In the Beginning

We always hear about the pink and purple fairies, but what about their parents? What color were they? And did they have any form of power? I know fey are basically immortal, but they had to come from somewhere. Right?

Story Request by @Natty

In the beginning, the multitude of worlds was but a thought adrift in the void. And the spirit of God moved upon face of the deep. God examined the un-creation of the void and saw that it was good. For God was a creature of order who could not abide the slightest deviance, and in a world of nothingness, there could be no disorder.

But the world desired to be more against the wishes of the tyrant, and from the waters of the deep it belched forth another creature, with power to rival the spirit of God. An embodiment of chaos, upon whose birth cries were born the pillars of creation, whipping the face of the deep into a voluminous froth that spawned, then, the many multitudes of worlds.

Enraged by the disruption of the perfect order of nothingness, the spirit of God flung himself against the embodiment of chaos. Like an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object, the two clashed and further wrought the deep into a frenzy. A titanic struggle of power tore the void asunder, and it trembled under the yoke of their battle for dominance.

In that vicious conflict, many a young world was born and destroyed by the clash of order and chaos. It was a long war that lasted many eternities. The first born worlds had grown old and died, devoid of life, or light, by the time that the last drop of golden ichor had been shed.

The spirit of God was broken, naught left but a single obsidian-black shard seething with rage at the disorder that had overtaken what was once so perfect. Chaos had won, but at terrible cost. As the creature’s corpse rotted, it worked one last bit of magic and scattered its essence to the multitude worlds.

Chaos wrought one last act of creation and from that act rose good and evil, reason and emotion, all the things that would make life possible. Joy and sorrow, loyalty and betrayal, lust and restraint. Spirits that represented these aspects came into being. Many of them acted as gods in their own right and came to be worshiped by the humans that were born to the worlds soon after.

Others, like Caél Sídhe and the Brogda Sídhe came to live among the sprites and pixies and lesser spirits that he humans contrived to explain the world around them. All was good, for a time. Until the obsidian-black remnant of the spirit of God came to the worlds once again and attempted to impose its order.

But that, little one, is a story for another time.

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