Master. Just a dumb, empty-headed cock slut…

"I thought so…"

Corey tensed as Master planted a kiss on his cheek. He was going to be punished for it, he was sure. He had to be punished for it. Because he’d done something without permission. And good jockboys never did anything unless their master told them to.

"But! I will let it slide for tonight," said Master.

"T-Thank you, Master!" Corey was relieved but, oddly enough, he felt slightly disappointed, too. Part of him was looking forward to being disciplined for his intransigence.

But he wasn’t going to say that out loud. Even if Master probably knew what was going through his head.

Master chuckled. "I know that head of yours is empty on your best days. It must be especially difficult to think, tired as you are."

"Nnnh…" Corey’s cock strained in his cage at the comment.

Master leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Corey’s forehead. "To be clear, my little thundercloud, I will not be giving you the gift of my cock tonight."

Corey whined.

"I know, boy. I know. But your body is recovering. It would be remiss of me as your owner to jeopardize your health."

Infuriatingly, Master made sense.

Corey did like that Master was being caring and thoughtful. But he was so horny. He wanted Master to use him.

He wanted Master to be inconsiderate. He wanted to be flipped over on his stomach and pounded right into the mattress.

He wanted to be used like the brainless fucktoy he was meant to be. But alas, it wasn’t his call to make. Master was already being light on him for slipping into jockboy mode without permission; he didn’t want to push his luck by asking for something Master had made unequivocally clear he wasn’t going to get.

However much he craved it.

But as Corey watched the expression on Master’s face, he began to get an inkling that maybe Master had something else in mind. The way the corners of Master’s eyes crinkled in a mischievous but genuine smile told him he was right on the money.

Master shook his head in mock exasperation and said, "This is why pretty little sluts like you need to have your brains emptied out. Sometimes you prove too perceptive for your own good."

Corey blushed and bit back a quiet moan. He wouldn’t object to having his brains emptied out with a good pounding. But he somehow doubted that was Master’s intent.

"Well, no matter. The only one you are ruining the surprise for is yourself, after all…" Master hummed, tracing circles with the tip of his index finger on Corey’s chest.

Master’s hand crept up Corey’s chest, past his collarbone, and around the back of his neck. He leaned in, capturing Corey’s lips in his own.

Corey’s whole body flushed with heat and arousal at the kiss. He moaned into it, lips parting to give way as Master explored his mouth.

He was breathing heavily when Master pulled away. It was amazing how good it could feel to kiss Master. Every time, it was like the whole world fell away, leaving only the two of them.

Master had a lecherous grin when he broke the kiss. "You have been such a good boy for me tonight, my little thundercloud. So strong. So resilient. I think such admirable conduct deserves a reward."

Master licked his lips. "Don’t you think so?"

Corey shivered and nodded. "Y-yes, Master!" he said.

Part of him felt he hadn’t done anything particularly deserving of a reward but he wasn’t about to complain. Besides, he’d suffered through so much, and Master had been so mean about teasing him, he felt a reward was well past due.

The devious little smirk that tugged at the corner of Master’s mouth sent a tingle down Corey’s spine. Just the sight of it made his cock strain in its cage.

"Good that you do," said Master. He chuckled, walking his fingers down along Corey’s side until he reached Corey’s ass, which he palmed.

Master squeezed Corey’s ass, eliciting a quiet moan. "Pity I cannot use this as I wish to without risk to your health… But there are other ways to reward a good boy with minimal strain on his body."

Corey’s hole twitched as Master’s fingers slipped into his crack and brushed over it. "As it so happens, the ritual left me quite famished… And I do believe I have a perfectly satisfying meal right… here."

The sensation of Master’s finger pushing suddenly into him took Corey by surprise. His back arched, pressing his straining cock into Master’s groin.

Master chuckled. "Such a horny boy you are," he said. "Now lie on your stomach."

Corey did as he was told. Orders were orders, after all. And even if he wasn’t going to get Master’s cock, he was still excited for his reward.

He flipped over onto his stomach. At the same time, Master sat up and pushed the blankets off him.

