A Change of Tastes

I was walking past this seedy bar in the backstreets and I bumped into this guy. He got all offended looking and said something I couldn’t understand while waving his hands, saying my ‘tastes would change.’ Now I feel so hungry for something, and guys keep bending over near me…

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It wasn’t a good idea. Nothing about it said good idea. If anything, the flickering street lights, the cats prowling in the streets, the sound of police sirens off in the distance screamed "Bad Idea!" But Caleb had had enough of today and all he wanted to do was get home as fast as possible. He was so done he was more than willing to risk his life to save fifteen minutes of walking.

For one thing, Caleb had been looking forward to going out with his girlfriend for dinner. But his boss, the royal jackass of Activine’s marketing division, had decided that he just needed to stay a few hours to finish an important project. The fucker had had it out for him ever since he had gotten a promotion that the guy had been wanting to give to one of his cronies, and unfortunately, Caleb had had a slip of the tongue and had told one of his coworkers that he was looking forward to tonight’s date within earshot of the boss.

As Caleb trudged along, he began to feel the visceral thudding of loud, heavy bass from a nearby night club. He looked up at the sign, having never been to this part of the city before. Maybe he didn’t need to go to bed just yet. Maybe he could have a few drinks. He wasn’t driving, after all, and he could use the buzz. But he realized with a ripple of instinctive disgust that it was a gay club.

Caleb didn’t have anything against the more limp-wristed portion of the male population, but he just thought it was gross. Pussy and tits was where it was at. He just couldn’t even stomach the notion of sticking his dick in another man’s ass, much less taking that dick in his.

Shaking his head, Caleb looked down and dragged his feet down the sidewalk, ignoring the nightclub and the hooting of the patrons having a smoke outside. As he was passing by the mouth of an alley beside the nightclub, he accidentally bumped into someone. "Sorry, man," he said, looking up to see who he had bumped into. It was a tall man, a handsome man. He had the type of body that any guy would kill for. He had a bit of a smirk on his face, a confident gleam in his eye.

"No problem," said the big guy, with a wink. "If you’re looking for a nice tight boypussy, there’s a twink over there desperate for a big cock, stud," said the big guy.

Before he could school his expression, Caleb recoiled with disgust. "Ew, gross," he blurted out, before he could stop himself. "No thanks. Pussy’s my preferred flavor," he said. It was a strange turn of phrase, but before he could even question his own actions he was distracted by the arcane movements of the stranger’s hands, and the words that seemed to pulse with terrible power through his ears and his bones. "W-What was that?" he said.

The big man sniffed and shook his head. He turned to walk away. Caleb grabbed him by the arm, but the big man just shook Caleb’s hand off, muttering something under his breath that Caleb only managed to catch. "We’ll see… Change your tastes… favorite flavor for long…"

There was something perturbing about the man’s sudden change in attitude, but Caleb just put it out of his head. He didn’t have the time or the patience tonight, and he didn’t want to cause a scene. Begrudgingly, he just trudged the rest of the way home.

Nothing much happened over the next few days. Caleb forgot all about the strange encounter with the man, even though the words echoed in the back of his head. He did notice that he kept feeling hungry even after big meals, his tongue craving for something that he couldn’t quite put a finger on. It wasn’t a big deal. Drinking water every now and again helped.

But as the days dragged on, the sensation only got stronger. Taking one of his precious sick days, Caleb went to his doctor to get looked at. The visit was inconclusive. The doctor just recommended that Caleb start eating smaller meals more often to see if it would help.

For a time, it did. The hunger never lessened in intensity. It got progressively worse. But eating meals more frequently helped. A little. Until it didn’t. It was starting to become a distraction. Caleb’s thoughts were distracted, his mind searching for what it was that his tongue craved, what would sate the hunger that he could feel gnawing at his stomach.

