The Cockpocalypse pt. 3

Seeing a familiar face in the throng of fuck-zombies unsettles Jackson. But he knows better than to blab about it to anyone, least of all the Chief when they see each other again.

It was the ass crack of dawn. Jackson was pretty sure it was, at least. It was hard to tell the time in a room with neither a clock nor any windows. In any case, the hour was ungodly. More importantly, he was wide awake.

He’d been having trouble sleeping. It took him two hours longer than usual to fall asleep in the first place, and whatever sleep he got afterward had been fitful at best. And now that he’d woken up, he couldn’t go back to sleep. He’d tried. For the better part of what must have been an hour.

Jackson wished he could say that it was because of the Chief. He could still taste the Chief’s cock on his tongue. It had been so long since the last one he had that he’d almost forgotten what it was like to have a fat hog shoved down the back of his throat. And now that he remembered, he wanted more.

But getting dick for the first time in two years wasn’t the cause of his insomnia. Far from it. In fact, if not for what happened later on in the day, he would probably have slept like a baby.

Now, Jackson was out of sorts. His guts were all tied up in knots. He didn’t know what to do, what to think. Though it had pained him at the time, he thought he was leaving behind his old life entirely when he entered Settlement HTX05. When he watched the gates close for the last time, permanently shutting out the end of the world.

There were other fortified settlements out there, other remnants of humanity stubbornly clinging on because people just didn’t know when to give up. But as far as Jackson was concerned, the world began and ended at the borders of HTX05. He never would have imagined that his past would catch up to him.

It was perturbing, looking out past the parapet to the writhing tangle of limbs below. It reminded Jackson of some of the artistic depictions of hell that he’d seen in his time. Just a mass of human flesh, damned souls, ready to drag down any that got near.

And yet Jackson couldn’t look away, either. He could still feel the phantom of the Chief’s cock on his tongue. The spongy head, the slick pre-cum, the slightly earthy, slightly salty taste. The Chief had awakened a need he’d long since suppressed, thinking it would never be satisfied as long as their world was fucked.

His cock twitched in its cage. His hole fluttered. The Chief’s promise that he’d get his pussy split open by a fat hog the next time he was called for had primed him for it. He wanted nothing more than to be on all fours, face against the bed—or maybe even the ground, he was happy with that—ass in the air, getting the living daylights pounded out of him.

As he watched the fuck-zombies in their tireless rut, a small part of Jackson couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to be down there. To be among their number. He was pretty confident they’d give him the dicking down he needed. But was that really worth giving up his humanity for?

“Stop fidgeting, Zach,” said Malik. “You’re making me nervous here, man.”

Jackson glanced over, taking his eyes off the horde for just a moment to watch the exchange. Malik had taken up a rifle of his own but he was just holding it. Niall had briefly set his down to stretch his arms over his head and roll his shoulders.

Zach, on the other hand, looked a little pale. Sweat trickled down the side of his face. Despite the hot Texan sun, Jackson was willing to bet that Zach’s sweat was a cold one. The poor guy looked positively terrified. He had his rifle aimed at the zombies below, but his hands were trembling so much he’d have been lucky if he managed to land a shot in the general vicinity of whatever he was aiming at.

“Something’s not right, bro. Trust me.”

Not that Zach was untrustworthy, but it wasn’t exactly uncommon for some of the residents to have nervous breakdowns. It came with the lifestyle. It was just the kind of thing that happened when people were packed tightly together in cramped living conditions and restrictive, repetitive daily routines.

“You know what would help at a time like this, Zach?” said Niall,

“What?” Zach kept his eyes trained on the fuck-zombie horde.

“A nice fag.”

This time, Zach looked at Niall, his expression incredulous. “What?” he said. “What the fuck would I use a fucking queer for? Isn’t that shit bad enough?” He pointed toward the zombies with his rifle.

