Corrupted Co-Dependence pt.7

Vayne’s lesson continues and one of the squires proves particularly enthusiastic.

Vayne paid particular attention to Awain. The boy had the greatest potential among his peers and took to the corruptive qualities of Vayne’s tainted cum better than the others.

Awain had a wild look about him. His pupils were blown, his jaw slack. A string of drool trickled from the corner of his mouth as he roughly fisted his rock-hard cock.

While he still had his tunic on, he was the only one that had tugged it up by the bottom hem. He’d stuffed the fabric under his armpit, pinning it in place and exposing his stomach.

Awain’s middle was flat—his belly, smooth and soft. But he was young, still. Just about eighteen summers, if Vayne remembered correctly.

And just because the boy was soft, now, didn’t mean he wouldn’t grow a harder body in time. Already, there were signs of development there. Lines that spoke of hard training and dedication that would pay off sooner rather than later.

A low groan bubbled up out of Awain’s throat as he reached across his chest to tweak at his exposed nipple. The sharp pinch made his cock jump, a glob of pre-cum beading at the tip and rolling down the underside.

He grunted as he hunched his hardness into his hand. His chest heaved with shallow breaths. His skin glistened with a faint sheen of sweat from the heat of the kitchens.

He was like a beast in rut, restrained only by silly human scruples. He was ready to buck and frot and fuck.

If not for the faint shred of decorum that told him to behave in the presence of a Brother of the Order, Awain might well have jumped on top of Tomaç already.

It was a promising sign and a handy reminder that Vayne needed to contribute more of his passion to the gruel if he wanted to accelerate his plans.

The other squires were making good progress. They just weren’t as susceptible as Awain was turning out to be.

They were stroking themselves off in front of him but he could practically smell the reluctance on the boys. The guilt. The worry.

Sure, they were helpless to resist the pleasures of their young bodies but they weren’t like Awain. They were still attached to Church teachings, which wasn’t much of a surprise considering the way they were trained by the Order.

It didn’t matter. They would give in sooner or later. The more aroused the squires became, the more likely they were to rationalize their behavior.

And once they felt the pleasure that truly indulging in their desires could bring… Well… None of the boys were as devout as Edric and even his personal squire had started to question Church teachings on his own.

It was hard to believe something that contradicted one’s experience, after all. Sooner or later, the boys would all ask the same question Vayne himself had, once.

"How could something so amazing be evil?"

The answer was simple but it wasn’t an easy pill to swallow. It would be easier on the boys since they were only starting out on their journey, but it had been a struggle for Vayne.

Vayne shook his head. He had to get back on track. There was a lesson to finish, after all.

"Alright, boys," he said. He clapped his hands, drawing the squires’ attention away from their rigid cocks and back to him.

He cupped Tomaç’s asscheek. "Now, you had better pay attention as what I am about to teach you requires care, skill, and focus to do right, do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir Vayne!"

Just like clockwork. Vayne had to chuckle. Such good, obedient boys. And so eager to please, too.

Once he was able to cleave them from the Church, they would make good servants for Master Azzagg and his demonic ilk. It was ill-advised to celebrate before a victory, though, and he had to focus.

"Good. So far, we have learned how you can milk a man with your hands and with your mouth. Would anyone hazard a guess as to what we will be using next?"

Awain reluctantly pulled his hand away from his nipple and raised it. Vayne nodded at him. "The ass, Sir Vayne?"

"Good boy," said Vayne. He smiled at the way the praise made Awain’s cock jump and leak. "Indeed! Brother Tomaç will be helping me demonstrate how you can all milk a man with your ass."

A handful of the squires looked thoroughly confused, as expected. They were sheltered boys, much like Vayne had been at one point.

"I can see that a few of you are somewhat unsure of the prospect. Worry not. That is normal," said Vayne.

"Let this be a lesson to you all. Thus far you have been living a blinkered existence. You might think you know about the world out there, but you do not."

Vayne couldn’t resist sneaking in and planting a few more doubts in the boys’ heads. The more seeds there were, the faster they would fall away from their faith, after all.

"All you know is what the Church wants you to know but there is so much more outside the walls of Fort Radiance than that," he continued. "Just like you can take a man in your throat, you can take a man in your ass as well."

Awain nodded. He was one of the few boys who seemed to know what Vayne was talking about.

Interesting. Vayne would have to figure out why, later. For now, the lesson was the priority. He could already see a few of the boys checking out their friends’ asses.

