Fair Pay for A Good Day’s Work

Hey Pink Fairy…

There’s this guy, Trey, at my school. He’s very cute, but he’s straight. I thought he was one of the good guys at first because he caught me staring but he didn’t bully me or shout at me. In fact, he befriended me and we hung out for a while. I should have known it was too good to be true because he just used me to help him write his term paper.

Trey ghosted me after turning his paper in. It hurt. I thought we had something. Turns out he’s done this to a lot of guys at school. He baits gay guys with his good looks and his charm to get them to do stuff for him like giving him loans, doing his laundry, and helping him pass classes. It’s fucking unfair and I’m fucking pissed.

Can you punish him, Pink Fairy? I think he needs to get taken down a peg. Maybe you can force him to go through with paying the sex that he implies he’ll do in exchange for gay guys’ help even if he doesn’t intend to. I think it’s only fair that he do something for us poor guys since we did something for him.

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Trey was riding high on yet another success. A few days of flirting and promising and leading on and he had the month’s rent figured out. Anything else he might earn from his part-time job as a life guard at the local community pool he could put into his savings.

Unlike some other straight guys, Trey didn’t really have anything against gay guys. In fact he thought that some of them would make very good friends. He couldn’t imagine ever finding sex with a guy appealing, but he could see why some guys wouldn’t want to stick their dicks in pussy. The only problem was that gay men, at least for hot straight guys like Trey, were incredibly easy to manipulate, in his experience.

And if Trey was anything, he was an opportunist. Nothing wrong with that. The world was cutthroat. A guy had to use every tool in his arsenal to get ahead. And if he had to leave a string of broken-hearted gay guys in his wake, well, it was just too bad. He did feel a little bit guilty, but not guilty enough to apologize. In his mind he was just doing what he had to.

Things, however, did not go as planned for very long. One day as he was driving to work, Trey got rear-ended by someone who hadn’t been paying attention. He was as guilty as the next guy of taking his eyes off a straight stretch of road for a moment to check a text.

Since his car had been crashed into, Trey vehemently denied that he was to blame, even though it was pretty obvious to onlookers what had happened. However, thanks to the other guy’s lack of a dash cam, the responding police officer’s wandering eyes, and Trey’s boy-next door charm, he managed to get away with it.

It was Trey’s first offense. At least as far as the record indicated. He usually managed to winnow his way out of things by virtue of being white, being respectable, and being able to sway more than a couple gay officers to seeing things from his point of view. Still, he wasn’t normally so distracted. In fact, he had been distracted since the morning.

Trey had woken up in a cold sweat, feeling like he hadn’t had a wink of sleep. He had been horny. Mind-numbingly horny. There had been a fog in his head, a pool of molasses making it difficult to think. Even now he was feeling it. A pleasant buzz in the back of his head, making his cock half-hard in his pants.

Somehow, Trey felt that he had been dreaming about something. He just didn’t remember. The only thing that he could recall was neon pink light against rain-slick pavement.

Trey didn’t get very long to think about why he had gotten in an accident. He was standing with his back to his car, and the police officer had walked right up into his personal space. He blushed, realizing what was happening, as he felt the officer’s erection press up against his thigh. "I-I don’t swing that way," he stammered.

The officer placed an arm on the roof of Trey’s car, blocking his way into the driver’s seat. "I can’t let you drive, sir," said the police officer, out loud. "You may be suffering from some injuries. I’m going to need you to come with me once we get someone out here to take your car in for repair."

By then, much of the onlookers had disappeared. Trey knew he wasn’t going to get any help from them as the officer leaned in and said "Look, kid. I did something nice for you. Don’t think I didn’t know what you were doing, you little slut. ‘I don’t swing that way.’ Pfft. So what? You owe me, you understand?"

Trey shivered. "No fucking way!" he tried to say, but the words died in his throat before he could even get them out. He averted his gaze, trying not to look the officer in the eye as his cheeks burned with shame.

Fortunately, Trey was saved from having to answer when the police officer looked up and said, "Ah. The tow truck is here." It was then that Trey made the mistake of looking up as the officer turned back to him. Their eyes met. There was a gleam in the officer’s eye. A lascivious promise. One that sent an involuntary spark of arousal down Trey’s spine.

