Demon Sex Slave

So I have this book that I inherited. My uncle says my grandfather got it from a yard sale. When I was flipping through it, i couldn’t make out the text very well. But I clearly saw it said the term Sex Slave. It’d be awesome to have a demon as my sex slave.

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It was the kind of leather-bound book with crumbling vellum that screamed it had something to do with the occult. Luca really should have stayed away from it, but for whatever reason he felt drawn to it. As the rest of his grandfather’s belongings were either auctioned off or fought over by greedy, grubby relatives, Luca slipped away with the book and went home.

On the way home, Luca realized that the book probably explained all of the weird things that the executor of the will had gotten removed from the attic of his grandfather’s house. Tar-black candles, hemp ropes, bowls made of rock salt. His grandfather had been dabbling in the dark arts and no one in the family had been any wiser.

When he got to his apartment, Luca locked the door behind him and hopped into bed with the book. He flipped through the pages, scanning them for anything interesting. It was written in an almost-indecipherable scrawl, and much of the work was in an archaic language that Luca couldn’t understand. But there were notes in the margins that he could.

Luca shivered as he came to a page with a beautiful illumination of a demon. Hot and attractive, the demon seemed to call out to Luca. He read the notes in the margin and saw the words "sex slave." Was it possible? He could have a demon as a sex slave? His cock twitched in his pants. No wonder his grandfather got into this kind of thing.

Luca groaned as he stroked himself to a climax. His cum splattered across the pentagram he’d drawn onto the floor with a piece of chalk. He said the words, or at least his best approximation of them, and sat back as the ritual was completed.

At first, nothing happened. Luca felt a pang of disappointment. He was about to clean up when the flames on the candles at the five points of the pentagram suddenly went out.

The temperature in the room plummeted and Luca felt a chill travel down his spine. Cold fog swept out across the floor from the center of the pentagram as a figure rose from it, with ice-white skin except for around the hands and feet where ice white bled into nearly-black midnight-blue. Luca watched as a spade-tipped tail colored the same as the demon’s extremities swept through the fog.

The demon looked up at him, and Luca was immediately enthralled by the burning golden eyes. His cock twitched and rose to full hardness once again. "You summoned me, mortal?" said the demon, with a lopsided smirk.

"Y-Yes!" said Luca, finally mustering the courage to talk. "A-As I summoned you, I am your new master! From now on, y-you will be my sex slave!" he stammered. He had done the ritual hoping that it would work, but he had never prepared himself in the event that it actually did.

"Oh yes, of course, master," said the demon, his golden eyes flashing with mischief. "I am your humble servant," said the demon, as he took a knee and bowed his head. "If it please master, this slave would like to present a gift."

"O-Of course," said Luca, caught completely unaware.

The demon conjured what appeared to be a solid gold collar encrusted with gold. "My lord, my master, this is the Collar of Domination. Should you wear it, you will know absolute domination," said the demon. "But if you wear it, you must be naked as the day that you were born, master, otherwise it will not work."

Luca’s fingers trembled as he reached out for the collar. He snatched his fingers back, realizing that he was still wearing a shirt. He wanted to know absolute domination. He could think of a thousand things that he would do with the powers that the collar would grant him. He could take revenge on the people that had wronged him, force the relatives that were fighting like a pack of rabid dogs over his grandfather’s estate to fuck off and act civilized.

It was too much power. It was too tempting. The small voice in the back of his head ignored for the promise of the collar. Luca picked up the heavy golden band and pried it open. He looped it around his neck and closed it. He let go and let it weigh down on his collar bone, waiting for the power to flow into him.

No such thing happened. Instead, he felt the strength sap from his arms and legs. He fell forward to his hands and knees as he felt a wave of submissiveness wash over him. His cock twitched and throbbed, but he was powerless to do anything about it.

The demon got up from his position and shook his head, his golden eyes sparkling in the dim light of the room. "You should have left well enough alone, boy. This spell was far beyond your level. I am, however, going to enjoy keeping you as my pet. Now come along, I would love to break you in before I have to return to the mortal world for my next mission."

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