Corrupted Co-Dependence pt. 8

Vayne wraps up the lesson with the kitchen staff and ends up on his hands and knees for Awain. On his way back to his chambers, he has a run-in with Edric that takes a rather unexpected turn.

Vayne clapped his hands to get everyone’s attention. "Alright, boys," he said. "I hope today’s lesson has been enlightening?"

There was a chorus of agreement from all around the kitchens. "It was, Sir Vayne!" said one of the squires as he attended to the oven.

Another squire chimed in, "I hope you can come back and teach us again soon, Sir!" This one seemed to be in charge of preparing the new herb butter that went on the bread and Vayne had to admire the boy’s enthusiasm.

That particular squire was churning the butter with his dick. He fucked the pot with great aplomb, his asscheeks clenching and unclenching with every thrust.

Vayne had to watch, transfixed, as the squire fucked his pot of butter with increasing force. There was a point he was afraid the earthenware pot would shatter in the boy’s hands but, so far, at least, such a thing had not come to pass.

The boy was nothing if not determined. He groaned openly, rutting into the butter and muttering under his breath about how good it felt on his ‘filthy sinner cock.’

Vayne took note. Butter-boy was one he might want to have fun with, later. The boy seemed positively dirty.

Butter-boy went on fucking his pot until, after half a minute or so, he tumbled right over the edge. He grunted loudly as he pulled the pot flat against his crotch and came. "Oh, yeah, baby. Take that dirty sinner load," he practically growled.

After his orgasm, Butter-boy kept the pot in place. He ground his hips into the earthenware rim for a while yet before pulling out with a wet squelch.

Butter-boy’s cock was rock-hard, throbbing, and smeared with butter and finely chopped herbs. Vayne hadn’t seen anything so simultaneously filthy and appealing. He couldn’t help but lick his lips.

Despite himself, Vayne had to reach out and stop the boy when he went for a rag to clean off. "Let me," said Vayne, sinking to his knees and grabbing the squire by the hips.

He licked his lips before darting forward to swallow the Butter-boy’s cock in one smooth motion. It was sizable but far from the biggest Vayne had ever taken. It was one of the tastiest he’d ever had, though, second only in flavor to the transcendent taste of Master’s incredible cock-flesh.

No sooner had Vayne swallowed Butter-boy’s cock than did he feel a set of fingers tangle in his hair from behind. It wasn’t Butter-boy, because his hands were on his chest, squeezing and twisting his nipples.

Whoever it was seemed to have no intention of letting Vayne dictate his own pace. He would have happily slurped on Butter-boy’s cock, cleaning it gradually with his tongue, but the man with fingers in his hair had other ideas.

Vayne groaned as he was forced to bob his head up and down between Butter-boy’s legs. Not that he was complaining. He loved the feeling of a cock sliding down his throat. He just wished he could have had a chance to savor the unique taste of the herb butter on Butter-boy’s cock.

Alas, Vayne couldn’t have everything he wanted. He moaned around Butter-boy’s cock as the grip in his hair tightened. Whoever it was seemed keen on using him as little more than a glorified toy.

He gurgled and choked around Butter-boy’s piece of meat as the pace picked up and he had less and less time in between each thrust. He was making a mess. Snot bubbled out of his nose. His eyes watered. His nose was being mashed into Butter-boy’s smooth crotch.

"Enjoying yourself, Sir Vayne?" said the person that had grabbed him by the hair.

Vayne’s eyes widened as he recognized the voice. It was Awain! Fuck. The boy had picked up the lesson far better than any of his peers and he’d taken to his vulgar role like a duck to water.

Whining softly through his nose as Awain failed to miss a beat, Vayne nodded.

Awain chuckled. "Good."

Vayne couldn’t actually see the boy but he could practically hear the grin in Awain’s smug voice. It spoke to his inner submissive and made his cock hard.

Once he succeeded in summoning Master to the heart of the Radiant Order, Vayne would put in a good word for Awain. With the proper training, he was sure Awain would one day become a wonderfully demeaning and merciless master to a stable of poor, unfortunate souls.

Awain leaned in to murmur into Vayne’s ear. "I wanted to thank you, personally, for the eye-opening lesson, Sir Vayne," he said.

Vayne shivered. Awain’s lips were so close to the side of his face he could feel the boy’s warm breath ghosting over his ear.