Niall was about to say something, but Zach cut him off. When Zach spoke, there was a frantic energy in his words. “God’s punishment, I’m telling you. That’s what this is. That’s what this is! We’re being punished for letting that shit get out of hand. Those fuckers couldn’t leave well enough alone and now they’ve dragged down the rest of us with them.”

“Nice fag… Fuck that shit, bro. I can’t believe you’d say that.” Zach shook his head and turned his attention back to the fuck-zombies.

Malik looked at Jackson. It was nice that he was concerned, but Jackson had heard worse. It wasn’t exactly an uncommon sentiment. “Relax, bro. He meant a cigarette, you know? A smoke?”

“Well, yeah. But I mean, I wouldn’t mind the other kind,” said Niall. He shrugged as Zach gave him the most disgusted look. “I’m just saying. Next best thing if there aren’t any women around. Just gotta close your eyes and use your imagination. I mean, you’ve pretty clearly got one of those, right?” Niall laughed.

"Even if you managed to sneak a gay guy up here, you’d still need a key to the little old jail cell, you know? And what would you do about the cameras?" said Malik.

“Shit!” Zach stepped back from the parapet. “Shit. Shit. Shit!”

“Bro. What are you doing?” said Malik, holding out an arm to block Zach as the other turned to run.

“Alarm,” said Zach. His eyes were wide. His pupils were blown. He looked like he’d seen a ghost. “Alarm. Bro. Alarm. We need to ring the alarm!”

“Christ almighty. He’s lost the plot,” Niall muttered under his breath. “You guys can keep watch for a sec, right? I’ll go take him to the infirmary.”

Jackson nodded. “Yeah, I think that might be for the best… Hopefully, they’ll keep him for a few hours at least. It looks like he could use the rest.”

“Yeah. We’ll be fine. Nothing happens up here anyway,” said Malik.

“Here. Let me,” said Niall as he came up to Zach. “Let’s go see a doc, yeah? You’ll be fine.”

“No! You don’t understand!” Zach cried out as he tried to wrestle free of Niall’s attempts to usher him away. “We need to ring the alarm! They’re coming!”

“Hey. Hey. It’s okay. We’ll be fine. The walls will keep them out. Besides, they’re too busy fucking. Why would they want to attack? Just think about that.” Niall was trying to be as gentle as he could be, but Zach was fighting him quite fiercely.

“We need to ring the alarm, bro! They’re coming! You don’t understand! They’re fucking coming for me!” said Zach, voice strained with terror.

“Shit. I think this might need to be a two-man job,” said Malik as he met Jackson’s gaze. “You think you’ll be alright on your own? I might need to help Niall with this one.”

Jackson nodded. He might not have known his way around a rifle when he entered HTX05, but he certainly did now. He was a pretty crack shot, too, he liked to think. “Yeah, I think I’ll manage.”

“That might not be necessary,” said Niall. Zach had stopped fighting. Instead, he was standing there, stock-still, lightly touching the side of his face. Somehow, Jackson didn’t find the sight any more reassuring.

"Oh, fuck, " said Zach. “It’s too late.”

Niall and Malik must have felt the same chill that Jackson did because all three of them shared the same look of concern. There was a pregnant pause. But nothing happened.

Malik looked visibly received. "Whew. I really thought some shit was about to go down," he said.

Niall shushed the big guy. “Listen,” he said, simply.

Jackson frowned. It was one thing for Zach to be freaking out. If Niall bought into the whole thing, too, then… Well, he didn’t know what, exactly, he was going to do. He said nothing, though, instead listening as Niall had said.

Malik looked at Jackson but obliged once he saw that Jackson wasn’t saying anything. He shut his mouth and turned his head.

"They are getting louder," said Niall. He looked worried.

Jackson wanted to say they were just imagining it, or they were just being swept up in some sort of mass hysteria, but he was pretty sure Niall was right. He hadn’t been on watch detail a lot, but he knew it was usually quieter than this.

“What are you guys talking ab—” Just as Malik was halfway through, there was a palpable shift in the air. His eyes grew wide. "Oh, fuck, is right."

