Howl for Me

Had a long day? Feeling tired? Stressed? Why don’t you come in. Let’s have a little chat. I promise it will be worth your time.

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Hey there, boy. How was your day? It doesn’t look like you had a very good time. Are you tired? Frustrated? Do you feel lost and uncertain? Like you’re getting nowhere in your life? Trust me, I know the feeling. I understand. It sucks being an adult, doesn’t it?

Do you remember how being an adult sounded like such a great idea when you were a kid? Yeah. Not having to live with rules, having your own money to buy yourself everything that you want… The truth is just so disappointing, isn’t it? Being an adult is the most overrated thing, ever.

Don’t you wish, sometimes, that you can go back to being that innocent? Not having to worry about bills, rent, groceries, office politics and just politics in general? I’m not talking about becoming a kid again, of course. That’s impossible. Besides, the way that you devour comics, movies, and tabletop RPG podcasts looking for any shred of escapism tells me that really, you’re still young at heart.

I’m talking about just letting go of it all. Taking all those worries about living expenses, taxes, gainful employment and the ever-nebulous idea of success and just letting them drift away in the wind.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it, boy? You’re right. It’s too good to be true. You’re right. You can’t just push all those problems away. Can’t just shove them to the back of your mind. You might last a few days pretending not to care, but you’ll always know that those worries are just around the corner, that eventually they’re going to come back and that you’re going to have to deal with them.

No, no, no. That’s no good. No good at all. Isn’t that right, boy? You don’t want to put things off and then have to deal with them later, when they can be worse than when you started.

You know what? I like you. I have a secret that I’d like you to know. Are you interested? There’s no catch. Just that you promise you’ll keep this between us. What do you say, boy? Are you up for a little mystery? A little adventure?

Wow. You sure seem starved for affection, boy. I’ll take that as a yes… So. Are you ready? What if I told you that I can help you put all those worries aside in a more… permanent way?

No joke. I promise I’m being truthful. I know it’s hard to believe, but I have my ways… No. I’m not going to provide proof. Not because I can’t, but because I don’t want to. Why? Well, because I want you to take a little leap of faith here. I promise I won’t do anything to harm you.

I won’t force you. Honestly. If you want to leave, you can leave. I won’t stop you. I’m going to go in the bedroom. If you want to show a little bit of trust, follow me. If not, then just go. That’s totally fine by me.

Still here, huh? I take it you don’t want to leave but haven’t quite managed to convince yourself to stay yet? Alright. You know what. Just because you’re cute. It’s just a little hypnosis. Something to help you relax. Get rid of all those pesky worries rattling around in that pretty little head of yours.

What do you say? No harm, no foul, right? What do you have to lose? If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work and we’ll leave it at that. But just think about what happens if it does work. Don’t you want to live that worry-free, stress-free life? Hakuna Matata and all that?

I thought so. Now, come on. The night’s still young, boy, but we’ve got quite a bit to get through, still.

Get on the bed, boy. Get comfortable. Strip down to your underwear if you want. I promise I won’t perv on you. Lie down on your stomach, actually. And keep your head by the foot of the bed. That’s right. Just face the TV. That’s going to be important for later. But for now, just relax. If you want, fold your arms in front of you and rest your head on them.

There you go. Just like that. Now, try and pay close attention to me, boy. To my voice. Try to push everything else out of your mind. Don’t pay attention to the sound of cars passing by, zooming back and forth in front of the house. Don’t pay attention to the whir of the fan, going round and round and round.

Just block it out. Block everything out other than my voice. Just listening to my tone, as it rises and falls in a quiet cadence. Doesn’t that feel nice?

Now, why don’t you take a deep breath for me? Now let it out… That’s it… Perfect… Just keep breathing like that as you listen to my voice. Just my voice. Not the cars passing by back and forth and back and forth. Not the fan blades going round and round and round and round. Just letting your lungs fill with air… and then empty… your shoulders rising and falling with every breath…

And as you listen to my voice and breathe in… and out… I want you to relax. Just breathe in… and out… listening to the rising and falling of my voice. With every breath you can feel your body loosening up, those tense muscles relaxing, letting go of all the stress that you’ve had to deal with today.

