A Matter of Perspective

Hey, I’m just about to finish sixth form and I’ve always had a huge amount of pressure on me, especially with my final exams coming up, because I’m know for being a smart guy so everyone expects the best from me. I’m so tired of people assuming I’m smart and expecting me to do well in everything. I wish people would look at me differently. Could you help?

Story Request by @nathan
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As All Things Should Be

My roommate recently came back from a vacation to some island. He’s been a bit strange, although he looks a lot better than he used to.

The problem is, soon after he got home, he turned on the A/C, took off his clothes, and laid in bed. After that, it was almost like he couldn’t stand clothes. Stranger still, some of the other people in the building started doing the same thing. None of them leave, except to buy groceries when necessary. At all other times, they’re just in their rooms, naked in bed.

Ah… It’s so hot… I have to take off my clothes. I… I want chicken.

Alpha Patron Request by @suittflove
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