Malik was the first to rush to the parapet, visibly paling as he looked toward the horde. Niall left Zach behind and blanched, too.

Jackson was almost afraid to look, but he did anyway. At first, he couldn’t tell what was wrong, but it only took a second to register. The chaotic, haphazard rutting of the horde was gone. They were fucking each other at a steady rhythm.

Waves of motion rippled out across the horde. They were getting louder not because they were increasing the volume of their moans. They were getting louder because they were starting to sync up. Constructive interference. Jackson remembered that much from high school physics.

One fuck-zombie thrust and triggered the one next to him. This wave continued, washing across the entire horde. And then another wave would come through from the other side. The ripples came faster and faster. For a moment, the horde devolved into chaos again, and then, suddenly, it was as if a threshold had been crossed and every last fuck-zombie was thrusting in perfect synchronicity with one another.

But the horde was getting faster. The fuck-zombies were getting louder. Jackson wanted to look away but couldn’t, rooted to the spot as the horde built up to a massive crescendo that roared up from the ground to reach the top of the wall.

And then everything stopped. One could hear a pin drop. Not a single zombie moved.

Moments later, sirens blared all across HTX05. Bright red alarm lights shone in every guard tower along the perimeter. The din was deafening. Over the racket, the Chief’s voice boomed from the PA system. “This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. As of now, we are on total lockdown. All residents to battle stations.”

Despite the chaos, the horde remained perfectly still. It was eerie. Every last fuck-zombie was fully stationary. Not a single muscle twitched.

A few minutes later, the alarms subsided. Jackson took advantage of the brief lull in the chaos to look around. “Where did Zach go?” he said.

Niall and Malik looked back. The hatch was open. Zach must have gone and pulled the alarm. Jackson wasn’t fussed about that. His concern was that Zach hadn’t returned yet.

“Shit. If he’s not back, he’s gonna get reprimanded,” said Malik.

“That’s the best case. If things up here go to shit and the Chief gets wind that he wasn’t at his station…” Niall frowned but turned his attention back to the horde, looking down the sight of his rifle.

Jackson did the same. “Let’s not think about that,” he said.

Things were tense for a few minutes. Everyone was ready for the fuck-zombies to do something. But they just remained still. They were so perfectly motionless they might as well have been statues.

Although there was a part of Jackson that thought something wasn’t right, he started to let his guard down. Niall and Malik followed suit, lowering their rifles.

Of course, the universe had a sense of humor. That was the exact moment that things changed. A fuck-zombie broke away from the crowd. It staggered forward, rock-hard cock bouncing with every step. It managed three paces from where it was standing before a loud crack stopped it.

The fuck-zombie’s head exploded, but instead of a spray of red viscera, pearlescent white fluid and chunks of gooey white flesh sprayed out of its skull. It pitched forward into the dirt, twitched a little, and then stayed down.

More zombies broke from the horde. They staggered forward, stumbling on unsteady legs. In the wake of every wave that was eliminated came another with more zombies.

Gunshots rang out as the men of HTX05 fired from their battle stations. But with each wave, the zombies got closer and closer to the walls. With each wave, they came faster, steadier on their feet. Eventually, they were running, shambling, throwing themselves forward with the momentum of their bodies.

The first few zombies reached the wall. Their hands uselessly scrabbled at the smooth concrete. They pressed their bodies against the wall, bucking their hips, grinding their cocks, spraying their tainted loads all over the walls.

The guard towers being so high up, Jackson, Malik, and Niall couldn’t aim properly at the zombies that had made it to the wall. Instead, they took potshots at stragglers.

It was as Jackson was aiming down his rifle sight at a zombie that its head suddenly snapped up. Jackson nearly fell back in surprise as their eyes met despite the distance between them.

He jerked his rifle to the side, the shot pinging into the ground and sending up a fountain of dirt. He’d always considered the possibility that they might one day see someone they knew among the horde. He’d never imagined that it would happen to him.

