Good Nights

Dear Purple Fairy,

I think my boy, Jimmy, asked your pink property for some help. I’d been plug training him to get him accustomed to my size, and he may have gotten too eager to please me. I came home from work to find him firmly working the largest plug and none of his chores completed. The loss in IQ isn’t a problem. His singular focus is always on me now, and damn if his ass isn’t a perfect fit. I swear it grips now.

Things would be great, except I like to spoon my boy when we sleep; nude of course. Really nestle his ass in my crotch, pull him in close and let him feel the weight of my love. Thing is, his ass is so needy now, I gotta keep him plugged 24/7 when I’m not plowing, otherwise he just restlessly whimpers and moans. A man can’t sleep with an unsatiated boy in his bed. But I don’t like the feel of the hard rubber base on my shaft, and it gets in the way of the morning sowing.

Could you make it so I can safely maintain a nine hour nocturnal erection? That way I can satiate my boy properly, with my meat not inferior rubber. Also, I don’t presume to tell a man what he should do with his property, but if the pink boy was mine, some discipline would be in order for disturbing a man’s sleep.

Best regards,
Alpha Richard

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Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, or anything, but Jimmy was starting to get on Richard’s nerves. It was a frustrating situation. He couldn’t really blame Jimmy for it. It was just in the boy’s nature to crave cock so strongly. It was, now, anyway.

At this point, there was no question that the Pink Fairy had been involved with the massive transformation that Jimmy had undergone over the last couple of weeks. Richard had gone through the boy’s laptop and read the browser histories and the threads that Jimmy had visited.

In a way, Richard felt bad that he hadn’t picked up on how deep Jimmy’s dissatisfaction with his inhibitions ran. He’d known that Jimmy was having some difficulty opening up to that ideal submissive mindset, but Jimmy was far from the only sub with that issue. He had been willing to work through those issues with Jimmy, had the boy given him half the chance.

Richard had no real complaints about the transformation. If he’d heard of the Pink Fairy prior to Jimmy’s changes, he might have petitioned for the boy’s physical changes himself. He’d never taken a better ass than Jimmy’s post-transformation bubble-butt.

The loss in IQ was also perfectly acceptable, all things considered. At first, Richard had been worried that he would have to be Jimmy’s sole provider but the boy’s increased libido had proved to be a blessing in disguise. Every week, more and more people tuned in to his cam shows, and if things kept going the way they were, Jimmy would soon be making more money than him.

Richard wished that he could say Jimmy’s sole focus was to serve him now, but if he was being honest, it was more like Jimmy’s sole focus was his cock. It wouldn’t have been a problem if it wasn’t interfering with the other aspects of Jimmy’s service. If Jimmy got any more obsessed with stuffing his hole, Richard was going to have to get another live-in boy to do the chores. Gods forbid if that boy also got help from the Pink Fairy.

A resolution had, fortunately, presented itself. It seemed that the Pink Fairy had some sort of dominant counterpart in the Purple Fairy. Richard didn’t have the time to properly read through the threads between picking up after Jimmy and taking care of his boy’s needs, but he was pretty sure he got the gist of the relationship between the two entities.

From what Richard could gather, the Purple Fairy was supposed to be the pink one’s owner. There was no guarantee things would break his way, but if the Purple Fairy was any decent kind of dominant, he’d step up to remedy the trouble that his sub caused.

Fortunately, it turned out that getting in contact with the Purple Fairy wasn’t particularly difficult. All it took was a sincere prayer, at least according to the forum. So with all the confidence and assertiveness to which he felt entitled as a dominant man, he asked the Purple Fairy to resolve one of the biggest problems he’d had over the last few weeks: sleeping.

As cock-hungry and helpless as the boy was, now, Jimmy tended to get more than a little restless when his delicious little boypussy wasn’t stuffed full. It wouldn’t have been a problem if not for the fact that said restlessness translated to tossing, turning, whining, and whimpering in the night.

There was always the option of just making Jimmy sleep in another bed, but Richard didn’t want to do that. He was a man. A dominant man. He was entitled to sleeping with his boy whenever, wherever, and however he wanted. The fact that he had to keep Jimmy plugged with rubber through the night hours and feel the firm rubber base rubbing up against his shaft was getting in the way of that.

Richard couldn’t very well just plug the boy with his own cock. As virile of a man as he was, there was just no way he could maintain an erection through the night. The solution was pretty simple and pretty obvious, so it was what he asked for. The ability to have 9-hour nocturnal erections safely.

Faint disappointment followed the dull frustration that Richard felt that night when he was woken up by a particularly loud whine. He’d gone to sleep with his cock in Jimmy, but at some point in the night, he’d gone soft and slipped out.