It was starting to affect Caleb’s productivity. So much so that his jackass boss started to notice. He was called in to talk about his recent performance. The whole time, just to be a dick, the boss didn’t even look at Caleb once, just passive-aggressively making comments while pretending to look for a book on the bottom shelf of his book case.

For whatever reason, Caleb couldn’t stop looking at his boss’ ass. It wasn’t the best, or the most shapely, but his boss worked out some. Just enough to give those globes definition. Just enough that they pressed out against the dress pants while he was bent over looking for his book. By the time that the boss dismissed him, Caleb was just idly nodding, saying yes when he thought it was appropriate, entirely distracted by his boss’ ass.

That was when Caleb started noticing it. Some sort of supernatural phenomenon. At first he thought it was just a practical joke, but somehow guys around him kept finding reasons to bend over just as he was looking at them. Some people dropped pens, or papers, or even coffee mugs. There was always a wild scramble, during which, Caleb would stare rather than help. The strangest thing was that no one seemed to find it odd.

Caleb retreated to his desk, suddenly aware that he was sporting the largest, hardest, and most insistently needy erection he had ever had. Looking around to make sure no one was watching too closely, he sprinted for the washroom and ensconced himself in a cubicle. He locked it behind him and pulled out his phone.

Caleb fished his straining cock out of his dress pants and navigated to one of his favorite porn websites, but the instant that he saw a pair of tits, he felt his cock soften a little bit. Pussy had the same effect, and before long he was having to stroke a limp dick despite being insanely horny.

And then the girl on the video bent over for the camera and worked her thong down her legs. Caleb’s breath hitched in his throat. This was his favorite porn star. He eagerly waited to look at her dripping pussy but instead his eyes locked on to the rosebud nestled between her glistening cheeks. His cock immediately rocketed to full hardness and it clicked. Ass. That was what his tongue wanted. Ass.

Caleb paused the video. But there was still something wrong. Something wasn’t right. He jerked his cock, but he didn’t feel into it. The pussy in the frame made him feel weird. Icky. He let the rest of the video roll, not realizing it was a bisexual POV video.

The camera panned to the side to reveal a smooth twink doing the same thing as the girl from earlier. Only he reached around his ass and pulled his fat cheeks apart. The moment Caleb saw that tight, pink hole, his tongue shot out of his mouth and he started salivating. Before long he was desperately pumping his hard cock, drool dribbling into the toilet bowl below.

Caleb was enamored. Enchanted. Enthralled. Enslaved by the sight of smooth boy pussy. And then it hit him. He was being turned on by a guy’s ass. He was jerking off to a guy’s ass. He felt a wave of disgust wash over him but it was quickly obliterated by pleasure as his thumb accidentally slipped and ended up opening a video where a guy was rimming the same twink.

Moaning, Caleb threw his head back as his cock pulsed and throbbed in his fingers, straining against his grip. He could feel his balls pull into his groin, the tension in the pit of his stomach unspooling. Before he could stop himself, he started shooting, all over his dress shirt and suit jacket. His tie was drenched in cum, and it even reached his face, draping thick ropes of hot cum over his cheeks and eyelids.

Basking in the afterglow of orgasm, Caleb let his fingers loosen a tad too much and the phone slipped out of his grip right into the toilet bowl. He made a frantic grab for it, but too late. It hit the water. There was a spark, a crackle, and a pop. When he fished it out, the screen was frozen to the image of that boy’s ass being speared by the top’s tongue. Pressing the power button did nothing, so the most that Caleb could do was limp over to the sink to rinse his phone off before putting it in his pocket.

Suffice to say, Caleb wasn’t thinking straight. He was already halfway to his desk when he realized that his coworkers would notice that he had cum all over himself. He even still had the cum on his face. But no one had said anything. And if they had noticed, they were too busy bending over around him to say anything.

Even though no one seemed to notice Caleb’s increasingly-haggard and cum-covered appearance, they certainly noticed that he was going to the bathroom more and more frequently. His phone somehow retained a charge, but was stuck, frozen, on that picture that had been haunting Caleb in his dreams. The only difference was that in his dreams, it was his tongue jammed into the boy’s tight pink asshole.

