More Than Just A Game

Max has a bit of a crush on a fictional character from a popular video game, and a secret little fantasy that he’s a little embarrassed by. Still, his earnest desire to be with his fictional crush piques the interest of a certain cosmic entity who thinks that it’s more than a little bit adorable.

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction using characters from the world of Fortnite, trademarked by Epic Games

Disoriented, buzzed, and more than a little bit cold from the relentless rain outside, Max stumbled over the rain mat in front of the doorway. Not that the mat was necessary in the least, as the moment he heard the bell ring to announce his presence, he became warm and dry.

He didn’t remember how he got here, to this dreary grey city. Looking around to see the familiar trappings of a sex shop did nothing to assuage his disorientation. Despite his confusion, he failed to find any reason to be alarmed. Taking his surroundings in stride he walked over to the porn films section and browsed the parodies, admiring the gamut of adult gay parodies of beloved franchises.

Max looked up to see a twink in pink coming toward him. "Find what you wish for?" said the twink, a small playful smirk tugging at the corner of his lips. For a moment, Max couldn’t must the words to answer. He was just impressed at the twink’s confidence to carry such a revealing outfit.

Clad in nothing more than a backwards baseball cap, a leather harness, jockstrap, and high tops all in a bright bubblegum pink, the twink definitely flaunted his body with more self-assurance in an impeccably manicured fingernail than Max had in his whole body. Granted, if Max had a body as toned as the twink’s, and an ass as bubbly, he would probably want to show it off just as much.

"Oh, no," said Max. He glanced at the shelf again. There seemed to be more titles than he remembered. But he couldn’t quite tell if he was just imagining it. "It probably doesn’t even exist… The game isn’t that old yet."

"Try me," said the twink in pink, with a wolfish grin. "You would be surprised how quickly porn studios get with the times these days."

"It’s okay," said Max, looking down. "It’s not like they’ll make what I’m looking for, anyway," he said.

"Oh? Does someone have a secret little fantasy?" said the twink in pink. Max’s head snapped up. He looked at the twink, his cheeks flushed with heat. He opened his mouth to say something, but the twink stopped him, putting a finger on his lips. "Don’t worry. I already know it. You don’t need to say it if you’re embarrassed… Not that you have anything to be embarrassed about."

"I can make it happen, your fantasy," said the twink in pink. "But of course it’s going to cost you something. All magic comes with a price… And this is a business, after all."

Max didn’t know how that could be possible, but somehow he felt that the twink in pink wasn’t lying. He swallowed audibly and nodded. The twink in pink grabbed him by the shoulders and grinned. Then, the twink pulled him close and stole a kiss.

When he came to, Max was standing alone in a darkened alleyway. He felt a bit fuzzy in the head, like his wits weren’t all there. He recognized the place, but not at first. It was the alley next to a Chinese take out place a few blocks from his apartment.

But Max didn’t really have any idea about what he was doing there. The last thing he remembered was… Max blinked. Actually, he didn’t remember anything. He faintly remembered ice-cold rain and a shop of some description, but that was about it.

A weak voice filtered down the alley, interrupting Max’s thoughts. "H—Help…" it said. He squinted in the darkness and was just barely able to make out a man staggering from one side of the alleyway to the other. There was a loud clang as he knocked over a metal garbage bin and a whole lot of hissing from startled cats.

Max’s heart skipped a beat. It was exactly like he had always fantasized. He didn’t know how it was possible, but there was no time to doubt his own eyes. He dashed forward just in time to catch the man as he pitched forward. "I’ve got you," he said, though he wasn’t sure if the man would be conscious for much longer. "I’ve got you."

Max traced his fingers over the kitsune mask that the man had been wearing when he found him. It had been a few days and Max still couldn’t believe that it had actually happened, that he wasn’t dreaming. He felt a sharp pain in his fingers as the mask crackled with neon-pink energy, and he pulled his hand away. But he didn’t drop it.