Jackson aimed at the zombie again. Its eyes seemed as bright as they had been in life. It would have been a mercy to kill it, but he couldn’t bring himself to pull the trigger. He swapped targets again, exploding the head of a different zombie.

As suddenly as the whole thing started, the fuck-zombies pulled back. After pointlessly fucking the settlement wall, they just turned around and ran.

“Reggie…” The name felt like sacrilege on Jackson’s lips. The only reason he’d been in Texas when everything went down, in the first place, was that he was visiting Reggie.

They’d been neighbors, growing up. Inseparable. Practically attached at the hip. Even though Reggie ended up as more of a jock and Jackson more of a nerd in high school, they’d remained best friends.

At some point, Jackson caught feelings for Reggie. He never said anything, thinking Reggie was straight. Them growing apart when Reggie’s family moved to Texas and the two of them went to different colleges was painful to experience.

They’d reconnected after graduation. Hit it off as if they’d never spent any time apart. Things continued that way for about a year. Talking over the internet. Gaming together like they used to. And then Reggie confessed that he’d experimented in college and realized some things.

A small smile tugged at Jackson’s lips. There he’d been, years of hiding his infatuation for the sake of the friendship, and Reggie just went right out with it and said that he liked him with no hint of shame.

He supposed it only made sense. Reggie had always been the more outgoing of the two of them. Suffice it to say, he admitted to his own feelings and things went from there. Long distance was rough, but their circumstances didn’t leave much space for either of them to do something about it.

Jackson flying into Texas was supposed to be the first time he and Reggie saw each other face-to-face in years. Except things had already gone to shit by the time his plane landed.

He’d tried to find Reggie in the days and weeks that followed but never got anywhere. He knew, deep down, that the fuck-zombies had probably gotten to Reggie, but he’d clung on to the hope that Reggie had found his way into one of the other settlements.

Either way, Jackson left Reggie behind when he came to HTX05. It broke his heart, but he had to survive. Seeing him out there, among the horde, he felt as if his heart was breaking all over again.

He tried not to think about the possibility that Reggie had been out there the whole time. Just another fuck-zombie in a throng of others. Never noticed. Never recognized.

The lights turned on and Jackson had to squint. They were harsh and stark, a sterile white that made his eyes water. A moment later, there was the distinctive crackle of the PA system speakers. “Good morning, gentlemen. The date is the 16th of March, 2050 and the time is 0515 hours.”

Saved by the bell, Jackson supposed. He couldn’t very well get lost in his own thoughts when he needed to get ready and do his daily ablutions before the daily inspection at 0600.

Part of him wondered if the Chief would call for him again, today. He wasn’t sure what he preferred. On the one hand, it would be a good distraction. On the other, he suddenly felt like he was cheating on Reggie. Which made no sense, since Reggie was one of the fuck-zombie hordes outside the settlement.

Whatever. Jackson tried not to think about it. He’d just have to cross that bridge when he got there.

“Yesterday certainly was something, wasn’t it, son?” said the Chief as Jackson bobbed up and down on his stiff cock. He had his fingers tangled up in Jackson’s hair, wrapped up tight to control Jackson’s pace and position.

Jackson looked up to meet the Chief’s gaze and nodded, sliding his tongue back and forth along the underside of the older man’s thick member. He was only really half-listening, far too preoccupied with the dick sliding down his gullet to pay too close attention.

He’d thought he would feel more guilty about what he was doing, considering the emotions that had been dredged up by seeing Reggie. He had no such problem, which also sucked, in and of itself. He didn’t realize he’d become so desperate for sexual satisfaction.

Jackson had expected that he would feel at least a little bit of guilt. But those thoughts had scattered out of his head the moment the Chief motioned for him to come around to the back of the desk. Guilt ended up being the furthest thing from his mind as he sank to his knees, his mouth already watering.