By now your eyes are probably beginning to droop. That’s okay. You might fall asleep. That’s okay. With every breath that you take you can feel your eyelids beginning to get heavy… Heavier and heavier with every breath in… and out…

You can try to keep your eyes open if you want, but it’s okay to just let them drift shut. They must be getting heavy by now. So heavy… Heavier and heavier as your chest rises… and then falls… with every breath.

There you go… Just let yourself sink into that nice, soothing darkness. Just feel your body relax all the way from the tips of your toes to the top of your head… Feeling warm and heavy and numb all over as you slip deeper into this beautiful trance.

That’s right… Breathe in… Breathe out… Breathe in relaxation… Breathe out stress… Just listening to my voice, knowing that I’m here to help… That I won’t harm you…

Now, slowly, I want you to open your eyes and look at the TV screen, boy. I know it’s going to be hard, but I want you to try. For me. Just try and open those eyes.

There you go. Do you see the spiral, boy? Wow… Isn’t it pretty? Just watching those different colors shimmer as the spirals go round and round and round, helping you sleep deeper and deeper into trance even though your eyes are open now…

Just feel your conscious mind dropping away… Eyes glued to the center of the spiral… You can feel yourself falling in, can’t you? It’s okay. The spiral can’t harm you. The spiral won’t hurt you. The spiral will help you relax… It will help take all your problems away…

That’s it, boy. That’s it… Just let go. Let your mind let go. It doesn’t matter. You’re safe here. You’re safe with me. I would never hurt you. Just let your thoughts stream out of that silly little head… Let them fall into the spiral, swirling around and around and around, falling deeper and deeper still, sinking into the middle of that pretty spiral.

There you go… Doesn’t that feel better, boy? Just letting go of all those thoughts? All those problems? Just let them go. Let them slip out of that pretty little head. You don’t need them. They just make you sad and angry. You don’t want to think about all that anymore.

But that doesn’t really solve the problem, does it? That little head of yours is always going to come up with new thoughts, new worries, new problems… The real issue is thinking, right, boy?

I’m glad you see things my way, boy. Just keep staring at the spiral… Just let the shimmering colors take you deeper, swirling around and around and around as your chest rises and falls with every breath.

It’s those smarts, boy. They make you think. And when you think, you can’t help but think of the things that cause you stress. You can’t help but think of the things that make you worry. And you don’t want that, do you, boy? You know that it’s only going to make you sad, and angry, and frustrated…

That’s right. Sad, angry, and frustrated isn’t fun. Not fun at all. Do you know what would be fun? Not having to stress. Not having to worry. I can help you do that, you know, boy? I can help you stop being sad and angry and frustrated… I can tell you how to do it, but you’re the one that has to do it. Do you understand?

Good. Good boy… Just keep staring at the spiral. Just keep letting it take you deeper. Deeper and deeper with every moment. Deeper and deeper as the colors shift and shimmer and shine. Deeper and deeper as the spiral spins. Around. And Around. And around. Deeper and deeper as your chest rises and falls with your breath…

Here’s what you have to do, boy, now that you’re super deep in your head. You just have to let go. Let go of all those smarts. Let go of all that knowledge. Let go of all those human thoughts and let the spiral take them away… Just let the spiral take your thinking away. You don’t need to think. You need to be happy. And care-free. That’s what you want, isn’t it?

Yeah. That’s right. You don’t want those human thoughts. You just want to be simple. More instinctual. Who needs math? Science? English? Let someone else do the thinking for once. You just need a break. Just need to be simple. Dumb. Empty. That’s how to get rid of every care in the world.

How do you feel now that you’ve given up that pesky brain, boy? You feel warm, don’t you? You feel safe. Happy. Not a single speck of stress in that empty little head. No stupid human thoughts to remind you of things like rent or bills or living expenses. Not that you know what any of those things are now…

Doesn’t it feel so good, boy? Doesn’t it feel so good now that you’ve let go? Do you ever want those things back? No? That’s good. That’s a good boy. You don’t need it. Just let them fall into the spiral. Let the spiral take them away forever. Let the spiral consume them. Those stupid thoughts. Those stupid smarts. Those stupid human memories. Let them all go. You don’t need them.