It was a good sign, but potentially dangerous. The corruptive influence of his cum went some ways to preventing unpleasantness in that regard but it was better to be safe than sorry.

"Now, make no mistake. It is not as easy as opening your mouth and swallowing cock," says Vayne, drawing the squires’ attention back to himself.

"Asses don’t stretch as easily as mouths and throats. They need care and preparation. Otherwise, you will only end up hurting your partner or getting hurt."

The boys nodded. As horny as they were, they were trained well enough they listened intently to him, anyway. He could trust they would at least pay attention and learn.

"Someone get me a pot of oil, please."

After a moment, Vayne gratefully accepted a small clay pot from one of the squires. "Thank you."

He lifted the lid and was pleasantly surprised as a faint fragrance from the oil within diffused into the air. Cocking an eyebrow, he said, "You’ve been experimenting with more than just passion, haven’t you, slut?"

Tomaç nodded. "I-I have, Brother."

When Vayne didn’t immediately respond, Tomaç continued. "When I learned food could be so much more than just filling…"

Tomaç paused for a moment, floundering to find the words to express himself. "I needed to know if I could somehow make it even better!"

Vayne laughed. He’d expected his cum to awaken a more lustful side of Tomaç’s. He hadn’t expected it would also rouse the man’s passion for cooking.

"That’s good," he said, stroking Tomaç’s ass. It was a good thing, anyway. Something he could take advantage of. "The better the food tastes, the less the Brothers will want the old stuff back, and the more they’ll crave the new."

Vayne smirked. "Yes. Yes. I think this can work. Keep at it, slut. Show me how luscious and indulgent you can make our meals."

"Y-yes, Brother. A-Ah!"

Vayne tipped the small clay pot on its side. A ribbon of oil spilled from it, dripping into the cleft of Tomaç’s ass.

"Now. This is probably as good a time as any to explain that not only can you milk a man with your ass, you can milk a man through his ass, as well."

Vayne set the pot of oil down on the floor. He scooped into his fingers some of what had dripped past Tomaç’s taint and rubbed it into his hands until his skin glistened.

"Unlike your mouth, an asshole does not readily stretch. You need to slowly work it open and this is one way to do it."

Vayne showed the backs of his hands to the boys. "Pay attention. Do you see my nails? If you intend to use your hands for this, like I am about to demonstrate, make sure your nails have been filed down or you will end up hurting the ass you’re trying to open up."

Tomaç moaned quietly as Vayne rubbed the pad of his index finger back and forth over Tomaç’s hole.

"You do not necessarily need a partner to do this for you. If you expect that you will be using your ass, you can do this yourself."

Vayne pushed the tip of his finger inside Tomaç. The tight pucker opened up easily for him and the end of his index finger slipped inside without much resistance.

"Make sure you use oil. Lubrication is important. Going in dry will hurt, unless you are accustomed to doing this, and even then, you might not want to risk it. Understood?"

And unless your bodies have been altered by corrupted hellborn cum to readily accept cocks of any size, Vayne thought to himself, but he let that part remain unsaid.

The squires nodded.

"Start slowly and gently, especially if you are doing this to a virgin ass. Push your finger inside…"

Tomaç’s back arched as Vayne’s finger slid inside him. Vayne kept going until his pointer was fully sheathed, Tomaç’s asshole loosely gripping around his knuckle.

"Wait a moment. Let him get accustomed to your finger—you will feel his hole relax somewhat—and when that happens…"

Vayne slowly fucked Tomaç’s hole with his index finger. The way the little slut was pushing back on him, he got the sense he could have been a little less considerate but he didn’t want the squires to pick up the wrong lessons.

He kept it up for about a minute to make sure the squires understood it was important not to rush before he picked up his pace. "Once you can feel he’s loosened up and gotten used to your finger, you can be more aggressive."

Tomaç arched his back and moaned as Vayne slipped a second finger inside.

"Naturally, just one finger won’t be enough to stretch him out. Once you have worked him open with one finger, add a second."

Vayne pushed his fingers in to the knuckles and kept them there for half a minute or so. He took the opportunity to watch the way Tomaç’s hole twitched and clenched around his fingers as if it were trying to suck them deeper inside.

Such an eager little slut he’d made. He had to laugh. Without saying anything to the boys, he curled his fingers inside Tomaç as a reward.

