Corrupted Co-Dependence pt. 6

Vayne pays a visit to the kitchens to check on Tomaç’s progress and finds himself teaching an important lesson to the kitchen staff about how to bring out a man’s passion.

Vayne stood in the doorway with a small smirk. "And what, pray tell, is all this?" he said.

Eight sets of eyes snapped up from whatever they were doing as the kitchen staff scrambled to pull their breeches up and stuff their hard cocks away. He caught them, quite literally, with their pants down.

Around their ankles, even, the cheeky things. As if there weren’t a real risk of getting caught.

Though, granted, he figured they probably found that idea quite titillating, too. Not that he didn’t appreciate it, but now was not the time to be fooling around.

There was work to be done. Much of it. The last thing he needed was to start over if the kitchen staff got caught adulterating the food with their sperm.

Still, he had to admire their enthusiasm.

"I hope you’re not having a celebration of some sort without inviting me."

The thick tension that had suffused the air broke. The looks of shock and panic disappeared, replaced with relief, and then, shortly thereafter, joy as they realized who’d paid them a visit.

"Sir Vayne!" exclaimed the squires working the kitchens under Brother Tomaç’s supervision.

The Brother in question laughed boisterously and said, "Brother!" He shuffled forward with his pants around his ankles. His cock swung from side to side as he waddled over and gave Vayne a big, warm hug.

Vayne laughed, feeling Tomaç’s hardness rubbing up against his thigh as the other man gently humped his leg. "Good morning, Brother."

He wrapped an arm around Tomaç’s waist and pulled him close. Seeing all those bare asses and hard cocks had made him hard, too, and he wanted to make sure Tomaç knew it.

Tomaç smiled. His eyes burned with a sultry look as he met Vayne’s gaze. He slid his hand down Vayne’s back and cupped his asscheeks through his breeches. "It’s made all the better for your presence in it, Brother."

Vayne’s cock twitched. "Flatterer," he laughed.

"Hardly, Brother. I mean every word," said Tomaç.

He looked over his shoulder at the rest of the kitchen staff and grinned. "Come here, boys. Show Brother Vayne how much you appreciate him."

The seven squires—Tomaç’s apprentices and staff—had been keeping at a respectful distance. They were idly stroking their cocks and watching the two Brothers interact.

When Tomaç mentioned they could approach, they visibly lit up and exchanged giddy looks. It would have been heartwarming had they not done exactly as Tomaç had and waddled toward him with their breeches around their ankles.

With their hard cocks swinging side to side, the seven squires looked like a pack of overexcited puppies wagging their tails as they bounded over to greet their master.

Vayne had to stifle a laugh. He didn’t think he’d ever seen anything so ridiculous, even in Hell.

"Light! We thought you’d never ask, Sir Tomaç!" said one of the squires.

When they reached Vayne, they huddled in and threw their arms around Tomaç and him.

"We would have been so disappointed!" complained another, with such sincerity in his voice Vayne couldn’t help but laugh. An eager pack of puppies, indeed.

It shouldn’t have come as any surprise, come to think of it. In Vayne’s group of novices, the ones that volunteered to kitchen duty were also the friendliest.

He didn’t know what it was about working in the kitchens but it seemed to attract a certain kind of person. Tomaç’s mentor, the late Brother Franklin, had been a jovial and caring man as well.

He certainly felt well-loved and appreciated in the crush of enthusiastic young man meat surrounding him. "Sorry it took me so long to come down and see you, boys."

A chorus of never-you-minds and worry-nots answered.

One of the squires rubbed his cheek against Vayne’s arm and said, with genuine conviction, "You’re our hero, Sir Vayne!"

The one that had spoken was a particularly eager redheaded thing. Somehow, the boy had slipped past the others and had his arms around Vayne’s waist.

The lad was shorter than the others but made up for it with his enthusiasm. He was humping his profusely leaking cock against Vayne’s leg with gusto, massaging a glistening streak of pre-cum into the fabric.

Tomaç cocked an eyebrow and laughed. "Why do I get the sense that you’re trying to say something, Awain?"

The boy—Awain, it seemed—pointedly ignored Tomaç’s comment. Instead, he squeezed his arms tighter around Vayne’s torso and said, "We love you, Sir Vayne!"

There was a smattering of approval from the other squires and Vayne had to grin. It felt good to be well-liked by the boys, though they were perhaps a tad over-enthused for their own good.

