I’m an enormous fan of your work! What would it take to be graced by the Pink Fairy?

I’m a little torn right now. There’s this guy at work. He’s perfect! He’s muscular, well-kept, and always immaculate. He’s a former frat boy and I wish I could be like him.

On the other hand, I’m a bit stuck on the idea of being a lean, muscled twunk too. Can you help?

Story Request by @cathbhadh
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So You Decided to Get a Human Pt. 3

In this section of the best-selling guide on how to handle, care for, and train your pet human, we discuss strategies on how to deal with uncooperative humans, why we have to train humans at all, and how we can make sure that even the worst-behaved humans eventually learn to accept their place.

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Corrupted Co-Dependence pt. 19

Vayne continues Brother Galad’s training, paving the way for a grand entrance for Master Azzagg that will end with the Knights Protector trampled underfoot—quite literally—and enjoying every delicious moment of it.

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Super Sucker pt. 26

It’s the calm before the storm and Corey has some quality alone time. When Marcus meets with Bernard, he finds himself in a uniquely vulnerable position but he is, as ever, fully in control.

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Corrupted Co-Dependence pt. 18

Vayne is paying a visit to the Knights Protector of Fort Radiance and he makes sure to teach their Knight-Captain just how good it can feel to be trampled. He has to lay out a proper reception for his Master, after all.

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Super Sucker pt. 25

Corey, as Godspark, continues to have his fun with the fallen Centurion. He’s about to get carried away, but fortunately Marcus is there to put him back in his place.

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So You Decided to Get a Human pt. 2

In this section of the quintessential guide to the care and ownership of humans, we talk about wild humans, how to tame them, begin training them to accept that only intelligent species—which humans aren’t—can truly have free-will, self-determination, and bodily autonomy, and how best to exploit their highly sexual nature to expedite the process.

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So You Decided to Get a Human pt. 1 (Redux)

Humans can be a valuable and loving companion for an Immortal, but owning one is not necessarily a walk in the park. In this volume we will aim to answer any and all questions you might have about what it’s like to own a pet human and how best to care for one.

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Corrupted Co-Dependence pt. 15

Vayne’s got two more artifacts to test with Cathas’ help and it just so happens that one of them is better enjoyed in pairs. He gets to have some fun of his own while continuing to show Cathas just how good it can be to give in to the desires of his body.

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Corrupted Co-Dependence pt. 14

Vayne learns runelore and makes a number of surprising discoveries he immediately puts to good use in order to help Brother Cathas along the path of his corruption.

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