Sex Education

James’ hadn’t planned on attending a sex and kink (SK) college after high school. With the injury dashing his hopes of a sports scholarship and not wanting to join the military, it seemed like the best option forward considering his physical prowess.

Nowadays, there were plenty of well-respected opportunities for SK college graduates in a wide variety of fields. Many led to lifetime placements.

Truthfully, James had gotten overwhelmed by the multitudinous specializations for his degree and he was looking forward to his first meeting with his guidance counselor to get advice on how to proceed.

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Good Nights

Dear Purple Fairy,

I think my boy, Jimmy, asked your pink property for some help. I’d been plug training him to get him accustomed to my size, and he may have gotten too eager to please me. I came home from work to find him firmly working the largest plug and none of his chores completed. The loss in IQ isn’t a problem. His singular focus is always on me now, and damn if his ass isn’t a perfect fit. I swear it grips now.

Things would be great, except I like to spoon my boy when we sleep; nude of course. Really nestle his ass in my crotch, pull him in close and let him feel the weight of my love. Thing is, his ass is so needy now, I gotta keep him plugged 24/7 when I’m not plowing, otherwise he just restlessly whimpers and moans. A man can’t sleep with an unsatiated boy in his bed. But I don’t like the feel of the hard rubber base on my shaft, and it gets in the way of the morning sowing.

Could you make it so I can safely maintain a nine hour nocturnal erection? That way I can satiate my boy properly, with my meat not inferior rubber. Also, I don’t presume to tell a man what he should do with his property, but if the pink boy was mine, some discipline would be in order for disturbing a man’s sleep.

Best regards,
Alpha Richard

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Apex Predator

Jonathan and Kohaku are members of Greco-Roman wrestling teams competing at the Olympics when the entire contingent of competitors is abducted by aliens. In the face of a common adversary experimenting on them, the group forms a new hierarchical social construct akin to a tribe.

As time passes, they notice subtle changes in their bodies. Finally, communication with their captors is established, and the men learn the aliens intended to release them as the dominant lifeform on a planet they’ve been terraforming.

The changes to their bodies were to prepare them for their new environment, and to enable them to reproduce. The aliens had mistakenly interpreted the Olympics as a grand mating ritual, and only during space travel realized they had gathered only one gender.

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Ménage À Deux

Hey Pink Fairy,

My boyfriend, Noah, is desperate to have a threesome. Despite me agreeing, he so loyal and dedicated he can’t bring himself to do it. He feels like he’d be cheating on me. I’m an only child and always wondered what it would be like to have a brother.

So, I was wondering if you could make me my own identical twin? That way Noah can have all the guilt free threesomes he wants, and I get to have a sibling that shares my interests.

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Environmentally Friendly

At first I thought my new physical trainer roommate was one of those quirky environmentalist health freaks. Shortly after he moved in, he threw out half my food and started meal prepping for the two of us. I did need to improve my diet, and it did save me money on eating out everyday at work so I went along with it.

A little later, he somehow got my gym membership cancelled, and signed us up for a dual membership at this specialist gym that has two sets of equipment at each station. We are able to workout at the same time, while allowing him to keep an eye on my form during the workout. It was cheaper than my old membership, and I wasn’t going as frequently as I should have, so I didn’t complain.

It wasn’t long after that, I came home to find him walking around the apartment naked. He claimed it saved water by reducing the amount of laundry. He got me to take my shirt off, and it was more comfortable. Now I can’t imagine not stripping down to my boxers first thing when I get home. I’m still too modest to go full buck, but recently he suggested I switch to a jock strap as it uses less fabric.

A couple weeks after that, I was shocked when he jumped in with me during my morning shower. Not only did he bring up conserving water again, but also cited it would easier for us to scrub each others backs and it was no different than showering together at the gym. His firm strokes felt more like a massage, and I was flattered when he praised my fitness progress so it quickly became the norm of our morning routine to shower together. He genuinely seemed to be concerned with my well being when he demonstrated how to do a monthly testicle self exam during one of our showers.

At this point I was thinking I had been too cynical and misjudged him when he first moved in. He really is so conscientious and really knows how to be efficient. So when he suggested we could get more bang for our rent money if we shared a bed in his bedroom, I trusted him and didn’t immediately balk. It makes so much sense that an office/webcam studio would be a much better use of the space. We’ll be making the transition Friday after work.

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Magical Obedience Training

Purple Fairy, I take great pride in my training of pups. I strive to be the very best. Not for the prestige, but to help these suppressed pups flourish and grow into the faithful, loving dogs I know they can be for their handlers and owners.

Pup play is very gear-dependent but, really, it can get in the way. Pup personalities vary, and he may not be into leather or latex. The gear is a poor physical approximation of the pup’s mental identity… Thus, I wish my training was so effective that it induced physical changes so at the end, the boy would become a real kemonomimi.

In other words, the boy’s ears would change into dog ears, he’d sprout a real dog tail, and his canines would lengthen a bit. Depending on the pup, he might grow some dainty claws, his penis might attach to his belly in a supple teeth, or his feet might reshape into paws.

All in all, the trainee’s physical appearance would accurately represent the duality of his mental being. So, Purple Fairy, is it possible to bestow such a power upon me?

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On the Wings of Love

Dear Purple and Pink Fairies, is it possible I’m a descendant of Eros or Cupid?

It’s hard to explain, but I fall in love with every guy I meet at first sight. My hottest fantasy is to have a threesome, and the two guys remain a couple after our tryst. The only thing is, I’m always welcomed to rejoin them.

I am also so desperate to have wings that I’ve been considering getting a large back tattoo of them. It’d be amazing to have a real set I could cocoon my lovers with in a warm, feathery embrace.

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An Omega Hangover

“Please, my friends will take me…”

The intake clerk huffed. “We have to observe you for 36 hours. We can’t have omegas running wild.”

“I’m not subbing!”

“The officer that found you skinny-dipping in the town fountain this morning disagrees.”

“I was drunk!”

“If it is a mistake, we’ll find you an omega for free. If not, we’ll make sure to find you a great Alpha. I’ll be back.”

Alan sighed, watching the clerk leave. He’d window shopped for omegas before. He’d never thought he’d be on the other side.

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