The squires crushed tighter around Vayne until Tomaç batted them away and said, "You little rascals! Give Brother Vayne some space!" with an exasperated laugh.

Vayne chuckled. Being crushed by a pack of lustful young men wasn’t a bad way to go, as far as ways to go went, but he was still relieved when the disappointed squires gave them some space to breathe.

Tomaç put on a rather strict expression—though Vayne could tell it was insincere—and said, "And why is it, exactly, that you love Brother Vayne, Awain?"

Awain giggled. Vayne could practically feel the young man’s boundless energy as Awain humped the side of his leg with increasing enthusiasm. "Because the food has been so much better since that day you visited Sir Vayne!"

One of the other squires nodded and solemnly said, "Sir Vayne has single-handedly saved breakfast at the fort."

Another one jumped in. "Sir Vayne is our hero! And if the Brothers knew he was the reason the porridge didn’t taste like sadness anymore, I’m sure they would think so, too!"

The conviction in the squires’ voices took even Vayne aback. Tomaç looked utterly gobsmacked and, maybe, even a little bit offended.

Little wonder, as the kitchen staff had basically called Tomaç’s past food terrible. Not that Vayne disputed the evaluation.

Tomaç must have noticed Vayne discreetly nodding along with the squires because he playfully swatted Vayne on the arm and said, "Brother! My food wasn’t that bad. All it was, was lacking a little passion!"

A small smile tugged at the corners of Vayne’s mouth. "Not anymore, I hope, Brother?"

He knew the answer to the question, of course. The daily porridge was much improved, after all.

Besides that, it seemed Tomaç was experimenting with adding his new ingredient to other dishes and food items, as well. Last night’s dinner had been fantastic, for one thing.

Tomaç cracked a grin. "Not anymore."

Vayne could actually look forward to meals, now. He could get out of bed so much easier since he no longer needed to dread the breakfast porridge. And given how much Tomaç was fiddling with his recipes, every night was an adventure.

There was also the more pragmatic effect of Tomaç making use of his new ingredient. Now that cum was a part of his regular diet, Vayne was feeling more himself again.

"Amazing what a little… passion can do, isn’t it?" said Vayne. He pressed a chaste kiss to Tomaç’s cheek, eliciting a round of oohs and aahs from the squires.

"Truly, Brother," Tomaç nodded, seriously. "It is as you say. You have opened my eyes and I am all the better a man for it."

Of course, he was. He was a freer man, too, no longer so burdened by the shackles of the Faith. And that much more vulnerable to the influence of Hell.

Vayne could sense them. The doubts burgeoning in the back of Tomaç’s mind. Edric had them, too, though he was further along in the process than Tomaç was.

It would have been a trivial matter to incite a crisis of faith in the two. It would certainly have been the expedient thing to do. But that was precisely why Vayne exercised his restraint.

If he broke their faith for them, someone else might be able to restore it. But if they themselves cast off and betrayed every principle they once believed in, their fall from grace would be that much more permanent.

Vayne’s mouth watered at the thought. And now, Tomaç had willingly brought him more squires to corrupt. Master was sure to be proud.

He schooled his expression into something more serious. He looked around at the boys. Even though they were all young men just shy of twenty summers, he couldn’t help but think of them as boys, still.

Only the ones of low birth among them knew things about the larger world, and even then, only very little. Be they lowborn or highborn, all novices to the Order were sheltered in one way or another.

And so he dispensed to them a piece of wisdom he’d come to understand after spending time in Hell. He looks at each boy in turn before locking eyes with Brother Tomaç.

"In the Order, we become so accustomed to acting and thinking in the way Scripture demands we blind ourselves to the value of… different perspectives."

Vayne turned his gaze to the squires on either side of him. "Just think… How much sooner might you have discovered the power of just a little passion had you thought to look beyond what the Church told you to see?"

He could practically hear the gears turning in the heads of the squires. Perfect.

He hadn’t shared his wisdom out of the goodness of his heart. He’d done so to plant the seeds of doubt.

Not all the squires were as devout as Edric. Many of the others were just normal young boys—if a bit ignorant of the world.

They weren’t yet Brothers, after all. Their minds hadn’t yet been beaten into conformity. They would not have thought about their actions, breaking the rules, spilling their seed into the food, in the context of the faith.

Vayne made sure they would. He’d planted the seed of doubt in their minds. Watered with cum and carnal pleasure, it was a seed that would grow and eventually break the chains that bound them.

Even Tomaç seemed to be in agreement. He was nodding. A massive improvement in attitude, if Vayne said so himself.