“Two years of nothing but filthy fucking sodomy outside our walls and then, suddenly, they’re humping them?” the Chief shook his head and laughed as he stroked the side of Jackson’s face with the thumb of his free hand. “Remind me to stop boasting about understanding fuck-zombies.”

Oh. The Chief had been talking about the fuck-zombies. Jackson thought the Chief was talking about their brief tryst yesterday, before all the complicated shit happened.

It wasn’t a topic Jackson wanted to be talking about, but he couldn’t exactly tell the Chief to back off of it. It was about the only exciting thing that had happened in the two years since they sealed HTX05. He just hoped the Chief wouldn’t ask if he had any theories about what caused the change. He didn’t want to think about it.

“’Least we killed a bunch of the fuckers,” said the Chief. “Still, it’s something new. Top brass aren’t happy. We’re only just getting around to stabilizing the settlements. We don’t need this sort of disruption.”

Jackson wasn’t sure he was supposed to be hearing this sort of thing. It seemed like confidential information. Not stuff that was novel to him, granted, but nevertheless sensitive.

The Chief answered the unspoken question a moment later. “Of course, you never heard this from me. You’re a smart lad, aren’t you, Jackie? Know how to be discreet?”

Jackson nodded. He wasn’t stupid enough to go blabbing. And he’d be damned before he let go of this privilege by running his mouth. Not that being kicked out of the Chief’s bed was the worst punishment he could get if he leaked any information. In all likelihood, he’d probably get turned out to fend for himself and that simply wasn’t an option.

The Chief tilted his head back and groaned. “Fuck. I was right picking you. You’ve got a talented mouth on you, son. I normally wouldn’t have called you here two days in a row, but I could really use an outlet today.”

Jackson supposed that was fair. Things had been stressful enough yesterday, and he was just an average resident of HTX05. He couldn’t imagine how much work the Chief ended up having to do in the aftermath.

“Alright, son. Enough. Enough,” said the Chief, yanking sharply on Jackson’s hair to pull him off of his cock. “I think it’s about time I had a taste of that pussy.”

Jackson flushed. It wasn’t just his cheeks that got hot. Warmth pooled in his gut, too, a twinge of need deep inside him. He got up and started to strip off his shirt, but the Chief stopped him before he could.

The Chief retrieved a small paper bag that was on the ground next to his chair. He handed it over to Jackson and said, “Put this on, first.”

Jackson set the paper bag on the Chief’s desk and peered inside. His face got hot at what he saw. It really wasn’t his style, but he couldn’t exactly say no. The Chief’s expression suggested that he probably shouldn’t, anyway.

“I’ll turn around while you change,” said the Chief.

“Yes, Sir,” said Jackson. He didn’t know why he was so turned on by the prospect of being forced to wear something he normally never would. But maybe that was it. He was being forced to. Not explicitly, but pretty damn well near to.

He stripped off in record time. He then folded his clothes and set them aside. He didn’t think the Chief was the kind of man who would be too pleased at having a mess in his space.

Then, Jackson retrieved the first piece of clothing that was in the paper bag. It was a pair of light blue skirted lace panties with leg garters. He pulled them on, his cage snug in the pouch at the front of the panties and the narrow panel of fabric in the back slipping into his crack.

He didn’t think he’d ever felt so slutty or vulnerable. The second piece was a matching lace bra, only one that was clearly meant to be worn by a guy. He’d developed some definition in his pecs over the two years of training at the Settlement but he wasn’t anywhere near fitting even the smallest-sized women’s bras.

With the lingerie was what Jackson could only describe as a slutty schoolgirl costume. He pulled on and buttoned up the crop top blouse. He slid the short skirt—so short that his ass hung out past the bottom hem—up his legs. Last but not least was a light blue collar with a small tag that read “Jackie” clipped to the D-ring in the front.

The tips of Jackson’s ears were hot as he said, “I-I’m done, Sir.” He didn’t think he’d ever felt so humiliated. And yet, he was incredibly turned on, too.