Corey sucked in a sharp breath, his back arching and pushing his locked cock into the mattress as Master gave his exposed butt a quick smack. The sharp crack of Master’s hand against his flesh seemed to fill the air.

"M-Master!" Corey whined.

"Hm? What was that, boy?" said Master, as he straddled Corey’s legs and palmed Corey’s ass cheeks.

"N-nothing, Master."

Master smacked Corey’s other cheek, slowly rubbing his fingers into the muscle as he said, "I should hope so. I am being quite lenient with you tonight but my patience only goes so far."

Corey could practically hear the smirk in Master’s voice.

"I could have sworn I heard you complain about my spanking you, but perhaps I was mistaken… Surely my good little thundercloud understands his body belongs to me."

Corey nodded, cheeks warming as he buried his face in his pillow out of embarrassment. "Y-yes, Master. I understand. My body is yours."

"And that means your ass is mine, yes?"

Corey moaned as Master squeezed his ass cheeks, groping and kneading them, spreading them apart and pushing them together. "M-my ass is yours, Master!"

"And if it is mine, then I can do whatever I like to it, right?"

Copious amounts of pre-cum leaked from the tip of Corey’s locked cock. It pooled on the sheets under him. "Y-yes, Master! Whatever you want!"

Corey’s disappointed groan, when Master let go of his ass, turned into a strangled yelp when two more sharp smacks—one to each cheek—struck his bottom.

"And if I want to make it glow cherry red, for instance, I am well within my rights, yes? Because this ass—" Master paused momentarily to rub his palms over the stinging strike marks. "—is my property. Correct?"

"Y-yes, Master," Corey moaned, his whole body tingling. This was more along what he wanted.

Master was using him as he was meant to be used—with no regard for his feelings or opinions.

Because he was just a toy. A good jockboy. He wasn’t supposed to think. He didn’t get a say. He was just a warm fuckhole for Master to use however he pleased.

Master chuckled. "Good boy. Good little fucktoy."

Corey shivered in pleasure at the praise. That it was demeaning at the same time only made it better.

Master slipped his hand under Corey’s hips and said, "Up. Up." Corey did as he was told and when he lifted his hips into the air, Master slid a pillow under him.

Corey laid there happily. He had his arms folded under his head and his ass propped up on a pillow. He was exposed. Vulnerable. Ready.

There was a quiet click as Master uncapped a tube of lube Corey hadn’t even noticed him retrieving. It was followed, moments later, by the sensation of something cool and slick dripping into the cleft of his ass.

The lube wasn’t cool for long, though. Upon contact with the air, it started to warm. It made Corey’s skin tingle and the sensation was particularly intense around his asshole.

Corey moaned softly as Master’s fingers dipped into his crack, liberally spreading the lube over his entrance. Massaging the warm, slick fluid in slow, teasing circles around his rim.

The lube continued to heat up. Never to the point of being unbearable. But Corey could feel the heat on his skin.

The hot lube made his asshole itch. It was uncomfortable. But not in a bad way. In the way that made him crave to have something shoved inside him.

He whined softly, his hole clenching and unclenching as Master’s fingers teased him. He wanted more but there was nothing he could do. Nothing besides ride out the teasing and hope he’d come out the other side with his mind intact.

But just when he thought he couldn’t take any more of Master’s teasing, he felt it. His hole stretched around Master’s fingers. Two of them! They slipped inside him, twisting as Master slowly turned his wrist on the way in.

The moan that spilled out of Corey was wanton. Unrestrained. He sounded like a cheap whore. A desperate slut. And he was.

Corey wiggled his ass higher on the pillow, inviting Master’s fingers deeper inside him. It felt good. It felt right.

That little stunt earned him a sharp spank on the right buttock. But as Master didn’t say anything about it, he figured Master was just reminding him of his place.

Because Corey’s pleasure didn’t matter. He was a plaything. No one in their right mind would ask their toy if it was enjoying being played with.

Any pleasure he got while Master was playing with him was secondary. If Master wanted to use him without giving him any pleasure, that was Master’s prerogative.

The only pleasure worth thinking about was Master’s.