A scant few days ago, Tomaç would have easily been one of the most devout Brothers in the Order. It was why his porridge was so soulless, after all. He had followed Scripture more fastidiously than most anyone—save, perhaps, the Lord Commander himself.

The old Tomaç would have found the mere notion of seeking perspectives from outside the Church’s dictates to be scandalous. Not to mention outright heretical.

"I could not agree more, Brother," said Tomaç, a solemn conviction in his voice. "I know now that food is more than just about nurturing the body. It must also nurture the soul!"

Vayne cracked a small smile. He wondered if Tomaç had any idea how close to the mark he was, with those words.

Normal food, certainly, could "warm" the soul. This food, though, adulterated as it was with Vayne’s tainted cum, corrupted the soul.

He supposed it could be likened to fattening lambs for the slaughter, though. Souls tainted with desire and lust, he’d learned, were that much more delectable to Master Azzagg and his ilk.

Tomaç moved his hands down to Vayne’s waist and tugged him closer. Their bodies pressed flush against one another and Vayne could feel the heat radiating from Tomaç’s skin.

Awain seemed to know what was happening and pulled away from Vayne with an unhappy sigh. "You better give us a turn with Sir Vayne later, Sir Tomaç," he complained.

"You’ll get your chance, boys," Tomaç reassured, when the boys muttered their agreement with Awain’s sentiment. It seemed to placate the squires well enough. "Now… Where were we? Oh. Yes."

Tomaç’s hands didn’t stop at the small of Vayne’s back. They went lower, sliding over the back of his breeches to cup at his cheeks through the fabric.

"Would you like me to show you my favorite new perspective, Brother?" Tomaç whispered, in a low, sultry voice that sent a shiver down Vayne’s spine.

This was a surprise, but not an unwelcome one. With their hips pressed together as they were, Vayne could feel Tomaç’s naked hardness grinding against his.

Pity he was still wearing breeches. He would have liked to feel that hot, hard rod sliding against his. "Please do, Brother," he said. "I am always open to new perspectives."

Tomaç gave Vayne a coy grin as he sank to his knees. This, too, was a welcome surprise.

Tomaç licked his lips as he reached up to deftly unlace Vayne’s breeches. When the deed was done, he hooked his fingers into the waistband and tugged down, just enough to dislodge the fabric and expose the top of Vayne’s underbreeches.

Vayne was impressed. He patted the top of Tomaç’s head as he leaned up and mouthed at Vayne’s bulge. "Is this really the perspective you want to show these impressionable young men, Brother?" he said, with a wry grin.

"You don’t need to worry, Sir Vayne!" said Awain. "The boys and I are already very familiar with this perspective and we like it a lot, too."

Vayne laughed. "What a good teacher you are, Brother Tomaç," he said, ruffling Tomaç’s hair.

Tomaç flushed at the praise. He leaned into Vayne’s touch. He closed his eyes for a moment, lips slightly parted as a low moan escaped him.

He seemed lost in the sensation of Vayne’s fingers rubbing his scalp. Fortunately, he regained his senses before long.

Tomaç looked up and met Vayne’s gaze. "I should hope so," he said. "These young men have entrusted their futures to me, after all."

Vayne smiled. "It’s good you take your work seriously, Brother."

Tomaç grinned. "Indeed I do, Brother. Now—" Tomaç mouthed at Vayne’s cock through his small clothes. "—I was wondering if you might do me a favor, Brother."

Vayne cocked an eyebrow. Intrigued, he said, "What favor would that be, Brother?"

The corners of Tomaç’s mouth curled into a smirk. "I was wondering if you might help me teach the boys an important lesson…"

Vayne liked where this was going. "I’d be honored," he said. "Though I am rather curious what this lesson is about."

The squires licked their lips in anticipation. They all had their hands on their cocks again, idly stroking themselves off while they watched Tomaç and Vayne interact.

"Oh, nothing so complicated, Brother. I would only have you help me demonstrate how to bring the passion out of a man. All you need do is stand there while I demonstrate for the boys."

Tomaç grinned. "And perhaps, should the urge take you, you could do what comes naturally."

"I see," said Vayne, with a laugh. "I would be more than happy to help, Brother. Though I do have to ask… If they’ve seen this… perspective of yours before… Surely you must have given them this lesson already?"

Brother Tomaç chuckled. "That’s precisely why I’ve asked you, Brother Vayne. I am worried the boys are having some difficulty comprehending the lesson."