The Chief turned around in his chair, pupils visibly dilating as he took in the sight of Jackson in his get-up. He licked his lips, his cock pulsing. “Son, you make a very pretty girl. Now, come sit on my lap.”

“Y-yes, Sir,” Jackson breathed. His blood was hot. His heart was racing. He crossed the short distance between himself and the Chief, feeling incredibly exposed as he straddled the older man’s legs to sit in his lap.

“Call me Daddy, baby girl,” the Chief breathed, his gaze raking hungrily up along the front of Jackson’s torso.

“Y-yes, Daddy,” Jackson whispered, his cheeks warm with humiliation even as a frisson of pleasure curled through him.

“That’s a good girl,” said the Chief. “Such a good girl.”

Jackson jumped when the Chief placed his hands on his exposed sides. They lingered there only a moment before sliding down. Then he felt them slip under the hem of his skirt, his round cheeks being palmed and kneaded.

“Do you like your outfit, baby girl?” said the Chief.

Jackson wasn’t sure if he liked the outfit, or if he liked being made to put it on. But he knew what the Chief wanted to hear. “I-I do, Daddy,” he said.

“Good girl,” said the Chief. The look in his eye was hungry. Predatory. He leaned forward and planted a kiss on the side of Jackson’s neck. “Unbutton that blouse for me, won’t you, baby?” he said in a voice that was low and thick with lust.

“Yes, Daddy,” said Jackson, finding enough confidence to step into the role that the Chief wanted him to play. He brought his hands up to the button holding the collar of the blouse closed and popped it open.

He did the next two buttons, then spread open the part that he’d unbuttoned. The top of the lace bra peeked out through the space he’d made. “Like this, Daddy?”

“Oh yeah. Just like that, baby. Go on. Daddy wants to see what’s under there.”

Jackson flushed. He undid the rest of the buttons slowly. Sensuously. He arched his back and pushed his chest out so that when he finished with the last button, the two halves of the crop top blouse would fall apart to reveal the lacy bra underneath. “T-this is embarrassing, Daddy,” he said in the smallest voice that he could muster, taking a shot that the Chief would appreciate him playing the part of a blushing virgin.

The Chief’s eyes widened. And then the corner of his mouth curled in a little smirk. “No, no, no, baby girl. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You’re beautiful in Daddy’s eyes. Always.

Jackson shivered as one of the Chief’s hands slid up along the curve of his spine. His cock strained in its cage. The Chief’s hand slipped under his crop top, fingers deftly unhooking the back of the bra.

“Now let me see those pretty little titties, baby girl,” said the Chief.

Jackson flushed as he slipped out of the lace bra and the crop top blouse. The Chief helped him with it, taking each article of clothing and tossing them onto the desk once Jackson was done taking them off.

A low groan spilled from Jackson’s lips as the Chief leaned forward and traced the tip of his tongue in a circle around his left nipple. Then the Chief’s free hand reached up to pinch the other.

Jackson moaned. Tingling, electric shocks of pleasure went up and down along the curve of Jackson’s spine as the Chief closed his lips around his nipple and grazed the sensitive nub with his teeth.

He’d never been much of a nipple guy but he supposed two years of denial had turned pretty much his entire body into an erogenous zone. As much as he tried to hold back while the Chief chewed on his nipple, he couldn’t, the noises spilling from his lips like so many prayers for relief.

The Chief pulled away and grinned. Jackson’s nipple glistened with spit, redder than usual from the stimulation. Then, he went for the other, swapping places with his hand which then began to tug and squeeze the nipple he’d just released from his teeth.

“D-Daddy, please!” Jackson moaned, his cock twitching and straining in its cage.

The Chief spent another minute or so toying with his nipples before he was satisfied. He gave Jackson a little smile and said, “You taste amazing, baby girl.” After a moment, he pulled his hand off of Jackson’s ass to cup Jackson’s pecs with both his palms. “But I think we can do some more work on these. I’ll make sure to put in a note for your trainer, okay?”

