Fluffing the Star

I was recently cast as Nightwing in an upcoming DCEU film and I’m super excited. Even though I’ve got a great body, my producer says my… er… “assets” aren’t up to par for a comics-accurate portrayal.

He says he can fix that, but it’ll take some time. Luckily, we don’t start shooting for several months. He’s got me on a “revolutionary” new workout and vitamin regimen, but so far, I haven’t noticed any major differences.

Although, now that I think about it, my pants have been fitting oddly, and ever seat feels like it has a little more cushion. And there’s this itch that I just can’t seem to scratch. What’s going on?

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Maybe it was skipping leg day one too many times, or maybe it was just the way that his body worked. Either way, John had always had a rocking body but a more or less disappointingly flat ass for his looks. Not to say that he didn’t have any meat on his backside, just that it wasn’t nearly as shapely as the rest of him.

Normally, it hadn’t been too much of a problem. He hadn’t really had to worry about more than his dating life, and with the cut of his abs, the firmness of his pecs, and the bulge of his biceps, he had gotten by better than most other guys. Being cast as a superhero threw a bit of a wrench into the works.

In his youth, John had faithfully followed the comics that the movie was going to be based on and he distinctly remembered the gratuitous shots of male ass in tight suits. He was quite lacking in that department, and it just so happened that his producer agreed. Luckily, he was working with Hollywood professionals and he trusted them to know how he could improve his rear view.

When John received the new workout plan, and dietary schedule, he had jumped on it. He took the new vitamin supplements right away. He had always been skeptical of their effectiveness, but he figured that they couldn’t hurt. And anyway, he was willing to trust that the producer knew they wouldn’t have any negative effects.

It had already been two months and John still hadn’t noticed any major changes. The only reason that he even thought that the new regimen was working out was because he realized that his pants felt tighter and not in the "I’ve gotten fatter" sort of way. Not only that, but every seat felt like it was just a little bit more cushioned.

When John had gone to the producer to ask whether he was making the right amount of progress, the producer had reassured him that he was. The producer had told him to just stick to the plan, to the schedule, and everything would ultimately work out in the end. John had taken the advice, but in the back of his head, there was a part of him that was dissatisfied with his progress. It had taken two months to get to where he was now, and he still had a long way to go.

A month later, John still hadn’t seen too much progress. More progress than the last two months together for sure, but not enough. Filming was going to start in three weeks and he needed a better ass. But he knew the producer would just tell him to stick to the plan so he decided that he would up his workout schedule and take more of the supplements.

For a week he took the supplements twice a day and noticed a significant increase in the mass and shapeliness of his butt, so he started taking three doses a day. As time passed he started to see dramatic gains. It was amazing. Almost miraculous.

He upped the dose again, oblivious to the way that every day his brain got fuzzier and foggier. At first, thinking required just a bit more concentration. Then, it became harder. As his ass grew, so did the numbness in his head, the pleasant, horny buzz that was starting to overtake every waking minute of his days.

John kept taking the supplements despite their effects on his ability to focus. His eyes were wide and glazed over. He often found himself staring into space, drooling as he played with his hole. He was so horny. So foggy. He couldn’t think. Working out stopped almost entirely as he spent his days masturbating and riding the dildo that had mysteriously appeared on his night stand.

By the time that filming actually started, John was too far gone. Fortunately, the producer had foreseen this happening. In fact, it was precisely by design. The DIQ Supplements had done their job, turning John into an empty-headed little slut for the porn that the producer made on the side.

The producer quickly found a replacement for John for the speaking parts. For the action scenes, they used John. It was a bit troublesome at first to get John to focus on the choreography and stage directions, but a whispered promise of more cock than John could want made the little slut a lot more cooperative on set.

Once production wrapped up, the producer took John aside. The little slut had been dumbed down far enough that he knew John wouldn’t be able to live independently for very long, if at all. And John was all too eager to work for the producer’s porn company, both as a star, and as a fluffer for the tops when he wasn’t involved in the scene.

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