"What makes you think that?"

"Well, Brother, they keep asking me to teach them the lesson. I can think of only two reasons: that they are taking advantage of me, or that they are struggling to grasp this particular subject."

"I see. I see."

Tomaç grinned wryly. "Just so, Brother. As I trust the boys not to deceive me and take advantage of my kindness, there can only be one explanation."

Vayne nodded, a lopsided smirk on his lips. "You need say no more, Brother. We cannot let this sorry state of affairs stand. We must teach them this lesson as many times as needs be to educate them."

"Yes, indeed," said Tomaç. "How else would we make our meals taste so wonderful if the kitchen staff proves unable to draw the passion out of men?"

Vayne chuckled. "Well, Brother, perhaps we should get on with the demonstration. I can’t imagine words would help them understand this lesson any better."

Tomaç grinned. "I couldn’t have said it better myself, Brother."

He grabbed Vayne’s under breeches and pulled them down. The waistband caught on the end of Vayne’s hard cock and strained against it for a moment before it finally gave.

Vayne’s cock sprang free, flinging a strand of pre-cum off to the side. "Pay attention, boys," said Vayne, rubbing the top of Tomaç’s head appreciatively. "If you want to bring the passion out of a man, then you ought ensure that his organ of passion is appropriately inflamed."

He grabbed the base of his hard cock and lightly slapped Tomaç across the face with it. "You can tell the organ is sufficiently inflamed when you rub the tip and it does this." He tapped his thumb on his piss slit and pulled it away, a glistening strand of pre-cum clinging to it.

"If the organ is limp, that means you must stimulate it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to bring out the man’s passion. You need not worry, though, as there are many ways to inflame a man’s organ of passion."

Vayne grinned. "The techniques range from the simple to the ones that require some small amount of skill. Fortunately, in many cases, it is sufficient to rub the organ with your hands."

"If that doesn’t work, then you can kiss and lick the organ, which should be sufficient. However, as I’m sure Brother Tomaç will no doubt happily demonstrate for us, one of the best ways to inflame a man’s organ of passion is by taking into your mouth the glands where the passion is produced and stored."

With his hand on the back of Tomaç’s head, he pulled the Brother up against his sack. Just as he’d promised the boys, Tomaç was only too happy to open his mouth and suck both of Vayne’s thick balls inside.

"While the glands are in your mouth, you may want to suckle on them, as you would a teat," said Vayne.

Tomaç’s cheeks dimpled inward as he did just that.

Hells. Vayne sucked in a breath. Tomaç’s mouth felt good.

"And while they’re in there, make sure you use your tongue." Vayne audibly groaned as Tomaç rolled his balls over his tongue. "The hotter and wetter you can get those glands, the more passion you can bring out of the man, understood?"

The squires nodded. They were pumping their cocks urgently, moaning under their breaths as they watched their mentor suckle on Vayne’s nuts.

"Alright," said Vayne. He tightened his grip on the back of Tomaç’s head and tugged back. His balls popped out of Tomaç’s mouth with a lewd, wet pop.

"Now that we’ve established that the man’s organ of passion is inflamed, like mine, there are a few ways you can bring a man’s passion out."

Vayne groaned as Tomaç’s fingers wrapped loosely around his shaft. "This method is best if you don’t have a lot of time," he said, chewing on his lower lip as Tomaç stroked him lightly from root to tip.

"I think this is a good point to note that since you are men as well, you can bring out your own passion," Vayne grunted.

Tomaç was rubbing his thumb in circles over the head of his cock. The callus on Tomaç’s thumb made it more intense than it had any right to be.

"It looks to me you’ve got a pretty good handle on this method," said Vayne, cracking a grin at the squires. "That’s good. Keep practicing. I would like to see you all master the skill in the near future!"

The squires laughed. They kept their hands on their cocks, stroking away, practicing like good boys. Just like Vayne had told them to.

"The next method involves the use of your mouth," said Vayne, pulling Tomaç’s face toward his crotch. "Make sure to open wide. Take the head of the organ first."

Vayne hissed as Tomaç’s lips wrapped around the head of his cock. "Yes. Just like Brother Tomaç is doing. Pay attention, boys."

It was getting difficult not to just cut loose and fuck Tomaç with abandon. He wasn’t used to being on top but he could see what was so appealing about it. His cock felt so good in Tomaç’s whore mouth and he was sorely tempted to just slam every last inch of him that inviting gullet.

