Nothing Too Extreme

Hey, so, recently my friends have told me that I act very straight for a gay guy. Any way the Pink Fairy could help me so I come across a bit more gay? Just, nothing too extreme…

Story Request by @davidsp01

One has to wonder what it was that forced David to make the ill-thought-out request of the Pink Fairy. Was it some form of guilt over holding up heteronormativity? Or was it because he was getting tired of guys not getting the hint that he was gay and that he wanted to fuck? Regardless, the wish had been put out into the cosmos, and with such a ripe opportunity it was unlikely that the Pink Fairy would ever let it go unanswered. If he had left well enough alone he might have gone on to be successful in his business. But alas, it was not to be.

For a while after making his wish, David forgot that he had even made it. Until he woke up one day, in a bit of a cold sweat, with the fading memory of a shop in a gray city in the back of his head. It was the strangest thing, but he couldn’t remember much about the dream. The only thing he knew was that it had been so vivid, so visceral, that it had felt real. Feeling fuzzy and foggy in the head, he just went back to sleep as it was too early.

As soon as the sun was up, David was out of bed. He scarcely noticed the way that his hips swayed as he walked to the bathroom for his morning ablutions, but he certainly felt a bit more confident, a bit more playful. It wasn’t until he had rubbed the sleep from his eyes and noticed, in his reflection, that his rump looked a bit thicker, his wrist a bit more limp, that he realized his wish had come true.

Through the fuzziness in his head, David grinned at himself. This was good. This was exactly what he had wanted. Nothing too extreme, and certainly nothing too subtle. It was just right. And he certainly appreciated the fact that he looked a good two years younger in the mirror.

As he was looking for clothes to wear, David noticed that there was a small box in his drawer. He pulled it out and set it on top of the drawer and opened it. Inside was a dazzling assortment of rubber wristbands. Most were rainbows from pride events. He had never owned any of these, so he supposed they were a gift from the Pink Fairy. He didn’t want to appear rude, so he took three from the box and wore them around his right wrist. They actually looked good on him, and they definitely showed off that he was gay. They certainly weren’t anything extreme.

David chewed on his lip as he looked at his clothes. He didn’t really know what to wear. He wanted to look nice, especially since today was a day to celebrate. Thinking was difficult. His head felt fuzzy. Foggy. There was a pleasant static buzz in his thoughts, sending an occasional tingle right to the tip of his cock.

Rifling through his underwear drawer, David noticed a pretty pink jockstrap. The word "BUTT SLUT" was in large block print across the waistband. It seemed saucy, a bit racy. But it wasn’t like anyone would see anything more than a peek of the waistband over his pants. It wasn’t too much. Certainly wasn’t too extreme. He could be sexual under his clothes if he wanted.

With a quiet giggle, feeling extremely naughty, David pulled the jockstrap up his legs. It felt nice, gliding smoothly over his skin. He hadn’t even noticed that he had lost his leg hair and his bush as he pushed his cock into the pouch of the jockstrap.

Everything was tight, for a moment. The waistband dug into David’s doughy midriff. But only for a moment. David shivered, his cock twitching, as his body changed to accommodate his underwear. He lost all of the fat that clung to him, leaving him with a lithe, lean body. It all went to his ass, forcing the thick globes to strain against the straps of the bright, bubblegum pink jockstrap that framed them.

David could have sworn that everything was a bit bigger than he remembered it being, but he was starting to get too horny to care. It was getting even more difficult to think as the fog in his head got thicker. Not that it mattered. He just felt so good. So happy. So gay. He placed his hands on the top of his drawer, spread his legs, and twerked for a few minutes, giggling to himself as his hole twitched in the air.

David did need to leave home eventually, though. So he rifled through his bottoms. He picked out a nice pair of tight booty shorts. The rest of his drawer had tight, skinny jeans that would show off his slender legs and thick bubble butt, but given how hot it was going to be outside, he didn’t really want to cover up too much.

The booty shorts were a bit revealing, but they weren’t anything too extreme. After all, they covered more than half of David’s butt cheeks. The bottom part of his ass still hung out the back of the shorts, but that wasn’t too bad. He had a nice butt. He wanted to show it off. There was nothing extreme about that. It wasn’t like he was bending over and flaunting his asshole at every guy that walked by.

Although, now that David thought about it, there was nothing extreme about that, too. How else would guys know what they were getting for their money? Nowadays, guys wanted to see the goods before they were willing to pay up. There was nothing extreme about good business sense.

With a vapid little chuckle, David pulled out the top that he wanted to wear for the day. It was a bright, bubblegum pink crop top that said "CUM WHORE" on the front. The font was such that it looked like someone had blown a load all over the shirt in the shape of the letters. David loved it.

A small part of David, which he really ignored most of the time now, thought that it was a bit too much. But what was extreme about wearing a shirt that showed off exactly what he was? He was a proud little cum whore. There was nothing wrong about advertising the fact, especially when guys paid premium for that sort of thing. It wasn’t like he was going out topless, flaunting his tits. Though upon further consideration that wasn’t too bad an idea either.

David grabbed the bright pink snapback sitting on top of the drawer, that had the word "HIMBO" on the front and the back, and set it on top of his head. Backwards, of course. He wasn’t a savage. Like the shirt, it was just advertising what he was. A pretty little face without much going on upstairs. A himbo. There was nothing too extreme about letting people know that they should talk a bit slower and in smaller words around him. Because he was such an air-headed ditz.

David pulled on the pink high-top shoes that he liked to wear whenever he was out walking the streets and just like that he was ready for another day of hard work. With a vapid little giggle, that sounded so devoid of intelligence that one would wonder how David was a functional human being, David reached into the jar on his night stand and pulled out a large cock-shaped lollipop to complete his outfit.

It was such a sweet, delicious treat. David never left home for work without one. He loved licking and slurping and sucking the lollipop while he was waiting for customers. He loved to flick his tongue at the bulbous head whenever he noticed a guy eyeing him. It was a bit slutty, sure, but there was nothing too extreme about giving potential clients a teaser of the services he offered.

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