Tomaç let out a low, keening groan as the tips of Vayne’s fingers brushed over the special button buried deep inside him. "B-Brother, Please!"

Vayne swatted Tomaç’s ass cheek. "Sluts don’t speak unless spoken to," he said.


A second, sharper smack echoed across the stone kitchen walls. Vayne shook his head in disappointment. "Remember your place right now, slut," he said. He turned his glance to the squires and added, "Would one of you boys come over here?"

Awain strode forward with no hint of hesitation in his eyes. He kept his hand on his cock, idly stroking it as he came to stand before Vayne and Tomaç.

Vayne said, in a rather firm tone, "Feed your cock to the mouthy cum socket, Awain. I don’t want it disrupting our lesson. And you might as well take this opportunity to show me what you’ve learned so far."

To his credit, Awain took to his task with enthusiasm. "Yes, Sir!"

The squire tangled his fingers in Tomaç’s hair and, while the poor cook was muttering yet another desperate plea, rammed his cock past those luscious lips. He groaned as his length slid down the back of Tomaç’s throat, bucking his hips to get himself as deep as he could.

Awain tightened his grip on Tomaç’s hair and grinned down at him. He thrust his hips hard enough to make Tomaç gag and grinned.

"Oh yeah. Choke on that cock, bitch."

Awain looked at Vayne, still grinning, and said, "That should keep the slut’s trap shut for a little while, Sir."

Vayne quirked an eyebrow. He was impressed. And he had to wonder what Awain’s origins were for him to know this kind of colorful language.

"Good boy," he said, reaching across and patting Awain on the head.

The way Awain blushed at his touch was such a stark contrast to the way he was treating Tomaç, it gave Vayne whiplash.

"Thank you, Sir," Awain said meekly.

Vayne smiled. "Back to the lesson. I am certain some of you must have noticed earlier when the slut suddenly became more desperate."

Awain nodded, as did the other squires. It had been hard to miss, really. Tomaç had made such a pathetic little noise.

"That was because I rubbed my fingers on his prostate."

There were blank looks from the squires—including Awain—which was to be expected. Vayne himself hadn’t known about the prostate until Master Azzagg gave him a very thorough education in its functions and uses.

"The prostate is a special little button a few inches inside every man’s asshole that causes intense pleasure when something rubs it or presses up against it," Vayne explained.

To demonstrate, he curled his fingers again. Now that he’d found Tomaç’s prostate, it was much easier to play with the second time.

Tomaç’s eyes shot wide open. His moan was muffled by Awain’s thick cock buried in his throat but the noise he made was loud enough for the other squires to hear.

Leaning back a bit to take a look, Vayne saw Tomaç’s cock leak a single clear strand of pre-cum onto the floor. "Ah," he started, having been reminded of something by the sight, "I should also say that the prostate is the key to milking a man through his asshole."

Vayne gestured toward the nearest squire. "Bowl."

When he got what he asked for, he placed it on the floor under Tomaç’s cock. "You might be forgiven for thinking that you need to play with a man’s cock to bring out his passion but that is not the case at all!"

Vayne grinned. "Pleasure of any kind is sufficient, especially when the man you are milking is as much of a desperate little whore as Brother Tomaç."

He pulled his fingers out of Tomaç’s ass with a lewd pop and held them up. He held up a third, just to show the boys what he intended on doing.

"As you can see," he said, pushing his fingers into Tomaç, "with enough preparation, even something pretty big can fit into a man’s asshole."

Vayne chuckled as he swatted Tomaç’s ass. "Now, I think it is of utmost importance to say this: do not expect that it will be this quick to prepare a man."

He grabbed a handful of Tomaç’s asscheek and squeezed. "This little slut has been naughty. He has been practicing. And so it was easier to stretch him open than a virgin might be."

He chuckled at the quiet groans from the squires. Their cocks throbbed and leaked. A beautiful sight.

Awain seemed particularly surprised. He looked down at Tomaç, wide-eyed, before his expression shifted into a vicious little smirk.

He kept one hand in Tomaç’s hair and used the other to lightly slap the poor cook across the cheek. "Is that true, you little whore?" he said as he pumped his hips with increasing insistence, fucking Tomaç’s throat with abandon.

Tomaç gurgled around the cock pumping down his throat and nodded.

"Shit!" Awain laughed. "And it never occurred to you to let us know?"

The more Vayne heard from Awain, the more he wondered if this boy had been brought in from outside the Church. He’d not had much interaction with Awain before, so he didn’t have a point of comparison, but he couldn’t imagine the young man was normally this crass.