"Make sure to use your tongue. Swirl it around the head. Lick at the tip. You’ll find the organ leaks a strange sort of nectar before the passion comes out and it is one of the most delectable things in the world if I dare say so myself," said Vayne.

"And if you have the time to spare, do not hurry overmuch. Savor this moment. Let the salty-sweet nectar pool on your tongue and enjoy the taste."

Tomaç was doing just that. He was kneeling there, looking perfectly serene. His tongue slid slowly from side to side along the underside of Vayne’s cock but he was happy to just stay there, warming Vayne’s cock with his mouth.

Vayne wouldn’t have minded letting Tomaç stay there for the rest of the day, but they had a lesson to get through, after all. "When you’re nice and ready, start moving your lips down the shaft of the organ."

Tomaç opened his eyes and looked up at Vayne as he slowly swallowed about half of Vayne’s erection.

"If you’re feeling brave, however," said Vayne, "You can take a deep breath. You can relax your throat. And then, let the man set the pace."

He smirked down at Tomaç and tightened his grip on the Brother’s hair. He pushed with his hand, forcing Tomaç slowly down his cock until Tomaç’s nose was rubbing against his crotch.

"He might choose to go slow," he said.

He demonstrated for a minute or so, using Tomaç’s face and throat to slowly stroke his cock.

"Or maybe a little bit faster."

Vayne picked up the pace. This time, he couldn’t quite restrain himself. He rocked his hips back and forth. Just a little. But enough to make a difference.

Tomaç choked on his cock when he thrust his hips while pushing down on Tomaç’s head. He managed the next time with more grace.

"Or maybe," said Vayne, as he slowly reached the end of his rope while pumping his cock in and out of Tomaç’s throat. "He might decide to enthusiastically take charge and fuck your skull. Let him. That is how you get the highest-quality passion from your man."

Tomaç gurgled around Vayne’s cock in agreement, but no one was paying any attention to him.

Vayne gently slapped the side of Tomaç’s face. "Stay quiet when you’re not being spoken to, slut."

He looked up at the squires. "Now, I’m sure you boys will want to practice this method with one another. If your friend is trying to bring out your passion, you can help him do better by talking down to him."

Vayne looked down at Tomaç and added. "Isn’t that right, you little cocksocket?"

Tomaç flushed and moaned around Vayne’s cock. He nodded, back arching as the squires eagerly took note.

"And if you are trying to bring out a man’s passion, I want you to internalize that you are not human, do you understand?"

Awain nodded. "Yes, Sir Vayne!"

"Good boy," said Vayne. "While you are on your knees, while you are pleasuring a man’s organ, all you are is a desperate cock-hungry whore, understand?"

"While you have another man’s cock in your hand, or in your mouth—or, as we’ll touch on later, in your ass—you have no rights or dignity. You are just a receptacle, a tool for the man to bring out his passion, understood?"

"Yes, Sir Vayne!" the squires chorused.

"Good boys!" said Vayne.

Satisfied with his explanation, he placed both hands on the back of Tomaç’s head. "I’d ask if you were ready, but that doesn’t matter, does it, you little slut?"

"No. It doesn’t," said Vayne, before Tomaç could respond. He looked at the squires. "And why is that, boys?"

The squires muttered among themselves for a little bit before Awain hesitantly said, "Because Sir Tomaç isn’t a person right now and only persons’ opinions matter?"

Vayne grinned. "That’s right!" He pulled his cock almost all the way out of Tomaç’s mouth, leaving only the head inside. Then, without warning, he snapped his hips forward, burying his length in Tomaç’s gullet in one vicious thrust.

He repeated the motion. And again. And again. He left a few seconds in between every pump of his hips to give Tomaç a chance to breathe but he wasn’t going to be that merciful forever.

Of course, he had to be a bit careful. While the idea of killing a man with his cock was just a tiny little bit filthy hot, it would be counter-productive if Tomaç choked to death on his length.

Tomaç’s physique hadn’t been altered by an incubus’ corrupting cum, after all.

"Care to repeat, Awain? Maybe a bit louder, for the sake of the class."

Awain’s eyes widened. "Y-yes, sir!" he said. He took a deep breath and repeated his answer from earlier. "Sir Tomaç’s opinion doesn’t matter because he isn’t a person right now and only persons get a say, Sir Vayne!"

Vayne grinned. "That’s right."

He tightened his grip on Tomaç’s hair. "You hear that, cumbucket? Even your apprentices don’t think you’re a person."