Eventually, the strain on Caleb’s working relationships reached a breaking point and he was summarily fired as he was cumming for the nth time to the pic frozen on his phone. He was unceremoniously led out of the office with his pants around his ankles, and on the way down from the seventh floor, the guards that escorted him ended up having to tie their shoes seventeen whole times, and always right in front of him.

No longer able to afford his old apartment, Caleb moved elsewhere with a roommate. At some point in the past, he would have found the fact that his roommate was very gay and very hunky disgusting, but it was hard to find time to devote to his prejudices when he was so obsessed with boy pussy these days.

Caleb longed to get a taste of the actual thing. He could only imagine the musky, earthiness of it. The faint, salty-sweet bitterness as his tongue slid over smooth skin and a twitching pucker. God it made him so hard just thinking about it.

It wasn’t long before Caleb got his chance. It happened when he was out struggling to get groceries without blowing a load in his pants. He’d failed. Thrice. But nothing could have prepared him for the sight that greeted him when he got back to the apartment.

Caleb’s roommate, Tom, was wearing nothing but a towel around his waist, bent over near the couch. He was looking for something under the couch. "Fucking soap!" said Tom, with exasperation. In his continued attempts to grab the bar from under the couch, though, the towel around his waist began to slip.

Tom arched his back to really get in there, and in so doing not only spread his legs out further, showing off his tight pink pucker, he also made the towel slide off his waist completely. Finally seeing a boypussy in real life for the first time, Caleb was powerless to resist.

Caleb must have gotten rug burn on his knees from the speed at which he slid over to Tom and jammed his face between those muscular cheeks. "Ohhhhh fuuuuuuck" Tom breathed as Caleb swirled and swiped and jabbed his tongue at that twitching little pucker.

Small shivers of pleasure surged down Caleb’s spine whenever he felt Tom’s entrance respond to his prodding. He moaned deliriously, giving in to the depravity, drinking in every ounce of rapturous, intoxicating flavor of male ass. His cock started cumming in his pants, but the act of finally getting to taste that which he had been craving for months was so profound he barely even noticed.

Suffice to say, clothing became obsolete in the apartment soon after that. Tom, who had always enjoyed the love seat because of the angle it gave him on the TV, soon had a favorite new chair. Caleb’s face. Caleb, for what it was worth, never once complained, fully content to breathe in the delicious musk of Tom’s jock ass.

At some point in the future, long after Caleb’s fall, he found himself wandering somewhere faintly familiar. He licked his lips. His face had been mashed in sweaty ass for the last three hours at the gym and he loved it. There was cum in his hair from the strangers that had blown their load on him as he ate their ass out. He wore it as a badge of honor.

As he was fantasizing, Caleb bumped into someone. "Sorry, man," he said, looking up to see who he had bumped into. It was a tall man, a handsome man. He had the type of body that any guy would kill for. He had a bit of a smirk on his face, a confident gleam in his eye.

"No problem," said the big guy, with a wink. "If you’re looking for a nice tight cunt, there’s a bitch over there desperate for a big cock, stud," said the big guy.

Before he could school his expression, Caleb recoiled with disgust. "Ew, gross," he blurted out, before he could stop himself. "No thanks. I’m not interested unless it’s man-flavored" he said.

The big man laughed. It was a deep, throaty chuckle. "I’m sorry," he said. "I should have specified. There’s a nice tight boycunt in that alley over there. And it’s freshly creamed so don’t worry about sliding your cock right in," said the stranger.

Before the big man had even finished talking, Caleb had already launched himself down the alleyway. He wasn’t at all interested in sliding his cock into that tight boycunt, not when he could devour it. He was going to suck every last drop of cum that had been deposited in that ass if it was the last thing he did.

Surely, Tom could wait a few minutes for his favorite chair.

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