A Gift of Self

Dear Pink Fairy,

For a long time now I have admired both your work and you. You have made many wonderful wishes come true. I am here now to offer you something — Myself.

I have debated this for some time, and wish to offer myself as a sex slave and assistant to you. I’m sure you’ll take my brain, but I’m sure I can still help with something like keeping your schedule. I mean, that will only require some reading and basic communication skills.

Use me as you see fit, I just ask that you use me. I prefer to give and hear your prefer to take, so please take all I have to offer. I hope I can satisfy you as you have satisfied so many.

— A fan

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The stress of life was a bit too much for Kevin. With a tumultuous political landscape, and an economy on the decline, he could see the writing on the wall. It was painfully obvious. It wouldn’t be long before another crisis hit. Fact of the matter was that he really didn’t want to be around when it did.

It was no wonder that everywhere Kevin looked, he now saw them. Air-headed little sluts climbing into limousines with wealthy silver foxes, more butt than brains. He hadn’t know about them for long, but there were things that you just couldn’t stop seeing once you had the knowledge.

Those boys were all over the place, poor guys who had gone to the wrong cosmic entity for a break, or guys who had underestimated the price that their wishes would exact. It was just that they seemed to blend into the environment. No one questioned the way that they pranced down the sidewalks in slutty, revealing outfits that advertised just what they wanted. Even in the increasingly conservative state of affairs of the country, not a one of the boys that had been touched by the Cael Sídhe had been harmed.

Taking one of those boys home the day that he got sacked from his job, because the company was downsizing, Kevin decided that he wasn’t going to stick around for the next global economic catastrophe. He pounded that tight little bubble butt until the little slut was crying with tears of joy, so fucked out and so stupid that every little noise that came out of his mouth made him sound like the most empty-headed, vapid, brainless bitch.

That same night Kevin had a dream. It was the kind of dream that blurred the line between reality and fantasy. It felt so real as he walked through the marble hallways of the temple to ecstasy. It felt so tangible as his hard cock bobbed between his legs, the hot, humid air of the temple thick with the smell of sex and cum.

The next morning, Kevin woke up in a cold sweat. He remembered making his impassioned plea to the Pink Fairy, the amusement on the entity’s face as he considered it. Kevin didn’t remember anything else from the previous evening. Only that the Pink Fairy had accepted his offer, and that he wasn’t meant to start for a while yet.

Kevin barely noticed that the twink from last night had already gone. The first thing he did after swinging his legs off the side of the bed was jump on the computer to check his bank account. He had no intention of working a single minute until the Pink Fairy came to collect, and wanted to know how much he could get away with on his savings.

It was more difficult than Kevin anticipated. There was a fog in his head. It was a pleasant, distracting buzz that made thinking hard. It was almost like someone had introduced lag between him seeing words and numbers and his brain understanding them and the thought that he was getting slower, getting dumber, made him tingle all over.

Still, Kevin managed to eventually take a good long look at his finances. There was more money there than he remembered, and he didn’t have the wherewithal to ask where the additional money had come from. He was just happy for it, because it would allow him to live without having to seek gainful employment. It would give him time for the next little while to really build his body up to a form that he was sure that the Pink Fairy would enjoy.

But as with most wishes that come before the Cael Sídhe, it wasn’t quite that simple. As the days passed by, Kevin could feel his intelligence being sapped from his head. It was like his brain was gradually melting, like a scoop of ice cream baking in the hot sun.

Every day, Kevin woke up happier, hornier, and dumber. He loved it. With every IQ point that he lost, his cock and his butt grew a few millimeters. It wasn’t long before he had a thick monster in his pants, and what looked like basketballs stuffed down the back of his shorts. But no matter how hard he tried, how much he intensified his workouts, his body shrank, his muscles fading away.

Eventually Kevin gave up going to the gym, his body having been reduced to the slender, effete body of a twink. He still loved using his cock to fuck. He still preferred topping. But more and more guys were mistaking him for a bottom. Not that he cared. As long as he was having sex, he was happy.

At some point, Kevin wasn’t really sure when, the Pink Fairy came and collected him. The days pretty much just blurred together in his empty little head as he became more and more sexed up, just like the fairy wanted.

Kevin got his wish when the Pink Fairy took him to a large, well-furnished room in the temple. He was made to wear a golden cock ring that kept him erect at all times. Not that he needed it. He wore a collar and cuffs around his wrists and ankles made of pure gold. Other than that, the only article of clothing he was allowed was an ornate golden belt made of filigree with golden charms hanging from it.

It dipped somewhat into Kevin’s crack, the charms sending tingles up his spine whenever he moved, and it made a pretty, tinny noise whenever he pumped his hips.

The Pink Fairy had taken pretty much every last scrap of intelligence in his head. Apparently, the Pink Fairy did not need a personal assistant. But Kevin was still put to service. He was the Pink Fairy’s bed slave, essentially a living dildo. Every time the Pink Fairy wished to go to sleep, Kevin was to be there, his thin twink arms wound around the Pink Fairy’s waist, his massive cock buried deep in the Pink Fairy’s ass.

That wasn’t all that Kevin did. There was a reason that the Pink Fairy had taken away his muscles, his height, the bulk of his body. He was slender, effeminate, perfect for teasing. And his massive fuckmeat throbbed so prettily whenever the Pink Fairy licked him up and down without letting him cum. More importantly, though, whenever the Pink Fairy just wanted to take a break and let his head down, Kevin’s bubble butt was there to provide the perfect, shapely pillows to cradle the Pink Fairy’s head.

It was a life that didn’t require much thinking. Most days Kevin spent in front of a mirror in the room, jerking his massive cock. It was easy to just zone out, watching himself, edging himself, while he waited for the Pink Fairy to return to make use of him. It was certainly better than being around for the next economic crisis. Not that Kevin would have even known what was going on if he was.

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