So, Corey kept still. Well, as still as he could manage. He couldn’t help but squirm as Master’s fingers plunged in and out of his hole, working him nice and loose.

A third finger was added, before long. Master spread them apart on the way in, and then pulled them back together on the way out.

It burned, at first, but the pain was welcome. It gave the pleasure a delightful edge. It faded soon thereafter but he enjoyed it while it lasted.

Soon enough, the air was filled with the lewd wet sounds of Master’s fingers squelching as they sank into Corey’s loose hole.

Master preferred to eat Corey out like this. Soft. Pliable. Easy to part like silk on his tongue.

Corey couldn’t help but whine when Master’s fingers slipped out of him. His broken hole clung to them, pulling out with a perverse wet noise that Master hummed at happily.

The complaint earned him a swat on the left cheek. It was harder than the last. A firmer warning.

"I suggest you refrain from testing my patience, slut," Master snapped.

The rebuke wasn’t particularly harsh but Corey still felt cowed. "S-sorry, Master," he murmured.

"It seems your time away from me has given you some strange notions," said Master, taking a finger and tracing it down the curve of Corey’s spine. "I pray you’ve not somehow convinced yourself you are a person."

Master leaned over Corey, his weight pressing down on his back. His cock, hard as a steel rod, settled into the cleft of Corey’s ass. He rocked his hips back and forth, sliding himself between the plump cheeks, teasing Corey’s arousal to the surface.

Corey shivered as he felt the heat of Master’s breath on the sensitive skin behind his ear. "I-I haven’t, Master," he promised.

"Is that so?" said Master. His voice dropped to that delicious, sibilant register he used whenever he wanted to massage one of his pets’ minds with his words. "You understand you’re not a person?"

A low moan bubbled out of Corey as Master’s words wormed their way into his head. They were slick like oil, coating his mind. They bogged down his thoughts, made it difficult to think. But they also made it so, so much easier to just follow along.

"I-I understand, Master," Corey stammered, his eyes glazing over at the pleasure he felt.

"Of course you do…"

Master chuckled. It was a rich, dark sound that sent shivers down Corey’s spine. "See how your body responds to me… How wanton the noises you make… How desperately you crave to be used…"

Corey tried—and failed—to hold back a moan.

Master grinned. He nipped at the lobe of Corey’s ear. "Would you not say these make you better suited as a toy?"

"I-I would, Master…" Corey murmured. His head felt so fuzzy. He couldn’t think. He could barely even speak.

"And what, pray tell, are fucktoys useful for?"

Corey moaned under his breath. "Fucking, Master…"

"Good little fucktoy," said Master. He pressed his smile to the side of Corey’s neck as he stroked his fingers through Corey’s hair. "Tell me, do toys get a say in their treatment?"

Corey whined. "No, Master."

"Good little fucktoy…" Master rained kisses along the curve of Corey’s neck. "Does a toy’s pleasure matter?"

"N-no, Master!" Corey cried out breathlessly as Master bit down on the space between his neck and shoulder.

Master hummed softly, licking the teeth marks he’d left on Corey’s sensitive skin. "Whose say matters?"

"Yours, Master."

"Whose pleasure matters?"

Corey’s voice strained as Master grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, licking a stripe along the underside of his jaw. "Y-yours, Master!"

"Then tell me, slut, do fucktoys get to complain about the way their owners treat them?"

Corey panted as the words slithered into his ear and suffused his mind. They echoed over and over again in his head, drilling themselves into his brain until they were the only things he could think of. "N-no, Master!" he croaked.

Master let go of Corey’s hair, letting his head fall gently back onto the mattress. "Good little fuckslut."

A quiet groan spilled from Corey’s lips as Master’s weight shifted off his back. He lay there, ass in the air, as Master grabbed his legs and pulled them apart.

The mattress dipped as Master slipped into the space between Corey’s legs. He palmed Corey’s ass cheeks, squeezing them, kneading them, and teasing them apart with the heels of his hands.

"Time for your reward," said Master, as he lowered his head to Corey’s crack. "And what a delectable meal it shall be for me."

