I just made the football team for my university, and im super stoked! The coach is having us all meet up in the locker room later today, but his email mentioned something about new rules that he was gonna be enforcing this year. Some of the more senior players in the know seem antsy about it. I wonder if I should be worried?

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"Oh, thank the gods I made the team," said Rudy. He kicked off his shoes as he entered the apartment, slinging the gym bag off his shoulders and tossing it at the couch as he passed by the living room.

Rudy was tired—exhausted, even. He’d just finished a four-hour shift at the local grocer. Just before, he’d had to endure the most grueling tryouts of his life. For a team that wasn’t as well-funded as it would have been just a few short decades ago, the university’s sports department seemed to be quite picky about what talent they did accept.

A quick look through the fridge told Rudy that tonight was going to be yet another takeout night. He didn’t mind so much. His main concern was the way the food fucked with his figure when he didn’t watch it. It had taken a lot of hard work to get where he was now, after all.

Once he’d made the order, Rudy went around the apartment taking care of random things he’d been meaning to do. Even though he was twenty-three and just starting out as a junior in college, it was considered a pretty formidable accomplishment to have an apartment of his own.

For a long time while Rudy was growing up, the world had been in a pretty bad state of instability and uncertainty. He’d had to go straight from high school to working just like most of his peers, just to make sure there was food on the table for him and his mom.

Things had calmed down a fair bit since then and Rudy finally had time and money to start thinking about his future a bit more. University seemed to be the best option, given the philosophical bent of the new administration and how it was focusing on education and welfare.

The world had definitely come a long way since the tumultuous years of Rudy’s youth, when everyone had thought that the whole damn thing was teetering on the edge of war. Things were still getting settled, though, and there were vestiges of the old world still clinging to survival.

Society’s priorities had shifted, however. Rudy didn’t think that was more evident than in the state of collegiate sports. It wasn’t so much that sports was underfunded as all departments were supposed to be receiving adequate funding under the new regime; sports just weren’t as glamorous as they used to be.

Rudy quite liked that, actually. He didn’t have any plans to become a star athlete like there used to be in the early 21st century. He just wanted to play while he was studying to get a degree that could help him find more gainful employment once he was done.

It wasn’t much of a secret that the sports department wasn’t used to being unable to throw its clout around. New staff were bringing in the new cultural attitudes to sport, but older coaches and staff were struggling to understand that they were just another department at the university now.

Rudy had no delusions of grandeur. He was just glad he got into the team. He was bone-tired and ready to drop, but he was happy. He couldn’t help but look forward to the first game of the season. Even if the coach didn’t decide to put him on the field, he had every reason to believe it would be fun.

It had been a good few years since the last time that Rudy got to play. The opportunity to not just do that again, but also to participate in something meaningful, was just too good to pass up.

Training was well underway for the start of the season and Rudy didn’t think he’d ever pushed himself as hard as he was doing now. Between school, work, and practice with the team he barely had any time for himself. He didn’t mind, though. He rather quite enjoyed it.

Rudy found it refreshing to have something he could dedicate significant portions of his time to. There were difficult days, but he didn’t let them get in the way of his enjoyment. He didn’t think he’d ever been so motivated to get up in the mornings.

The pre-season wasn’t without its road-bumps, though. The team’s original coach had been let go, for reasons that hadn’t been disclosed to the team. The previous assistant coach, Bryan, became the interim coach.

Rudy didn’t mind the change. He hadn’t been with the old Coach Grady long enough to get attached and he liked Coach Bryan well enough. The upperclassmen who’d been playing for the team longer didn’t seem to be of the same opinion. As far as Rudy could tell, they just didn’t like Coach Bryan.

Just because society had moved forward in general didn’t mean that everyone had. The locker room was one of the places where old attitudes still cropped up from time to time. As far as Rudy could tell, the guys were pretty uncomfortable with the fact that Coach Bryan was openly gay.

It was a whole lot of nonsense, as far as Rudy was concerned. Just because Coach Bryan had a miniature pride flag in his pencil holder didn’t mean that he was in-your-face about his homosexuality. He was a pleasant enough guy and definitely knew his football.

Coach Bryan’s promise that there would be changes to the way that the team was run probably didn’t endear him to the older members. Rudy didn’t mind. Coach Grady had seemed pretty hands-off to him. Most of the practice sessions ended up being driven by the team captains, with Coach Grady just watching from the sidelines to provide a post-session analysis.

Rudy was more used to hands-on coaches, and he liked the way that Coach Bryan emphasized building rapport and cooperation between the members of the team. So far it seemed to Rudy that most of the older guys were in it for the glory, and that didn’t sit quite well with him.

