So, for some time now, I’ve had a crush on two of my friends. Well, they’re twins, actually, who came here from The Philippines. They’ve been two of my best friends since we were young. They’re cute and fun and outgoing and just… perfect.

They actually wanted to see what Hierarch Industries was about. Like everyone else, I’ve heard rumors of what goes on in there. But after brushing up on what little knowledge is available to the public (you know those Corporate Press Releases and Marketing stunts, etc.), I decided to join them.

I’m hoping this will give me a chance to be with one of them as their Alpha. Maybe if I’m lucky I can be with both of them chuckles one can only hope.

Well, see you after the meeting.

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The twins, Joey and Carl, were the kind of people that filled a person’s life with energy. Now that they had been gone for a while, Mason had become acutely aware of just how quiet his life was without them. That was the whole point of looking up Hierarch Industries and deciding to follow the twins.

Mason had heard through the vine that people changed after they went into those clinics. He wished he could say that he didn’t want the twins to change, but they had been so excited. The truth was just that he didn’t want to be left behind. If they were going to change, he was open to changing, too. As long as it meant that he could be with them.

Mason was sure that the twins shared the sentiment. After all, they had tried to convince him to come with them for a while. He’d just been too uncertain about it to say anything definitively. He had work. Night school. It was hard enough to find time to hang out with the twins, much less the two or three days that it would take to join the Hierarch Industries program.

The moment Mason noticed his phone didn’t buzz every five minutes with something new from the twins, the moment he got home and realized they wouldn’t be trying to break his door down ten minutes later, was the moment he realized that he couldn’t bear the thought of losing them. After that, it was an easy choice to make.

Now here Mason was, in the waiting room of the intake clinic, nervously tapping his foot on the floor as he waited for his number. There was certainly an element of the fear of the unknown in the back of his mind, but his desire to see the twins again ultimately won out and kept him right where he was sitting.

Eventually, Mason was called in. The clinician looked him up and down and hummed appreciatively as he stepped into a small measurement booth. A console on the interior wall printed out statistics as he stood there, being scanned by the sophisticated machinery. His height. Weight. Blood pressure. Heart rate. Pretty much every characteristic that could be determined without invasive procedures was printed out on that console.

Mason was surprised to learn that he was in better health and better shape than he expected to be. The clinician clucked approvingly and let him into one of the nearby rooms before taking a seat behind the desk.

"Mr. Cunningham, very nice to see you join us today," said the man behind the desk. "There are two new omegas who just can’t stop talking about you. I’m sure you know them. They’ve been badgering us to see if you’re compatible with either one or both of them, but we’ve had to put a pin in those discussions," he added.

"The last thing that we want is to encourage begging behavior. That is something that will be at the prerogative of their eventual Alpha or Alphas." The man behind the desk smiled. "However, that aside. We are glad that you’ve come to join us today. Our preliminary assessment indicated a high likelihood of compatibility and as it is, the more comprehensive scan that you just underwent has all but confirmed it."

Mason couldn’t help but smile a little. He didn’t really understand what was going on. Not really. But he got the gist. If all went well, he was going to be the twins’ Alpha. "All that remains is to ask whether you’re sure that you want to become a part of the Hierarchy," said the clinician, sliding a plastic cup filled with a pale blue solution toward Mason. "If you drink this, then we’ll assume your answer is yes."

Mason didn’t even have to think about it for a moment. The choice was clear. With more determination and confidence than he had ever done anything in his life, he grabbed the cup and swallowed the contents. "Welcome to the Hierarchy, Alpha Cunningham," said the clinician, with a broad grin.

The transformation was easily one of the most intense things that Mason had ever experienced in his life. It was painful and pleasurable all at the same time. The clinician had let him into an adjacent room to ride out the rest of his transformation and suffice to say, the amount of sweat and cum that he left behind definitely warranted the attention of a custodian.

When the clinician returned, Mason was sitting on top of the small cot in the corner, the sheets under him soaked in his emission. There was cum in puddles all over the floor, and the bed creaked under the weight of his new body. He wasn’t particularly bulky, though his muscles certainly had greater definition. But his whole body was denser. Heavier. Not that he felt it. To him, his body felt lighter than it had ever been.

"It looks like you’ve turned into quite the specimen, Alpha Cunningham. If you would follow me, your would-be mates are waiting for you," said the clinician. "Though between you and me, sir, I would suggest taking your time walking. There’s nothing more adorable than when the twins have been driven up the wall with horniness."

The clinician had, of course, been correct. By the time that Mason arrived at the small room that had been set aside for the "mating," the twins were on the bed, desperately fingering themselves. Their legs were splayed, their asses in the air. The hands that weren’t stuck up their tight little boypussies were draped across each other’s shoulders.

"Cute," said Mason, closing the door behind him. If not for his newly-enhanced strength, the enthusiasm with which the twins untangled themselves to charge him would have knocked him over. As it happened, he managed to stand his ground. "Miss me, boys?" he said.

They looked up at Mason with wide, pleading brown eyes. "Alright, alright," he said, laughing. The new baritone of his voice boomed through the room and sent a shiver down his spine. Fuck. That was going to take some getting used to. He sounded fucking sexy. Like half of the men in the building. "Have at it, boys," he said.

Mason, as it turned out, had failed to accurately estimate the viciousness with which the twins would attack his cock. Scarcely had the words left his lips than two pairs of lips locked around the base of his thicker, longer, harder shaft. He bit back a low, guttural moan and reached down, threading his fingers through the soft, thick hair on the twins’ heads.

With his newfound strength, Mason kept the boys in place as he slowly rocked his hips back and forth. Though he could tell that they were disappointed that they wouldn’t get free reign on his cock, the twins didn’t falter in their enthusiasm. Once they figured out that they couldn’t move their heads even if they wanted to, they took to tonguing at Mason’s cock as he thrusted it between their lips.

Mason continued that for a minute or so, but quickly tired of it. He pushed Joey down, letting the louder twin suck on his heavy balls, while he gave Carl, the more soft-spoken twin, the privilege of slurping on his cock. After a while he had them switch places. Then, he skull-fucked Carl before doing the same to Joey.

"Go, get on the bed," said Mason, as the boys staggered away from him, their little omega cocks hard and dripping between their legs. They clumsily clambered onto the mattress and presented their asses. Mason took turns rimming one and fingering the other, preparing them for his girth.

From that point on, not a single word was exchanged between the three. Grunts, moans, and whimpers comprised the language they communicated in. First Mason fucked Carl. Then, he fucked Joey. He marked Joey, first. Then, he marked Carl.

When time came for the mating to be consummated, Mason ordered the two boys to hop on top of one another. Slammed his cock into Carl, triggering his orgasm. Hot cum spurted into Carl as Carl’s cock started shooting. Halfway through he pulled out and slid into Joey, flooding Joey’s insides with the rest of his seed, making Joey spill onto the sheets below.

In the end, Mason crawled into bed with his omegas and dozed off, sandwiched between two eager Filipino boys who just couldn’t stop playing with his cock even as it deflated.

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