A Hole’s A Hole

Andrew’s not so sure he should be doing this, but that pretty pink hole just looks too tasty to ignore.

Andrew shivered. The series of events that had gotten him here, in bed, naked with another dude, was rather fuzzy in his head. It wasn’t like he’d had anything to drink, and he was sure that he hadn’t taken any drugs—the memories just kept slipping out of his grasp.

The last thing Andrew remembered was going to the gym. That, on its own, wasn’t particularly noteworthy. He went to the gym a lot. A body like his took a lot of time and effort, so the gym was like church to him. He actually quite liked working out, too.

Oh, yeah. A small smile tugged at the corner of Andrew’s lips. He had been scoping out a few of the hot chicks at the gym even though he was technically spoken for. He wasn’t stupid enough to be obvious about it—and he definitely wasn’t going to confess to his girlfriend like a pussy.

Bits and pieces were starting to come back to Andrew but none of them explained why he was naked in bed. With another guy, of all people. He’d been naked around other guys before, even naked in bed with other guys, but he had to admit it felt a little weird. A little bit gay, if he was being honest.

Andrew did sort of recognize the guy he was next to. He was a regular at the gym, someone that Andrew had talked to about workout tips a few times in the past. The name escaped him. A lot of things were escaping him. He was pretty sure it was something like Chad, but he couldn’t know for certain.

That seemed to jog some sort of memory in Andrew’s head. He had run into Chad toward the end of his workout. He’d approached one of the girls but hadn’t gotten anywhere. Chad was going into the locker room, he was pretty sure. Or had Chad already been in the locker room when they bumped into each other? It was too difficult to remember. It didn’t really matter, anyway.

God. It was stressful, not remembering. Andrew was just glad he had something nice, round, and soft to play with. He’d been palming it and squeezing it absentmindedly for the last few minutes. He didn’t even know why he was doing it, just that it helped a lot. He did remember it had been Chad’s suggestion.

Now that he had a moment to think about it, Andrew thought he’d figured out why this whole thing was feeling a little bit gay. He’d been naked in bed with other guys before, mostly for dares and that one time he got hazed by his frat. He had to spoon another guy naked for the frat thing, but the other times he’d slept back-to-back against the other guy.

This whole thing with Chad was… different. Andrew couldn’t really put a finger on it, but he could imagine it had something to do with the fact that Chad was on all fours, back arched, ass pushed into the air.

Andrew chewed on his lower lip as he rubbed his thumb in slow circles over the fat, muscular mound of Chad’s ass. It was familiar, somehow. Yeah. That was right. He’d seen it before. In the gym. Earlier today. As he was taking a shower.

A shiver ran down Andrew’s spine. He had no idea why this, of all things, was what he remembered with crystal-clarity, but it was what it was. He remembered thinking, for a moment, that it was an ass built for porn, the kind of ass he could jerk off to before realizing that it was too muscular to be a woman’s ass.

Andrew moaned, his fingers digging into Chad’s ass as he clapped his other hand onto the other cheek. He just couldn’t resist. It was like Chad’s ass was built for playing with.

Rubbing his fingers all over the supple skin, Andrew reminisced about how Chad’s asscheeks had looked in the shower. His cock twitched. Chad’s wet ass had glistened in the light, like a plump, juicy peach. It probably tasted just as good as a peach, now that he was thinking about it. God. He couldn’t stop thinking about it.

With his thumbs, Andrew peeled Chad’s beefy ass cheeks apart to expose the twitching pink pucker between them. It was winking at him, quivering as if it knew just how much he craved to find out what it tasted like. He was drooling so much he had to suck in the little dribble of drool that threatened to spill out the corner of his mouth.

Nnnh. Andrew moaned. Chad’s hole looked like it could use a good tonguing, too. It was just begging for it. Pulsing like it needed to played with. And soon. "Go on, bro. Fuck. I really need it," said Chad.

Andrew shook his head. What was he doing? He wasn’t gay. He had a girlfriend. Maybe he took a little liberty with what the word "commitment" meant but wasn’t this a little bit too far? "N-No… I-I can’t… I-I have a g-girlfr…"

A long, low moan escaped Andrew as he watched Chad’s pucker tremble in front of his eyes. It was hard to think of anything else while he looked at it. It was drawing him in, tempting him like a pretty pink siren. God. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to take just a little bit of a taste.

"C’mon bro…" Chad whispered, his voice low and husky, sending a shiver right down Andrew’s spine and straight to the tip of his stiffening cock. Chad sounded so desperate, so eager to get his ass eaten out that it was difficult to say no.

Andrew’s mouth hung slightly open, drool dribbling off the tip of his chin, onto his chest, and down over the base of his cock. He was so fucking horny. His head felt so fuzzy. But some small part of him just couldn’t quite get there.

"I-I have to get back t-to my girl…" Andrew stammered, shaking his head and pushing away from Chad’s ass. The distance helped with the temptation. It wasn’t as bad. He didn’t want to throw his face in between those fat cheeks nearly as much. But the thought was still there, niggling in the back of his mind.

"A hole’s a hole, bro…" Chad grunted, pushing his ass higher into the air, wiggling it from side to side. The way that it jiggled as Chad’s weight shifted from one knee to the other was almost too much to bear. Andrew was squeezing the cheeks tight before he even knew what he was doing.

"A hole’s a hole…" Andrew repeated, his body already leaning forward, his face drawing closer and closer to that musky little crack between the two mounds of meat. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Just one taste. It wasn’t going to make him gay. He probably wouldn’t even like it. Just one taste to satisfy his curiosity.

One taste was enough to satisfy Andrew’s curiosity. Chad’s asshole had felt like warm velvet as his tongue grazed over it. It had tasted earthy and musky and masculine in a way that he’d never imagined it would.

One taste was not even close to enough to slake the intense, burning hunger that Andrew felt in the pit of his stomach after the first one. In fact, he wasn’t sure if two would do it.

Maybe a hundred tastes would be enough. Maybe a thousand. Ten. A hundred thousand. But even that felt like such a waste of such a fine ass as Andrew lovingly tongued Chad’s muscle-pussy in a way that he’d never even tongued his girl. In fact, Andrew was starting to think that nothing less than a lifetime of tastes would satisfy the gnawing need inside of him.

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