Even if Awain were, that sort of behavior wasn’t tolerated in the Order. It would have been beaten out of him.

Tomaç shook his head. In response, Awain slapped him across the cheek.

"What sort of slut passes up the chance to get fucked?" Awain sneered. "And were you not supposed to be our teacher and mentor? You could have been teaching us all of this while you practiced on that whore hole of yours!"

In all likelihood, Awain had been keeping the rougher side of himself hidden from his peers and his mentors. Which left the question of where he’d picked up an attitude like that.

Vayne could think of only one possibility: Awain was a big city brat. An orphan, most like. Whether he was taken in by a kind-hearted noble or a well-meaning priest, it stood to reason he would be sent to the Order to disguise his origin and instill "proper" behavior.

Life in the Order might have one day crushed Awain’s feistiness underfoot. But no longer. Not if Vayne could help it.

Awain grunted. He tightened his grip on Tomaç’s hair and carelessly humped his hardness into that warm mouth. "Oh, yeah. Choke on that cock, bitch. Think about how badly you fucked up and how it is you’ll make it up to us, understood?"

There was a certain sleaziness to Awain Vayne enjoyed. It would be nurtured if he had anything to say about it.

"Well done," he said, gently encouraging the young man. "Make sure the way you treat him is appropriate to his station."

Awain looked up at Vayne, face flushed and grinning as he nodded. "Yes, Sir." He turned his attention back to Tomaç. "You hear that, slut? Sir Vayne thinks you need to be reminded of your place."

Awain pulled out of Tomaç’s mouth, leaving only the head of his cock past those abused lips. With neither warning nor preamble, he slammed his hips home, mashing Tomaç’s nose into his sparse bush with both hands on the back of the cook’s head.

"Oh, yeah. Swallow me, bitch. Gargle my cock like the fuck hole you are."

Vayne laughed. Yes. He very much liked Awain and he could only hope he would serve as a prime example for the other squires.

"Alright," he said. "Let’s get back to the lesson, shall we?"

Vayne added a twist to the motion of his fingers as he slowly moved them in and out of Tomaç’s hole. "This is a good way to make the guy whose hole you are finger-fucking feel better," he explained.

"Just look at how much his cock is leaking."

Tomaç’s hardness was throbbing. It twitched and bobbed between his legs, leaking thick strands of pre-cum into the bowl Vayne had placed under him.

Vayne reached under Tomaç. He grabbed the slut’s cock and rubbed his thumb over the piss-slit. It came away with a glistening strand of pre-cum that he held up to show the squires as he said, "You can consider this a sign that you are doing something right."

He grinned. "The more the man leaks, the better a job you are doing."

"Shit, Sir Vayne, the bitch is leaking like a faucet. You’re amazing!" Despite his crass words, there was genuine admiration in Awain’s eyes.

"I could hardly take all the credit," said Vayne, though he was proud of the effect he was having on Tomaç. "I think you’ve done quite an admirable job, yourself."

"Nnnh. Thank you, Sir!" Awain grunted. He pulled his cock almost all the way out before snapping his hips forward to drive his cock deep into Tomaç’s throat.

"Now, the process of milking a man’s passion out of him by playing with his ass is quite simple."

Vayne pushed his fingers as deep into Tomaç’s hole as he could.

"All you need to do is find that special spot inside of him—" Tomaç gurgled around Awain’s cock as Vayne curled his fingers, brushing the tips over his prostate. "—and play with it."

Vayne brushed his fingers back and forth over Tomaç’s prostate. "In most cases, you will end up rubbing it like so."

"This is called prostate massage. As you can tell by the slut’s pathetic mewling, it feels amazing. Were it not for Awain being such a good boy and plugging the whore’s mouth, you can rest assured Brother Tomaç would be begging for more like a common trollop."

The squires chuckled as they each took a moment to glance at Tomaç’s flushed face. It must have been so humiliating to be degraded like this in front of the young men he was supposed to be mentoring.

"This is a good way to slowly milk the passion out of a man," said Vayne. "But if you happen to be in the mood for something more active, feel free to be a bit rougher."

He straightened his fingers out, pressing the tips against Tomaç’s prostate. "You can bear down on the prostate with your fingers, letting up on it occasionally like so," he said.

He grinned. "Alternatively, you might decide to poke and prod at it."