Awain yanked back on Vayne’s hair, pulling him off Butter-boy’s cock. "Look over there, Sir," he said, forcing Vayne to turn his head by twisting his fingers in Vayne’s hair.

Vayne, naturally, had no choice but to look where Awain had directed him to. Someone had set a large pot of porridge in the middle of the kitchen. Tomaç was perched on a pair of stools kept stable by two squires as he squatted over the steaming pot.

Someone had tied a couple of rags around Tomaç’s head and forced them between the Brother’s teeth to serve as a makeshift sort of gag. Tomaç was biting down on it and groaning as his asshole puckered outward.

Vayne watched, cock throbbing almost painfully as Tomaç pushed a load out of his ass and into the porridge."Fuck," he muttered, under his breath.

Awain chuckled. "Oh, yes. We will be doing that a lot more, moving forward, Sir Vayne."

Before Vayne could respond, his words were muffled by Awain’s lips pressing against his. The boy was a great kisser, he had to admit.

The kiss they shared was sloppy, messy, and sizzling-hot. Perfect, in short. Precisely the kind of kiss Vayne enjoyed the most. Awain even reached down and tugged a few times on Vayne’s cock before they broke apart.

"Thank you for showing us how the kitchens really ought be run, Sir Vayne," said Awain as he broke off the kiss.

Looking up at the boy, Vayne had to admit he was the striking image of a true dominant. He almost felt bad for Tomaç. Almost.

Now that he’d brought out the rougher side of Awain’s nature, the hierarchy of the kitchens was about to change. He was sure of it.

The way Awain was talking, Tomaç would almost certainly be low on the new pecking order. If he wasn’t at the very bottom.

And while that was unfortunate, Vayne thought it was a worthwhile price to pay. Especially if it helped nurture Awain into a true master. He certainly had the potential.

Besides, it wasn’t like they’d stop Tomaç from doing the things he loved. Chances were, the squires still needed to learn culinary techniques from the Brother in charge of the kitchens. Even if Tomaç’s authority would likely be little more than nominal, in that regard.

Not to mention, Tomaç was a truly brilliant cook when left off his leash. He would probably still be experimenting and developing new recipes for the order.

Vayne was roused from his thoughts by the sensation of Awain’s thumb tracing over his cheek. "If not for you, we never would have learned our supposed ‘mentor’ is actually little more than a desperate little cum-socket. Though I suppose it takes one to know one, huh?"

Heat blossomed across Vayne’s cheeks as Awain tilted his head back to force him to look up. The boy certainly had a way with praise and the cocky, arrogant grin that split his face made Vayne’s cock stir.

"Don’t worry," said Awain. "The boys and I will make sure to put the nasty little degenerate to good use, moving forward."

Vayne nodded. He didn’t doubt it. He’d awoken something inside the boys and there was little chance it would go back to sleep.

Tomaç was going to get wrecked. The next time Vayne saw him, he would probably be collapsed on all-fours, well-fucked out, and delirious for more.

"Liked that thought, didn’t you, slut?" said Awain, baring his teeth in a wide grin as he looked down at Vayne.

Vayne nodded. He did. The thought was appealing. If he didn’t have other things to do, he wouldn’t exactly object to spending some time in the kitchen, getting worked over by the eager apprentice cooks.

Awain tightened his grip on Vayne’s hair and chuckled. "If only I could get you reassigned to the kitchens," he said. "You’re such a pretty boy. You’re wasted up there all alone in your tower."

Vayne flushed. Yeah, definitely, he thought to himself. Awain was a natural at this.

"Alas," said Awain, pushing Vayne’s face back into Butter-boy’s crotch. "Scullery maid is far beneath the dignity of the Knight-Captain of the Brighthand Regiment, isn’t it?"

Awain rubbed Vayne’s face against Butter-boy’s cock. "Suck," he commanded in a terse, authoritative tone.

Disobedience didn’t even occur to Vayne. He opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around the head of Butter-boy’s hardness. He sucked on it, delicately at first as he swirled his tongue around the sensitive glans, before sucking even harder.

"Good boy," said Awain as he pushed down on the back of Vayne’s head.

Vayne had the strength to resist, but not the will. The moan that escaped him devolved into a gurgle as the force of Awain’s hand on the back of his head forced him to swallow Butter-boy’s cock.