For all that he tried to set himself up for an adamant refusal, Trey just couldn’t get the words out when the officer, Nate, told him that he was going to escort Trey home. In fact, he’d had to bite back the words "Looking forward to it," though he hadn’t quite managed to stifle the wink.

Now Trey was in Nate’s squad car, driving through the mostly-empty residential areas of the suburb, since it was the middle of the work day. Nate reached over and grabbed one of Trey’s hands. Trey felt a shiver travel up his arm and he looked over at Nate, chewing his lower lip.

Nate just pulled Trey’s hand over to the driver’s side of the car and placed it against his crotch. Trey could feel Nate’s erection through the fabric of his uniform pants. It was hot. Hard. Bigger than he had imagined. A quiet moan slipped past him as his fingers squeezed around the thick tube of meat despite his attempt to pull his hand away.

"Oh my god…" Trey breathed. The words came out of him before he could stop them. The fog in his head thickened as his cock twitched against his thigh. He was starting to feel flushed. Hot. Aroused. He was being turned on by this. What the fuck.

"You’re so big…" Trey whispered, as he palmed Nate’s cock through Nate’s pants. It was already so hard and so big and yet it was still growing. Still getting harder. Still getting hotter. Trey’s hole twitched as his mouth began to salivate. He had no idea what was going on, but he knew one thing. He was losing control of his own body.

"Why don’t you call me daddy, boy," said Nate, with a lopsided grin. Trey shivered. The man’s low, gravelly voice made his insides flutter, made the blood rush to his cock, made his hole twitch eagerly.

Trey couldn’t believe that he was beginning to fantasize about fishing Nate’s big cock out of his pants, slobbering all over it, and then squeezing it between his thick ass cheeks. But he couldn’t stop. As much as it disgusted him, it was the only thing that he could think about.

All Trey’s other thoughts felt like they were moving through molasses, lost in that thick haze of arousal that had wrapped around his brain. "You’re so big, daddy…" Trey whispered, a seductive lilt to his voice. The words kept coming. He couldn’t stop them. "Will you pound my tight little pussy, daddy?" said Trey.

"Of course," said Nate, as they pulled up in front of Trey’s house. "If you were thinking of running off without giving me a piece of this tight little ass, then you have another think coming, baby," said Nate, grabbing a handful of Trey’s ass and giving it a squeeze. Despite himself, Trey giggled.

"Sorry I said I didn’t swing that way, daddy," said Trey, with a playful little smirk on his face. "I thought you might like it if I played a little… hard to get."

"Mmm… You know I love the chase, babe," said Nate, as he pushed Trey’s hand off his lap and stepped out the door. Once the driver’s side door closed and Trey was left alone in the car, Trey started panicking. He needed to get out. Needed to avoid this. Something was horribly wrong.

But the moment the passenger side door opened and Nate peered in, the fog in Trey’s mind returned in full force. "After you, boy," said Nate, as Trey stepped out of the car.

Trey’s body made sure his ass "accidentally" bumped into Nate’s crotch as he moved around toward the sidewalk. Nate followed behind him and slapped one of his ass cheeks. "Eager, are we?" he said. Trey looked over his shoulder and winked.

Once the door closed behind Nate, Trey knew that there was no stopping this now. His parents weren’t home. He lived with them to save money, but they were both still working full-time jobs, and they wouldn’t be home for hours. Neither of the neighbors were around, too.

Not that it mattered. Because Trey’s body wanted this. He was going to have a hard time explaining that it was non-consensual in the first place. Not when the first words out of his mouth as soon as Nate pinned him against the wall were, "Ravish me, daddy!"

It would be even harder to explain that what Trey had really meant to say was, "No! No! Fuck, no! Stop that!" when Nate had shoved his hand down the back of Trey’s pants and his fingers up Trey’s twitching hole, not, "Oh god, yes! Push your fingers inside my tight little pussy, daddy!"

