Corrupted Co-Dependence pt. 9

Edric punishes Vayne for his inadvertent lie and sends him on a humiliating and perilous trip back to his chambers. After breakfast, Vayne pays a visit to an old friend who’s having a problem.


Vayne shivered at the force behind the command but he did not spare it even a second thought. He grabbed the bottom hem of his tunic and tugged it slowly up his torso.

His middle tensed as Edric’s fingers brushed over the hills and valleys of his cobbled abdomen. Where they went, they left trails of tingling heat in their wake.

"Such a perfect body," Edric breathed.

Vayne flushed at the compliment. He worked hard to maintain his body and it felt wonderful to be praised for it.

He made sure to give Edric a show. Just like Master had taught him. He undulated his body under Edric’s touch, rolling and gyrating his hips as he flexed his stomach and slowly peeled the tunic off his torso.

When the bottom of his chest peeked out from behind the rolled-up hem of his tunic, he held the fabric in place for a moment. He locked eyes with Edric, chewed on his lower lip, and reached down to trace a circle around his nipple with his index finger.

"Slut," Edric growled, grabbing Vayne by the hip to pull their bodies flush against one another. He leaned in and roughly pressed his lips against Vayne’s.

The kiss was nothing short of heavenly. Edric was rough . Forceful. He took what he wanted, kissing Vayne deeply and biting down on his lower lip.

Vayne couldn’t help but moan into the kiss. He relished the taste of Edric on his tongue and whined when they broke apart.

Edric grinned at Vayne as the latter struggled to catch his breath. "Who do you think you’re trying to seduce?" he said. He placed his hands on Vayne’s chest, lowered his head, and bit down hard on Vayne’s exposed and vulnerable nipple.

The pain tore a ragged cry from Vayne’s lips. "I-I’m sorry," he gasped.

Edric smirked as he straightened up. "I told you to strip, so strip. I didn’t ask you to put on a show."

Vayne’s cock throbbed. Being rebuked by a younger man turned him on, to say nothing of Edric’s commanding attitude. "I-I’m sorry," he stammered, as he pulled his tunic the rest of the way off.

He was going to let it just fall to the ground next to him but Edric held out a hand. Vayne hesitated for a moment. He was concerned about what game Edric might be playing at but if he was being honest, he wanted to find out. So he placed his tunic in Edric’s hand.

Edric chuckled as he lowered the tunic to his side. "And I don’t know why you even bothered lying to me when I could smell the cock in your breath," he said.

Vayne shivered as he moved his hands to his breeches. He made quick work of his laces since he hadn’t tightened them properly after his visit to the kitchens in the first place.

After removing his boots, which Edric took as well, Vayne hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his breeches and his undergarments. He shimmied them down his legs, working them down past his knees before stepping out of them one leg after the other.

"Took you long enough," said Edric as he grabbed the pants out of Vayne’s grasp. "I think I will be holding on to these until you’ve had a proper breakfast."

Vayne nodded along at first, not thinking about the implications. They hit him shortly thereafter and his eyes widened in alarm. He reached for his clothes without thinking but Edric just snatched them out of his reach and laughed. "Wait, but—"

Edric smirked. "That’s right," he said. "Pray you encounter no one on your way back to your chambers."

From a rational perspective, it was an unacceptable risk. Discovery meant putting his plans in jeopardy. But Vayne wasn’t exactly being rational.

The pulsing, insistent need between his legs was a testament to that. There was no hiding how the prospect made him feel. The proof was right there between his legs, sticking straight out and dripping like a spigot.

Though he never would have dreamed to question Master, Edric was another matter. "W-why, though?" he stammered.

Even though it was a foregone conclusion that Vayne would make his way back to his chambers naked, he at least wanted to know why he was jeopardizing his plans to deliver a broken Radiant Order to his Master. He had to know.

Edric clicked his tongue and grabbed Vayne by the cheeks. "And pray, tell, sir, where have you ever seen a pig wearing clothes?"

Those words sent a shock of pleasure down Vayne’s spine and straight up his cock. He couldn’t help the moan that spilled from his lips, nor the near-breathlessness with which he stammered out, "I-I see…"

Edric smirked. "Light, forgive me," he said, rubbing his cock through his breeches as he placed his other hand on Vayne’s shoulder. "I apologize for not being more considerate, sir. I did not mean to neglect your needs while I indulged my own appetites."