Awain didn’t stop pushing until Butter-boy was firmly seated in Vayne’s gullet. He kept him there for a moment before tightening his grip on Vayne’s hair and yanking back.

Vayne scarcely had a moment to gasp for breath before Awain pushed him back down, forcing him to choke down Butter-boy’s cock. From there, Awain used him without remorse, fucking his face on Butter-boy’s cock with an almost sadistic glee.

The sounds of Vayne’s gurgling moans and choking filled the air. A couple of the boys even stopped what they were doing to watch and stroke off as Awain gave him a good skull-fucking.

"You’d like it, though, wouldn’t you?" said Awain, leaning in and watching closely as Vayne sputtered and gagged around Butter-boy’s meat.

Awain bumped Vayne’s cock with his toes. "Look how hard that fat cock is," he said with a mocking grin. "You’d love it, wouldn’t you? Getting disgraced? Having the Lord Commander strip you of your position and toss you into the kitchens to serve as a scullery maid as penitence?"

Vayne had to admit, the scenario was compelling. Titillating, even. If only his plans didn’t hinge on abuses of his position as a relatively higher-ranking member of the Radiant Order, he might have orchestrated his own fall from grace by now.

"Imagine it, Sir Vayne. You, fallen. Humiliated. Disgraced. Wholly at my mercy because we both know Tomaç won’t be in charge for long."

The more Awain spoke, the more forcefully he fucked Vayne on Butter-boy’s cock. It had gotten to the point throat slime was spilling out of the corners of Vayne’s mouth and getting worked up into a froth by how hard Awain was bouncing his head between Butter-boy’s legs.

"I would have you naked and on all fours the whole time," Awain growled next to Vayne’s ear. "You’ll be expected to come in oiled up and ready to take your first load of the day. I’d have you strip the moment you cross that threshold and present your ass for inspection."

Vayne moaned, his cock twitching and pulsing as Awain’s words lit a fire in the pit of his stomach.

"Then I’ll put you to work cleaning pots and pans. If any of the boys want to use you, you’ll have no choice but to lift this—" Vayne jerked as Awain swatted his ass. "—this fat ass of yours and let them take you while still doing your work to the best of your abilities."

Vayne’s cock throbbed. He was so close to coming, already, and it was a testament to Awain’s abilities that he was able to bring Vayne right to the precipice with just words. Getting skull-fucked whether he liked it or not was a turn-on, for sure, but that alone would have never taken him to the verge of orgasm.

"And at the end of the day, when we’ve finished all the cooking and you’re exhausted from having to clean and get fucked all day…" Awain trailed off. He let the silence hang in the air and the room seemed to go still with anticipation.

Finally, when Vayne didn’t think he could take any more of the tension, Awain leaned in and nibbled on the lobe of his ear. "Then, I’ll have them shove you headfirst into the biggest pot so we can all have a go at your sweet, tight asshole and give you a load to go to bed with."

A tremulous moan spilled from Vayne’s lips as his cock pulsed and throbbed. He was so close.

"Not that you’ll be leaving until I’m satisfied you’ve cleaned every inch of the place," Awain growled. "And if you don’t do a terrible job of it, I might just send you off with a load dripping off your stupid whore face."

Vayne moaned, his whole body flushing with heat as he choked on Butter-boy’s cock and Awain’s words sent him tumbling right off the ledge. His cock pulsed as he shot all over the kitchen floor, his tainted body producing a thick and copious load onto the stone despite how many times he’d already come.

A disappointed whine escaped Vayne when Awain pulled him off Butter-boy’s cock just as his orgasm was ending. He’d hoped to take Butter-boy’s load down his throat but apparently, that wasn’t to be.

"Get back to work!" Awain barked at Butter-boy. The other squire followed without hesitation, grabbing another pot of butter to stick his dick into in a heartbeat.

"As for you… Well, you know that lesson from earlier? When you make a mess, you’re supposed to clean it up, aren’t you?" said Awain. He grinned at Vayne as he crouched down and pushed Vayne’s head toward the floor.

Vayne didn’t resist. He willingly lowered his face to the stone, sticking his tongue out to lap up his own load at Awain’s direction.

Awain smirked. "Good little slut. Just think of this as a preview of what you’ll be doing once I get my hands on you."