Rudy wanted to be part of a team. He wanted to win just as much as the next guy, but he wanted to win games as a team. Not just a bunch of good players tossed onto the field looking for the "W."

"Alright, boys. Guess who’s officially your coach for the rest of the season?" said Coach Bryan, as he walked into the locker room, waving a small sheaf of papers around in his hand. Rudy heard a couple of groans from the upperclassmen and rolled his eyes. They could have been less transparent with their dislike.

Coach Bryan didn’t seem the slightest bit fazed by the reaction, though. He said, without missing a beat, "Look, guys. Let’s not make this difficult, yeah? If you have a problem with me as your coach, or you don’t think you’ll be able to reach your potential with me as coach, you don’t have to stay."

Rudy locked eyes with Coach Bryan. He gave the older man a curt nod and a small smile. The corner of Coach Bryan’s mouth twitched as he turned his attention to the rest of the team.

"I’m not going to pretend that all of you are happy having a faggot as your coach," said Coach Bryan. "But guess what? If you want to play for this university, you’re just going to have to live with it. This isn’t the world your parents grew up in, boys. That sort of shit isn’t as welcome as it used to be."

Coach Bryan paused. The locker room was quiet. A couple of the guys were shifting uncomfortably in their seats. "You’re entitled to your opinions, guys, but if you want to get far in this world, I suggest that you figure out how to throw off your prejudices."

It was silent for a little while longer. As much as the older guys had bitched in hushed tones about Coach Bryan, none of them left. It was pretty much what Rudy had expected. It wasn’t like any of them would throw away the chance to play collegiate football. None of them would be there if they didn’t want to play on some level. Rudy just thought it was a bit of a shame that they let their biases pilot their mouths.

"Now that that is out of the way, why don’t we get started on some of the things that will be changing around here from now on?" said Coach Bryan.

The locker room remained quiet when Coach Bryan left. A minute or two later he returned with an AV cart, a laptop, and a projector. It was all set up so all he had to do was plug the cart into the wall and turn the projector on.

The last time Rudy had seen an AV cart had been during middle school, and even then it had been something of a relic of a bygone age. It was strange to see, as well, since the locker room had a projector of its own.

"Sorry about this," said Coach Bryan, as the projector warmed up. "Since the university had to update my credentials, not everything is in place just yet. I tried to get the projector in here working with the computer in my office but it’s a bit short notice so here we are."

That was fair enough, Rudy supposed. He didn’t have any real idea how the university managed staff credentials, but it wasn’t like Coach Bryan had any reason to lie about something like this. Besides, it was somewhat amusing to see an AV cart after all this time.

As Coach Bryan fiddled with the laptop, a loud, high-pitched, trembling squeal erupted from the speakers. The noise was bad enough, but the acoustics of the locker room made it even worse. It echoed and reverberated through the room, making everyone wince.

The three seconds that the tone lasted felt like an eternity for Rudy. It was so offensive and insidious he could feel it worming its way into his head. There was such intense pressure behind his eyes that he felt like he was about to faint. It was so bad that when the noise finally faded, Rudy felt a bit fuzzy and lightheaded.

"What the fuck was that?" mumbled Coach Bryan. He had been the closest to the AV cart, and it was clear that it had affected him worse than the rest of the guys. The noise had driven him to his knees and it took him a good thirty seconds of struggling before he managed to get back up onto his feet.

Coach Bryan shook his head. "Alright," he muttered, his voice a little bit unsteady as he gripped the cart tightly to maintain his balance. "That was… unpleasant…"

The rest of the team muttered in agreement. Rudy was still reeling from the whole damn thing, and he could tell that pretty much everyone else still was, too. "I don’t know what just happened," said Coach Bryan, "But anyway, moving on… Hopefully this educational video from DIQ Sports will help you understand the new training program that we’ll be following."

Rudy didn’t really feel in the mood to watch an instructional video. His head was still spinning a little, and he didn’t feel entirely there. That being said, he supposed it was a more pleasant alternative than having Coach Bryan go over the points of the new program one by one.

"Alright, let’s get started," said Coach Bryan.

As soon as the coach pressed play a pleasant tone played from the speakers. Compared to the absolute cacophony from earlier, this one felt so good it sent a chill down Rudy’s spine.

The first few seconds of the video showed a field of shifting blobs of color. It was so nice. He couldn’t stop staring. The wonderful, soft music filled his ears and made the fog in his head even thicker. It was hard to think. Impossible, even.

In any other circumstance, the situation might have alarmed Rudy, but not this time. He didn’t mind that his head felt like it was stuffed full of cotton. He wasn’t supposed to think, anyway. He was supposed to sit there and be a good boy.