A broom clattered on the stone floor as Edric forced Vayne to his knees, knocking it out of its place in the process.

"Fuck," Vayne grunted as his knees struck the stone floor. He definitely wasn’t as young as he used to be but the dull pain shooting up his legs hardly did anything to dampen the excitement evident between them.

"You must be starving by now," said Edric.

Vayne looked up at Edric, breathing heavily. The squire grabbed him by the head and shoved his face into his crotch.

From between Edric’s legs came a muffled moan. Vayne could scent the boy’s musk through the fabric. Edric smelled unwashed, and the faint, masculine hint of sweat was nothing short of delectable.

It was a surprise, but a pleasant one. It seemed Edric wasn’t as straight-laced as he used to be. Squires were strictly expected to wash before they took on their daily duties, after all.

It was encouraging to know that Edric was bucking the rules of the Order. It pointed to a lack of faith. Cracks in the foundations of the boy’s devotion. Soon enough, the whole edifice would come tumbling down.

Master had always told him that the most faithful made for the best play partners. Vayne himself was proof of that. There was hardly a thing he balked at.

Knowing this filled Vayne with anticipation. Edric didn’t have the sheer magnetism of Awain but he had a particular roughness that was all his own.

Vayne could scarcely wait to see what would happen once Edric gave in fully to his corruption. It would be a sight to see, he was sure of it.

But now was not the time to daydream. There was a hard cock in his face and it demanded attention. It smelled so good, too. It was making his mouth water.

"Like the smell?" said Edric. He held Vayne in place as he ground his crotch into his face.

Vayne nodded and moaned. The harder Edric pushed him into his crotch, the thicker the scent. It was intoxicating.

Edric chuckled. "I figured you would. Greedy little pig like you. I’m surprised you’re not already begging."

Vayne moaned as he mouthed at the obscene outline of Edric’s cock in his pants. "Please, Edric," he said, paying no heed to the dignity that should have been expected of a man of his station. "I’m so hungry…"

Edric laughed. "I bet you are," he said. He released Vayne’s head, his fingers flying to the laces of his breeches which he deftly undid. "You want it?"

Vayne nodded. He did. He really did. Forget that he was supposed to be a high-ranking knight of the Radiant Order. Forget that he was the eager fuck-pet of an incubus. He just wanted cock. And he wanted it badly.

"Please…" he begged. "I’m starving…" Which, strictly speaking, was actually the truth.

His time in hell had changed him. Mentally and physically. His body required Master’s cum and he’d been deprived for weeks.

Fortunately, he could survive without it for quite a while. Even longer when he had a steady supply of corrupted cum—the more perverted and depraved the orgasm, the better—as he was sure to get now that he’d managed to sink his claws into Edric and the kitchen staff.

"Alright, alright," said Edric, shaking his head and rolling his eyes. "No need to look so pitiful, sir."

He worked his pants down his legs and Vayne helped him. His undergarments caught briefly on his cock, pulling it down harder and harder until the cloth gave. Edric’s impressive endowment swung up, flinging a rope of pre-cum right into Vayne’s eye.

Freed from the confines of its linen prison, Edric’s cock bobbed up and down between his legs. The boy’s unwashed scent thickened in the air, eliciting a quiet moan from Vayne as he leaned forward and nuzzled against the base of it.

Vayne’s chin brushed against the pair of juicy, pendulous balls that dangled under Edric’s beast. Reaching up, Vayne cradled them in his fingers. They were hot to the touch and, he could tell, just so full of cum.

"So big…" Vayne moaned. It was nowhere near as big as Master could make his cock, naturally, but it was just about the biggest cock Vayne had ever seen on a human. And the mere sight of it made him salivate. To say nothing of the heat of it against his skin.

Edric grinned. He grabbed the base of his shaft and tugged on his length a few times. He tapped the tip, his index finger coming away with a glistening strand of pre-cum as more of the delicious nectar rolled down the underside of his hardness.

