So, for some time now, I’ve had a crush on two of my friends. Well, they’re twins, actually, who came here from The Philippines. They’ve been two of my best friends since we were young. They’re cute and fun and outgoing and just… perfect.

They actually wanted to see what Hierarch Industries was about. Like everyone else, I’ve heard rumors of what goes on in there. But after brushing up on what little knowledge is available to the public (you know those Corporate Press Releases and Marketing stunts, etc.), I decided to join them.

I’m hoping this will give me a chance to be with one of them as their Alpha. Maybe if I’m lucky I can be with both of them chuckles one can only hope.

Well, see you after the meeting.

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Conversion Therapy

Hey Fairies, I’m in need of some back-up. A little friend of mine told me that his dad doesn’t clear the browser history and that it’s page after page of ‘gay conversion therapy’ this and ‘how to straighten out your gay son’ that.

He’s planned for both of them to go away for a weekend at their ‘cabin in the woods’. I’ve confronted his dad about it, but he’s playing innocent.

Whatever he has planned, I need to make sure it backfires. Spectacularly. In every way that he dreads. So, Purple & Pink, what could we do?

Story Request by @blazefiresabre1
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