Richard had hoped that his prayer would get answered right away, but wasn’t too dispirited that it hadn’t been. He was, if anything, a patient man. Tonight, he’d just have to make do with plugging Jimmy with the dildo on the nightstand. It didn’t take long after the whining ceased for Richard to slip back into his slumber.

Richard woke up with a start. Someone was knocking on the door of his office. "Come in," he mumbled, sleepily, as he tried to rub the grogginess out of his eyes. Last night had been worse than usual. Not even the rubber cock stuffed in his ass seemed able to satisfy Jimmy in the early hours of the morning.

"Hey, boss, you sure you’re up for this?" said one of Richard’s subordinates, peeking into the office. "You know Jonah’s been gnawing at the bit to do one of these presentations. I’m sure he’d be more than capable if you need some rest."

Shaking his head and waving his hand in front of his face, Richard said, "No, no. This is too important a china shop to let a bull like Jonah loose on it." Even though he did need a few more hours of sleep, the only way to get things done right was to do them himself. "How much time do I have? Can I freshen up?"

"A couple of the attendees are already here, boss. But the presentation isn’t supposed to start for another twenty minutes, so I think you should be able to."

"Good," said Richard. His employee showed himself out as Richard was straightening his dress shirt and making sure he looked presentable. He pulled on his jacket and made sure his phone was on silent before pocketing it. Just to make sure the boy was alright, he took one look at Jimmy’s cam-show and wasn’t disappointed to find him bouncing on a thick rubber dildo.

Richard’s cock twitched, but he put the thoughts out of his mind as he picked up the script for the presentation. Since he still had a few minutes to go, it couldn’t hurt to brush up on what he was supposed to do.

Halfway through the presentation that he was supposed to be giving, Jimmy’s fat, round bubble-butt intruded into Richard’s thoughts. He faltered for only a moment, as the sudden flash of arousal went straight to his cock, but carried on with the presentation.

Richard suppressed the thought, or at least, tried to. A few minutes later, it came back, this time accompanied by an even stronger wave of lust. It was almost dizzying, but Richard struggled on.

It was only when Richard noticed some of the attendees muttering amongst themselves that he realized he was painfully erect in front of everyone. The tight slacks did nothing to hide his hardness, nor the size of his monstrous erection. Instead of apologizing or drawing any more attention to it than he needed, Richard soldiered on and finished the presentation with a hard, throbbing cock.

The confidence with which he’d carried himself seemed to have earned Richard some respect from the men present. Most likely they were all wondering how they would carry on with an erection during a presentation. They came up to Richard with knowing smirks and shook his hand before leaving.

One, a young intern from a rival company, stayed behind until everyone else was gone. He came up to Richard with a small smile playing on his lips. "That was a great presentation, sir," he said. "Maybe I should have interned here, instead… Oh. You wouldn’t happen to know where the washroom is, would you, sir?"

Richard felt like he was going to explode. He was so fucking horny he could scarcely think of anything other than having a nice, tight ass to fuck. "Down the hall and to the left," he said, trying not to sound too agitated as he spoke the words through gritted teeth.

"Thank you, sir," said the intern. He left the room, stopping just before he walked past the door. He looked over to Richard and said, "If you need any help, sir… Well, you’ll know where to find me," with a wink.

The intern’s words sent Richard’s heart into a frenzy. He could hear his blood pounding in his veins. He walked out of the room, vicious intent radiating from his body as if he were stalking prey. Just ahead, he could see the intern’s ass, not quite as big as Jimmy’s but just as nicely shaped, swaying from side to side.

The intern slipped into the bathroom with a glance over his shoulder and a small smile when he spotted Richard on his tail. He might not have looked so happy if he knew what was about to happen.

Had he been stronger, Richard would have torn the hinges off the bathroom door when he pulled it open. "Oh, hello, sir," said the intern. "I’m glad you decided to come… I have a proposal that might be beneficial to us bo—!"

The intern’s eyes bulged wide open as Richard reached over his shoulder to lock the bathroom door. He only had time to yelp before Richard was on him. It all happened so fast he barely had time to process that Richard had bent him over the sink when he heard the sound of his pants being torn and felt the cool air against his bare bottom.

Richard’s large meaty hand clapped over the intern’s mouth as the other groped and kneaded one of the intern’s plump ass cheeks. The sound of the poor boy’s scream as Richard plunged into him with one vicious thrust was unfortunately muffled by the hand over his mouth.

Richard walked out of the bathroom with a sheen of sweat on his forehead and a satisfied look. A minute later, the intern from the rival company tottered out on unsteady legs and with clothes torn to shreds.