Tomaç groaned around Vayne’s girth. He flushed scarlet, the color spreading to the tips of his ears and down his neck.

Vayne picked up the pace of his face-fucking. "See? Right now you’re nothing more than a hole for my cock. The only thing those whore lips of yours are good for is sliding up and down my length."

Faster. Harder. Tufts of Tomaç’s hair poked out from between Vayne’s fingers as the few seconds in between thrusts shortened to mere moments.

Tomaç gurgled, gagged, and groaned as Vayne pumped his hips, fucking his face with increasing abandon. The squires were all flushed and groaning, too, furiously fist-fucking their own cocks as they leaked pre-cum all over their fingers and balls.

"Oh yeah. Good little cock whore. Take that cock!"

Vayne pummeled Tomaç’s throat with his cock. When he looked down, he could watch the bulge of his cock head sliding down Tomaç’s neck with every pump of his hips.

"Nothing more than a hole for me."

Fuck. Vayne was so close.

He pushed down on the top of Tomaç’s head with all the strength he could muster. He bucked his hips, jackhammering his cock into Tomaç’s throat with wild abandon.

He skull-fucked Tomaç until the poor Brother was blowing snot bubbles out of his nose, dripping throat-slime down the front of his tunic, and crying out of the corners of his eyes. He mercilessly rammed his cock down Tomaç’s throat until the air was filled with the filthy, lewd sounds of Tomaç gagging and choking and spluttering on his cock.

The tension in his groin built and built and built until he was teetering right on the edge.

He held his orgasm back just long enough to look at the squires and say, "Unless you want to feed your passion to only your cocksocket, you need to pull out just before you come, understood?"

"Yes, sir!"

"And future cum-buckets, unless your man tells you to swallow, don’t be a greedy fucking whore and keep that passion in your mouth until the man decides what to do with it!"

"Yes, sir!"

Vayne grunted. "Good boys."

"Here it comes. Take my load, slut." Clenching his fingers around Tomaç’s hair in a white-knuckled grip, Vayne pulled almost all the way out of Tomaç’s mouth and let loose.

His balls, still damp from the worship Tomaç had given them not more than ten minutes ago, drew up against his body. His legs tensed. His back arched. A low, guttural groan spilled from his lips and his toes curled against the floor as he felt the cum rush up the length of his cock.

He looked down, watching his cock pulse and swell and throb, held in place only by Tomaç’s perfect lips wrapped around the head.

The first shot of cum made Tomaç choke and splutter, but a sharp slap across the face quickly fixed that. Tomaç knelt there, eyes watering, as spurt after spurt blasted out of Vayne’s cock to pool in his mouth.

Vayne sighed with relief as his orgasm tailed off. His altered physique produced so much cum Tomaç’s cheeks bulged from the sheer volume of his ejaculate.

Tomaç looked utterly ridiculous. But so, so hot, too.

"Bring me a bowl," Vayne commanded. It was promptly provided by one of the squires.

He held the bowl under Tomaç’s chin, scooping spit, snot, tears, and throat-slime into it. The foul mixture settled in a small pool at the bottom, at which point he pulled his cock out of Tomaç.

Milky cum spilled out into the bowl. "Spit it out" Vayne commanded.

Tomaç meekly obeyed. Cum mixed with more spit and throat slime spilled in a steady stream out of the Brother’s mouth, filling the bowl almost to the brim.

The squires stared at the bowl like a pack of ravenous dogs, eyes wide, nostrils flaring. Vayne had to laugh at the sight. "I suppose you boys haven’t had a taste of my… passion… fresh from the tap, have you?"

Vayne extended the bowl to the squires. "Be good. Share."

Awain took the bowl from Vayne’s hands and brought it to his lips without hesitation. He tilted it back and gulped down a few mouthfuls, moaning the whole while. He looked like he wanted more but reluctantly, he passed it over to the next squire.

To Vayne surprise, the boys managed to restrain themselves enough to leave a good amount for the last of them.

In the same order they partook of Vayne’s cum, a change seemed to ripple through the squires. Their faces flushed. Their cocks throbbed. The looks in their eyes turned simultaneously blissed-out and predatory.

Vayne grinned. "How do you feel, boys?"

Awain groaned, lifting his shirt to pinch a nipple while stroking his cock. "Like we’re about to overflow with… passion… sir!" he moaned.

"Are you, now?" Vayne laughed. "Alright. Get on your hands and knees Tomaç. I think it’s about time we move on to the next way to get the cum out of a man."

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