"Of course," he said as he slapped his cock across Vayne’s face, leaving a streak of pre-cum in its wake. "Only the biggest, juiciest piece of meat for my gluttonous little piggy."

Vayne flushed. Awain was a natural at the kind of denigrating humiliation that he loved but it was something else to be degraded by Edric.

Edric had been such a Good boy when Vayne first met him. Now, to look at him and how far he’d come, almost brought a tear to Vayne’s eye. Or maybe that was just the rope of pre-cum draped across his eyelid.

"Go on then," said Edric, waving his endowment in front of Vayne’s face. "I thought you were starving?"

Far be it from Vayne to decline something offered so generously. He clapped his hands on Edric’s hips and wrapped his lips around the swollen head of Edric’s cock.

He moaned, relishing the taste of Edric’s delicious nectar on his tongue. He didn’t know whether it was the truth, or whether he was just biased, but the bigger the cock, the better it tasted to him.

Just the way Edric’s considerable girth stretched his jaw was orgasmic on its own. He could scarcely contain himself. He slurped on the fat knob, greedily swirling his tongue around the sensitive glans as he sucked down the copious amounts of pre-cum Edric so generously provided.

It wasn’t long, however, before Vayne felt fingers tangling in his hair. He grunted in pain as they tightened their grip.

"Did no one ever tell you not to play with your food?" said Edric in a rather stern tone.

A second hand threaded through Vayne’s locks, gripping just as tightly as the other. "When have you ever seen a pig savoring its food, huh? Or are you still trying to pretend to some semblance of dignity?"

Edric sneered at Vayne. "Look at you. Trying to look civilized with your lips wrapped around my fat cock. It’s pitiful."

The insult made Vayne’s cock jump. It stung. The humiliation burned in his cheeks. And yet, it made him leak.

Edric snapped his hips forward. Vayne’s eyes widened as the blunt head of the squire’s cock forced its way down the back of his throat. Despite his considerable experience, he still gagged on it.

"That’s more like it," Edric growled. "Choke it down, little piggy."

Vayne gurgled a moan around the cock buried in his throat and swallowed. He crept his lips along the length of Edric’s cock, pulling on the boy’s hips until his nose had come to rest against Edric’s crotch.

Edric laughed. "Good little piggy. Have your fill, won’t you? I know it probably won’t be enough to sate that bottomless gluttony of yours but maybe it will tide you over until breakfast," he said as he loosened his grip on Vayne’s hair.

Cheeks tinged red and puffed out by the sheer girth of Edric’s member, Vayne bobbed his head up and down along the boy’s prodigious shaft. He lavished the gently pulsing length with his tongue, licking back and forth along the underside.

Vayne paid no heed to propriety or dignity. He slurped on Edric’s cock, slobbering all over the substantial member as he took it expertly down his throat.

He swallowed Edric to the base. He lingered there for a moment, looking up to meet the squire’s gaze with lidded eyes and a gurgled moan that made Edric’s arousal twitch in his throat.

He shook his head from side to side, rubbing his nose and cheeks into Edric’s crotch. Here, the musk was particularly thick. Pungent. Potent.

Every labored breath drew the heady scent of Edric’s maleness into his lungs. It went straight to his head and filled his skull with a heavy, dully pleasant haze. It smothered his thoughts and made his cock ache, making it all but impossible to think of anything else.

Vayne wriggled his tongue out past the underside of Edric’s cock. He licked the squire’s balls and moaned at the taste. They were earthy and salty and warm on his tongue. He could hardly get enough.

He stayed there for about a minute. Not that he had much of say when Edric’s fingers tightened in his hair and pulled him back.

Edric sneered at Vayne. "Don’t you know how to eat properly?" he said.

Vayne stared blankly into Edric’s eyes. He didn’t get what he’d done wrong. If he had done anything wrong, for that matter. He thought he’d been doing a good job, going by the little groans of pleasure Edric had made at his ministrations.

It seemed he was mistaken.

Edric pulled his cock almost all the way out of Vayne’s mouth. He left only the head inside, leaving it to rest on Vayne’s tongue.

With little more than a smirk to warn Vayne of his intentions, Edric snapped his hips forward, driving his cock hilt-deep into Vayne’s gullet. "Looks like I will just have to teach you."