Vayne shivered at the thought. It was so appealing his spent cock twitched and stiffened. He lapped up his cum with double the enthusiasm, imagining the scenario Awain had so helpfully painted for him.

While he was down there, Awain barked another order to the rest of the kitchen. "If you’re standing around jerking off, there’s something else you can be doing! Go get the slut loaded up for lunch!"

Vayne finished cleaning up his mess just in time to watch Tomaç get tied up and bent over a nearby table. Awain yanked him by the hair back up to his knees and said, "See that? Maybe that would be a better fit for you than scullery maid."

An unreserved moan spilled from Vayne. "P-please," he groaned, his cock throbbing as Awain took expert control of the situation.

"Please, what?" Awain snapped. "Please let Tomaç get back to the cooking so you can take his place? Please truss you up like a suckling pig and shove you in a corner of the kitchen so the boys and I can load you up nice and full?"

"F-fuck," Vayne gasped. Awain’s imagination truly was something else. And the way he delivered his fantasies…

Vayne could only hope Master was listening, somehow. Because there were some ideas coming out of Awain that the hellborn might enjoy putting to practice.

"Of course you’d like that, you filthy little cock whore," growled Awain. "Maybe that’ll be your role in the kitchen. Cum barrel, not scullery maid. Not like you’d be useful for much else in the kitchens, anyway. Coddled knight like you? It’s a wonder you even know how to wipe your own ass."

Awain laughed. There was a casual malice in the tone of his voice that just sent a shiver of pleasure through Vayne’s body. "We’d load you up nice and full and put a cork in you. Just to make sure the cum doesn’t go anywhere. And to give it a chance to marinate in your insides. And then, whenever we need some passion to spice up the meals, we can just crack you open and use what’s inside."

Demented was one word Vayne could use to describe the workings of Awain’s mind. Inspired was another. He’d never heard something so filthy hot. If he didn’t have other things to do, he didn’t think he’d mind spending a while as the kitchens’ cum barrel. Not at all. And certainly not the way Awain was describing it.

Awain stood up. He tightened his grip on Vayne’s hair and sent him sprawling toward the door. "Alright, slut. Get that tight ass out of here. You’re nothing more than a distraction and we’ve got work to do before breakfast. Scram!"

Vayne stumbled out of the kitchens with a hard cock and his breeches pushed down past his thighs. The boys had practically pushed him out as their breakfast preparations went underway.

The ungrateful little shits hadn’t even given him the opportunity to clean up and look presentable. Not that Vayne minded looking a bit disheveled. It just risked exposing the plan, which he definitely could not abide.

Casting a quick look both ways down the hall to make sure no one was coming, he tugged his breeches up. It took a bit of effort to stuff himself back into the confines of the tight fabric but he managed.

Lacing up was the challenging part. His erection strained against the linen, making things difficult. Eventually, he just gave up. He’d have to be satisfied with loose knots and hope he didn’t encounter anyone who would notice.

Brushing down the wrinkles in his tunic, Vayne departed the kitchens to make for his quarters. As much as the rather rude way he’d been shown out annoyed him, it was incredibly arousing, too.

He couldn’t help but dwell on Awain as he made his way down the corridor. The boy was a natural-born leader and the rest of the squires seemed aware of it on some level.

If not for Vayne’s influence, Awain might have grown to become one of the order’s best and brightest of knights. A leadership position would have been all but guaranteed. And even if Awain were of questionable pedigree, Vayne sincerely believed there would have been every chance he might have ascended to the position of Lord Commander one day.

But that wasn’t going to happen. In small part because Vayne had unleashed a beast that would scarce be forced back into its cage, but more so because he had every intention of bringing the towering edifice of the Radiant Order tumbling to the ground.

The rubble, he was sure, would be the perfect gift for whenever he managed to reunite with Master. Not to mention the stable of cock-hungry fallen paladins that could serve as Hell’s foothold in the mortal world.

"Sir Vayne?"

A familiar voice calling out interrupted Vayne’s thoughts. He couldn’t put a finger on who it was, at first.

"Is everything alright? What are you doing up so early?"

Ah. Right. Edric. The squire rounded the corner and seemed quite surprised to see Vayne. It hadn’t even occurred to him he might run into his squire on the way back to his chambers.