Trey wanted to choke, to gag, to scream, when Nate moved things over to the living room and commanded him to kneel. Unfortunately, his body seemed to have forgotten its gag reflex when that thick, hot cock slid down his throat. God. It was so big. It made his jaw ache. But his body still eagerly slurped it down.

Trey was going to be sick. This was disgusting. Not at all what he wanted. But he was powerless to do anything. And the more that it went on, the harder it was to stay angry, to stay disgusted. He was getting turned on. So turned on. That it was hard to not just give in to the pleasure.

Eventually, though, it became too hard. Too hard to think. Too hard to stay angry and disgusted with the cock that kept hitting the back of his throat over and over and over again as his mouth and his cheeks puffed out around it. Trey surrendered to the sensations, let his body take him on a ride. Even though every touch felt dirty and unwanted.

As Trey did, the fog in his head got even thicker. He could feel it actually consuming parts of him, dissolving the unimportant bits. Memories of girls faded. Knowledge that didn’t have anything to do with pleasing cock, flirting with gay guys, and getting fucked disappeared, every fact and formula that he had ever memorized in his life popping like delicate little soap bubbles.

By the time that Nate threw Trey onto the sofa, he was a babbling mess that couldn’t even remember what a pussy looked like. He was so empty. So airheaded. So horny. Even if deep down he really didn’t want any of this, he couldn’t stop himself.

Trey arched his back and presented his hole, pulling his cheeks apart. He squealed with delight as the cop’s thick cock speared him, impaled him. He moaned and whimpered and whined as Nate pounded him right into the seat cushions, making his pussy tingle, and his cock leak all over the couch.

Trey’s body shuddered and squirmed as the most intense orgasm he had ever felt tore through him the moment that Nate’s cock started spurting cum inside his deflowered hole. And, despite the deep disgust that Trey felt as he slowly came back from the haze, he said, "God, that felt so good, daddy… Can we go again?"

Nate chuckled and spanked Trey’s ass once on the right cheek for good measure. "Sorry, baby boy, daddy’s got to get back to work." And just like that, with very little ceremony or aplomb, Nate left the house, leaving Trey to his thoughts. Not that there were very many of those left.

Trey whimpered, reaching back to shove a few fingers in his sore but still-hungry hole. He knew he had lost a lot. But he still knew he was straight. He still knew he didn’t like gay sex. He still knew that none of this should have happened. But other than that, the only thing that he knew was how to suck cock, how to ride cock, and how to be a desperate little slut for real men.

Despite himself, Trey picked up his phone and texted Daniel, the guy that had helped him write his paper last term. "Heeyyyyyy Daniel," the text said. "Um… I could use some help with like… biology. Reproduction, you know? Do you think you could, like, cum over? ;). 🍆💦"

The words were riddled with typos, but were close enough that anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together would be able to understand them. A few minutes passed before Trey received a reply. "You mean it?" said the text.

"Yeahhhhh!! 😉" Trey sent back.

"Be there in a sec," said the reply.

It had been a few weeks since the incident with the officer. Trey had been kicked out. Not because his parents had a problem with the fact that he was acting like a flaming queer all of a sudden despite still being straight on the inside, but because they’d caught him whoring himself out on their couch.

Something else that Trey had come to realize about his condition was that he couldn’t say no to any man who propositioned him. If a man asked him for a blowjob or a quick fuck, Trey’s body would just comply. Even if he didn’t want to. Even if he thought it was the most disgusting thing ever. And every time his body would be brought to an earth-shattering orgasm.

Trey had come to the realization that there was no helping his situation. He might never enjoy gay sex, but his body did. And it felt good. That was at least the silver lining in all of this.

The future that Trey might once have fantasized about was definitely not going to come around anymore. He could barely think straight during the few hours he had every day without a cock stuffed in his pussy, much less put together the brains and concentration it would require to hold together a job.

But Trey was, if anything, an opportunist. The curse hadn’t changed that at all. And if he was going to be stuck being a whore for the rest of his life, he was going to make the most out of it. Especially when his body gave him no choice.

From now on Trey was going to have to give the men around him fair pay for a good day’s work. Whatever that work that he needed them to do was.

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