Edric held Vayne’s face to his crotch for a moment before pulling out. Vayne choked on the deep, shuddering breath he took afterward as Edric slammed his cock back home.

"Gluttonous little pigs like you don’t take their time to savor their food," Edric growled. He gave Vayne little opportunity to breathe as he slowly, but thoroughly fucked his throat.

With every pump of his hips, he drove his cock just a little bit harder. Each thrust was just a little bit faster on the heels of the last.

He built his cadence slowly and with the tight grip he maintained on Vayne’s hair, Vayne could do nothing but kneel there and take what Edric was giving him. Not that he had any complaints. His throat was just going to get bruised if Edric kept it up.

Vayne gurgled as Edric face-fucked him harder and harder. He choked and gagged with every thrust. Spit and throat slime burbled out past the corners of his mouth as Edric’s thrusting churned them into a froth.

Edric grinned. Beads of sweat on his brow glistened in the dim light as continued his brutal pace. "That’s more like it," he said.

He rammed his cock into Vayne’s throat as hard as he could, forcing the older man to choke on his prodigious endowment. "Greedy pigs don’t need to bother with looking civilized," he grunted. "Or dignified, for that matter!"

Edric went even harder. Faster. The room was filled with the lewd, wet sound of his cock squelching as he drilled it into Vayne’s throat with little restraint, and certainly no mercy. "Ever heard of the expression ‘eat like a pig,’ sir?" he growled.

Vayne would have nodded if he could but Edric’s grip on his hair kept him firmly in place. His eyes watered and snot bubbled out of his nose as Edric brutally skull-fucked him.

"Pigs eat sloppily," Edric grunted. "Pigs eat messily. Because they care more about filling their bellies than being clean."

Edric pounded Vayne’s throat for a few minutes more. He hunched over him for better leverage, fucking away with abandon.

If he cared at all about the strangled noises Vayne was making, he certainly didn’t show it. And he didn’t stop until Vayne’s eyes had glazed over.

Vayne was roused back to awareness by the sensation of Edric’s cock slipping out of his throat. He whined as it fell out of his mouth, even going so far as to chase after it until Edric’s hands in his hair stopped him.

Edric forced him to tilt his head back. He probably looked a right mess. He could feel the spit, throat slime, and snot dripping off his chin. Not to mention, it was smeared all over his mouth.

The corners of Edric’s mouth curled into a smirk. "There you go," he said. "Looking like a proper pig at last."

"Please…" he mewled. He hadn’t had enough, yet. He wanted more cock. Needed more cock. Craved more cock. "I’m still hungry…"

Edric slapped him with his cock. "If I let you have all the cock you wanted, we’d be in here all day, sir," he said, sternly.

Vayne slumped. He couldn’t deny the truth of what Edric had said but nor did that stop the hunger gnawing at his insides. "T-then at least feed me your cream!" he begged.

"I think not," said Edric. "I’d much rather stick you like a boar and fuck your tight whore ass until you squeal like a desperate little sow."

An embarrassing sound spilled from Vayne’s lips. He squeezed his thighs together, his hole twitching at the prospect.

"I thought you’d like that," said Edric, flashing a lopsided grin down at Vayne. "Well, go on. Turn around."

"Y-yes, o-of course," Vayne stammered. His hands trembled as he held on to the shelf that was now in front of him for balance.

He closed his eyes, moaning softly as he felt Edric kneel behind him. He arched his back as the squire knocked his knees apart, forcing his legs wide and his ass into the air.

Not long thereafter, he felt the heat of Edric’s cock nestled between his ass cheeks. It slid up and down the cleft of his ass, smearing spit and throat slime along his crack.

Edric grabbed Vayne’s ass cheeks and kneaded them. He wasn’t gentle at all. He squeezed. Hard. So hard Vayne could feel Edric’s fingers digging into the meat of his ass, forcing a low moan from his lips.

"Please…" Vayne whined. He was getting desperate. He wiggled his ass. As much as he could, anyway. Edric’s grip was iron and gave him little quarter.

Instead of immediately responding, Edric pushed Vayne’s ass cheeks tight around his cock. He fucked the space between them, grunting as he wilfully denied Vayne the pleasure he craved.