"W-What was that, boss?" said one of Richard’s employees.

"The boy needed to be taught a lesson," said Richard, with a grin. He felt strangely euphoric. Warm. Energized. There was also a bit of fuzziness in his head, but he imagined that will go away as he drifted down from the orgasm high.

It didn’t. No sooner had he sat back down in his office chair than his cock rose to full hardness again. He tried to ignore it to get some work done, but the pulsing and throbbing was too much to ignore. He was so fucking horny the only thing he could think of doing was pulling up Jimmy’s cam show, letting his cock free of his pants, and pounding his meat until he blasted another load all over himself.

By the time that the workday was over, three hours later, Richard’s dress shirt and jacket were crusted with three thick loads. In those three hours, he’d managed to get a grand total of 15 minutes of actual work done. And he was still horny.

Driving home with one hand on his cock proved to be an unexpectedly exhilarating challenge for Richard. His thoughts kept drifting to Jimmy and his fat ass and how much he wanted to rail it late into the night. It was nigh-impossible to think of anything else with how hard he was and how horny he felt. If not for the muscle memory of driving home along the same route with the same car for the last fifteen years, Richard would have crashed a couple of times on the way.

As soon as he was in, barely past the door that separated the laundry room from the garage, Richard was already stripping. His cock, hard, throbbing, and proud, bobbed up and down between his legs. "Jimmy!" he bellowed, stomping past the threshold into the house wearing nothing but the hair on his head.

Two hours later, Richard left Jimmy on the living room couch, passed out with a blissful look on his face and a gaping hole dripping cum onto the upholstery. The moment of clarity was brief, only long enough for him to wonder what was going on before his cock surged back up to full hardness.

The pounding lust making his cock throb made it difficult to think of anything other than sex, but Richard resisted the urge to go back and fuck Jimmy again. Some things needed to be done. Dinner needed to be taken care of, and he still had work that he needed to catch up on.

It was a struggle but Richard managed to fix up a simple meal for himself and his boy. Jimmy didn’t seem too enthused by it, though, and despite Richard’s best attempts to dissuade him, Jimmy just slipped under the table to suck him off.

Richard honestly should have expected as much. There was no way Jimmy would be able to resist a hard cock when it was right in front of him. But it was getting harder and harder to think.

Begrudgingly lowering his guard and basking in the pleasure that Jimmy was giving him, Richard started eating. His disappointment was immeasurable. It was a simple dish, yes, but one that he’d never had any trouble getting down. Today, though, it just tasted like ash.

Richard sigh, setting down his utensils. His stomach rumbled. He was hungry, but it wasn’t like he could eat something that tasted like depression. He stared at the food on his plate for a good minute before thoughts of Jimmy’s ass intruded into his head yet again. At that moment, he started salivating.

Acting before he could think, Richard pushed Jimmy off his cock. He slid his chair back and pulled the boy out from under the table. "Sit on my lap," he commanded. "Face away from me." Jimmy, ever-obedient, did as he was told.

Grabbing Jimmy by the waist, Richard hoisted the boy’s ass into his face. The musk was intoxicating, and the way that the pretty, hairless, pink hole was fluttering in front of his face was almost too much to handle. "Get back to it," said Richard, licking his lips and letting out a grunt as the boy’s lips locked around his erection.

Whatever resistance Richard had left shattered as his face drifted close to Jimmy’s crack. He shoved his nose between those meaty cheeks, tongue lapping at the sloppy hole as if he were a starving man. He moaned, making sounds of pleasure with every stroke of his tongue over that quivering boypussy.

Richard didn’t go soft when he came after dinner. Nor when he came after fucking Jimmy after dinner. Nor when he came after fucking Jimmy in the shower. Nor after fucking Jimmy after taking a shower.

Richard didn’t go soft when he fucked Jimmy against the bed. Not when he fucked Jimmy on the bed. Not when he fucked Jimmy before bed. And definitely not when he fucked Jimmy while dreaming in the middle of the night.

By the time the morning sun streamed in through the windows, Richard was still hard, and couldn’t even begin to think of anything other than sex.

The Purple Fairy rolled his eyes, but he supposed there was no point in admonishing his other half when he was on the warpath. He didn’t particularly care, either way, but that Richard shouldn’t have presumed to think what he did. As capricious as the fey were, it wasn’t very surprising that the Pink Fairy had lashed out.

"What?" snapped the Pink Fairy. "He wanted a 9-hour nocturnal erection, right? I gave him that. As part of a 24-hour erection."

All the Purple Fairy could do was roll his eyes. Again.

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