Jackson flushed and nodded. He could have said no. He should have said no. Changing his body for a man seemed like a step too far, but he couldn’t bring himself to fight back. “Yes, Daddy,” he said meekly.

“Now get up, turn around, and bend over. Daddy wants to see that sweet little pussy.”

Jackson didn’t even think twice about the command. He slid off of the Chief’s lap and turned around. He grabbed the bottom hem of his short skirt and bent forward, flipping it up to reveal the panties that the Chief had given him to wear.

A low moan came to his lips as the Chief leaned forward and dipped a finger into the cleft of his ass. His cock strained in its cage as his hole was rubbed through the lace.

“Such a pretty little hole, and it’s all for me,” mused the Chief.

Jackson heard the click of something being uncapped and moments later, he felt something warm and slick being drizzled over the top of his ass cheeks. It felt like oil and, after a few seconds, he realized it was faintly scented.

The oil soaked into the lace, dripping down into the valley between his round cheeks. The Chief made sure to rub it in, working the slick oil into the area right around Jackson’s quivering pucker.

Jackson moaned at the stimulation. It had been so long since he last took it up the ass. He was going to be so tight. He only hoped the Chief would be gracious enough to stretch him out before doing anything.

“You like this, baby girl?” said the Chief.

Jackson nodded. “I-I do, Daddy,” he moaned.

“Is your little pussy getting wet for Daddy’s cock?”

Heat flushed through Jackson’s body. Those words. He didn’t know what it was about them, but they made him leak. If his cage weren’t made of steel, he’d probably have exploded right out of it. “So wet for you, Daddy… I need you so bad.”

“Alright, baby girl. Don’t you worry. Daddy’s gonna give you what you need. But I know it’s been a long time and if we go too fast, I’m gonna hurt you. So I want to make sure that you’re nice and ready for me before I do.”

“Y-yes, Daddy. Thank you.”

Jackson tensed as the Chief tugged his panties aside to expose his trembling hole. A tremulous moan came to his lips as a finger rubbed up and down along his pucker and then pushed inside.

The Chief’s index finger sank into Jackson’s velvet heat with relatively little resistance. The oil was slick enough to make the insertion easy. He pushed in all the way to the knuckle and then twisted his wrist as he pulled out.

It was like riding a bike. It had been a while, but Jackson’s body still remembered how to respond to it. Supervised release didn’t count. The anal stimulator never did any thrusting. It just vibrated.

A low moan spilled from Jackson. The Chief knew what he was doing. Whether he’d done this before or looked up how to do it, Jackson wasn’t sure. The only thing he knew was that it felt good and that he’d missed it.

It didn’t take long for Jackson to open up. It was just one finger, after all, and Jackson used to be able to take much larger. A second finger was added, drawing a louder moan from Jackson’s lips.

The Chief sawed the fingers in and out of Jackson’s hole a few times, then he sank them up to the knuckles. He curled them, fingertips brushing over Jackson’s prostate.

“O-oh, fuck! Daddy! I need you so badly!” Jackson mewled.

“Just a little more, princess,” said the Chief as he added a third finger. That one was challenging.

Jackson felt the familiar burn of his hole getting stretched open. Not that he minded. The sensation was a welcome one. This time, he couldn’t help but buck against the Chief’s thrusts.

“Amazing, baby girl. Look how hungry your pussy is for me,” said the Chief.

Jackson moaned. He didn’t know what it was about the way the Chief was talking to him, but it made his caged cock leak. “Please… Daddy… Please put it inside me… I think I’m ready!”

“You know what, princess?” said the Chief. “I think you’re right.”

Jackson’s heart skipped a beat as the Chief grabbed him by the hips. He didn’t resist as he was pulled back. Instead, he spread his legs, and slowly lowered himself onto the Chief’s lap.