"Please what?" said Edric, after a minute or so of torturous silence.

"Please fuck me…" Vayne moaned. "Please stick your cock inside me and make me squeal!"

Edric chuckled. "Such a greedy pig," he said, a hint of mock disappointment in his voice. He grabbed his cock by the base and tapped the blunt head against Vayne’s quivering pucker. "Hungry at both ends, huh?"

"Starving," Vayne groaned, bucking his hips back against Edric’s cock. "Please… Fuck me open. Break me. Fill me up with your seed. Please!"

Vayne hissed as Edric swatted his ass. It stung. It almost felt as if the squire had put all his strength into the blow. Not that Vayne would have been surprised if such was the case.

"Mouthy pig," said Edric. "Maybe this will shut you up."

Vayne’s back arched as Edric’s cock pushed against his hole. It didn’t take much pressure for his ring to yield. A low moan spilled from him as his hole slowly stretched around Edric’s considerable girth.

He leaned against the shelf, panting heavily as the head of Edric’s cock finally popped inside of him. He wiggled his ass, savoring the heat of Edric’s cock head inside of him.

His ring burned around the formidable girth of Edric’s meat but it was a pleasant sort of pain. It gave a delicious edge to the fullness he felt, prompting a quiet moan that quickly turned into a strangled yelp as Edric slammed hilt-deep inside him without warning.

"F-fuck," Edric groaned in a tremulous voice. "So tight…"

The only response Vayne could give was a quiet whimper as he leaned against the shelf. His face was flushed and he could feel the heat over his collarbones, too.

It had been a while since last he was fucked. Sure, he spent his evenings with his ass in the air, furiously finger-fucking himself, but this was different.

Fingers didn’t reach nearly as deep as Edric’s cock did. And a few measly fingers couldn’t possibly compare to Edric’s girth. Hell, nothing short of ramming his entire hand up his ass would have sufficed.

He was out of practice and it showed. He whined as he struggled to adjust. He so full it was almost uncomfortable. But there was no denying it felt right to be stretched to his limit around a huge cock, as well.

Edric’s fingers tightened around Vayne’s hips. They dug into Vayne’s flesh, eliciting a pained whimper. "Fuck…" he moaned, grinding his crotch into Vayne’s ass, stirring up his insides with his cock in the process. "You’re so much tighter and hotter than I imagined…"

The note of desperation in Edric’s voice was like music to Vayne’s ear. He loved knowing that his body was serving its purpose. He lived to serve. He lived to pleasure. He lived to take cock. Any cock.

"I don’t know if I can…" Edric grunted. He pulled out by an inch or so before thrusting back in. "If I can hold back…"

Vayne braced an arm against the shelf in front of him. He leaned forward and rested his forehead on his forearm. "Don’t…" he breathed. "Don’t hold back…"

Because he knew he could take it. Because he wanted it. Because he needed to be fucked open and broken like Master used to do. And because nothing was more satisfying for a wanton fuck pet like he’d become than knowing his body was so pleasurable it could make men lose control.

Edric laughed. His voice was still unsteady but firmer than before. "O-of course you’d like that…" he breathed. "Greedy little piggy. Can’t get enough meat crammed up his fat ass…"

The low groan that followed sent a shiver down Vayne’s spine. It made his cock throb and his hole clench around the base of Edric’s endowment. "Please…" he begged. Now that he’d gotten used to Edric’s size, he needed more.

Edric shuddered as he pulled out of Vayne’s ass, leaving only the head of his cock inside. "Like this?" he said, slamming his hips into Vayne’s.

The force of the thrust jolted Vayne forward into the shelf. Were it not bolted to the floor, it may well have tipped over, but it still shook, regardless. And the sound of Edric’s hips slapping against his ass seemed to reverberate across the stone walls.

"Or like this?" said Edric, thrusting again. He did so even harder, this time. He didn’t give Vayne the opportunity to recuperate before doing it again. And again. And again.

Edric leaned over Vayne. He hunched his cock into him, forehead resting against the back of Vayne’s shoulder. "No?" he said, thrusting even harder.

Vayne moaned. His cock twitched. Pre-cum dribbled out of him onto a pool on the stone floor.