A small smile spread across Rudy’s lips. That was right. He just needed to be a good boy. For coach. For the masters at DIQ. Thinking was unnecessary for a good boy. Good boys just watched their orientation program. They watched and learned. Watched and paid attention. Watched and let the soft, soothing music and quiet, whispered words sink into their fuzzy, pliable minds.

A sharp chime signaled the end of the orientation video. The light, playful trill sent a shiver down Rudy’s spine. He let out a low, dumb chuckle. His head felt so fuzzy. His thoughts felt so slow. He felt so fucking dumb it was making him so hard.

Rudy let out another low, dumb chuckle as he reached up and pinched his nipples. His cock jumped between his legs, dripping a clear strand of pre-cum onto the locker room floor. He was so horny he felt he could explode. It felt so good to be so fuzzy and slow and dumb.

More drool dribbled from Rudy’s tongue onto his chest and washboard abs. His cock twitched, eager for attention. He thrust his hips forward, making it bounce up and down in front of his eyes. It was so hard, so mesmerizing. He could hardly take his own eyes off it.

Rudy giggled. His head felt so empty. A small part of him felt he should be alarmed by how slow his thoughts were, but at the same time, it felt just right. Thinking was hard, and good jockboys just let their hard cocks do the thinking for them, anyway.

"Ugh… Fuck…" groaned Coach Bryan. The low, animalistic grunt pulled Rudy’s attention. He watched as Coach, completely naked and rock hard started masturbating in the middle of the locker room. With another low groan, Coach spewed his hot spunk all over the tiled floor of the locker room.

"Alright, boys… Eat up while I get your brand new uniforms," said Coach, with a dull chuckle that made Rudy’s cock strain.

Rudy was excited for the new uniforms for all of two seconds before he realized what Coach had just said. As one, Rudy and the rest of the team crawled over to the mess that Coach had made, slurping up the thick, voluminous load from the tiles.

There was a little bit of jostling as the naked, rock-hard boys fought over the cum splattered on the tiles. A couple ended up licking at the floor futilely, having ended up with not a single drop.

Coach noticed what was going on and said, "Now, now, boys… You’re supposed to be a team. Share with your teammates that didn’t get any…"

Rudy let out a little moan as he leaned down and shared the cum on his tongue with one of his other teammates. It felt so good to follow Coach’s orders. It felt so good to be a team player like a good jockboy should be.

A few minutes into the squirming orgy of tongues on the floor of the locker room, Coach Bryan returned with a couple of bins that contained the team’s new uniform. "Alright, boys, time to get dressed for success," he said.

Rudy was one of the first to receive his new outfit from coach. He proudly wore the baseball cap backwards on his head. It was bright, bubble-gum pink, with the word "Himbo" stitched in baby blue across the back.

The next piece was a baby blue jockstrap with the word "jockboy" printed in bubble-gum pink across the front of the waistband, and the word "jockpussy" in the same color across the back. It felt so nice sliding up his legs, but his leg hair sort of spoiled the effect.

A low moan escaped Rudy as he pulled the pouch over his cock. He was so hard that his erection pushed up against the cotton, tenting it out obscenely before his cock and balls eventually slid out the side. His ass looked fantastic in the jockstrap, though.

The last thing that really tied together the outfit was the pair of bubble-gum pink high-cut sneakers with baby blue laces. Rudy bent over and wriggled his ass to put them on. It felt so good to be so dumb and so horny and so slutty he couldn’t help it. With a dumb chuckle, Rudy walked off and belt over the bench, hiking his legs as far apart as they could go while he teased his hole with his fingers.

One by one the rest of the team received their uniforms, too. Once everyone was properly dressed, Coach pulled up another bin and said, "Alright, boys. Time to whip you up into shape. Today, we’re going to do a little bit of team-building. So… Why don’t you dumb little jockboys find a partner?"

Rudy ended up with the guy on his right. Not really knowing what else he was supposed to do, Rudy just reached over and shoved his fingers into the guy’s ass crack. The guy did the same to him and they ended up making out while they fingered each other, waiting for Coach’s next instruction.

A faint rubbery thwap caught Rudy’s attention. He looked over his shoulder and saw that Coach had tossed a thick, double-headed dildo into the middle of the locker room. It was very pretty, and very pink. His hole twitched and fluttered around his partner’s fingers while he looked at the toy, feeling nice and eager to take that thick dildo right up his jockpussy.

"Boys, I want you to put one end in your ass, and the other end in your partner’s ass," said Coach Bryan, stroking his still-hard cock as he tossed a handful more of the rubber toys onto the tiles. "The objective is to fuck each other ass-to-ass and cum together. Do you understand, sluts?"

"Yes, Coach!"

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