That’s it. That’s a good boy. A very good boy. You like being a good boy, don’t you? Now that we’ve gotten rid of all those dumb human thoughts we can fill that empty little head with other things. Happier things. More carefree things.

You want to be a good boy, don’t you? That’s right. It feels good to be a good boy. You’ll always want to be a good boy. Just like a little pup… That’s it. That’s what you are! You’re not a human anymore. You got rid of all those human thoughts, those human memories, those human smarts. You’re a pup. Simple, carefree, and a good boy!

That’s what you want, right, boy? You want to be a good boy. You want to be carefree. And you don’t want to have any thoughts in that little head so you’re always going to be simple. It’s the truth. You just need to trust me. You know I’m telling the truth. You’re a pup. An eager little pup. A good little pup.

That’s it. Let the spiral take you in. Slipping deeper and deeper. Just watch the pretty colors. Let them swirl around and around and around in that empty little head of yours, turning you into a good little pup…

Why don’t you start humping the bed, boy? Yeah. Just like that. That’s what good little puppies do. And you want to be a good little puppy, don’t you, boy? Not a thought in that head. Not a care in the world. Just happy and playful and safe and warm, so satisfied with his toys and his bones and his milk!

Just a dumb, simple little pup. No more thoughts to distract you and make you sad. Good boys are always happy. Good boys are always playful. Good boys keep their little heads empty of pesky little thoughts that would make them sad.

Just keep humping the bed, boy. Becoming mroe and more like a pup. Can you see your human thoughts, human problems, and human memories? Yeah. They’re falling into the spiral. Falling deeper and deeper and deeper like you are. They’re getting carried away. Further and further.

The more you hump the bed, the farther away those silly little thoughts that you used to have get.

Hmm… All that humping is probably getting you all hot and bothered, isn’t it, little pup? That’s okay. That’s fine. That’s perfectly natural. Why don’t you show me that hard little puppy dick?

Aww… Look at it leak. That’s where the spiral’s sending all those silly human thoughts, human problems, and human smarts. Right up that hard, twitching puppy dick. Out through that dripping pre-cum. Can you feel it, pup? Just leaking out of you? Dripping onto the bed because you’re such a good boy?

That’s right. Just let it all out. Let go. Let the spiral take them away and send them out your puppy dick.

Now, when I say so, that little cock will get harder than its’ ever been. And you’ll cum harder than you’ve ever cum. And when you cum, all those pesky thoughts, problems, and memories will spill out of you with your cum. And then they’re going to be lost forever.

That’s a good boy. That’s a good boy. Getting harder and harder. Sliding deeper and deeper. Losing more and more of yourself to the spiral. Becoming a good little pup…

When you cum, you’ll be nothing more than a dumb, horny pup forever. Empty in that little head. No more worries. No more cares. Just a playful little pup with an eager little dick that’s always leaking just in case those pesky human thoughts come back. Always leaking to get rid of them if they ever come back.

Doesn’t that sound great, pup? Yeah? Yeah, it does, doesn’t it? Good boy! Such a good boy.

And you know what else, pup? When you’re nothing more than a dumb little pup, I want you to howl. And when you howl you’re going to understand that I’m your handler. You’re going to understand that I’m your owner. And you’ll know that you love me and adore me because you’re mine.

You’ll do that for me, won’t you, little pup? Yeah. That’s it. That’s right. Good boy!

And do you know what else you’ll do, pup? You’re going to obey me. You’re going to follow my commands. And you’re going to trust and believe all of my words. Because I’ll be your owner. And you’ll know that you’re supposed to obey and trust your owner. Because you’re a good pup. And you want to be a good pup. Disobedient pups are bad pups and you don’t want to be that.

Now cum for me, pup. Cum for me and let go of all those thoughts. Let go of all those problems. Let go of all those memories. Let go of your humanity. Cum for me and turn into my happy, horny, little pup.


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