A low, desperate whimper escaped Tomaç as Vayne pulled his fingers out of him. His back arched and he gurgled around Awain’s cock as Vayne promptly plunged his fingers back inside him at just the right angle to jam them into his prostate.

The flow of pre-cum from Tomaç’s cock doubled in volume as Vayne vigorously pumped his fingers into the slut’s hole. The air filled with his pathetic, strangled whines and the lewd wet squelching of Vayne’s fingers punching in and out of him.

Vayne kept up the pace, slamming his fingers into Tomaç’s prostate over and over again until he felt the cook’s hole clench around his knuckles.

"Pay close attention, boys. Watch the way the slut’s body reacts. This is how you know he is ready to give up his passion."

Tomaç’s body tensed. His fingers scrabbled uselessly at the stone floor. His back arched and his toes curled, his legs trembling as Vayne saw his approaching orgasm and redoubled the pace of the finger-fucking of his hole.

Though Vayne couldn’t see the whore’s face, he could imagine how Tomaç looked—eyes glazed, cheeks puffed around Awain’s cock, looking dull and vacant and desperate like the glorified cock sleeve he was.

He’d seen it all before. On an endless parade of other sluts’ faces. On his own face, too, when Master Azzagg used his hellborn magic to show him the depths of his depravity.

Once he felt Tomaç’s hole clenching around his fingers, he said, "Watch. The slut is about to lose his load."

As if on command, Tomaç gurgled around Awain’s cock and came. His whole body tensed as Vayne reached under him to point his cock right at the bowl.

Tomaç’s orgasm was intense. Vayne felt him pulse half a dozen or more times in his fingers, each one a spurt of cum that splattered the inside of the wooden bowl.

When the force of the climax dwindled, Vayne squeezed Tomaç’s length to wring the last drop of cum from it. It dribbled onto his finger, which he brought to his lips and quickly slurped up.

"Such a thick load, slut," Vayne laughed, as he delivered a sharp smack to Tomaç’s ass cheek. "No wonder your food has gotten so tasty these past few days."

Vayne straightened himself and lined his cock up with Tomaç’s hole. "Now, boys. If you desire to milk a man using your cock, all you need do is use your cock as you would your fingers. Find his prostate and rub, poke, and prod at it."

Tomaç’s hiss was muffled by the cock buried in his throat as Vayne pushed inside him. Like the eager little slut he was, he slid his legs apart for easier access, and this did not escape Vayne’s attention.

Vayne laughed and smacked Tomaç on the asscheek yet again. Tomaç recoiled, his limp cock twitching at the impact. "If you are the one getting fucked, do not take that to mean you have nothing to do but lie there and take it. Hardly."

"Do you see what the slut is doing?" he continued, palming Tomaç’s ass cheeks in both hands and spreading them apart to show the squires. "See how he arches his back and slides his legs apart, opening himself up for the man’s cock like a cheap whore? That is precisely the right thing to do."

Vayne grunted as eased his cock into Tomaç’s hole. It was an exercise in patience and willpower not to just slam his rod into the slut’s eager ass. He knew Tomaç could take it. He just didn’t want the boys getting any bad ideas—yet, anyway.

When he finally bottomed out, he rested his hips against Tomaç’s for a moment. Without any prompting, the slut rolled his hips and bucked backward onto his cock.

Vayne chuckled. "Do you see what the little whore is doing? Do this, too. Unless your man tells you to stay still, use your hole to pleasure him. Roll your hips. Buck them. Fuck yourself on his pole."

A low grunt spilled from Vayne’s lips as Tomaç’s hole clenched around the base of his cock for a moment. "Light’s sake! Your task will be to milk the passion out of your man! Use your hole to do it. Grip him with your insides. Tighten yourself around him. Make him feel like your fuck hole will suck every last drop of cum from him."

Vayne gently rocked his hips back and forth, slowly fucking the first inch or so of his cock in and out of Tomaç.

"Now, even if you have prepared your slut well, there is a marked difference between your fingers and your cock. Just because he feels nice and supple around your length, it does not necessarily follow that you are free to fuck him with abandon."

He held Tomaç’s hip with one hand and rubbed the top of Tomaç’s crack with his thumb using the other.

"Unless you know the slut well—unless you know he can take it—you start slow. Like this. And just as with your fingers, once you feel him open up, you’re welcome to go harder."