Edric had such a look of consternation on his face Vayne almost felt bad. "Nothing to worry about," he reassured. "I just thought I would check on the kitchens and thank Brother Tomaç for taking on my suggestions to improve the food."

"Hmm." Edric frowned. "Alright." He didn’t seem convinced though Vayne couldn’t imagine what would give the lad occasion to be suspicious.

Vayne gestured down the hall, knowing that he and Edric were likely headed in the same direction. "Shall we, then?" he said.

"Oh, thank you, Sir Vayne, but no," said Edric as he shook his head. "I am on my way to the kitchens… Unless you mean to tell me you have already had breakfast?"

Of course. Vayne couldn’t believe he’d forgotten about something so simple. Then again, it had been quite some years since last he was a squire. "Alright, Edric. I will see you later, then. And no, I have not. They were in the middle of preparing breakfast when I paid them a visit."

"Very good, Sir. I will be on my way and I will see you at your chambers with breakfast," said Edric.

He gave Vayne a quick and courteous nod as he walked past. However, the sound of his footsteps stopped but a few moments later, only to resume as he backed up to stand shoulder to shoulder with Vayne.

Vayne jumped when Edric’s hand suddenly came up and grabbed him by the chin, turning his head and forcing him to look at the squire. Edric’s thumb brushed over the corner of his mouth before he was released.

The look on Edric’s face turned hard when he sniffed his thumb. He placed a hand on Vayne’s shoulder, turned him around, and pushed him up against the wall.

Vayne grunted as his back hit the stone. "W-what do you think you’re doing, Edric?" He tried his best to sound stern and authoritative but the twitching of the lump in his pants betrayed how he really felt about the situation.

"Sir Vayne," said Edric in a terse and stern voice that sent a chill right down Vayne’s spine. "Wouldn’t you agree that lying is considered a sin in the scriptures?"

Vayne tensed as Edric’s hand moved up from his shoulder to wrap around his neck. "Y-yes, Edric, I-I would but…"

He bit back a moan. Edric’s aggression turned him on so much he felt his cock was about ready to bust out of his breeches.

Edric moved into Vayne’s space, pinning him against the wall with his body. "But what?" he said, voice dropping to a low growl.

Vayne gasped as Edric’s fingers tightened around his throat. Edric’s expression was stormy. He was so close Vayne couldn’t help but look into his eyes. "I-I didn’t lie," he croaked.

He reached up and grabbed the hand wrapped around his throat by the wrist. "L-let me go," he grunted through gritted teeth as he pushed himself off the wall.

While he was more than capable of disarming Edric with ease, it was as if the strength had left his limbs entirely when Edric slammed him back against the wall. It seemed the squire remained unconvinced of his honesty.

"Sanç Clemens wrote in his treatise On the Strength and Nature of the Light, that deceit is the poison that will erode bonds of brotherhood and eat away at the foundations of any righteous Order."

Of the things Vayne anticipated Edric would do, Vayne never once imagined the squire would pontificate at him. The juxtaposition of the boy’s words against his fingers digging into the sides of Vayne’s neck was jarring, to say the least.

Edric pressed his hard cock into Vayne’s thigh as he leaned in and whispered, "Need I remind you that as Knight-Captain of the Brighthand Regiment, you have a duty to the Order to serve as a sterling example for the squires and novices?"

Vayne didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know what to do, for that matter. "B-but I didn’t lie," he insisted.

Edric made a noise of disgust. He released Vayne’s neck and took a step back, shaking his head. "I’m disappointed," he said. "I would have thought you, of all people, would know better, sir."

Vayne reached up and rubbed his throat. He was confused. He was turned on. His cock was straining in his pants and he still hadn’t the faintest idea what Edric was on about.

Edric sneered. "I guess I’ll just have to teach you a lesson, sir," he said, emphasizing the honorific in a particularly mocking manner that made Vayne’s cock throb. "Follow me."

Vayne fell in behind Edric and followed the boy as he made his way a bit further down the hallway. They stopped in front of a door he was pretty sure was a supply closet.

Edric pushed the door open and jerked his head inside. "Get in."

Vayne’s cock twitched. "Okay…" he said. He didn’t know what was going on or where Edric was going with this but it was exciting, at least. "Can I ask—" he said, stopping just short of the threshold.

"No," said Edric. He pointed firmly into the room. "In."

