Ménage À Deux

Hey Pink Fairy,

My boyfriend, Noah, is desperate to have a threesome. Despite me agreeing, he so loyal and dedicated he can’t bring himself to do it. He feels like he’d be cheating on me. I’m an only child and always wondered what it would be like to have a brother.

So, I was wondering if you could make me my own identical twin? That way Noah can have all the guilt free threesomes he wants, and I get to have a sibling that shares my interests.

Beta Patron Request by @trekoid-pr0n

It was Noah’s ultimate fantasy to be in a threesome. There was just something about being squeezed in between two guys that he could never quite shake. The problem was that it was so fundamentally against everything he believed in as he was a committed monogamist.

But Noah had also always believed that good communication was the bedrock of a good relationship so he told Eric, his boyfriend, about his fantasy. He expected some disappointment, some anger. He had been humiliated enough, opening up about his deep, dark, filthy fantasy, but the reaction was not at all as bad as he had feared.

Eric seemed to be a good sport about it and mentioned that he wasn’t opposed to the idea. Noah couldn’t really hold it against his boyfriend. In their years together, Eric hadn’t done a single thing to hurt him intentionally. Not to mention, he would have noticed if Eric had wanted to make their relationship more open at some point during all their time together.

Truth be told, Noah was a bit relieved that his boyfriend didn’t judge him for his desires. But that didn’t change the fact that he saw having a threesome as cheating. He didn’t want to bring anyone into the relationship. But at the same time he wanted to have sex with two other people at the same time. It was the most irreconcilable personal conflict that Noah had, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Or at least Noah thought so. After a night of particularly heavy drinking — thanks in no small part to the annual Halloween party that he and Eric hosted at their place — Noah woke up to the distinct sensation of being sandwiched between two rock hard bodies.

It was nice at first, the pleasant heat sending shivers of pleasure right down Noah’s spine. But when the implications dawned on him he sat bolt upright in bed, a cold sweat trickling down the curve of his back. He stared at the two shapes under the blankets in horror and tried to think back to last night, unable to recall whether he had been drunk enough to accidentally sleep with two people.

But Noah couldn’t remember ever having the chance to have sex. He remembered clearly every moment up until he went to bed and kissed Eric goodnight. His mind was going a mile a minute but all those thoughts came to a screeching halt when he really looked at the two men that were lying to either side of him and realized that they were, somehow, both Eric.

If there was any other thought in his mind other than the fact that the prayers of his soul had been answered, he would have screamed in terror at the sudden appearance of a hitherto-unknown twin or clone of his boyfriend. But instead, all those negative thoughts were subsumed by a powerfully intense arousal that went straight to his dick.

The quiet moan that slipped past Noah’s lips before he could stop himself was the trigger that precipitated everything that happened next. "Mornin, bro," said the Eric on his left. "Looks like you’re enjoying yourself over there, bro," said the Eric on his right, as Noah felt a set of hot fingers wrapping around the base of his hard shaft.

Left Eric pushed himself up off the bed and pressed his lips against Noah’s. Right Eric tossed the blankets off of their naked bodies and pushed Noah down onto the bed. Right Eric grabbed Noah’s legs and spread them, raising them in the air as he dove in and lapped at Noah’s twitching, eager hole.

Left Eric straddled Noah’s chest as they broke apart and chuckled. His voice sounded so dull, so devoid of intelligence. Noah could see that his boyfriend’s once bright eyes had become rather dim, as dim as the goofy expression on his face as he said, "Like what we’ve turned into, bro?"

Noah wanted to say no. But GOD yes. He didn’t know what it was, but seeing how fucking stupid Eric had become sent a bolt of arousal right to the tip of his cock. He was ready to explode. He didn’t know this was something that he wanted, but god he loved it. "Yes. God yes," he said, breathlessly.

Left Eric grinned as Right Eric stuck a finger in Noah’s hole. It felt good. So good. Better than it had any right to feel. Noah could tell that all the arousal was getting to his head, making it hard to think, filling his skull with a warm fuzziness that just made him want to let go of all his thoughts and give in to the moment.

Noah supposed there wasn’t any reason not to. His fantasy had, after all, just become a reality and without violating his moral scruples either. He sighed as Left Eric’s fingers threaded through his hair and pulled his mouth onto the hot, hard cock that was waiting eagerly for him, dripping with salty-sweet pre-cum that made Noah’s head swim with stars.

Noah lost track of time after that. Every thrust of Left Eric’s cock in his throat, every slap of Right Eric’s hips against his, made it more and more difficult to think. He felt like his brain was getting turned into mush and he didn’t care, just giggling and moaning along to all the sensations that were coursing through him.

From that day on, Noah didn’t spend a single moment not being fucked by at least one of his Erics. It was the best thing ever, to his cum-addled mind. But of course, having to share less than half of a brain between the three of them, they couldn’t keep up on the rent, or even find jobs that would let them do so.

It didn’t matter. Not for long. A porn studio looking for talent quickly saw the potential that they had when a recruiter noticed them fucking under a bridge in the nearby public park. They were put up in a cozy little apartment where they could fuck like bunnies all day and where they were more than happy to let the cameras in.

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