Pay It Forward

Unbeknownst to Owen, he’s just gone on a date with a master hypnotist whose hypno-slave has made a request that will have vast implications for Owen’s life moving forward.

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Owen had been under the impression that it would just be him and his date in the hotel room, so why was it that there was a naked guy on the bed? He would have complained more, but there was something strangely enthralling about the way that he lazily thrust his rock-hard cock into his fingers whilst simultaneously showing off his cute bubble butt.

Maybe, Owen felt, he should leave. He should have expected that the night would turn out a bit weird considering this was his first Grindr date in probably months. The universe hated him enough to throw him a major "fuck you" for his first foray back into the dating scene after giving up on it.

The thing was, Owen just couldn’t quite muster the will to leave. Maybe it was the fact he was pent up, or just how hot his date was, but he couldn’t even begin to contemplate actually turning around and leaving.

Besides, it wasn’t like Owen was opposed to a threesome. Having sex with more than one other person at a time had always been a personal goal of his—albeit one that he considered outlandish in terms of ever actually happening.

The guy on the bed was cute, though. Actually, he was more than cute. He was hot. In that seemingly-naïve-but-secretly-wanton way. The way the guy was chewing on his lower lip made the tips of Owen’s fingers tingle, but it was really the back and forth motion of his hips that drew Owen’s attention.

Owen was so fixated on watching the guy’s ass move back and forth that he nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt his date’s hand on his shoulder. "S-Sorry," he mumbled, without taking his eyes off the guy on the bed. "W-What were you saying?"

"I was just asking if you like what you see," said Owen’s date. "I know it might not be what you expected, but I was hoping to give you a surprise since you listened to me so well during our date…"

Owen blinked. He didn’t remember being particularly attentive during their date. He didn’t remember Brian talking much, at all. In fact, apart from the nice meal, he didn’t remember most of the date.

On any other day, the missing time might have worried Owen, but he felt like it was unimportant. The date had gone well, and that was what was important. Brian had been a perfect gentleman through their night together, even if he didn’t remember much of it. He’d been so charming and funny that despite his policy of never going home with a guy on a first date, Owen had decided to accompany Brian to his nearby hotel room.

"I-I…" Owen trailed off. He licked his lips. His stomach rumbled. He felt hungry. Empty. The guy’s cock and ass looked so inviting. He was salivating so much he had to swallow before he continued. "I do… I really do…" he said.

"That’s good," said Brian. "Because I think he likes what he sees, too."

Owen felt Brian’s fingers tighten around his shoulder. The pressure was comforting, grounding. Brian’s touch sent rippling waves of calm throughout Owen’s body. "W-Who is he?" he said. "W-Why is he even here?"

Brian chuckled. "It doesn’t matter who he is, only that he’s here," he said. Owen nodded. Brian was right. He didn’t even know why he was so fixated. He was just curious, but he didn’t need to know. "And he’s here because he’s been such a good hypno-slave for me."

Owen shivered. That word. Hypno-slave. It rang in his mind, echoing over and over and over in his skull. Hypno-slave. It felt good to repeat that word in his thoughts. Small thoughts. Big thoughts. Important thoughts. Hypno-slave. "He loved being my hypno-slave so much that he wanted to ‘pay it forward,’ to someone else," said Brian.

Hypno-slave. Owen let out a quiet little moan. "W-What does that mean, sir?" Owen whispered. He’d never been a particularly formal person, and the only people he’d called ‘sir’ in his life were his mentors, teachers, and professors. It only seemed appropriate to use with Brian, though, for some reason.

"It means that he wants to help me get another hypno-slave so that the new hypno-slave can enjoy belonging to someone else body, mind, and soul as he does," said Brian. "Being my hypno-slave is the best kind of subjugation."

The guy on the bed spoke, his voice monotone and flat, devoid of emotion. "Being Master’s hypno-slave—" a quiet gasp escaped him as he spoke those words. "—is the most wonderful thing in the world. I love having no will but Master’s will. I love thinking only what Master wants me to think. I love feeling Master’s control sucking away my individuality."

Owen shivered as he felt Master’s other hand clamp onto his other shoulder. He was naked. He didn’t remember getting naked. He’d been staring at the guy on the bed for so long he didn’t even remember walking this far into the room. But that didn’t matter. He wasn’t supposed to remember anything Master didn’t want him to remember, anyway.

Master’s low, sultry voice right against Owen’s ear sent a shiver of pleasure up his spine. "You think my hypno-slave is hot, don’t you?" murmured Master. "Your little slave cock is getting hard… Can you feel how much it’s leaking? This is what you want, deep down, isn’t it?"

The moan that slipped past Owen’s lips came from something deep and primal inside him. His eyes remained fixated on the guy’s cock, but he could feel his own, throbbing with need for release. "Yes, Master," he whispered. "This is what I want, Master."

"Keep staring at that cock and ass, hypno-slave," said Master. Hypno-slave did as he was told. He stared at his brother hypno-slave’s cock and balls. He would stare at them for as long as Master wanted, even if it meant staring at them forever. "Feel yourself getting drawn in, losing yourself to that back and forth and back and forth."

Hypno-slave’s jaw went slack. He felt a trickle of drool leak out the corner of his mouth. It felt so good to be Master’s mindless hypno-slave. He wanted nothing more than to be Master’s mindless hypno-slave for the rest of time.

"I will give you one last free choice, hypno-slave," said Master. "When I release you, you will go to your brother hypno-slave. If you decide to use your mouth to pleasure his ass, you’ll become my Alpha hypno-slave. You’ll be in charge of disciplining my boys and making sure they’re always nice and fucked."

Hypno-slave’s cock throbbed. He liked the sound of that, but deep down it felt somewhat wrong. He waited for Master to continue while he stared forward, eyes glazed over, mouth open, drooling over his own chest as he watched his brother hypno-slave pumping his hips back and forth and back and forth.

"If, on the other hand, you decide to use your mouth to pleasure his cock," said Master, "You’ll become a dumb, horny, empty-headed little bottom boy. You’ll crave cock in your throat and your boypussy forever. And you won’t be able to cum ever again, except when there’s a cock buried deep in your ass."

Hypno-slave drooled even more. The dregs of the man he used to be didn’t seem to like the idea of being a dumb, slutty, bottom boy for the rest of his life very much, but it felt right. It felt like the proper place for a silly hypno-slave with no will of his own and no thoughts of his own.

"So," said Master, his breath ghosting across the sensitive skin at the back of Hypno-slave’s neck. "What will it be, hypno-slave?" he said, as he let go of Hypno-slave’s shoulders.

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