His body tensed when he felt the blunt head of the Chief’s fat hog knocking at his hole. It had been so long, his pucker convulsed against it, as if kissing the glans wet, pre-cum slick tip.

Jackson let gravity do most of the work. The pressure built. His hole resisted. But damn if he was going to let his first dick in two years go just because he was a little tight.

He pushed against the Chief’s cock and slowly, he started to open up. The Chief’s hog was eyewatering-ly thick but he managed. He fought through the burn, through the stretch, gasping as the head finally popped inside him.

After that, Jackson had to pause for breath. His hole was going crazy. His inner walls were fluttering, squeezing, clenching tightly around the first proper dick they’d felt in two years.

Fuck, baby girl. That’s one sweet pussy you have. You’re milking me so well,” the Chief groaned.

“T-thank you, Daddy,” Jackson breathed. He was ready for more. He sank lower, taking inch after inch of the Chief’s ample endowment.

A tear came to Jackson’s eye. He’d missed this. Maybe that was a perverse thing to think, but he hadn’t gotten his ass stuffed in so long. He’d almost forgotten what it was like to be filled like this.

Jackson bottomed out with a groan. Whether it was him or the Chief, he wasn’t entirely sure. He was just blissed out on the end of a fat dick and not really of his mind.

The Chief was gracious enough to give him a minute to adjust. He thought he’d need it, but by the end of it, he was practically gagging for a proper dicking down.

Jackson felt so full. So right. So satisfied. And the moment he felt the Chief’s fingers dig into the meat of his hips, he knew he was going to get what he wanted.

“Fuck. Squeeze my cock with that tight little pussy, princess,” the Chief groaned as he rocked his hips back and forth. He started slowly but didn’t take long to build his pace.

Jackson moaned. This was what he wanted. What he needed. It had been too fucking long. He rocked back against the Chief’s thrusts, their hips slapping together harder and louder with every thrust.

There was some restraint in both of them to start with, but they were rutting like wild animals in no time at all. The Chief was grunting and growling, muttering under his breath about how Jackson’s pussy was all he ever wanted. Jackson mewled and whined, begging for more, for harder, for faster.

The Chief picked Jackson up off the chair and bent him over the desk. Papers and other paraphernalia were first thrown into disarray, and then later knocked off the desktop altogether as the force of the Chief’s rutting made Jackson lurch forward with every thrust.

It was a wild and frantic fuck. It hurt a little, at first, burned as Jackson’s hole was repeatedly stretched around the intimidating girth of the Chief’s hog, but whatever pain there had been was now eclipsed by the pleasure.

The Chief’s even rhythm faltered. “I’m close, baby girl,” he moaned.

“Breed me, Daddy! Push your babies deep inside me!” Jackson found himself crying out.

“Oh yeah. Oh fuck, yeah, princess. I’m gonna fucking knock you up,” said the Chief, delivering a particularly sharp thrust that knocked Jackson nearly flat against the desk. “You ready to be bred, huh, baby girl? Ready for Daddy to seed your hungry pussy?”

“Please, Daddy! Please! I need it so bad!”

“As. You. Wish!” the Chief grunted, punctuating every word with a particularly forceful thrust before pulling out one last time and then slamming his cock home.

Jackson’s whole body shuddered and shook. His stomach clenched and unclenched. His toes curled. His legs tensed. His hole fluttered and clamped tightly around the Chief’s cock as his own caged manhood swelled against the confines of its cage.

The most powerful orgasm Jackson had had in two years rocked through his body. His caged dick exploded in his panties, adding to the damp mess that he’d already made with his pre-cum. At the same time, he felt the hot splashes of the Chief’s load splattering against his inner walls. Spurt after spurt sent fresh pleasure through Jackson’s body until at last, they both started to come down from the orgasm.

Fuck,” the Chief panted. “I don’t know how I’m gonna keep my hands off that ass, son.”

“I hope you don’t,” Jackson said without thinking.

The Chief laughed. “Maybe I won’t… Maybe I won’t.”

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