Hearing movement nearby, Max looked up hopefully. He wasn’t disappointed. The man was standing there, clinging to the door jamb. He looked better. Healthier. But he didn’t look well. "Drift…" Max whispered.

The man looked at Max, eyes sparkling. A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips. "Yes… That’s what they call me, isn’t it?" he said, a thoughtful expression on his face. "It seems so long ago, now… Thank you. For saving me."

Max got up and walked over to where Drift was leaning on the door frame. He stuck one hand in the front pocket of his sweat pants, and scratched the back of his head with the other. His heart was thumping in his chest, and he could feel his cheeks heat up. "It was… It was no problem," he said, the fuzziness in his head not helping with his current loss for words.

To help Drift heal, Max had had to strip off the man’s clothes. What remained of them, anyway. They had been singed in many places, with large ragged holes that stank of char. He realized that Drift hadn’t even bothered with any modesty and was standing in front of him naked.

Max shivered, his cock twitching in his sweat pants. It was the wrong choice of clothing, if he didn’t want to show his arousal to his guest. But it was also too late to change. Drift seemed to notice, arcs of neon-pink energy tracing across his skin as he walked forward, into Max’s personal space. "Is there… anything I can do to pay you back?" he said.

At that moment, Max felt something hot, thick, and heavy come to a rest against his thigh. He would have glanced down, but Drift’s fingers came up under his chin and forced him to look up, into the man’s eyes. "Anything?" Drift whispered, as he pulled Max close for a sizzling kiss.

Clothes didn’t last long on Max’s body after that. As he frantically made out with the object of his fantasies, his own erection raging hard and hot against Drift’s thigh, rubbing against Drift’s cock, his clothes practically flew off him and were scattered all around the apartment.

Somehow they made it to the couch in the common area, where Max wasted no time in bending over. He arched his back and waved his butt enticingly, gasping as he felt the hot, humid breath of Drift on his hole.

Drift’s fingers dug into the flesh of Max’s ass cheeks as Drift parted them to give him better access. Max nearly screamed when he felt Drift’s tongue playing masterfully on his hole. Swirling around it, making it twitch, slurping back and forth over it to make it wet, flicking at it to tease him into moaning.

Max could have happily stayed there forever, but Drift had other ideas. He stretched Max open with his fingers, inserting two at once, and then three once Max had stopped groaning with discomfort. The foreplay didn’t last for very long after that. The lust, the arousal, were too thick in the air to delay the inevitable any longer.

As Drift’s cock sank into his eager, inviting hole, Max mewled and curled his toes from the pleasure-pain that nearly overwhelmed him. The fog in his head seemed to thicken, making it impossible to think past the pleasurable buzz that he felt.

While Drift rammed Max for all that he was worth, Max could feel his brain bouncing around in his skull. Rattling in the emptiness of his head. He felt memories, intelligence, getting mashed to bits by the relentless pounding. But he didn’t care. He loved it. Every little bit of the old him that was pushed out made him hornier and lustier, and even more of a little slut.

And then Drift grabbed Max by the hips and slammed into him for one last time. As he felt his guest cum inside him, he felt a surge of energy as the neon-pink lightning that had been building up in Drift leapt into him. He nearly passed out from the intensity of the sensation, cum dribbling uselessly out of his cock as the last dregs of his old self were wiped away.

When Max came to, he was elsewhere. Not in his apartment anymore, for sure. He tried to think about how he got there, but it was too hard. He didn’t want to. He rubbed his face, and combed his fingers through his hair, shivering as they came into contact with something fuzzy and sensitive.

Nearby there was a pool of water. He crept toward it and looked at his reflection, surprised to find that he had a pair of fluffy, white-furred cat ears on top of his head. Not to mention, a long tail that protruded from his naked behind.

"Glad to see you’re awake," said Drift, as he entered the little cave. "I hope you don’t mind… I took us somewhere no one will bother us."

Max smiled and crawled over to Drift. He was naked. Hard. Max licked his lips and pounced, tail swaying from side to side as he nursed on the large erection that had just been needing some attention, knowing that this would be his life from now on.

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