The heat of Master’s breath ghosted over Corey’s hole. It sent a shock of pleasure up his spine. And the lube only got hotter, making his hole itch so, so badly.

Master said nothing else. He pressed his nose into the cleft between Corey’s ample cheeks. He traced his tongue from Corey’s taint up to his quivering, loose hole.

Corey’s legs trembled as the tip of Master’s tongue swept around his pucker in slow, teasing circles. He groaned as Master spiraled in, slipping closer and closer to his entrance before slowly flicking across the twitching pucker.

As Master slowly worked his tongue inside him, Corey couldn’t help but arch his back. His knees dug into the mattress as he backed his hips onto Master’s face, pushing his ass on Master’s tongue.

It felt so good.

"Such a sweet pussy you have for me, my little thundercloud," Master hummed, briefly pulling his tongue out of Corey before slipping it in with ease.

Master lapped at Corey’s hole like a starving man. He eagerly thrust his tongue into the tight, velvety heat of Corey’s insides.

The lube Master had pushed into Corey with his fingers responded to Master’s tongue by heating up. It felt so intense. So amazing. Especially when Master’s tongue swirled around the inside of his hole, slurping messily at his every nook and cranny.

All Corey could do was writhe helplessly as Master expertly ate his sloppy asshole out. He clenched his fingers in the sheets, moaning in near-delirium as his hole clenched and fluttered around Master’s tongue.

He moaned as Master squeezed his ass cheeks. He mewled as Master thrust his tongue in and out of him, tongue-fucking his hole.

His legs trembled. Waves of pleasure washed over him over and over and over again. One moment blurred into the next until time itself became little more than a fuzzy blob of sensation.

Corey didn’t know how long Master ate him out but he snapped out of the haze when he felt a familiar pressure coiling inside him. His eyes flew open, his fingers balled into white-knuckled fists on the sheets.

"M-Master!" he cried out as his hole fluttered and his body tensed.

"I know, sweet little slut," Master hummed into Corey’s sloppy hole. "Do it. Come for me."

Corey’s body shook. Permission was all he needed for the orgasm building inside him to burst out.

His cock strained in its tight, gilded cage. His balls pulled against his body. His fingers clenched around the sheets and his toes curled from the sheer pleasure of it.

As Master dove in to ravish his hole yet again, Corey’s insides fluttered and clenched around his tongue. He threw his head back with a loud cry and came, his limbs trembling as thick globs of cum shot out of the tip of his locked cock and dribbled down his tight balls.

His orgasm spent, all the tension in Corey’s body suddenly deserted him. He collapsed onto the mattress with a quiet grunt.

"Such a pretty sight," said Master, humming a small noise of appreciation.

The silence that followed was punctuated by a soft grunt. Corey glanced over his shoulder, puzzled, and the sight that greeted him made his caged cock twitch.

Master was leaning back, his robe having spilled open as he loosely fisted his cock with one hand and played with his nipple with the other. Master met Corey’s gaze and smirked, not faltering in the slightest as he continued to stroke himself.

From the faint flush that had spread from Master’s cheeks down over his collarbones, and the way his balls were drawn up close against his body, Corey could tell Master was close.

But Corey said nothing. Not even when Master broke eye contact to stare at his ass. Not even when Master let go of his nipple to grab one of Corey’s ass cheeks and tease his hole open.

"Too bad—" Master grunted. "—Too bad you won’t be feeling this load inside you tonight. It’s a big one."

Having said those words, Master came. Corey flinched when he felt the first shot land on his ass. It was off the mark, only just, draping instead across the cleft of his ass.

The second one was better-aimed. It splashed directly against Corey’s hole. Warm. Sticky. Slippery. Perfect.

And Master wasn’t kidding about the size of the load. By the time his orgasm had subsided, Corey felt as if a pint of cum was dripping down his crack. "T-thank you for the reward, Master," he moaned softly.

Master gently patted Corey on the ass cheek. "Think nothing of it, my little thundercloud," he said. "Of course, you can make it up to me when you are better, yes? There is a new playmate I would like to introduce you to."

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