Vayne hesitated only a moment longer, licking his lips before crossing the threshold into the supply closet. It was smaller than he remembered supply closets being but it was just as dark, damp, and musty as in his memories.

Edric followed inside and closed the door behind him. With two people in the room, the space was practically claustrophobic and Vayne could scarcely move without knocking into something with his knees or elbows.

"I’ll give you one last chance to admit the truth, sir," said Edric, standing just inside the door with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Edric, honestly," said Vayne, "I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about."

"Fine," said Edric. "Have it your way."

Vayne backed away as Edric walked toward him until his shoulders slammed into a shelf in the back of the room. "I really—"

"Shut up," said Edric, placing a finger on Vayne’s lips to still whatever other words were on his tongue. "You had your chance to confess."

Edric smirked. "How stupid did you think I was?" he said, to which the only response Vayne could muster was a confused look. "You didn’t seriously think I would believe you haven’t had breakfast yet."

Vayne opened his mouth to protest. "But—"

Edric shushed him.

Despite himself, Vayne could only pout. He really hadn’t had breakfast yet and he had no idea why Edric thought otherwise.

"Honestly, ‘sir,’ I thought you would’ve known better. It was pretty obvious you’d already gorged yourself on meat and cream."

It was only then that it clicked. Vayne’s cock surged in his pants. "I-I didn’t know that was what you meant!" he protested. Not that he was complaining about where it had gotten him.

"Excuses, excuses," said Edric, shaking his head. "Honestly, I’m beginning to suspect you didn’t go down to the kitchens to check on them at all. Want to know what I think?"

Vayne nodded.

Edric smirked. He drove his knee into the lump pressed up against the inside of Vayne’s thigh, eliciting a low groan.

"I took your advice, sir. I got to know some of the other squires better. I learned many things from them." Edric grinned as he rubbed Vayne’s hardness with his knee.

"I learned some of the squires sneak off to the kitchens first thing in the morning. But they never do it to thank the staff. Do you know what they do when they go to the kitchen that early?"

Vayne whimpered as Edric replaced his knee with his hand, cupping him through the fabric of his breeches. "Th-they sneak some bites," he groaned.

"That’s right," said Edric, smiling as he rubbed his thumb in slow circles over the wet spot that had formed at the tip of Vayne’s cock. "But someone of your station has no need for sneaking around. You need only make your presence known and they could hardly refuse you."

Edric chuckled darkly as he leaned forward and nipped at the lobe of Vayne’s ear. "You’re not even denying it," he laughed. "You’re such a fucking slut, sir."

Gone was the usual reverence and deference in Edric’s voice and Vayne was loving every moment of it. "I am," he moaned, as Edric rained kisses along the curve of his neck. "I am a slut…" he breathed.

Edric squeezed Vayne’s cock, eliciting a gasp. "Here I thought my meat would be enough to satisfy you."

Vayne groaned. "I-I’m sorry… T-this was the first time. I swear…"

Edric scoffed. "If I can’t even trust you to tell me whether you’ve had breakfast already, sir, how can I trust that you’re telling the truth now?" he said. "How do I know you haven’t been sneaking off to the kitchens every morning to get yourself stuffed with meat like the greedy little slut you are."

"I-I swear…" Vayne stammered as Edric rubbed him through his breeches.

The grin that split Edric’s face was downright devilish. "You can swear all you like, sir… Doesn’t make one whit of a difference if I don’t believe you."

Vayne shivered as Edric licked a hot, wet stripe along the side of his neck and a tremulous whimper spilled from his lips as the boy nibbled on the sensitive skin.

"Desperate little whore," Edric murmured against the side of Vayne’s neck. "Listen to you. Gagging for more meat. What, did they not feed you enough in the kitchens?"

Vayne shook his head. "N-no," he gasped, back arching as Edric’s hand drifted down and squeezed his balls through his breeches. "I-I want your meat, Edric."

Edric chuckled. He moved his other hand down the front of his body to cup his bulge. "Did they have nothing substantial to offer you?" he said with a smirk.

"Nothing like yours," Vayne whined. It was true. None of the boys in the kitchens even came close to as well-endowed as Edric.

Edric laughed. "I never would have thought… But then again, knowing you, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that you turned out to be such a gluttonous little pig," he growled, sending a shiver down Vayne’s spine with the low, gravelly rumble of his voice.

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