The Loneliest Showman

I was drinking alone at a bar one night. I must have looked miserable because the bartender handed me a cocktail and told me it was free. But I passed out soon after drinking it.

When I woke up, I was tied up backstage. My entire body had been shaved smooth. They forced me to put on this costume with special pants and made me dance on stage. I couldn’t disobey their orders, but even worse, I couldn’t remember who I was.

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Tyler had been having a pretty shit run of the week. Pretty much nothing had gone according to plan and everything had gone just short of catastrophic. To say that he was pissed off at everyone and everything would have been the understatement of the century, but he didn’t let any of it stop him from going to the club. If anything, it was all the more reason to go and drown his sorrows in alcohol.

What did it matter, Tyler thought to himself, if he blew his entire paycheck on drinks tonight? He was never going to be able to make rent on time at this point considering how much they had docked his pay after the incident with that bitch Karen in aisle 9. He figured he might as well enjoy his last few miserable nights in his miserable apartment because he was going to get kicked out soon enough anyway.

Tyler was quite surprised when the bartender gave him a mixed drink and told him that it was on the house. He hadn’t exactly been hiding his misery, but he’d at least tried not to mope. Not that he was complaining about the free drink. He would take it any day. The last thing that he remembered was taking a sip.

When he came to, he realized that he was tied to a chair. He struggled, his arms straining against the ropes tightly wound around his torso. But they had no give, and all he managed to do was make them dig into his skin. His head felt fuzzy, like it was stuffed full of fluffy cotton, making it hard to think about anything other than his present situation.

He tried to wrack his brain for the reason that he had ended up here, but he couldn’t remember a thing. It was like trying to scoop up water with a sieve. He could tell the memories were in there, somewhere, but they escaped him whenever he tried to grab them. He couldn’t even remember his own name.

It took him a while to realize that he was also naked. The chair was cold under his ass, making his hole twitch. He felt empty and ever so slightly horny. His cock was soft, but his body tingled with faint heat and arousal all over.

A few men dressed in black entered the room at some point. He didn’t really know how long he had been there. He couldn’t really tell time. The concept of numbers escaped him. But what he did notice was that the men were hot. Their black muscle shirts were stretched across thick pecks and rock-hard abs, the sleeves bulging around large biceps. His cock twitched against his leg as they started to untie him.

"You okay, Ty?" said one of the men. Ty? That sounded familiar. Was that his name? He couldn’t remember. Not even faintly. But what reason did these men have to lie to him? He figured it was true. He nodded. "That’s good," said the man, pulling a pair of tight briefs up Ty’s legs. "You’re onstage in a few minutes."

Ty tilted his head. He didn’t understand. On stage? To do what? He scarcely remembered who he was. What he was. And he was supposed to go on stage? One of the men behind him patted him on the shoulders. "Don’t worry, Ty," said the man. "You’ll know what to do."

Ty just nodded as the men prepared him for whatever was about to happen. He felt a pair of paints being pulled up his legs, and a spray of water on his chest. He looked down. Somehow the ripped, sculpted body that he was putting on display felt foreign to him. But it was there. It was solid. There was no denying that it existed.

With a confused expression, Ty looked at another of the men around him. "It’s time," said the man. Ty felt a tingling heat around his crotch and around his ass. It was coming from the underwear. It was good. So good. It made him horny. Hard. His cock filled with blood, pulsing and throbbing against his leg. "Go give them a show," said the man.

Ty turned to face the door leading to the area just backstage. Somehow, he felt like he knew what to do. He walked, his pace strong and confident even if his fuzzy mind was confused. He felt like there was only one thing that he could do. Obey. Do as he was told. Put on a show as he had been commanded.

The music started out slow. A somber, soulful melody that flowed through Ty’s body like a gurgling brook. There was a sadness to the high notes that pierced the low, mournful melody, and his face remained stony through that part of the routine.

Ty didn’t know how to dance, but it was like his body did. He moved to the music without needing to think. In fact, he tried not to think. It was easier that way. Better that way. As he watched the men, enthralled, enraptured, and enchanted by his performance he felt a swell of pleasure in the pit of his stomach, making his cock even harder against his leg.

The music picked up, slowly taking on an uplifting tone. From slow, languorous movements, Ty took on faster, more lively motions. There was a triumphant swell in the music, then silence as Ty pulled a pose by the pole that had risen from the middle of the stage.

It was like Ty’s audience had held its collective breath. And then the music dropped. It was a powerful beat. Energetic. Virile. The bass thundered through the floorboards, vibrating through Ty’s body. The moment that the music started he grabbed his pants and tore them off, exposing his underwear to the cheering crowd.

Ty gyrated his hips, thrusting up and down to make his hard cock flop, visibly erect in his almost-see-through underwear. He danced to the music, letting the deep bass notes thunder through his being, obliterating whatever remnants of his old life were inside him. It felt good. So good. And the patrons were having the time of their lives.

Ty was having the time of his life putting on the show. He knew his body was hot, and his body knew just how to show it off. He shook his ass, he shook his cock. He played against the pole showing off just how slutty he could be until at long last, another beat dropped and he tore the mesh underwear off his body.

The beat dominated Ty, flooding into his ears, pounding his brain into delirious, horny mush. He knelt in front of his loving audience, thrusting, bucking his hips into the air. Faster and faster and faster with the beat, forcing his cock to bounce up and down, slapping occasionally on his tight stomach.

Over and over and over. Faster and faster and faster. The beat reached a fever pitch and then, without so much as touching his cock, Ty exploded in a spray of white-hot cum. His cock blasted spunk all over the stage and the first row of the audience as a loud cheer drowned out all other sound.

When the orgasm finally subsided, over a minute later, Ty fell back onto the stage and sighed. He felt like his brain was leaking out of his ears. But he was happy. So happy. He wanted to do it all over again already.

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