Vayne stopped rubbing Tomaç’s ass crack and moved his hand back to the slut’s hip. He tightened his grip, tugging back lightly to get Tomaç in the proper position for a good fucking.

He smirked at the squires as he pulled his cock out of Tomaç. He pulled all the way out, leaving his cock head resting on the slut’s tight, twitching pucker.

Without so much as a warning, he snapped his hips forward, driving his cock hilt-deep into Tomaç in one smooth motion. The desperate cry it wrested from the slut’s throat was deliciously strangled on its way out by Awain’s cock still buried in Tomaç’s gullet.

"When you’re fucking a man to milk the passion out of him, broadly, you have two choices."

Vayne held Tomaç in place as he pulled out. Not all the way, like before. This time, he kept the head inside.

"You can do long strokes…"

He pushed his hips forward, sliding his cock into Tomaç and eliciting yet another muffled moan. He pulled out again, but only halfway, this time.

"Or shorter, harder strokes."

Vayne slammed his cock into Tomaç so hard, the slap of his hips against Tomaç’s ass reverberated across the stone walls.

"You can go slow…"

He spent a minute or so languidly sawing his cock in and out of Tomaç’s hole. The poor slut spent the whole time whining and pawing uselessly at the floor.

When he tired of the slow pace and figured he’d made his point, a feral grin spread across his lips. "Or you can go fast."

Vayne drilled his cock in and out of Tomaç’s hole with savage abandon. The rhythmic slapping of skin against skin and the lewd, wet squelching of his cock plunging into Tomaç’s hole filled the air.

Without missing a beat, he shifted his thrusts. "You can be gentle," he said, demonstrating such briefly, before he adds, "or you can be vicious. If you know he can take it."

Vayne grinned. "In this case, I know this eager little slut can."

He tightened his grip on Tomaç’s hips, pulling back on them hard as he rutted against the slut. He leaned over him, using the additional leverage to truly pummel the soft, tight hole wrapped around him.

It didn’t take long for him to work up a light sheen of sweat. The heat of the kitchens made sure of that. Moisture dripped from the tip of his chin into Tomaç’s back as his skin glistened in the light.

The squires watched with rapt attention. Their quiet grunts, soft moans, and the sounds of their hands sliding back and forth over their hard cocks mingled with the muffled moans and choking noises made around Awain’s cock and sounded like music to Vayne’s ears.

He fucked Tomaç hard and fast because he knew the slut could take it—because he knew the slut wanted it. He didn’t hold back. Not one whit.

Every thrust, every slap of his hips against Tomaç’s, made the little whore jolt forward. If he kept this up for much longer, Tomaç’s knees would be scraped and raw by the time he finished.

Fortunately for the slut, Vayne didn’t think he was going to last that much longer, anyway.

Vayne redoubled the pace of his fucking, hunching his cock into Tomaç’s eager fuckhole with wild abandon. Before long he felt Tomaç clamp down around him, a sure sign of another imminent orgasm, and just enough to push Vayne right up to the edge, himself.

His rhythm faltered as he gave Tomaç a few more thrusts before burying himself as deep as he could in that sweet ass. He could feel the walls tightening around him, fluttering along his length as Tomaç came.

It was enough.

Vayne’s fingers dug into Tomaç’s flesh as he pulled the slut tight against his hips and came. As if he hadn’t just unloaded a few minutes ago, he spilled copious amounts of cum into Tomaç’s ass.

The orgasm didn’t subside for at least a minute or so, and even when the flow of cum had trickled to a stop, Vayne remained hard as a rock inside Tomaç. He kept it there for a moment, taking a few deep breaths to re-center himself.

Once he’d regained his composure, he turned to the squires. "I am certain you are wondering, by now, how you are supposed to retrieve the man’s passion if he comes inside you."

Awain nodded. "Yes, Sir," he said.

Vayne chuckled. "The simple way is to squat over a bowl and push it out. But that may not necessarily be easy, and you may not get everything out as a result."

He placed his hands on Tomaç’s cheeks and spread them, looking down to watch the slut’s hole twitching around his cock. "The better way is to get a friend and have him suck it all out of you. If you can get the man you milked to do it, then even better."

He smirked. "And if you are milking a man by fucking him with your cock and end up releasing your own passion inside of him, make sure to be a gentleman and suck it out of him yourself."

Vayne pulled his cock out of Tomaç’s ass with a wet squelch and lowered himself until he could press his lips to the puffy, abused ring of muscle. He lapped up the cum that had trickled from the wrecked, gaping hole in the few moments since he pulled out before sliding his tongue inside and slurping up his own cum.