"Don’t worry," Edric grunted. He was building up to a rhythm, every thrust harder and faster than the last, every bit as brutal as the throat-fucking he’d given Vayne, earlier. "I won’t stop until I make you squeal."

The shelf creaked as Edric rutted mercilessly into Vayne. The supplies wobbled precariously, rattling as the force of Edric’s thrusts threatened to shake them loose. And indeed, a handful of wooden cleaning brushes clattered loudly to the floor.

Vayne could only hold on for dear life. He moaned desperately, bucking his ass to meet the thrusts of Edric’s hips.

The enthusiasm surprised him. But perhaps he should have expected it. Master had always told him the most repressed souls made for the most eager fuck pets.

To a young man who’d never known anything but the pleasure of his own fist, Vayne’s ass must have been nigh-overwhelming. It was little surprise, then, that Edric seemed incapable of showing any restraint.

Not that Vayne was complaining.

"Fuck," Edric growled under his breath. "I want to fucking destroy your ass."

Vayne clenched his hole tight around Edric’s girth. It wasn’t entirely voluntary. The sheer desire in Edric’s voice made his cock throb and the way his insides clung to Edric’s length was just sublime.

"Come on, pig," Edric grunted. "I want to hear you squeal."

He got just his wish when he shifted his weight. The angle of his thrusts changed just so and the next time he pumped his cock into Vayne, the blunt head slammed straight into Vayne’s prostate.

Such a thing would have caused an intense shock of pleasure to the average man. To someone whose body had been reshaped into the perfect fuck-toy, however, the effect was easily tenfold as potent.

Vayne squealed. His back arched. His toes curled. His fingers tightened around the shelf so severely the wood might have splintered under his grip if he had been any stronger.

"That’s it, sir," said Edric, practically purring the words into Vayne’s ear. "I want to hear you snort like the greedy little pig you are for me."

Vayne felt he had little choice. He snorted and squealed for Edric. It was difficult to think or do anything else when the boy’s fat cock was ramming into his prostate over and over and over again.

The pleasure was overwhelming. It scattered Vayne’s thoughts to static and his cock ached. It was a miracle he hadn’t come yet but it was probably only a matter of time.

Edric was relentless. He pounded away at Vayne’s hole without restraint. He growled and grunted like a beast, his pace reaching a fever pitch as he demolished Vayne’s hole with gusto.

It didn’t take long for his rhythm to falter. The long, even strokes became erratic and desperate. His teeth grazed the skin of Vayne’s shoulder, eliciting a moan.

The shelf shook with the force of Edric’s last few thrusts. And then, he bit down.

Vayne’s back arched as a hoarse cry tore from his throat. He clenched around Edric’s length, feeling it pulse and throb and swell inside him.

When the first shot of warm cum splattered his insides, Vayne’s own orgasm rolled through him with the force of an earthquake. He felt like his mind was going to break apart from the sheer pleasure as the load churned in his balls and surged up his shaft.

He painted the floor white with the sheer volume of his orgasm. He came, spilling shot after shot of thick, warm jism onto the stone.

His insides fluttered around Edric’s length. He squeezed and massaged it as the squire unleashed a muffled roar into his shoulder and what felt like a gallon of cum into his ass.

By the time his orgasm subsided, Vayne had collapsed forward against the shelf with Edric’s weight on top of him. They remained that way for a moment before Edric pushed off him.

Vayne whined as Edric’s cock slipped out of him. He clenched as tightly as he could to keep every drop of cum inside him, though some still managed to leak out of him and trickle down the inside of his thighs.

Edric chuckled. "This look better fits you, I think, sir," he said as he patted Vayne on the ass.

Vayne could only groan. He felt like all the strength had left his limbs. Nor did he feel any desire or inclination to move as his body absorbed Edric’s seed.

It was the sound of a distant bell that jerked him back to harsh reality. First Bell—the call to morning prayers.

"Seems we took perhaps a few minutes too long," said Edric. He laughed. "I suppose you will have to hurry back to your chambers if you don’t want to be caught, sir."

Vayne flushed. The peril of it, the potential humiliation, made his spent cock twitch and harden. He would have the half-hour of morning prayers, at best, to get back to his chambers without detection.