When he was satisfied he’d sucked every last drop he could out of Tomaç, he retrieved the bowl that was under the slut and spat the load pooling on his tongue into it. He smirked at the squires and said, "Just like so."

Vayne got up and stood aside. "He’s all yours, boys," he said, as he walked over to a nearby counter and hopped onto it, setting the wooden bowl beside him.

"Show me what you have learned, and perhaps, if you impress me, we can talk about a reward."

No sooner had Vayne said it than did the squires descend on Tomaç like a pack of slavering hounds. The biggest among them by mass, and easily the most aggressive, asserted himself elbowed past the others to kneel behind Tomaç.

He clapped his hands on Tomaç’s hips before leaning down, burying his face between those cheeks, and jamming his tongue as far up Tomaç’s hole as he could. While he had his way with Tomaç, the others crowded around him, rubbing and tapping their cocks on the slut.

Vayne watched with eager anticipation to see how far the squires were going to take this. He stroked his cock idly, pleased to see the big guy making sure Tomaç was adequately prepared before getting up and pushing his cock in.

"Oh, fuck. He’s sucking me in!"

Vayne chuckled.

"This bitch is definitely loose enough to fuck as hard as you want," said Awain, with a feral grin. "Sir Vayne’s watching. Don’t you want to show off?"

It was as if Awain’s comment flipped a switch. The big guy—probably the eldest of the squires—nodded. He tightened his grip on Tomaç’s hips and pounded away with abandon.

It didn’t take long for the boy to cum. Little wonder, he’d been edging for so long. And he was clearly inexperienced, despite his enthusiasm.

When he pulled out, his load barely had the time to drip out of Tomaç before another of the squires replaced his cock. Tomaç moaned as the hard fucking resumed.

The second squire took a bit longer than the first, but he didn’t last particularly long, either. One of the other squires blasted a load across Tomaç’s back before he even had a chance to get a go at the slut’s hole.

Besides Awain who was still lazily fucking Tomaç’s throat, there were three left who had yet to get their turn.

The best-endowed of the squires stepped up. He was bigger, even, than Vayne, but not as big as Edric. He slipped his cock into Tomaç and elected to fuck the slut with long, even strokes.

He lasted at least ten minutes before his confident rhythm faltered. When his orgasm approached, he grabbed Tomaç’s hips and fucked him even harder than even the others.

Once he came, the last two squires came up behind Tomaç. Vayne hadn’t noticed until now but the two looked so similar they might well have been twins.

Awain licked his lips. "Do you think he might be able to fit two cocks at the same time?"

The last two squires looked at each other and grinned. One slipped under Tomaç and pulled the slut’s hips down, impaling him on his cock. The other crouched behind Tomaç and slowly slipped inside Tomaç alongside the first.

Tomaç winced but he didn’t seem like he was in too much pain. It helped that both boys were of modest endowment, their combined girth stretching Tomaç only a bit more than the most well-endowed of the squires.

The two squires were in sync. One thrust in while the other pulled out and they didn’t falter one bit as they picked up the pace.

The two elicited the loudest and most desperate noises from Tomaç compared to the other squires. If Vayne had to guess, they were pounding his prostate in a way a single cock simply wouldn’t have been able to.

Normally, there would be some reprieve on the outward stroke but in the case of the two, their perfect rhythm left no such room to breathe. Their cocks hit his prostate over and over again, and before long managed to milk a second load from him.

It was only then the two faltered. They fucked Tomaç, greedily humping into him as fast as they could while his hole pulsed and clenched around them.

They grunted in unison as they shoved their cocks as deep inside Tomaç and spilled into his guts. Once they were done, Awain pulled out of Tomaç’s throat, stroked his cock a few times, and blew his own load all over the slut’s face.

"Well done!"

Vayne hopped off the counter and picked up the wooden bowl. "Alright, boys. Surely this is a lesson Tomaç has taught you well: what are you to do when you make a mess?"

The squires groaned but they chorused, "Clean up…" nevertheless.

Vayne handed the wooden bowl to Awain. "Get on with it, then," he said. "Though you might need more than just that one bowl. Make sure not to waste a single drop."

Awain groaned, tapping his cock on Tomaç’s cheek. "Yes, Sir," he said, scraping the load he’d splattered all over the slut’s face into the bowl.

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