In truth, he probably had much less time. Breakfast came after morning prayers and the Brothers’ squires were likely to be out and about already.

Vayne grabbed a higher shelf to start pulling himself back up to his feet but Edric interrupted. "What do you think you’re doing?" said the squire.

"G-getting ready to go," said VAyne as his heart skipped a beat. He had hoped Edric wouldn’t heap even more humiliation on his walk of shame back to his chambers already but it seemed his hope was in vain.

"I don’t know if such is the case where you come from, sir, but where I grew up, I never saw pigs walking on two legs."

Vayne’s heart sank. A cold knot of anxiety formed in the pit of his stomach. "Y-you want me to crawl back to my chambers?" he said.

Edric laughed. "Must I spell it out for you, sir?" he said.

Vayne’s cock ached. Edric was just a squire. He was a Knight-Captain. And of one of the Order’s elite regiments, at that.

He had rank. He had seniority. He could demand that Edric return his clothes to him and leave him to return to his chambers in dignity but that wasn’t what his cock wanted.

Vayne ostensibly had all the power in the relationship between him and Edric. But it was little more than an illusion, just like his apparent devotion to the Light. The truth was, Vayne was a slave to cock and he couldn’t even begin to imagine disobeying.

He lowered himself onto his hands and knees. He turned around, cock sticking straight out from between his legs. He shivered at the smirk on Edric’s face as the squire pulled his breeches back up.

"You should hurry," said Edric. And yet, he didn’t move so much as an inch out of Vayne’s way. "It would be a shame if the squires see you. Or, Light forbid, you expose how much of a gluttonous little pig you are to the Brothers."

Vayne could only whine and wait as Edric took his time to lace his breeches back up.

Vayne stopped short of a wooden door he hadn’t visited since he was ‘rescued’ from the warmth of Master’s embrace. He had to. Because there was a lump in his pants that needed adjusting.

He licked his lips. The sting of the exquisite humiliation Edric had dispensed during breakfast yet lingered. It was, frankly, quite impressive how far the boy had come.

Edric had forced him to eat out of a large wooden bowl on the floor. Without the use of his hands. As for the bread, Edric tore it into pieces and tossed it into the slop.

Vayne had to wonder if Edric and Awain hadn’t somehow conspired to come up with such a brilliant piece of degradation. Once he was satisfied he’d sufficiently tucked his cock away, he rapped his knuckles on the door.

"Brother?" he said.

"Come in!" called a voice from within.

The strain in the voice was unexpected. Vayne entered the room carefully, wary of anything that might jump out at him. Nothing did, fortunately.

Arthur was seated on the edge of his bed. He was leaning forward, elbows planted on his knees with his chin resting on his clasped hands.

"Is everything alright?" said Vayne.

Arthur looked up. He seemed oddly forlorn. "Thank the Light you came, Vayne," he said. "I was just about to send for you."

Vayne quirked an eyebrow. Curious, he thought to himself. "What weighs on your soul, Brother?" he said. "It’s not the Lord Commander, is it? I trust he remains in good health?"

He had come in the hopes that he might extract some useful information about the Lord Commander from Arthur. After all, Arthur was the Lord Commander’s confessor and probably knew more intimate details about him than anyone else in the Order.

Arthur stared blankly at Vayne for a moment. It was as if his mind took a bit to catch up to what was said. When it seemed he finally managed to process Vayne’s questions, he shook his head, laughed bitterly, and said, "No, no. The Lord Commander has never been in better health. Physical or otherwise."

A forlorn sigh escaped Arthur. "Nay, Brother. The problem lies with me. I know not what to do. I am at my wits’ end!"

Vayne approached and said, "What is the matter, Arthur? Perhaps I could help?"

Arthur sat up straight. He looked at Vayne with pleading eyes but something else attracted Vayne’s attention. "I was hoping you might be able to," said Arthur.

Vayne suppressed the urge to lick his lips. "I think I might," he said, with a small smile.

Arthur might have had a grateful look in his eyes. Vayne didn’t know. His gaze was elsewhere. Specifically, he was staring at the massive tent jutting out from between Arthur’s legs.

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